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"The Backlink Syndication System" Secrets Spilling By Daniel Tan, again!

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First thing first, I would like to congratulate you on making a wise decision in purchasing this book. This book will change the way you build links, forever! I am Daniel Tan, most of you know me as the SEO Guy. I do SEO for a living. I am also providing SEO coaching to few lucky students who have decided to embark their Internet Marketing on the SEO path. Today within this ebook, I am going to share with you one of the most guarded secret that I use to literally syndicate my backlinks to over 4,300+ websites. You see, over my career doing SEO, I need ways to get massive amount of backlinks, in the cheapest way possible. I need backlinks from authority, well trusted websites. I need them in huge quantity. I cannot be spending money to acquire them. I cannot be doing them one-byone either. I need a system that can automatically build backlinks for me, day in, day out, all on autopilot. Only then can I secure a handsome profit for myself and to pay my staffs. I need a system that can build backlinks so fast, so good, that the backlinks spread literally all on its own, beyond my control, supernatural!. In front of your eyes now is a piece of document, a document that will change your SEO experience. This document is powerful enough to take any well optimized website to the first page of Google within 6 months' time, if you apply what I am about to share with you. I advice you to close this document now if you do not have time to read it. Come back again and when you have time to read it in one scoop plus, take action. All right, let's begin!

The Backlink Syndication System In my search for a system that will build backlinks automatically, from authority websites, I came across the use of Press Release. Press Release has the power of getting syndicated all over the places, sometimes over hundreds of websites, which is pretty amazing. In effort to test this, I did few campaigns with PRWeb, OfficialWire, and a few reputable big companies that are making billions on Press Release Syndication every year. Result: FAILED! The problem with these professional, so called 1st-tier Press Release websites is that they usually do not allow anchored backlinks. Most of them allow only a clickable URL pointing to your website. If you are into SEO, you know you need anchored backlink to get a particular keyword ranking high. Whatever backlinks that you create, you need anchor text to be there as a vote back to your website. Another problem is that, even though the Press Release syndicator might allow anchored backlink, but when your press release enters the wire (the network that they syndicate your press release), most of the time, the anchored backlink is stripped and disappeared. I did not give up, I kept on testing... After spending about 6 months of continuous, extensive tests, I finally found a solution! This solution is called The Backlink Syndication System! Your Backlink Gets Syndicated Along With The Press Release! It works like this:

There are exactly 25 Press Release websites that allow you to submit your Press Release for free. They also allow you do include 2 or 3 anchored backlinks within your Press Release. These 25 sites are golden. Their content are usually syndicated all over the places. In other words, by just submitting your Press Release to the 25 sites, you will see your Press Release syndicated all across the Internet, usually landed at more than 800+ websites, each giving a backlink to your website, boosting your SERP Ranking! The Press Release contain your backlink. When it gets syndicated over to those 800+ websites, your backlink gets syndicated along as well! That's the beauty of this system! Let me show you some examples. Look at this Press Release:

This Press Release was syndicated to over 1,640 websites. All these 1,640 websites were indexed by Google and their backlinks are counting. Most of the websites syndicating the Press Release has the backlink on them. Take a look at one of the press release being syndicated, you can see my backlink there:

This Press Release, along with the backlink is syndicated to over 1,640 websites totally beyond my control. They get syndicated all by themselves. With this type of syndication, I can potentially earn up to 1,640 backlinks pointing back to my website, with the anchor text intact!

Now let's look at another Jaw-Dropping example:

This Press Release was syndicated to over 4,340 websites! That's potentially 4,340 backlinks from just one Press Release! What if I send out 2 Press Release? What if I send out 3 Press Release? Crazy LinkBuilding? Now you know it! Ok, now to prove that the backlink gets syndicated along with the Press Release, here's one of the syndication:

Out of nowhere, without my knowledge, beyond my control, I am serious, this Press Release got its way into DocStoc. I don't know how it gets onto DocStoc, I think maybe DocStoc is syndicating one of the PR site which gives out PDF version of a PR.

