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By Chris Sorrell


Thanks for purchasing ‘Seo Savage’. You have made a wise choice if you have any ambitions of starting to get towards the top of the search engines.


This guide is not to be re-sold, given away or sold in any capacity without the express permission of the author. I am in business and so are you, so let’s play fair.

Now, onto the content.....



I wanted to make this guide as accessible as possible to all purchasers, regardless of their experience or current knowledge. So, first things first, I will give a very brief overview of search engine optimization so that everyone has a full understanding of it before anything else is discussed. I want to cater for newbies as well as the more advanced markter with this.

Seo is split into two parts which is off page (backlinking) and on page (your written content.) The backlinking process is a glorified voting system judged by the search engines which involves them indexing your site’s links and then transferring that information through their algorithm to give you a relevant ranking. In other words, links are given different weight dependant on where they come from.

Some sites may have hundreds of thousands of links to help them get to the top whereas some may have hundreds or a few thousand. There is no magic figure to aim for when it comes to link building as the only real aim is to outrank your competition for whatever keywords you’re targeting.

Judging by some of the discussions people have on the subject you’d be led to believe that it’s some sweet science that only people working in NASA should be engaged in. I believe it’s this over complication of the issue that leads many people to either give up or feel like it’s going to be to complex or technical for them. The reality couldn’t be further from the truth as it’s a very simple process of giving the search engines what they want in terms of unique, keyword relevant content, and then to make sure you url gets located on a diverse set of sites, either as anchor text or as a bare link.



I’m going to focus on one of my own sites as a case study for this part of the course as it’s much easier and useful to the reader than just reading pages and pages of theory on the subject.

The site in question is called

Can you guess what keyword I’m targeting with it? Not too difficult a question I’m sure you’ll agree. Yes, you’ve guessed it, I’m targeting ‘houses for sale in tx’. The ‘tx’ is short for Texas by the way. My intention with this site was to set it up, get it ranked high and then either sell it or rent it out to a realtor who is selling houses in Texas. This was at No 2 around 10 days ago for the search term ‘houses for sale in tx’ but is now bouncing around a bit between 5 – 10. It’s only a couple of months old and this is perfectly natural, though I would expect it to stabilize over the next 4 – 6 weeks, at which point I will probably look to sell it or rent it out.

So, the first point to make before we go any further is that I have clearly gone for an exact keyword/domain name match. In other words, my domain name is the same as the keyword I am targeting. Regardless of what changes google makes with their ranking system, this method will always give you a good start to work off. If you can’t get the exact match, I would suggest simply adding an extra word onto the end of the domain so you still get the search term in there.

For example, if you couldn’t have got the exact search term as the domain name I would have simply done it as – 4

I just added the word ‘today’ at the end of the url which is fine, as it doesn’t look too clunky and I’ve still got the search term in the domain name.

Let’s look at the site in question –

We know there’s the main search term as the domain name but I am also putting it in the page headline as well as throughout the content, along with other related search terms such as ‘Texas real estate’. I do this on every website I have if I am looking to get it ranked well in the search engines and it’s worked well every time.

Be careful not to overdo the keyword density though as this is known as ‘keyword stuffing’ and will ultimately do more harm than good. There are 5

site owners who think it’s a good idea to go and splash the main keyword you’re targeting all over the homepage of your site but in reality you’re just shooting yourself in the foot so avoid doing in way, shape or form. You want a good mix of your main keyword spread out through the various paragraphs, as well as other related search terms.

If you’re unsure just many times a certain keyword should be mentioned then you can use this free tool – Aim for no more than 3.5% keyword density throughout your content and you won’t have any problems.


Here’s how I’ve set up my ‘reading’ settings – (the settings menu is on the left hand side of the inside of your admin area if you are new to using wordpress – I am not showing ‘general’ settings because I set the headline etc through the All in One seo plugin which I will go into further on in the guide)


I always set the front page as a ‘static’ page.

The ‘writing’ settings look like follows below - >>>>>


And the bottom of the writing settings page –


Moving on to the ‘permalink’ settings which should look like this –

All my websites have the permalinks set to this custom structure.

Now, onto the two plugins that I would call essential when it comes to setting up your wordpress site for the search engines –

1 – All in One SEO by Michael Torbert Go to the plugins menu on the admin panel and click ‘add new’ then in the search box, simply type in ‘all in one seo’ – You need to then install the following plugin –


Once you’ve done that you need to set up the settings for it – You can use the following as a guide >>>>>


First off, you need to have it set to ‘enabled’. Then, the home title is what’s going to be crawled by the search engines as is the home description so we need these to reflect the keywords we are targeting.

The first part of the home title is set as ‘houses for sale in tx’ which is the exact keyword I’m targeting. The second part after the | is for another relevant keyword I found from using google adwords keyword tool. The same thing applies to the third one.


