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THE INTRO Hello! First Let me congratulate you for this awesome decision you took toward your own success. At first I wasn’t sure if I would spill the beans with anyone and just keep it from myself instead… I decided to go with my heart and share it with a few people. Don’t worry about competition. As I said, this method is only available for a very limited time and for a limited number of people. I will close it down as soon as I reach the magic number. I promise this is something that will be different from all you’ve seen so far in the warrior forum. As soon as your eye will go throughout this report you will understand that you have something very powerful in your own hand. I suggest that as soon as you finish reading this report it will be very important to take action ASAP Don’t wait until tomorrow… Do at least one step if you’re short in time but you have to do something right away… If not, this wso will remain with all the others collecting virtual dust in a folder somewhere in your computer… So Take Action Now! Alright… that was the only fluff that you’ll get from this report everything else is pure content.

Oh Wait! Before getting into the core of this method let me share with you some of the results I’ve been getting from it Here’s a screenshot of my inbox that I took yesterday!

Those sales comes from the method I’m about to show you… In this book. All those sales comes from only 3 different product that I own. PLR Stuff One product is selling for $37 One product is selling for $27 One product is selling for $17 As you can see the product @ $37 and $17 are very popular at the moment. If we concentrate only on what we can see on the screenshot, I made 6 sales @ $17 for a total of $102 I made 5 sales @ $37 for a total of $185 I also made 1 sale @ $27 So the total sales for this screenshot is $314 Let’s say that I’m making $300 each day… It’s $9,000 each month or $108,000 Annual business.

This looks like a lot of sales but in reality it’s not! It’s only 1 or 2 sales per day per campaign in average. Remember the chart?

You should print this chart out a place it where you can see it everyday. Those are real achievable numbers and if you are focusing on one task; Make it happen! It will work for you too. Some of you will definitely do much better than me anyways, no doubt about it. As I talk to you right now I don’t know if you’ve figured out what was the method or not. Sometimes it’s very hard to keep the mystery. So here it is… I’ve been raking all that cash with… 500 words articles.


Yes! 100% true… it’s all about article! 1 campaign = 1 article While everyone were thinking that this business was dying I am making more and more money everyday using it. It’s now the time to be honest… I Do have a secret ingredient to make this works for me. Everything will be reveal to you in this report!

THE RESULTS EXPLAINED So what’s the big secret? Why some people have 1,000 live articles and can’t manage to make a decent living? Why some regular dude like me publish a few articles and break the bank with them? This secret is known by very few people so I want to treat this information with respect. Use it but don’t abuse it. One of the secret key is EXPOSURE Let me explain… Have you ever bought a product that was teaching people how to write articles in a certain way that those articles pops up in the first page of the search engines? Of course you did! I did too! This is so popular that this method have its own name (Bum Marketing)

Few years later some people began to teach other people how to build backlinks and linkwheels using their articles as money sites just to make sure to keep their spot on the first page of Google and make more money. Honestly I tried a lot of those method that were supposed to make my article magically appear on Google in 30 seconds and get like 3,000 visitors per month to my landing page… I must admit that none of the method have worked for me… Maybe it worked for you and if it’s the case, You did a great job! Thank you… Thank you because every time someone manage to get his articles to the first page of Google… I do too! The more you’ll work getting up there, the more I’ll get EXPOSURES from your efforts. Let me help you out understanding this concept… Here’s a screenshot of the Health & Fitness sub categories…

The main niche here is Obviously Health & Fitness. have separated everything in subcategories to make it even easier for us.

On the screenshot you can see that the Weight Loss category have 128,237 articles listed. Those are live articles! Do you think some of those articles are ranking well on the search engines? You bet! Do you think this number is increasing or decreasing? Increasing absolutely! Each and everyday! Do you have an article in the weight loss niche that is awaiting for approval? Yes? Thank you very much for your effort! Right now, each and every time an article gets his approval in the weight loss niche, I’m automatically featured in it. There’s nothing you can do to avoid it. Let me explain with a screenshot…

I don’t know if you have ever paid attention to that section of pages but this is the information you’ll be able to see in the bottom of each and every articles in that particular category. Remember the 128,237 live articles in this category? Check out the all the titles in the most viewed ezinearticles and the most published ezinearticles section. All those title are featured in 128,237 unique locations and guess what some of them a prime location. Prime location mean that some of those articles are featured in the first page of google sometimes even in the first spot!