Look at this, my backlink is active. The best part, it is from a highly trusted, PR 6 PDF directory! I can tell you, this is crazy. I merely submit my Press Release to the 25 sites only, and those 25 sites do not include DocStoc. I really don't know how in a world DocStoc gets the PR and the backlink is intact! Who else wants a PR 6 backlink without doing anything at all? Now, let's see another syndication:

This Press Release got onto a BlogSpot blog too! Obviously, this blog is an autoblog that autopost anything related to its keyword, I think I hit his

keyword accidentally and that's why my PR is syndicated on his blog. It's good, I like the backlink! If you just keep on looking, you will find within the 4,340 syndications, many of them contain my backlink. I cannot promise each and every one of them has my backlink, since I have no control over how content is syndicated across the Internet, especially a Press Release, but I can safely say, this technique is so unique that it can build backlinks in the shortest time you can imagine, coming from websites that are usually authority sites, get indexed by Google so fast and, the best part, you can do this for FREE! Another good thing about using Press Release to build backlinks is that most of the Press Release websites have near perfect internal linking. This helps them retain their traffic to generate more page views which in turn, increases their revenue. We are capitalizing on their good internal linking. This internal linking will usually boost our Press Release's PageRank over time. This adds more and more value to our backlink over time, so our website can withstand the growing competition! Here are some other results:

A total of 1,410 syndication for this Press Release, meaning, potentially 1,410 backlinks generated! This campaign was a surprising success. My client's website is gaining backlinks like crazy that it now sits at position #1 in Google. The number of sites that will syndicate your Press Release will grow everyday. It started off with the 25 sites that you submit. Within a week, you should be seeing 100 to 200 sites syndicating your Press Release. Usually within a month, you will see your Press Release syndicated across 800+ websites. One month plus, it will hit over 1,000+ websites. With each syndication, you stand a chance for a new backlink. Your backlink within the Press Release is syndicated along with your Press, so potentially, with 1,000+ syndications after one month, you are about to get up to 1,000 backlinks. The beauty is you can do this again and again, gaining backlinks like crazy.

On an advanced note, you can also do subsequent Press Release to link back to the previous Press Releases, making them a huge Press Release LinkWheel! So now you hear about Press Release LinkWheel! A wheel so BIG that it spread over 1,000+ websites! To maximise your syndication and depending on the niche, if you are on a small niche, make sure you use some popular keywords, as most syndicators use keywords as triggers. For example, say your Press Release is "SD Cleaner For E71", you might as well name the Press Release as "SD Disk Cleaner For Nokia E71 Smartphone" This title has more popular keywords like disk, Nokia, smartphone. All these will help your syndication. Why the 25 sites? Now, forget about using PRWeb, PRNewsWire, WebWire, OfficialWire or other expensive Press Release service. First, they are obstructively expensive, second, your backlink usually get removed throughout their wire. In other words, you can have good syndication, but you will not have the huge amount of backlinks. In fact, their syndication cannot match mine. My 25 sites can provide more syndications than PRWeb can. Mine is FREE! I can do as many as I want without paying a single cold cent. I have tested out and selected these 25 sites. They all allow anchored backlinks. Collectively, they are sufficient to blast your Press Release out to more than 800+ sites within a month. Yes, they are very well syndicated!

Backlink Syndication System Revealed!

The Golden 25 Press Release Sites: Site #1: (PR 5)

BigNews is a great website. You can see our Anchored Backlink there. By submitting your news to BigNews, you also get a chance see your Press Release in Google News. This is because BigNews is also syndicated by Google News in various categories. BigNews is a PR 5 website. It has a pretty good internal linking structure, so your backlink will benefit from the internal backlinks.