The home description also has my main search term of ‘houses for sale in tx’ contained within, along with some other relevant search terms and I’ve done it in a way that looks fairly natural and not to formulaic.

I have also changed the content in the other boxes such as the ‘post title format’, ‘page title format’ etc. I would suggest just copying what I’ve done here.

Below is a screenshot of how I configure the bottom half of the all in one seo plugin. I have only ticked three of the boxes as these are the only features I’m interested in here.


The other plugin you definitely need is Google XML sitemaps by Arne Brachhold. Again, just go to the plugins tab and press add new then type in ‘google sitemap’ into the search box and you should come across the following –

Install this then we need to look at configuring it to our specifications –

Here’s a screenshot of the important parts of the google sitemap options –


And the other important part to it further down the page –


Those settings are subjective but I like to have my sites set to be crawled on a daily basis.



Now we’ve seen how to configure the settings let’s look at the other written content. Here’s a screenshot of the titles of my posts –

All I did to find ideas relevant to my main search term of ‘houses for sale in tx’ was check out on google’s wonder wheel what other relevant searches there were –


It’s also given me some other ideas so I then head over to to check out the sort of content people have written in relation to some of these terms. I then pick out five or so good quality articles related to what I need and then just manually re write them. I never use a spinner for web content. Regardless of how sophisticated it may be it is not smarter than the human brain so I always make sure to completely manually re write any article I’m basing some content off. It may take slightly longer but once it’s done, it’s done and it looks and reads much better.


Ways to Get High Quality Backlinks for Your Website Now we’re getting to the juicy bits. All the talk of how to do this, that and the other is worthless without having solid backlinking knowledge as well as knowing where to actually get the links from in the first place. The rest of Seo Savage will now focus purely on how to get these links, packets of the links themselves and all sorts of tricks and resources that you can use for years to come to help you start getting those top rankings and making some serious money.



In the sales page you will have seen me mention I would show you where to get an easy 2500 or so links on autopilot. The details are as follows –

Go to –


You need to click that tab called IMT Tools which has the read arrows pointing at it and select IMT website submitter. It should then look like below – (by the way, that IMT Tools tab also has some other backlinking services on there which you are free to check out but for the moment we are looking at the website submitter function)


Just input your web url, your keyword which is optional and then click submit – The tool will then go to work and look like this –

As you can see, it then just works away until it gets to just over 2500. These will be a mix of dofollow and nofollow and a lot will be quickly indexed by the search engines so it’s a great way of getting a load of links in no time at all without any work whatsoever >>>>>


OTHER METHODS CONTINUED >>>> Blog commenting – add a relevant and reasonably thought out comment on someone’s blog and include your keyword as anchor text in the ‘name field’ like shown below –


Achieving Top Commentator Status – If you can make good contributions to certain blogs and get on the top commentators list then you could ultimately gain backlinks from every page on there, of which there could be dozens. Be sure to leave relevant and useful comments, not just stuff like ‘Really like your blog’ or ‘Just here to say hi and thanks for the blog’.

Submit Url To Social Bookmarking Sites – I have include an enormous list of social bookmarking sites as part of this course package and if you’re a user of Social Bookmarking Demon then you can upload them all into the software and put it to work. If you don’t have SBD then you can still just use Google Autofill or Roboform which will semi automate a lot of the sign up work for you. I have included a pack of 4100 social bookmarking sites for your pleasure. Basically a lifetime’s supply! 22

Ping Your Site – If you have new content published on your site or blog then you can ping it for quicker indexing. I personally use for this.

Submit Your RSS Link To Feed Directories – Some of the top ones are as follows –

Using Twitter For Backlinks – Believe it or not, using Twitter is pretty good for generating backlinks (and extra traffic) if you know what you’re doing. If you create several Twitter accounts and then connect your rss feed to auto tweet your blog posts with you can generate some very impressive results.

Publish Content On Web 2.0 Properties – I’m sure many of you already do this but I wanted to have all the bases covered so here’s a list of some of the best ones to put your content and links on –


Guest Blogging On High Pr/High Traffic Blogs – One of my favourite methods not only for backlinking but also for generating lots of extra traffic. Find good quality blogs relating to what you website is about, contact the owner to see if they want some unique content in exchange for a link back to your website and that’s about it. Not all will say yes, but if you can get a few good guest blogging spots then you’re in business not only for good quality backlinks but also from the exposure that your website will get. And it’s obviously completely free as well.

Use The Word 2 Cash WP Plugin – This is a great plugin and a must if you want to save a lot of time on doing anchor text for all the different keywords you’re targeting. Just type in ‘word 2 cash’ in the ‘add new plugin’ tab in your wordpress admin area and install it. It basically transforms all your keywords into anchor text links that are instantly clickable.

Use Comment Kahuna - Go to in order to help you find high PR blogs you can post comments on. You could also check out for similar functionality.