This is what I call MASSIVE PASSIVE EXPOSURE I’m sure I could stop right here and you’d say that this report is pure gold but there’s more that’s going on… There’s another secret key called SOCIAL PROOF Social proof is what making this method works like magic! What is social proof? Social proof could be define as this: “…One means we use to determine what is correct is to find what other people think is correct. We always view a behavior as more correct in a given situation to the degree that we see others performing it….” People are looking at this section of (most viewed and most published) because they want to see what other people are also looking at, what other people are doing. If your article is featured in the most viewed section people will automatically be attracted to it… social proof will kicks in! Think about it… there’s so much people looking at it, No doubt this must be GREAT STUFF! They just can’t resist checking out your article… and quickly forget about the first one they were looking at. Third secret key called AUTORITY By appearing in the Most Published section you and your article will instantly be perceived as authoritative. Think about the word Publisher… what kind of images comes to your mind. Author, Best seller, New York Times, Physical Book, Dr, Huge business

So if your article is the most published section it’s probably because you MUST know your stuff really well… Your article is selected by others who wants to publish it so this must be GREAT STUFF! I think most people rely only on the most viewed category to make their choice but if they see that the same article is appearing in both category… you’ve just seal the deal! Like I did… here in the weight loss category

BONUS VIDEO #1: Results Explained - Click Here To Watch!

Right now you may ask yourself… How the hell did he got featured in the most viewed and most published article category? Good question and I will explain it to you a little bit later…

THE COMPLETE 5 STEPS CORE SYSTEM Step 1: Select Your Niche Step 2: Create 10 different Avatars (One Niche = One Avatar) Step 3: Create 10 articles (One article per niche) Step 4: Choose Your Product To Promote (Your Product/Affiliate/PLR/CPA and Setup A Domain Forwarding) Step 5: Build A Landing Page & Setup An Autoresponder Account (optional) **Everything below have been written in a way that even if you’re just starting out, you’ll be able to follow me and setup everything properly** If you have any questions…

Step 1: Select Your Niche There’s 700 different niches on so there’s plenty of opportunity available. Don’t spend too much time on selecting your niche. Every niche that is evergreen is good. Evergreen means markets that will be around for a long time

Weight Loss Dog Training Relationship Internet Marketing Home Based Business Network Marketing Those are all Evergreen niches and there’s many more. To give you an example, I choose the Pets niche on

Once you click on the pet niche, many sub niches will be available to you‌

In this example I clicked on the Dogs Niche. Then I click the first article at the top. You click on the first article just to be able to view what are the articles who are appearing in the most viewed and the most published category.

Once inside the article‌ don’t pay much attention to the article, just scool down until you reach the most viewed and the most published article category. In the next screenshot you will see what are the articles in the most viewed and most published category for the DOG niche.

If you look closely you’ll be able to spot something very interesting… Did you see it? Check the most viewed articles closely… position #7. Then check the most published… Position #4. It’s The Same Article! **If you can’t see the same thing or the rank of the article is not the same, it’s maybe that other authors have outrank it already but you can refer to the screenshot below.**

Is the owner is aware of this little trick… Maybe, but I doubt it. Here’s why… If you click on the #1 article in the most viewed category.

…and that you scroll down at the bottom of the page, here’s what you’ll see…

The number to beat in order to get on the top position is 1,579 I mean I’ve been able to get more than 12,000 views in 7 days do you think I could get in the first spot in that niche and expose my own article in more than 49,000 Unique location? You bet I could! And I will, but not today… It’s not a bad this to be in the 7th spot, it’s a lot better than be lost in a pile of article hoping to be seen by a few people. But receives more than 12,000,000 Unique hits per month so why settle for the #7 when you could be #1 I think you get it  Ok Let Recap! In 2 minutes, we found a niche that is evergreen (People will always want to have more information about their dog) We also found a niche that you could completely dominate. Remember: If the niche is evergreen and there’s more than 10,000 articles written in that category… go ahead! Can you imagine what would happen if you could write 10 or more article in that niche and make everyone of them appear in the most viewed category?

