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Introduction Five reasons to work with Arthur Holm: design, ergonomy, quality, technology and flexibility


rthur Holm has its origins in the Danish furniture designer Jorgen Alex Jensen who was active in the sixties and seventies. His inspiration in design and his concept of ergonomics have been continued by his family, the design force behind the Arthur Holm product range. The result of combining Scandinavian design tradition with Spanish creativity, flexibility and emotion is a wide product range built on more than 40 years of craftsmanship.

Close-up on the table plate

Meeting room table with Arthur Holm Dynamic monitors


Arthur Holm offers a range of ingenious products whose designs are based on quality materials and the latest technology which endow meeting and conference rooms with silent, ergonomic, innovative and aesthetic solutions that integrate into the furniture, hang from the walls as works of art or are used as interactive points of information.

Dynamic monitor with keyboard

Drop monitor

Arthur Holm and Albiral offer a selection of unique, elegant, versatile, flexible and ergonomic products that are now being used in the meeting and conference rooms, reception areas, auditorium and public zones of leading companies throughout the world.




D Dynamic 1 Close-up on Dynamic1 in working position with stainless steel cover

ynamic models are built in elegant and anodized aluminum block and have an extremely fast and silent lift system. They are very easy to install and require very little maintenance. Dynamic products contribute to create the nest meeting room, where the monitor is only viewed when required and can appear and disappear inside the table or desk through the mere push of a button or remotely controlled. Dynamic1 Have vertical movement and are available in 15", 17" 19" & 21.5". Optionally, this product range can be supplied with motorized microphones, touch screen & built in camera. The cover plate can be customized with USB ports, voting system, speaker, biometrical reader and keyboard.

Dynamic 2 Movement of Dynamic 2 monitors with tilting system for improved working position

Dynamic2 These monitors have vertical and 20 degrees tilting movements to ensure the best visibility and viewing angle. Dynamic 2 is available in 15", 17", 19" & 21.5". Dynamic3 A revolutionary and versatile system which combines vertical and horizontal movements. Thanks to the tilt system, the information can viewed from different angles. Available in 17" & 19" and in 2 versions, manual & motorized.

Dynamic 3


Dynamic 2 X series have achieved several prestigious international design awards and are available from 17" to 21.5"




f you are looking for an exclusive and elegant professional monitor for meeting and conference rooms, corporate reception areas and hotels, Arthur Holm’s Static is the solution. Static has an elegant stainless steel frame and a protective glass panel with black marking. With its slim design, the monitor takes a minimum space and fits onto standard wall brackets and can also be built into the wall. They are available from 32 to 82". Detail of the stainless steel frame and protective glass panel

Attention to all details in the exclusive Static monitor range

42" Arthur Holm Static monitor






rop monitors have been designed for an easy in-wall installation. They are supplied with an external box for fix mounting, while the screen itself provides a “clip-on front� system. They are available with glass, stainless steel and aluminum frames and provide options such as embedded PC, built-in camera and also with touch screen.

Drop monitor finished wtih stainless steel frame


Designed for wall integration


ise monitors have been designed to be used to provide visitors with a warm welcome, directions and information. They are available in several sizes and finished in glass with black marking, stainless steel or aluminum. Rise monitors fit onto standard wall brackets and provide options such as embedded PC , touch screen and built-in camera.

Designed to be wall mounted

Rise monitor finished in anodized aluminum





legant desktop monitors manufactured in milled aluminum and with a stylish protective glass panel with black marking, with a support and base built of brushed stainless steel. With its smart design, all cabling is integrated into the support all the way down to the base. Extremely easy to install, this is a perfect solution for table screen solutions in public spaces where design plays a key role such as business centers, hotel and corporate reception areas.

Tabletop monitor has a protective glass and brushed steel base



able integration monitors where the base is built into the table or desk. Elegant screens specially designed for fixed table installation are made of milled aluminum with a stylish protective glass panel with black marking and a support made of stainless steel. The cables hide inside the steel support and under the table to the connexion point.

Front and rear of Gooseneck monitors with its stainless steel support


Kiosks & Totems

Routers & AHnet


otems and kiosks from Arthur Holm are used as elegant, state of the art points of information in reception areas and hotels. They can be 100 % customized to fit the customer's interior design requirements. Arthur Holm puts at your disposal a team of highly skilled and experienced professionals to develop screen solutions, kiosks and totems, that fit with the most exclusive architecture and interior design.

Arthur Holm Totems



rthur Holm provides a very easy to use system to control and maintain the Dynamic monitors. The AH routers allow the control of up to 200 monitors at a time with the capability of driving up to 3,300 meters of cable (over 10,000 feet). The AH routers help to lower the installation costs in terms of equipment and time. Based on a DIN rail system, both routers and the power supply can be clicked onto the DIN rail. Not only do the AH routers make the installation quicker but also eliminate the need of external relay boxes and extra power outlets. The router solution provides astonishing features such as reporting the status of the monitors by e-mail. AHnet is a PC based software to control the screens up/down movement, source selection, lock the cover plate buttons and store different working scenes. It's very easy to use and does not involve any complex programming.

AHnet router

Total control with AHnet software


References With a presence in more than 30 countries, a know-how of over 18 years and the widest product portfolio of state of the art monitor solutions, we can offer the best support and advice to develop your project

Senate of Mexico World Economic Forum University of Kuwait Kuwait Council of Ministers Aramco Dubai’s Chamber of Commerce Police of Abu Dhabi Turkey National Police P & T Bank Parex Bank Banca Valdichiana Ente Nazionales per l’Aviazione Civile Air Lingus Hotel Arts Barcelona Tivoli Hotel Bella Sky Hotel Iberdrola AGBAR Mutua Madrileña Sanofi The Squaire Germany’s Ministry of Defense And many others…


Installation of Dynamic 2 monitors

Albiral Display Solutions Sl Fàtima 25, Sant Hipòlit de Voltregà 08512 Barcelona – Spain tel: +34 93 850 23 76 / 23 83 fax: +34 93 850 25 50 / 23 72 web: e-mail: Arthur Holm is a registered brand by Albiral Display Solutions SL. Specifications subject to changes without previous notice.

Design Pablo Luces


Catálogo Arthur Holm 2012 - Monitores  

Novo catálogo Arthur Holm 2012. Soluções para monitores de encastrar, broadcast, com pc integrado, entre outros.

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