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Offer to someone with a higher rank to sell your products along with theirs for a 75% commission

Targeted complimentary offers

You'll reciprocate and everyone grows

Leveraging marketing real estate of other's Adwords Traffic Geyser

Proven and consistent conversions

What integration marketing is

A) Buy

Targeted Complimentary Offers Leveraging Marketing Real Estate of Others

B) Create

Planting seeds on the Internet

Proven and Consistent Conversions Accurate Metrics for Current and Potential Visitors

Affiliate programs

1. Get More Prospects (traffic, Viewers, Listeners, Readers, etc...)


Other people's order pages (Up Sells) On other people's thank you pages

C) Borrow

Empower affiliates

On other people's success pages

E) Integrate (Marketing like Coca-Cola)

Where to integrate your marketing

On other people's websites

F) Duplicate (Viral Marketing) Always be testing

In other people's auto responder follow ups In other people's exit pops


In other people's members area

A. Test


Co reg leads for share of profits


Marketing Cola: Integration Strategies for Advanced Marketing

New site designs Audio video

Accurate metrics JV Partner with the Proper Target Market 50% is the normal commission

B. New

the 5 keys to successful integration

Sales copy

Higher Affiliate Commissions than Normal The offer given is better than the normal retail price

The offer is what you're going to give them and how they're going to get it

Easy plug and play integration (no hoops)


It's what they're gonna pay and how they're going to pay you 'We offer a no-hassle money-back guarantee'

The Butterfly Marketing Manuscript C. Offer


2. Increase conversion at point of sales


Offer a risk-reversal guarantee

The people

Actual Case Study

A live chat will come up when user goes to leave website

The case studies

Sales: Commitment and Consistency 2 to 3 Step process

Monetize people on their way out

do as much of it form them as possible

Exit Savers

A 24 hour discount offer can popup as well

The bonuses

Offer home study course

The QVC upsell


Good sales people don't leave their card on the desk

75% will make them happy 100% is through-the-roof

The first thing you want to test

Ask for performance outline before giving

Paypal is example

On other people's logout pages

D) Empower

sign them up for it (good relationships only )

Make it Easy

Offer to do all the work

Pop Ups

stats and thank you's D. Exit

Exit Chats

Found Money on the Table

Optin Squeeze Page


Follow up Increase Price. Offer Less OTO

5 Ways to Increase Online Profits

Downsells up Sells

Viral marketing is really just a form of Word of Mouth Marketing on Steroids


Cross sells


Bumps Backup CD

Gutenberg's printing press

3. Maximize profit and number of transactions at point of sale

Backup CD

Printed Deluxe Versions

Word of mouth used to spread person-to-person and via transportation Gutenberg printing press allowed first Mass Media distribution

Thank you page ads

the Newspaper

Premium Phone Support


Premium Shipping Would you like to buy 2, makes a great gift


Television Catalyst Method Explodes


the telephone E-mail

2nd or more for half off (Multi License Gift, RV, etc...) 80% of our customers who do buy use this option check box: Preferred customers prefer this deluxe version shipped to them


The Internet

Amazon Up sell (Customers who purchased this also purchased...)

Mobile SMS Text messaging

Have an ebook spiral bound

Is your message, product or service worth talking about?

Stick strategies


better customer support


better training

Inspirational Innovative

better product

Lower Refund Rate

support forums


4. Reduce loss and costs



Edgy Humorous Heart Warming

help docs


knowledgeable staff


Lower Production Costs

Engaging (participation)



Now that we have customer, are we focused on...?

no marketing

Everything else can become engine


Forced continuity

created scarcity by giving accounts to power users cachet drove the market

back end products or outsource back end

34,000 Optins in over 24 hours

followup for other products direct mail Give people a newsletter sign-up box when checking out

75,000 optin members in 1 week

5. Frequency and recurring

Delivery mechanism The Death of Internet Marketing

e-mail follow up




call center


sell ads Be careful with edgy

have different funnels for different products

every viral campaign needs an infection of the initial host in order to spread Having a proper pre launch is critical

Massive initial infecting stage will have the greatest effect in most cases

Here as a favor to buddy Rich Schefren

Mike Filsaime is retired

This can occur when a maven (authority figure) picks up the product and superconnectors pickup the thread

Tipping points

Tom McCarthy Introduction

I. Having a proper Pre Launch is critical

Great speaking program

John Childress

Speaking is a business

II. Setup the right Affiliate program

Infection Stage in your marketing

Use Press Releases, Articles, Video, Forum Posts and Blogs to get and keep III. people talking

On a plane speaking 60% of the year Was declaring e-mail bankruptcy every 14 days Decided to stop speaking

Working constantly



Viral Marketing to Create Attention

Mike Filsaime Profile

Decided to stop coaching

Good is the Enemy of Great

Mike Filsaime

Good to Great - Tom Collins


Delivery Mechanism

Increasing Online Profits Notes

We owe it to the world to be great

uses WIIFM


One year, made $4.7 million after $4.6 million previous year First 6 words of book

part of signup process

Self Advertising in the use of the product or the use of the product requires other friends and family to use the service


Examples: Skype, Paypal, Hotmail, etc.

Airborne personal contact intimate contact blood or sexual intercourse

Infection stage Mike Filsaime's Online Strategies are Reviewed and Incorporated into Marketing Plan

If the delivery mechanism is not easy, it will kill the growth Delivery Mechanism in Marketing


Make it easy, fun, and logical to spread your message

make obvious what's in it for people

Take Action

In B2B, affiliate program is key content page

Viral flow

1. name & e-mail 2. Tell a friend

viral component

1. Visitor is sent to blog 2. Visitor is encouraged to leave a blog comment


3. Follow-up with more content Make sure your virus can scale when your dream happens


Ask yourself the right questions

What would happen if I got 1000, 100,000 or 1 million hits, customers, sales in 1 month/week/day?

Be proactive and make adjustments before you start your campaign. Do not be reactive to the problems that can occur during growth

Call to action

Marketing is key. Something can go viral and not make any money. Must be easy to find The key to long term duration is having a post launch strategy Providing your users with a multitude of tools

Viral Friend Generator


Butterfly Marketing Influence Persuasion

Robert Cialdini

Recommended Resources

Tool already include the message and their name and affiliate link Integration marketing - using the real estate pages of other marketers with similar targeted customers and prospects

Internet Marketing | Butterfly Marketing | Mike Filsaime’s Blog Others make money while spreading your marketing message More Great Tools to Leverage Viral Marketing

Free reports Videos Viral PDF/Branded PDF Resale Rights Master Resale Rights PLR Rights


Make sure your virus can scale when your dream happens 34,000 Optins in over 24 hours 75,000 optin members in 1 week Mike Filsaime's Online...

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