Total domination… more opt-ins… more sales! I could do it in less than a week… in 3 easy steps (I’ll show you later)

STEP 2: Create 10 different Avatars The main reason I ask to create 10 avatars at first is because you will work in 10 different niche at the same time so if one of those is performing less than the other that won’t affect your overall success. My goal here is to be able to make the magic happen for you too as soon as possible! So go to and create 10 different emails. If you want to get involved in the weight loss niche you should consider creating a female avatar with a matching email. If you want to get involved in the Internet Marketing niche you should create a male avatar with a matching email. Please don’t get mad at me… It’s the demographics that said so! I would like to see even more women in the Internet marketing niche but it appear that it’s still a “men” niche. Now that you have your 10 emails go to and create an account for each avatar you’ve got. I think I don’t have to provide screenshot on how to sign up for ezinearticles… the process is very straightforward. If you need help on this task, don’t worry you still have your private live support. Log on to your skype and just ask me for help it’s that simple! Here’s what the avatar of my article in the weight loss niche looks like…

I choose a cool name with a little Rhyme in it, I also found a great looking picture on google images. If you are afraid about copyright infringement you can go to and look for a picture that looks a little

bit unprofessional… Real people don’t go to a photo shoot session just to publish their faces on the internet. On, you’ll find plenty of royalty free pictures that you can use in any way you want to… You’ll have to pay for it but you’ll sleep better at night. On this avatar I did not bother with editing the author bio, but you should take the time to do it. It will add more credibility to your avatar in case of someone looks at your profile. Look at the avatar account statistic on the screenshot above, I received 6 click on the author’s profile link… maybe I missed those 6 sales. If you don’t know what to write in your author bio boxes… just check out what other people in the same niche has done. Do not over do it… stay natural. Don’t try to be the big guru usually people won’t connect. If you look like their next door neighbor you are increasing your chance to get some easy sales. Once you get your 10 avatars set-up on you’re ready to go to the next step.

STEP 3: Create Your Article Whenever I jump into a new niche I absolutely saturate with content. The best part is, this is largely content on a topic I know nothing about, and have not researched. The purpose of the articles is to do nothing more than to get me a ton of traffic in a short period of time. I don't care about being an expert.

The truth of the matter is, the average internet user that reads content published on the internet, especially in an Article Directory already assumes you are an expert. They have no clue that anyone and everyone that wants to can have their articles included in a directory. Sure, if you are targeting a niche where you are trying to sell a product to other Internet Marketers, they might know what's going on, but most niches out there, the general public will already look at you as an authority simply because your content is online. As soon as they see your content YOU ARE AN EXPERT. So, what I do is leverage a couple of things. The first thing is the instant authority status that I get when people find my content online. The other thing is the strong Search Engine Rankings that enjoys for a large variety of niches. By simply flooding high traffic categories with content, I automatically get a ton of traffic. This is because my articles are listed in the “other recently submitted” section of EZA which is always directly below any article that someone reads. The layout of the page pushes the readers eyes towards the “lists” underneath of the articles. By positioning your content there, you are able to get ridiculous amounts of traffic without even ranking in the search engines. There are some things that we need to optimize though. The first thing being the title of the article. We want it to be ridiculous and attention grabbing.

The other thing is, we want to the title to be long so that it stands out among the other articles in the list. Here is an example of a good title in the Get Your Ex Back Niche: Get Your Girl Friend Back – Get Her Before She Climbs Into Bed With Another Man Get Your Man Back – Don't Be Another Country Song Get Him Back Now Here is an example in the Penis Enlargement Niche: Make Your Penis A Love Beast With Nothing But Your Imagination and Bare Hands Add Inches To Your Shaft – Jelq Your Way To A Better Love Life By Simply Jerking It The whole intention is to just get the person to read the article. Titles like the ones above at the very least invoke interest. Even if the Reader got a ton of useful information from the previous article they read, chances are good that they will read yours too, even if only for entertainment purposes. Now, we need to convert the reader into a link clicker, right? This is where we are going to jump off the Article Marketing Guru bandwagon. I've found that the absolute easiest way to get someone to click your link is to not tell them anything...confused? Let me explain... The minimum length of an article at EZA is 400 words.

