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Created a Vision Statement that gets you up in the morning

It's not enough to just want to make money Vision is on back of badge back of badge, goals are defined

Values are on a badge below that

At Cisco

Create Values that are part of the culture A. Think big.

example: the off-duty maid who picked up the towel on the floor VPs will go and sweep the streets

1. Create A World Class Culture Think about Disney and how they're world class

No matter what level you come into Disney at, you go through different roles

Create Culture

B. Get inspired by something great. C. How can you be the 'best in the world'? A players are in the top 10% someone might switch levels between roles

Tom McCarthy's Leadership Guidance is Contributing to Your Organization's Recruitment of A Players

Hire 'A' Players

Take Action

Develop them within your organization

Develop 'A' Players

Get the best people possible in each role You need competence and character Top Grading Chart D Players kill companies C Players are not tolerated by Great Leaders Low-Character, High-Performance The jerk who will cost you in the long-run High-Character, Low-Performance

A 3 4 5 6 7 8 9





10 Character



B C 10


example organization

2. Surround Yourself with 'A' Players


The person who everyone likes You want to retain them and turn them into A Players

B Players

You want to retain them

A Players 'C' Player Costs A 1 2 3 4 5

Jack Welch used it

Top Grading


Recommended Resources

Base Salary Comp Total Cost Under $100,000 $840,000! $1000,000-$250,000 $2,400,000!

Tom McCarthy's Leadership Newsletter

Tom's upcoming book, 'The Mental Diet'

Communicate w/ absolute integrity Ask a lot of questions

Think of Wells Fargo VP meeting with the President


People will become interested in you No matter what it takes, get people open

3. Be a Master Communicator

Encourage open communication of ideas


Tom has worked with Disney Institute

Use Communication to increase performance Create series of connective conversations

Amazing speaker


Focus on the listeners, not yourself

CEO, John Chambers Cisco

4. Be a Customer & Team Member Satisfaction Fanatic


A B Satisfaction Rating (1-5) Characteristic



Extremely loyal. Will hardly ever leave.


6 times more likely to leave you.


Creates an excellent environment for employees, which makes them give great customer service

Tom McCarthy works with

Microsoft Kuwait Oil Co. Kuwait Petroleum Co. Leverage company assets

Tom helps with

Great results without burning out the team


Example: Richard Branson

Has relied on Tom McCarthy for advice


Rich Schefren Introduction

Motivation is highest when the chance of success is approximately 50% Talents aren't used without an outcome

Tell people the outcome of the meeting they'll be attending to create Created, test and perfect a successful sales and marketing plan for the FIRE-UP Training Course. (Approx. 15%)

big companies invest

5. Set Challenging Expectations

Leadership Process What gets measured gets done

You can be a leader in your virtual team


Tom McCarthy

Sell 2 public FIRE-UP courses. (Approximately 10%) Maximize customer satisfaction and achieve a customer satisfaction rating of 4.75 or better. (Approximately 10%)

studying leadership

Lessons also apply to stronger companies

Sample: Yearly Performance Plan

Acquire at least 10 new clients averaging 7 courses per client. (Approximately 65%)

The most important person you have to lead is yourself Even though Tom can send other people to teach classes, he still does it himself

Leadership & A Players Notes

When he teaches others, he teaches himself

6. Measure Key Performance Indicators

Performance almost always increases when it is measured You can't be an effective leader/coach if you don't measure

Find people doing things right Paul Paultz

Reward stellar performance Even ask people what motivates them

7. Coach People to Greatness

Discover motivational strategies Work on areas for improvement Increase team member satisfaction Create interdependent teams

Success Stories

took the corporate route dreamed of being an opera singer

Never underestimate what's inside of you that makes you special What goes into the moment when the life changing event takes place

8. Encourage Synergy

Everyone is responsible for the team's overall results the whole is greater than the part

Gather information and take action Make the tough decisions Think back to what Paul said: Your subconscious processes tons more than conscious

9. Be Decisive Intuition is your subconscious mind telling you what to do

Trust your instincts

10. Love Your Work

Love the challenges Have a passion for what you do

Joy/Empowerment/Appreciation/Love Passion

Takes blame

Enthusiasm/Happiness Positive Expectation/Belief

Great Leader

Positive Energy

Assigns praise when things go well

Optimism Hopefulness Contentment _________________________________________________ Boredom Pessimism Frustration/Impatience Overwhelmed

As a Leader, are you Above or Below the Line?

Disappointment Doubt Worry Blame

Outstanding Leadership......10% Excellent Leadership......15%

Negative Energy

4 Levels of LEADERSHIP


Good Leadership........50% Poor Leadership.........25%

Anger Revenge Hatred/Rage Jealousy Insecurity/Guilt/Unworthiness Fear/Grief/Despair/Powerlessness

10: I Love it! 7: Resourceful 6: Healthy 5: Respond 3. Positive Emotions ___________________ 2. Negative emotions 1. React -2. I Hate it! -3. Unresourceful -10. I Hate it!


People must be honest, even with the CEO

Made 75% of bonuses based on customer satisfaction ratings

Pain is the result Average = Poor rewards


Think back to what Paul said: Your subconscious processes tons more than conscious Base Salary Comp Total Cost Under $100,000 $840,000! $100...