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Leave Absestos Removal to the Professionals Asbestos was once considered to be one of the best building materials on the market. Throughout the middle of the 20th century fibers of asbestos were commonly used for many purposes: as a flame retardant, as insulation, in shingles, siding, linings, fiberboard and even in paint. Unfortunately, asbestos is now known to be extremely toxic. This has led to an ongoing effort to remove asbestos from many buildings. If your home has asbestos components you may be tempted to remove them yourself. This is not a good idea. This is one job best left to professionals. Here are three reasons why: 1. Your health. While intact asbestos materials are generally not dangerous, degraded or broken materials are. Tiny fibers of asbestos in the air can enter your lungs, causing cancer or permanent scarring of the lungs. Anyone working on asbestos removal is arguably at the highest possible level of asbestos-related illness, because the amount being put up into the air by the removal process is so high. Professional asbestos removal crews use a lot more than a face mask to keep themselves protected. 2. Other peoples' health. Asbestos dust is difficult to contain. A work area has to be properly closed or sealed before and during work, and properly cleaned afterward. If this is done wrong asbestos fibers can spread into the air around the workspace, even out into the neighborhood, putting neighbors at extreme risk. Removal professionals use careful, redundant steps to enclose the work area and prevent contamination to the surrounding area – and to make sure that absolutely no dangerous traces of asbestos remain when their done. 3. Regulations. Asbestos removal is generally carefully regulated by the government. Depending on where you live, it may be illegal to remove asbestos without proper certification or it may require a permit and inspection. Violating these regulations could put you at risk of liability of it's later found that the asbestos was not properly removed. 4. Cost. For most projects, DIY is a cost-effective alternative to hiring a professional. Asbestos removal is not one of those projects. When you consider the amount of time it takes to perform the job, the cost of special equipment to ensure safety, the cost of proper disposal and the licensing and permit fees, you may discover that it's cheaper to just hire a professional. At EnviroSolutions, Inc. we specialize in safe, affordable asbestos removal. Call EnviroSolutions for help with asbestos and all your waste management needs.

Leave absestos removal to the professionals  

Asbestos was once considered to be one of the best building materials on the market. Throughout the middle of the 20th century fibers of asb...

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