By using the minimum amount of words, your resource box is visible almost immediately. As soon as they start reading your article, your anchor text is visible. Articles that are longer force the reader to actually scroll to see your link. Ideally, you spend 400 words focusing on their “pain” while offering no real solution in the article. Seriously, if you give a ton of great info in the article, what incentive do they have to actually click on the link to get more information? BONUS VIDEO #2 - Lightning Fast Article Creation Video – Click Here!

OUTSOURCE YOUR ARTICLE CREATION The issue now is, how do you come up with a ton of content to flood with, right? There are 2 ways that I do this: 1. I outsource it 2. I rewrite a ton of content either by hand or with software. Now, outsourcing is generic enough, right? The problem is, maybe people just are not comfortable doing it because they have never done it before. No problem though, I'm going to give you the ads that I use to hire content writers for as little as $1.50 an hour.

Understand though, this content isn't going to win any prizes and you might have to alter a sentence or too, but it is quick and easy to do it and you can get a ton of content for very little money. I will even provide you with the videos that I give the people I outsource to that shows them exactly what I want them to do. This will enable you to get up and running pretty quick. First though, we need to get someone to do the work before we can tell them what to do, right? I normally use to outsource my work. There are other sites that you can use, but I've had my best luck there. If you have a preferred place though, feel free to use it, as what I am telling you is only a guide and of course everyone has their “favourites�. So, here is the AD that I would post: I am looking for someone to do some article rewrites. I will provide all of the original content so, the only thing that the selected candidate would have to do is simply summarize and rewrite the articles in a format that is acceptable to Article Directories.

Someone that speaks and writes English fluently is a requirement as the articles will be read mostly by people from the United States. Please provide samples of your writing when you apply for this position. You will get flooded with applicants. Some of them you will able to eliminate immediately from their cover letters alone. However, you will get quite a few applicants that are good enough and only charge $1.50 to $2.00 an hour. Once you select an applicant, you are going to have them watch the training video that is included in the .Zip file titled “Outsource Training� This video will tell them exactly what they have to do and you should have limited interaction with them after that. You will have to provide them with the following information though: 1. The keywords you want to target 2. An email address to send the finished work Another effective method of outsourcing this work if you don't want to use a freelance site is to hire cheap labor from somewhere like Digital Point.

I find that the information there is for the most part useless, but cheap labor is abundant regardless of what you need done. Just go here:

a lot of times you will see threads from people that are looking for work. If you can't find one then start your own thread and make sure to specify your price. Your thread would look something like this: Thread title: Looking for someone to do rewrites – ASAP Thread Body: I'm looking for someone to rewrite some articles. I will provide the actual articles to be rewritten and will pay $1 per rewrite. If you are interested please send me a PM or email and I will get in touch with you right away. If you have any samples of your writing style that would help me a lot. Don't worry, you are not going to go broke outsourcing this stuff. Another Great resource is

They are specialized in original article. If you don’t want to use freelance sites like it’s ok but be prepared to pay more for getting the job done. is great because they are the cheapest “original content” service provider I know. Remember you only need 10 or 20 articles to start and trust me, you will get plenty bang for your buck with what I will show you later in this report. I have also included a BONUS video in this product. The video is intended to give to the person you choose for your outsource need. The freelancer will check out the video and know exactly what he/she have to do. This way you are 95% sure to receive the right kind of article to make this method work. Bonus Video #3: Outsourcer Training Video STEP 4: Choose A Product To Promote Now before getting any further into the process of choosing a product to promote, here’s what you should know about Author Policy. “…You declare that you will not send in any articles with direct affiliate links in them. We reject articles with direct affiliate links.