Site #2: (PR 5)

TransWorldNews is another great Press Release website that allows anchored backlink. They have good external syndication in place as well. Good internal linking structure gives them a PR 5. Your Press Release will gain good exposure and in-pointing links from TransWorldNews. Site #3: (PR 5)

Another PR 5 Press Release site is FreePressRelease Australia. It has good syndication as well. An added benefit is that if your website is hosted in a server located in Australia, you will see a sudden jump in ranking, simply because many Australian sites syndicate its news, which in turn, syndicate the backlinks together, so you can get many backlinks from Australian sites. Site #4: (PR 5)

WebNewsWire is a reputable Press Release wire. The surprising thing is that it allows anchored backlink within the Press Release. A PR 5 Press Release site, very reputable and has one of the best external syndication in place. Site #5: (PR 4)

Here comes the PR 4 sites. Easy to submit Press Release, good internal linking, well syndicated externally as well! Site #6: (PR 4)

This site is a little special. It does not look like a backlink there, but when you move your mouse over, you will see it is actually a backlink. It is also well syndicated. I like its PR juice. Site #7: (PR 4)

From the Press Release itself, it does not seem like a backlink. But when you click on View Source, as below, you can see it is actually a backlink.

It is regarded as a backlink in Google's eyes. Site #8: (PR 4)

This site has a very good external syndication. Their news are very well syndicated. By submitting your Press Release to this site, you can get your backlink syndicated to more places! Site #9: (PR 4)

This is a popular website, much like a Web 2.0 site. It allows anchored backlink as well. Good thing about this website is that many autoblogs and Press Release sites syndicate its news. Site #10: (PR 3)

Now we have the PR 3s. In fact, don't bother about the PR. Press Release Sites' PR rise very fast. They improve on almost every Google Update due to their own backlink building via news syndication. Every news that is syndicated out usually contain a backlink pointing back to a Press Release site, which explains why most Press Release site has high PR. That's also why I exploit their syndication, ride on them to build backlinks for my sites! Site #11: (PR 3)

This is another website that allows anchored backlinks. It is a PR 3 site. Site #12: (PR 3)

i-newswire is owned by one of the Warriors. It is a very good site and has good internal linking and external syndication. Site #13: (PR 3)

PRWindow, one of the growing PR site. Its syndication can be seen in more and more sites. You must use PRWindow because it is going to be one of the prominent player in Press Release industry. Site #14: (PR 3)

This is an old site almost every old-time Internet Marketer knows. It allows anchored backlinks. It's news are very well syndicated. Site #15: (PR 3)

Another PR 3 website that allows anchored backlink. It has its own set of syndications as well. If you do not submit to this site, you will see less syndications.

Site #16: (PR 3)

Another good PR 3 Press Release website with good syndication. Site #17: (PR 2)

I like the domain ending with Dot DE. Allows anchored backlink as well! Site #18: (PR 2)

Same as previously discussed, you need to view source to see the backlink:

Site #19: (PR 2)

Site #20: (PR 2)

Don't try to miss any site that you think has low PR. Their PR will increase pretty rapidly overtime. Site #21: (PR 2)

Very good site that allows people to print the Press Release, an added feature. Site #22: (PR 2)

Another superb submission site that allows anchored backlink! Site #23: (PR 2)

Site #24: (PR 0)

See the source code for the backlink:

Site #25: (PR 0)

The last 2 has 0 PR, but don't miss them. I have tested them, they work very well together with this strategy in syndicating the backlinks for more sites.

Advanced Techniques: 1. Press Release LinkWheel

I believe you have heard about building LinkWheels using Web 2.0 Sites. Have you ever thought of building LinkWheels using Press Release? A Crazy big one that involves easily, 800+ sites, pointing back and forth to each other! Now you can! I am doing this, why not you? Do your first Press Release, let it syndicate out to about 500+ sites. It will only take about 2 to 3 weeks. Then, do another Press Release, this time, give one backlink to one of the previous 25 sites, another backlink to your main site. Now you are interconnecting them. You can keep building on this to give more juice to your previous Press Releases. This build a huge linkwheel! I am doing this and I can tell you, it has a strong influence on SERPs. It has the power strong enough to move your website's rank. 2. Maximising Syndication Using Popular Keywords In order to maximise your syndication, try to use common keywords within your title. Most websites use keyword to trigger syndication. For example, if you talk about Acai Berry, try to include Weight Loss within your title to get more syndication. If you talk about Twitter, add "money" into your title, it improves your syndication as well. Every time you use this system, you should include new keywords. For example, if I am building links for a Dog Training website, I will use this keywords in the title: First time, I will use Dog Training, so it gets syndicated to Dog training related sites. The second time, I will include Dog food, so it gets on to some food related sites.