As the title suggests, now we’re going to look at some ‘really cool stuff’. I’m sure a lot of you will have heard about the power of .edu and .gov links. For those of you who maybe haven’t then these links are seen as authority links by the search engines as they come from educational or governmental websites, hence the .edu or .gov domain extensions. All you need to know is that these links are great for shooting you up the rankings.

However, a lot of marketers haven’t got a clue about where to get them from or how to search for them. This then means that people simply give up on them or have to pay others to find them and then perform the linking duties. This service can vary wildly in price and if you’ve got loads of different sites you want to link back to then it can soon add up. It’s much better if you know how to find them yourself.

But that’s not all........

I’m also going to show you how you can find those sorts of links from your country of choice in order to be country specific on google. For example, a marketer who is in the UK may be just trying to focus on getting ranked high on, instead of, so that marketers cause will be helped greatly by having plenty of backlinks, as well as setting up target country to UK in google webmaster tools.

Similarly, if someone is trying to rank high on the French or German google, wouldn’t it be of great help to be able to find powerful links with


the relevant domain extension relating to that country? You bet. So here’s the details –

These are the codes you need to use in order to find .edu and .gov links in the search engines. Just go to and type these in as they appear below >>>>

You now have access about 10 lifetimes worth of some of the best links available. These aren’t the sort of links that you need thousands of either, so just getting 20-30 of these can really make a difference.

But here’s where it gets even more interesting....

Let’s say we just want to rank on and so we need to get a load of good links back from sites that end with – How do we get similar .gov and .edu links from those country specific domain extensions? Here’s the formula below – (targeting the UK)


See what I’ve done there? I’ve just added in .uk after the .gov or .edu and before the /forum or /blog. I will now get a massive list of .edu or .gov links from blogs and forums on domain extensions.

Here’s the country code list that should be applicable to most people who have bought this guide –

AE - United Arab Emirates AR – Argentina AU – Australia BD – Bangladesh BE – Belgium BR – Brazil CH – Switzerland DE – Germany DK – Denmark ES – Spain FR – France HK - Hong Kong IE – Ireland 27

NL – Netherlands NZ - New Zealand PH – Philippines UK - United Kingdom US - United States ZA - South Africa

Want the codes to find relevant sites (including .edu and .gov sites) relating to the subject matter of your own website? Here‟s the codes – Where I‟ve put „YOUR KEYWORD(S) HERE‟ simply put in your own keywords that your targeting or that your site relates to. inurl:blog "post a comment" -"comments closed" -"you must be logged in" "YOUR KEYWORD(S) HERE" inurl:blog "post a comment" -"comments closed" -"you must be logged in" " YOUR KEYWORD(S) HERE" inurl:blog "post a comment" -"comments closed" -"you must be logged in" " YOUR KEYWORD(S) HERE" "powered by expressionengine" " YOUR KEYWORD(S) HERE"

28 "powered by expressionengine" " YOUR KEYWORD(S) HERE" "Powered By BlogEngine.NET" inurl:blog "post a comment" -"comments closed" -"you must be logged in" " YOUR KEYWORD(S) HERE" "Powered By BlogEngine.NET" inurl:blog "post a comment" -"comments closed" -"you must be logged in" " YOUR KEYWORD(S) HERE" OR "Powered by vBulletin" OR "Powered by phpBB" OR "Invision Power Board" OR "Powered by WowBB" OR "Powered by SMF" “YOUR KEYWORD(S) HERE”




As promised in the sales letter, you are in for a treat with regards getting your hands on some highly potent links. Not only have you been provided with a guide and the exact codes needed to find national and international .edu and .gov links amongst many other sorts of links, I am also simply going to give you access to many, many more too.


How can you use these links?

If the url you go to is a blog then simply leave good comments and have your url as anchor text in the ‘name’ field. If it is for a forum then leave you url as anchor text in the profile field or as your ‘homepage’ or in your biography section. If it’s a guestbook then just do the same as a blog and leave your url as anchor text for your chosen keyword in the ‘name’ field. For the social bookmarking links then you can simply sign up to the sites and do the inputting yourself or buy Social Bookmarking Demon and let this amazing software do it all for you. It will do all the sign ups, email verifications and then the submissions for you. 30

To access all these links go to –


If you want to semi automate the sign ups for blogs or forums then just use or google autofill to do all the tedious stuff for you.

You can use to check out your own links or your competitors.

Use to check out your competitors’ sites details and much, much more.

If you want a superb auto submission software tool then you can’t do much better than Magic Submitter (available for the first month at a no brainer $4.95)

Hope you liked the guide!

Chris Sorrell



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By Chris Sorrell 1 This guide is not to be re-sold, given away or sold in any capacity without the express permission of the author. I am in...

SEO Savage2  

By Chris Sorrell 1 This guide is not to be re-sold, given away or sold in any capacity without the express permission of the author. I am in...