It is ok, however, forward/redirect to an affiliate link from the top-level of a domain name you own. For example, it is permissible to forward to an affiliate link from: ...but it would not be permissible to forward to an affiliate link from: …” What does this mean? It mean that you can promote affiliate offer but you can’t use your affiliate link on You’ll need a domain of your own. If you don’t know where to get a domain name you can use namecheap. This is the only place I go when I need to buy domain name Need A Domain Name? Click Here You will promote your own domain on the use your domain to redirect the visitors to the product via your affiliate code. Here’s a video that will show you exactly how to do a Domain Forwarding. Click Here To Watch The Video Choosing a product is really not difficult at all. Once you find your niche, you just have to find a good product that match the niche. Do not over complicate this task. If you have a product in the weight loss niche already or in any other niche available on you should use your own product and begin with that niche.

Further more, if you have your own product already, I think I don’t need to expand more on that subject. If you don’t have your own product yet, you can choose the Clickbank Affiliate option… It’s your easiest route for this system.

ClickBank Affiliate Products (Just Starting Out? Choose This Option – Easy To Do) If you don’t have your own product you can still promote other people’s product. Check on clickbank, there’s plenty of great product for the weight loss niche and many other as well! On clickbank, choose a product that has an high Gravity Check the screenshot…

The Gravity number on clickbank is a little complicated to explain… In simple words, higher is the gravity number means that a lot of people are promoting it and are making a lot of sales with it. If other affiliate are successfully promoting it you should do well too… This book is not about understanding the science behind the Clickbank’s gravity number so I think the last explanation will do the trick. If you’re not already registered on clickbank, go to

Click on the learn more button below AFFILIATES Then Click on the sign-up button

Enter all your personal information in the form

Once finished just click on the submit button

You are now registered with Clickbank and ready to make money! Now here’s how to get an affiliate link for a product you want to promote. Click on the “Promote Product” Tab

Next you’ll need to chose a Category… Chose the same category you decided to write your article about. IE If you decided to dominate the PET/DOG Niche, you should use the home and garden category and click on the Animal Care And Pet Niche if you want to find product that will be related to your articles on

Once you click on the animal care and pet link the next step will be to sort all products by gravity‌

Here’s what you should see… now it could differ a little bit since the gravity is a number that can change over time… but the results for today are as follow…

The red arrow are pointing to some product related to the dog training/dog behavior niche. Those are good product to promote in my own opinion. You can check the sales page of those products by clicking on the title of the product (Will open in a new window) Just choose the one that you think is best for you. Once you’ve decided which one you’ll be using click the PROMOTE button Here’s what you are going to see…

Enter the account nickname you choose when you have created your account on Clickbank then click on Create

This is your Clickbank affiliate link… now you are ready to promote this link to make money… AWESOME! Wait! Remember the rule? “…You declare that you will not send in any articles with direct affiliate links in them. We reject articles with direct affiliate links. It is ok, however, forward/redirect to an affiliate link from the top-level of a domain name you own. For example, it is permissible to forward to an affiliate link from: So right now if you don’t have a domain to use click the following link to get one… you’ll need one. Need A Domain Name? Click Here

You will also need to host that domain somewhere. If you don’t have any resource to host that domain already you can use They will host your website for $2 per month. Right now some people might be freaking out just because I told you to use their services… Personally I never have a problem using their services. If you want you can try their online chat service you’ll see that there’s really someone ready to help you out in case of a problem. If you want to pay more for your hosting… that’s ok you can use or Once you got your domain and your hosting plan, you can take your affiliate link and create a domain redirection. Here’s a tutorial on how to do this: Click Here To Watch The Video

CPA OFFERS If you are already familiar with cpa (Cost per action) You can also check on your cpa network if you can find any offer that relate to the niche you want to get into. What is cpa? CPA refers to "cost per action." So when you see CPA marketing, it is referring to making money online by invoking some sort of action out of your online audience. An example might be someone clicking on your advertisement for a free product or trial membership and then filling out a short form to receive their free product or membership.

