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hard to start a social networking site when others have reached critical mass communicate with people according to your strength ready fire aim is about finding that one product you can ride learn one new thing each day Internet marketing is hard if someone isn't passionate SP uses Infusion software

workout, workaround good people security should be handled by competent people


track which people click on ads and send them messages based on clicks


Don't horde information

the co. Grew so quickly because everyone knows their focused on marketing and everything is tracked find good payperclick consultant

look at payperclick articles on

don't say I can't

congruence in message

learn copy best practices

Pick one action you can do Pick something and go after it


Day 2 Panel Discussion


Don't stare directly at stage lights

product launches work

find out who you and the market are and what they want - market from congruence

make 1 or 2 friends at Seminar events

before sleep thinks of desired outcome for next day best way to enter market is to put a great piece of content up that provides great value retention and getting customers to use info. is an issue go with the highest common person based on actions use stories from your personal life

does yoga each day

Walker Kern

social media in multiple modalities. Make people feel like insiders 10 min. Of med in morning You can use blogging 300-500 word articles on your subject per day to build a web presence cheap

Great strategy for introverts


Scheele Walker Schefren Kern congruence in message does yoga each day Carlton find good payperclick consultant make 1 or 2 friends at Semina...

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