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Instant Paypal Cash Get Your Money Fast. Copyright 2011

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Thank you for downloading this report. What you will find contained in this report is not a get rich quick scheme, but instead a proven method that I used to make some extra cash. Below is a screenshot of a first time test run. That is over $250 in 1 day!

I was so excited when I got my first notification of payment received. I had tried many different things in the past but I was never really successful. I have tried creating sniper sites, but made no money. I tried creating JV review sites and each time I only made one sale. When I did make money I always had to wait weeks to get paid. In fact, with Clickbank I lost commissions because I didn’t make any additional sales the following weeks. With this system you are not going to have to wait to get your money. If you make a sale that day you get paid that day. In fact, you get paid within seconds of the sale. And all of this starts by just giving something away. I know it sounds crazy, but it works. Let’s get started!


The Basic Idea: In this section I will give you the basic idea of the system. Just remember the key to making this work is getting traffic to your free offer. You can do this any way you want. I will go over what I did to get my traffic and suggest a couple of other things you could do. Also, the niche I made this money in was the internet marketing niche. This will be the most popular niche for this but not the only one. The basic idea of Instant Paypal Cash is to provide something for free such as a report and then provide them a one-time-offer (OTO) on the download page of the free report. Nothing new here, right? When they decide to purchase your OTO you are paid as soon as the transaction is finished. The best part is you don’t have to create the product for the OTO. It has already been created by someone else. No, it is not PLR. You don’t have to buy it or create a website for the product either. You just send your traffic to it. You don’t even have to create a payment button! The basic steps are: 1. Create a free report to give away. 2. Create a download page. (Template is included). 3. Get some traffic to your download page. 4. Get Paid! If you can do the first three steps the last one will come naturally. In step 3 you can use a single page website or you can just email them. I have included a website template in the package for you to use. You are probably wondering where am I going to find these products to offer as an OTO? Very simple, there is an affiliate network that is:  Free to join.  You are accepted immediately.  You receive anywhere between 25% to 100% commission on these products.  You are paid directly into your Paypal account as soon as you sell any one of the products.  There are hundreds of products to choose from.  Some products even have a OTO associated with them and you get paid on the OTO also! 4

This affiliate network is called RapBank. You can check it out by just clicking here. It is very similar to Clickbank, but instead you get paid immediately. Go ahead now and signup. You will want to look through their marketplace and find a product you would like to promote. I primarily go for the products that pay you 100% commission. No, that is not a typo. Some products with RapBank allow you to make 100% commission. Clickbank doesn’t even do that! In order to get paid immediately you will need to have a PayPal account. That is free also. Just click here to setup a PayPal account. Once you get your Paypal account setup then you are ready to move on to the next step. Helpful Hint: What I did is captured leads so I could add them to my email list. This is not necessary when you just start out, but you may want to start thinking about it if you plan to do a lot of internet marketing. I have used Aweber for years and I really like them. You should check them out. Now let’s get down to the details.


STEP 1: CREATE A REPORT TO GIVE AWAY This is probably the hardest step but it doesn’t take long once you get started. If you don’t want to create a report then you could have someone create it for you or just by some PLR to give away. Your report only has to be a few pages long. We are not going to write a novel here. It is best if you do provide some useful information in the report. The report I wrote for this test case was: “Offline Lead Generation Lite”. It was something I had previous experience with so it made it very easy to write. If you are new at the niche you are promoting then find some free reports or search article databases for more information. Just take those free reports and articles and rewrite them in your own words. What I have done in the past is just take an old report read a paragraph then put that paragraph in my own words. If you do this it won’t take long before you have a short meaningful report. Very Important: Keep in mind you want your report to be closely related to your OTO. For example, my report was about offline lead generation. I would not try to promote an offer on making money with CPA. Instead, I promoted an offline marketing course. Now let’s move on to creating the download (landing) page.