In other words, CPA marketing is what the big time media outlets have been using as old-fashioned marketing for years. The difference is that the Internet has, through hundreds of companies, made cost per action advertising revenue available to everyone with an audience of any size or anyone able to drive web traffic to these CPA offers. Selling Free Products Is Easy ! It is a lot less difficult to "sell" free things to people than it is to convince people to buy something. This is particularly true when you have not established a strong, time-tested trust relationship with your site audience. Fortunately, many CPA marketers are willing to pay you $1 to get someone to fill in a very short form, rather than spending a dollar or more for every person that actually pays attention to a television advertisement they're running. This allows the company paying you to get a direct response from its target market for the money it spends. It also helps them to gather details for future contacts with sales prospects. In their eyes this is money well spent. $1 is only an example, there are some CPA merchants who offer only 5 cents per lead but others who will pay you hundreds of dollars. The difference is typically in the value of the products or services they offer and the percentage of respondents likely to become customers. You don't have to understand this yourself as a CPA marketing affiliate. You only need to understand that this valuable and legitimate revenue stream is available to anyone.

Here’s a list of popular CPA network RocketProfit Maxbounty Hydra Azoogle Linkshare InstantDollarz Clickbooth CPA Empire ClickXchange Revenue Gateway Revenue Allies ShareaSale LinkMo SearchCactus Market Leverage To be involved in a cpa network you’ll have to fill an application online. You will be ask to give some information about your prior marketing experience, how much traffic you get and sometimes they will call you to make a short interview. If you are just starting out I don’t recommend getting involved with cpa networks but just keep in mind that they exist and you can make a lot of money with them. Just for the sake of spoiling you out with great content and insiders trade secrets… I’ve included another great bonus: BONUS 3 - 6 Easy Steps To Get Approved Fast With CPA Networks.pdf You’ll find this report inside your folder.

PLR PRODUCT If you’d like to have your own product but don’t have one or doesn’t know how to make one you can use PLR product. Plr stands for Private Label Rights Private label rights product are product that you can purchase and you automatically have the right to resell it as your own. You can write your name on it, modify the content inside, change the graphics. IE: I would use a plr product and change the author name for the name of the avatar you created in Sometime those product comes with a sales letter, so you could put the picture of your avatar (the same you uploaded in on your sales letter to increase the credibility of your avatar and the value of your product also. You can basically make a brand new product out of it just by changing a couple of things… PLR is awesome! If you want to have access to hundreds of different plr product for cheap you can go to Here’s what the website looks like…

For this example I just made a search for Weight Loss PLR product and I’ve got a couple of interesting results at a very cheap price. You could enter the weight loss niche with your own product ready to sell for only $6.99 And set the price of your new product at $10 and sell it all day long using the power of the method I’m about to show you later in this book. Just make sure that the word PLR is clearly indicate because if it’s not you may or may not have the rights to make changes to the ebook.

Here’s an example of what kind of right to look for…

You got a bunch of interesting reseller tools that you can use To build your website. The distribution rights are clear and will allow you to do basically whatever you want to do with that product. I have underline the most important one… they must be set as YES if you want to stay out of trouble.


This system doesn’t require a landing page to work but here’s why you should use one… BUILD YOUR LIST! Building a list is building your next month revenue by capitalizing on the last month traffic. There’s nothing wrong driving your traffic directly to your sales page but if your traffic doesn’t convert the first time, it’s lost forever… If you manage to get that traffic to get into your mailing list with a free bribe (Short report) you’ll get their email address. Even if the visitors did not make a purchase in the first time, you can reach them every time you want. So that traffic is not lost. If you want to use this system to build your subscribers list in the same time, you’ll need a good looking landing page. I wasn’t supposed to do it but… I just decided to share the landing page that get me the highest CTR (Click-Through-Ratio) This is a screenshot of the landing page…

I have also include the template of this landing page inside your purchase so feel free to use it! You just have to load it into your favourite html editor and change the text for your own marketing… easy as 1-2-3 If you need an autoresponder, I’ve got you covered! Check in the folder, I have included a Bonus report on how to setup Aweber properly and how to get it for $1 for 30 days I also included another bonus report on how to create your own paypal “BUY IT NOW” button. If you have any questions please feel free to email me here

POST YOUR ARTICLES Once you got your articles, chosen the product your want to promote and build your sales funnel, it’s now the time to post your articles on If you’re been listening to what I’ve said so far…your should have 10 avatars already, each one of them in different niches. Take one article and post it in one of your avatar profile you’ve created. Log into one of your avatar and click on the submit new article button Here’s a screenshot to help you out!