Then I will use Pet Care or even Cat Training, or Pet training. The idea here is to target different keywords every time you do the Press Release. This way, you backlink will come from many types of websites, in various related niche. These backlinks are very valuable! 3. Using Unique Titles To Facilitate Tracking There is no way you can track how far your Press Release is syndicated, unless you use a unique title. To track your Press Release, you only need to go to Google and search your title using quotes. For example:

It shows all the syndications that are indexed by Google. This Press Release (and the backlink) is syndicated to 1,220 sites, giving me potentially up to 1,220 backlinks!

Wrap Up Now you have my Backlink Syndication System. We are mainly exploiting the superb syndication system inherent in Press Release to build our backlinks automatically.

Remember, The key in this System is to:

Get Your Backlink Syndicated Along Within A Press Release! This will build you tremendous amount of backlinks easily in the shortest time possible. These backlinks are loved by Google, almost instantly spidered and are usually from huge websites. This system is pretty powerful. Do about 5 Press Release to your website and you can see your rank improve very fast! Press Release get noticed almost instantly and Google always watch Press Release closely. We are capitalizing on this to build backlinks to our website. These 25 websites allow anchored backlinks. Their external syndication has been proven to be extensive. Most site syndicate the backlink along with the news, which is why this system is so powerful! Use it, share with me your result! May you get to Google #1 Ranking! Some of my #1 rankings:

Competition is not always a problem. You merely need to know how to rank your website above the competition! If you are interested to know more KILLER SEO tactics that I employ, I invite you to join my personal coaching detailed here:

Thank you and wish you all the best in 2010! I appreciate if you can give me a review or comment at the WSO thread: 177482-4-340-high-google-pagerank-backlinks-built-automatically-backlinksyndication-system-launched-grab-cheap.html#post1739470 Daniel Tan SEO Warrior

The Outsource Instruction: Here's an example on the ad, just post it in Data Entry jobs, people will bid and take it. ================= Dear Freelancers, I am looking for someone to help me do the following: 1. Create 1 Gmail account. 2. Create 25 accounts at 25 sites I specify. 3. Then, submit my content to the 25 sites using the details I specify. Requirement: 1. Able to do this within a day 2. Able to deliver promise 3. Lowest bid will always be considered FIRST! I am expecting a cost lower than $15 for all these. Many jobs available. Long term Data Entry job available. Bid away! ================= Once you choose a winner, here is the instruction to be given: For account creation: Dear Freelancer, First step, please go to the following sites and create an account: (PR 5) (PR 5) (PR 5) (PR 5) (PR 4) (PR 4) (PR 4) (PR 4) (PR 4) (PR 3) (PR 3) (PR 3) (PR 3) (PR 3) (PR 3) (PR 3) (PR 2) (PR 2) (PR 2) (PR 2) (PR 2) (PR 2) (PR 2) (PR 0) (PR 0)

Please create a new Gmail address for the use of the account creation process. Please use the following Details: Username: First Name: Last Name: Company: Web URL: Pen Name: Email: If you have any doubt, please contact me for clarification before proceeding. Thank you!

================== To post the Press Release: Hey Freelancer, Attached please find the Press Release. Please make sure of the following: 1. Every Press Release is submitted without error. 2. MUST include 2 backlinks with anchor text and URL as follow: Anchor Text: Your anchor text URL: your URL It is already edited in the Press Release, you only need to make sure it is intact and good to submit. 3. Keywords/tags are: put in 5 best keywords 4. The general details: Company name: The company name Address: the company address URL: Usually the backlink URL Email: any email you like 5. Once the Press Release is submitted, please record the Live URL of the Press Release and compile a report of the 25 Press Releases. The report must be sent to me at my email address: in a Text file. If you have any doubt, please ask me before you proceed. Thank you.

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Backlink Syndication System  

If you get this from somewhere else, please report to You will get a special gift from me :) This ebook is...

Backlink Syndication System  

If you get this from somewhere else, please report to You will get a special gift from me :) This ebook is...