STEP 2: CREATE A DOWNLOAD PAGE By now you should have:  Picked a product from RapBank to promote.  Created or obtained a report to give away. In this step we will be creating a landing page. Don’t worry I provided a sample for you to use. Just use your favorite HTML editor to modify it. I use Komposer because it is free and simple to use. When I did this first test my offer was related to offline marketing. Visit my Offline Lead Generation Lite download page to see what I did. Feel free to download that report also. You have probably seen pages similar to this before but the free product download link is at the bottom making you scroll all the way down. Personally, I want my download link for the product I am giving away to be at the top of the page and place an eye catching teaser phrase just below. Keep in mind you want to make sure this teaser phrase is above the fold (on the screen without having to scroll down). You are probably wondering why I put my free product download link at the top. When a person comes to my landing page I don’t want to come over as a pushy salesman. I give them what I promised up front. I am sure they are going to read the teaser phrase. They would have to be blind to miss it. Did you go look at the landing page? Noticed how my teaser phrase is related to the free product I am giving away and then gives the reader a little comfort by stating that I have used the product before. I even give some selling points for the product. These come directly from the product sales page. By giving the reader confidence you can often push them over the edge into the buying mode. The same thing is done whenever you go to an electronics store to buy a TV. No matter what TV you are interested in the salesman or some relative of his has purchased that TV before and really enjoys it.


STEP 3: GET SOME TRAFFIC TO YOUR DOWNLOAD PAGE In this step I am not going into details on how to get traffic because there are so many ways. What I am going to do is show you what I did and suggest another way that works. When I ran this test I decided I wanted to get a lot of traffic fast. So what I did was setup a WSO for the free product. I sent the user to my squeeze page to capture their name and email address because that is what I was really interested in. After that, I sent them to my download page. Now, at first I wasn’t going to promote a product on my download page. Then I got to thinking. Why not promote a product to recoup some of the costs of the WSO. Boy was I shocked when I made my money back 5 times over! Now you could promote your free product by just putting a hyperlink in your signature for the download page. Then you would have to make several posts and hope people look at your signature. This is the slow way to get people to your download page. I find just spending a little money and getting a lot of traffic will allow you to reach your goal of making money. If the product you select is not in the IM niche then find a forum related to your product and make posts there. For example, if you picked a dog training product then go to an animal forum and make posts like: “I can’t believe I was able to train my dog so quickly.” People will want to know how you did it an all you have to do is email them the link to your download page.


STEP 4: GET PAID This is without a doubt the easiest and best step. I am sure you will agree. For my test I had over 70% of the people click through to the product I was promoting. Of those people 6% purchased the product. That is not bad for a first time run. Keep in mind all the sales I made went directly into my Paypal account. I didn’t have to wait to get paid. So the same day I spent $40 to post the WSO I made back my money and a whole lot more! SUMMARY In summary, what you hold in your hands is a proven method to make some cash. Since “Offline Lead Generation Lite” was my first WSO, it took me some time to put everything together. I had to find a product to promote on RapBank (1 hour). I created the report from scratch (4 hours). I had to create my WSO salespage (1 hour). I had to create the squeeze page and landing page (1 hour). So that is about 7 hours I spent just on product research, report creation and sales material. That averages out $35 per hour for that one day. Now the sales have not stopped coming in. I still get a sale about every other day just for doing nothing. I want to leave you with this one last note. I have purchased a lot of WSOs. It was not until I said to myself that I must stop reading and start doing before I made a dime. I encourage you to take what you learned in this WSO or any other WSO that interest you and put it into action. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to email me at If I don’t respond back within 24 hours just send me a PM on the Warrior Forum. I wish you the best of luck! Michael J Travis


Resources: RapBank: Receive instant PayPal commissions. Digiresults: Another source for instant PayPal commissions. Paypal: The key to receiving your money. Offline Lead Generation Lite download page: This is your unadvertised bonus. My email address:


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Get Your Money Fast. Copyright 2011 2 I have tried creating sniper sites, but made no money. I tried creating JV review sites and each time...

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