Then you need to enter the content of your article in the right place‌ very easy to do. Your title goes in the title Area. The Summary is the first two sentences of your article or even the first paragraph. The rest of your article goes into the body Area.

The author bio is where you’ll put the call to action and your 2 links to your sales page/landing page. If you are already into article marketing what I’m about to say may shock you… I’m about to reveal one of my most converting call to action. Obviously I did NOT use it in my test article because I didn’t want to spill the beans to fast. So here it is… In the test article from Samantha here’s the call to action that I used… Wait...Wait! Do you want more advanced and 400% more effective waist exercises to quickly lose your body fat? You need an effective weight loss plan to carry out quick and natural fat loss in just few days. Download my free report at the following website which exposes the truth of weight loss plans and discover where you are failing in your current weight loss attempts. This is a BAD call to action… Here’s what I should have use instead… If you want Exercises For A Smaller Waist and look sexy, all you have to do is Click Here! Just like that, nothing complicated… This is what I got for you, Here’s what It’ll do for you, here’s what I want you to do next. Here’s what I got: Exercises For A Smaller Waist Here’s what it’ll do for you: Look Sexy Here’s what I want you to do next: all you have to do is Click Here!

If you refer back to Samantha’s article call to action I have used the word need… Never used that word. If you want people to buy your stuff don’t use the word need… why? Well last time you’ve bought something… did you really needed it? Honestly? Probably not people do not buy because they need it but because they want it! You’ll get right into their emotions if you use the word want instead of the word need. IE: Think of a person who just bought himself a red Ferrari. Did he needed that car? No… He bought it because he wants to look successful… He wants to impress the neighborhood… He wants to feel powerful… Got it? Perfect! Don’t forget to allow up to 7+ days for your articles to be approved by this restriction will be lifted up as soon as you reach 10 successful post into your account, after the 10th you are going to be moved to a premium account and you article will be approved much faster… 48 hours. Here’s my advice to you… once your first 10 articles are posted throughout your 10 avatars, continue with the creation of your second round of articles… once they are finished post them and begin the third round… Don’t wait for the first 10 to be approved YOU WILL LOSE PRECIOUS TIME AND MOMENTUM. I think I don’t need to get into more detail here but if what I’ve just said made no sense to you… please let me know I’ll help you out.

Post 1 article per niche per avatar for your first 10 articles. Then look for the best performing article and keep creating articles in those niche. Some articles will work great some won’t don’t worry about it just keep going and post as much as you can.

THE MAGIC TRICK Finally! Here’s what you have been waiting for! In this chapter I will explain everything in details… First you need to understand that getting your articles into the most viewed and the most published category involve getting traffic to your article. Keep in mind that the source of traffic I use to get my articles into most viewed and most published will never convert… It could, but I doubt that will ever happen. And I don’t care! My goal is to “Steal” the traffic other articles are receiving by getting exposed in the most viewed and the most published NOT to convert the thousands of hits I’m receiving everyday. In March 2011 has received more than 11,000,000 Visitors… Yes in one month! This is the traffic that I want. Checkout this recent screenshot from the most viewed and most published section of the Weight Loss Niche…

This screenshot shows that I’m still moving up in the weight loss niche. If you look at the screenshot on page 10 in this report, you’ll see that I was in fourth position for the most viewed and I’m now in third. My article was in eleventh position for the most published and I’m now on the ninth. Also remember the huge exposure I got from this sole article. My article is featured in 128,521 different articles…. Note that This is almost 300 more article in this niche since I began to write down this ebook and guess what… my article is also featured into those 300 brand new articles. How many of those 11 million visitor are looking to lose weight?… I don’t know but I think there’s enough to make YOU and me job free for the rest of our life. So here’s how the magic is done… I buy traffic!

Every single time I post an article I also buy traffic to get that article into the most viewed category. Simple isn’t it? Hey Joel, are you going against term of services? YES and NO Here’s the exact rules You agree to not purchase or utilize PPC (PayPerClick), PPV (PayPerView) traffic, safelists, or traffic exchanges to artificially inflate your EzineArticles traffic stats. Doing so may result in your account being terminated.

