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Separation of Powers:


The Lobbyist

2. Students are to find all four art sculptures and complete each activity and questions on the brochure pertaining to that sculpture and artist.

Lobbyists are an organized group of people who work together to influence government decisions that relate to a

3. Clay Activity: Use clay to make your own creative sculpture ; keeping in mind Jim Cole’s style with his sculptures.

Artist: Jim Cole

particular industry, issue, etc. Professor of furniture design at the Rhode IsActivity: 

land School of Design


1. Students will divide evenly in four groups.


UF Law Legal Information Center Addition and Phase II Law Building

If you created a piece of furniture that would be displayed as art what would it look like?

“Lots of people have special little objects they

Draw the piece of furniture

feel very attached to, and texture is part of that bond.” Answer the prompt below: Jim Cole was an artist who expressed himself through furniture design with texture being an important aspect of consideration. Do you believe that texture makes a difference when viewing art and why? What textures do you find interesting that you could use in your own art? Do you believe that a piece of art can be a used as furniture? Write an essay answering the following questions

Jim Cole’s Separation of Powers: President, Lobbyist, Jurist, and Legislature

Essential Question: How can art represent ideals and principles like in government structure?

crediting or discrediting the importance of texture in art.

Fifth grade level guide by: Elizabeth Sitton and Mary Davidson

Separation of Powers: The Jurist Judicial is belonging to the branch of gov-

The President is an officer that holds the position as head of state, chief executive, and commander in chief. They ensure that all the laws are being followed.

ernment that is charged with trying all cases that involve the government and with the administration of justice within its jurisdiction

Questions: 1. Do you see repeated shapes throughout the piece? If so what do

Separation of Powers:

you see?

The Legislature

Activity: 

When you hear the word justice, draw what that means to you

The Legislature is the branch of government where the laws are made. They pass laws, deal with the government budget, ratify treaties, impeach executive and judiciary members Questions: 1. If you were given the power to create a law, what would it entail?

Separation of Powers: The President

On your mark get set, find those branches!  

Elizabeth Sitton & Mary Davidson

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