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Revenues 2004 - $3,000,000

ETR Growth

2005 - $5,000,000 2006 - $8,000,000 2007 - $36,000,000 (projected) Mind Set

3 Key Factors

Direct Response Fundamentals Multi-Channel marketing What is the difference between a direct response marketer and an Internet marketer? If you are a true Internet Marketer the answer should be: NOTHING!

One Question that Will Make or Break your Business Trick Question

If you are a bad Internet Marketer the answer is: EVERYTHING!

Mary Ellen Tribby - CEO, Publisher - Early to Rise Early to Rise started in Dec, 2000


A growing, sustainable business

Success vs. Failure

vs. A hamster on a wheel it is a form of marketing designed to solicit an immediate response which is specific and quantifiable

What is direct response marketing?

It is not branding Using Mary Ellen Tribby's Strategies to Run Online Business as a BUSINESS... Not a Hamster on a Wheel

Opening wallet vs. memory DRM vs. Branding

Take Action

Infomercial vs. commercial Highly targeted search vs. broad reach Explicit interest or intent vs. no conscious intent Database targeted communication to specific questions Interactive tow way communication Response - a way for the customer to respond to the offer

5 Key DRM Components

Exchange - the order can be made at any time Measurable response - calculate cost of producing and resulting income

Direct Marketing Association Solutions for direct marketers Measures web traffic blog for Information Marketers Michael Masterson - Ready, Fire, Aim

Michael Masterson


Alex Mandossian

Sending a marketing campaign to a small group of prospects before proceeding on a large scale basis

1. Testing


Reading marketing results to acquire actionable data with the intention of rolling out or re-mailing

2. Analyzing

Recommended Resources

Expanding a marketing campaign to a larger group of prospects after the completion of a successful test

3. Rolling (Roll-out)

Early to

4. USP The 10 Most Important DRM Terms that Every Marketer should Master

5. ROI

Unique Selling Proposition Return on Investment (Revenue/Cost) A new customer/reader that has not paid any money to receive your product

6. Lead Generation

The percentage of people who respond to your offer

7. Response Rate Copy

Idea (light bulb)


8. Offer

Direct Response E-mail Endorsed/Dedicated (long copy)

Slice & Dice

What your prospect gets when they respond to your ad and what they have to do for it An offer that is made to a first time customer with payment

9. Acquisition

Banners ads (your site and competitors)

An immediate offer to your customer's purchase

10. Upsell

Pay-per-click (PPC) Sponsorships (text ads) Inbound

What are DRM Channels?


The manner/form in which you communicate or ask your customers to purchase

Use the phone Dedicated/Endorsed lists



Your physical products Your newsletters

Part 1 - Channel Marketing

Insert Everything!


Your competitors products

Squeeze Page

Direct E-mail Marketing

Direct MAIL

Don't Be Afraid of the 'M' Word

With the right lists and great copy

Part 2 - Get Started

Helps with organic search Helps with paid search A


Campaign Cost Endorsed $5,000 Banners $5,000 PPC $10,000 SS $500 Inbound $1,000 Outbound $1,000 Teleconf $5,000 Inserts $1,000 Direct Mail $10,000 Total $38,500

PPC Co-Reg

Changing the Channel Notes

Surefire Strategies for Business Success

It's all about ROI 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13


Mary Ellen Tribby

List is most important thing

Will get the largest amount of paid orders

In order to read promotion, they have to give you their e-mail


Forums Blogs Social Media

Well, What are those Channels?

Social networks Social bookmarks

C D E It is all about ROI Revenue Orders ROI $10,000 100 200% $7,500 75 150% $10,000 100 100% $5,000 50 1000% $2,000 20 200% $500 5 50% $5,000 50 100% $1,500 15 150% $8,000 80 80% $49,500 495 128.57%

Social news websites Search Engine Marketing Teleconferences Television Radio Still More...

Direct space advertising Direct mail advertising Telesales JV/Affiliate marketing Event marketing Public relations

At the End of the Day... Changing the Channel: Sure Fire Strategies for Business Success - By Michael Masterson & Mary Ellen Tribby, October 2008

What is Multi-channel marketing?

Simply offering customers more than one way to buy Customers who buy from two channels vs. one are between 20-60% more viable

The Book:

Customers who buy from three channels vs. one channel are 60% to 125% more valuable Plus multi-channel customers buy a wider range of products As a marketer, you reach your customer in the way she/he wants to be reached. That way you are solving your customer's problem.

Why Multi-Channel Marketing?

If that isn't Enough... Up: $101-500 Middle: $39-100

Developing the Backend Triangle

Get the attention of the targeted prospect from the VERY start. Create a need for the product, show what it looks like, and demonstrate how to use it

Bottom: Free E-mail Calls

Depends on the campaign

Be proactive, answer questions as a good sales person does, reassure the buyer


Direct Mail calc. from Harvard Business School online

Part 3 - The Nitty Gritty

Practical tips for Creating Effective DRM Messages in Every Channel

Need to understand lifetime value of a customer


ongoing is unique A good deal isn't 50/50, it's when everyone's happy

Provide critical information about product use Inspire confidence, minimize risk, and establish that the company is reputable Make the sale by explaining how to buy, how to order, where to call and how to pay for the purchase

1st e-mail is unique 6 evergreen e-mails explaining Early to rise

Plus you are solving your own problem: Converting this person to a paying customer Multi-channel marketing is good for customer, and it's good for your business

Collect as much data as possible JV

List Segmentation

E-mail address Phone number Street address


'Everything, to everyone, everywhere' Low Hanging Fruit

Where to Start

Easy Cheap Effective 1. You need to ask basic questions regarding your customers' behavior 2. Consistency matters

Five Musts of Multi-Channel Marketing

3. Repetition 4. Always use e-mail... but not exclusively 5. Measure and track all results


it is a form of marketing designed to solicit an immediate response which is specific and quantifiable It is not branding Part 2 - Get Start...