So basically if you are using one of those services to inflate your views you are against their TOS but we are NOT going to use one of those services. I told you that this was not for the faint of heart… Don’t worry, I know you are looking for a sustainable way to make money and not just a quick buck scheme that can crash overnight. This method is VERY sustainable if you are doing thing correctly and not just do stupid things. Example of stupid things to do: You create 1 avatar then you post 10 articles the same day for this avatar in 10 different niches and buy traffic for those 10 articles… This is stupid. Don’t be surprised if they close your account. But if you are doing everything I taught in the ebook you will keep your ass away from any trouble. I promise! 10 avatars and post 1 article in each avatar. Then buy traffic for each article… you won’t get any trouble. I will share with you the only source of traffic that I use for all my articles but before I do that, I want you to listen to the next video…

Here’s why. With your purchase I gave you 2 php script as a bonus. Those script are design to keep in the blind so they can’t detect where the traffic come from, therefore you are like a stealth ninja who are doing is mission undercover… Those 2 script will lock down your business… You’ll be able to build it strong without worrying about any reprimand. Very cool script: Stop Reading Until You’ve Seen This Video BONUS VIDEO #4 – Setup the Ninja’s Script AKA Double Meta Refresh Technique Awesome stuff isn’t it? I know we are talking about pay per click in the video but don’t be confused with the usual ppc on GOOGLE, yahoo of bing as an example. Since we are paying for traffic and the traffic actually click on our article we have used the term pay per click. Since we are now using as our traffic source you don’t have to worry about Google ppc being the source of your traffic. Now the only thing you need to do is to give the address to the script1.php to the traffic provider (Fiverr) IE and you’ll be able to build a huge business around it. HINT: You can rename the name of the php script. Always use the same 2 domains but rename your script. IE: for weight loss… weightloss1.php and weightloss2.php For dog niche… dog1.php and dog2.php and so on. The script will remain the same and perform the same action but you’ll be able to know which script belong to which campaign without having to buy 2 domain each time.

Now to get the traffic, here’s where I get it. FIVERR.COM Shocked? Wait until you see the gig I use…

This is it… 25,000 views for 5 bucks! Sometimes only one gig is needed to get to #1. If You Want To Order This Fiverr GIG Now CLICK HERE You just have to buy a gig twice a month to keep it up there (most viewed and most published are based on 60 days) You must have to keep the traffic come in! Don’t stop because you’ll get bumped out. Don’t worry about the quality of her gig… this is THE one. Why I know that? Because I tried them all…

I was missing about 1,500 clicks on 1 order and she gave my 25,000 more… this is how good her service his. If you still wonder what are the 3 steps require to keep my business running…

Step 1: Click the Order Now! Step 2: Pay With Paypal Step 3: Give the link of my article to her and click send I agree this is very simple stuff… but there’s a great power that resides in simple things. Remember that with this simple method you can achieve awesome results!

This screenshot is for a product of mine who is selling at $17. Of course I won’t reveal the niche I’m in… I think you’ll already guessed why…

But I won’t let you shoot in the dark and miss until you strike an homerun by luck… like so many other people out there, so here’s my private niche selection checklist. (The One I Use To Strike An Homerun Almost Every Time) 1234567-

Does the niche contains a large number of people? Are Those People Irrationally Passionate? Do they have disposable income? Do they have their own jargon? Do they have their own magazines? Do they hold conferences and big events? Do they have their own celebrities?

You may answer NO for some of them but just make sure that you got a YES for at least the first three. You’ll be alright! That’s all I’ve got for today my friend! I Really hope you will take action on this one… don’t put it aside for later time. Start Right now! Before I let you go work on your new business I want you to promise me that you are going to do your VERY BEST. I want to see your ABSOLUTE BEST! Every time you feel like you got the blues and doubt sets in I want you to look at this video… Not related to Internet Marketing but it is very powerful and inspiring. It’s been a real pleasure teaching you this stuff and remember, if you need any help please leave me a message I’ll get back to you as soon as I humanly can!

Cheers ď Š Joel


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