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WELCOME! .......................................................................3 WHAT WE WILL COVER ........................................................ 4 WHO IS BRENDEN CLERGET? .................................................. 5 THE FEAR OF „LOSING OUT‟ .............................................6 HOW IT IS USED IN INTERNET MARKETING ................................. 6 HOW WE WILL USE IT.......................................................... 6 HOW TO CLOSE MORE OFTEN ..........................................7 PRODUCT & CUSTOMER QUALIFICATION ........................9 THE FLYER AND ITS ANATOMY ......................................10 THE HEADLINE HOOK ......................................................... 10 THE ENVY BOX ................................................................. 11 FACT FOR NECESSITY ......................................................... 11 AUTHORITY IMAGES + OUR OFFER = AUTHORITY OFFER ............... 12 CALL TO ACTION – SAYING YES............................................. 12 OUR INFO, COUPON, FINAL CALL TO ACTION ............................. 12 THE TWO WAYS TO USE THE FLYER ...............................13 FACE TO FACE DROP OFF .................................................... 13 DIRECT MAIL ................................................................... 13 PREPARING THE FLYER .................................................14 OUR BURNING GOAL: GET THE MEETING .......................19 METHOD 1: FACE TO FACE .............................................19 TWO PATHS TO THE FACE TO FACE – COLD OR HOT? ................... 19 COLD - EXECUTION ........................................................... 20 HOT – EXECUTION ............................................................ 21 METHOD 2: THROUGH MAIL ..........................................21 PREPARING THE MAIL – YOU‟VE GOT OPTIONS ........................... 21 THE NOTE ON THE BACK? ................................................... 22 CLUNKY MAIL .................................................................. 23 ALWAYS FOLLOW UP! ......................................................... 23 THE MEETING ................................................................24 THINGS TO CONSIDER WHEN PREPARING ................................. 24 GETTING LIFELONG INCOME FROM HOSTING .............................. 25 BRING YOUR TOOLS........................................................... 26 ASK FOR THE SALE ........................................................... 29 CONCLUSION AND NEXT STEPS .....................................30


Congratulations on picking up Offline Flyer Frenzy! This system details a method that my business has been using for a pretty long time now (nearly a year), but recently perfected after much tweaking. Let‟s go over exactly what we‟ll be covering then move onto the meat: 1. This step is optional for this method. In Offline Marketing Madness, I included a goal setting exercise, this time the exercise is optional, but encouraged. It was a separate download on your download page. Here is a quote from Offline Marketing Madness that I‟ve decided to include that I feel sums up goals the best:

“Remember when you were in elementary school and the teacher would give various stars and awards for doing certain things? These were implied goals, and students that wanted the end result would do the things required to get it. In essence, goals are accomplished in the process, and the students learn. Your goals will be very similar, except you won’t be getting gold stars, but instead a new car, a nice new piece of jewelry, or just cold hard cash in your bank account. This is where determination and action drive comes from, and we will inspire this in you first.”


2. I‟ll talk a bit about myself for those that don‟t know me to start out. It‟s always good to know who you‟re talking to. 3. The fear of „losing out‟ and how it is used widely in marketing; internet marketing namely. We will also cover exactly how we are using it in order to induce the desired actions that we want. 4. How to close more often, as well as product & customer qualification were both things that I covered in Offline Marketing Madness. These have been included again, almost verbatim as they were written in Offline Marketing Madness, for two reasons: a. They are crucial marketing principles as well as very important to understand. If you read my last product or something else that has talked about this, it won‟t hurt you to review it before moving on. It‟s an immensely important topic. b. Some of you may not have read my last product, or may have never heard of this concept, and this is included mainly for this reason – so nobody is left out. 5. The flyer and its anatomy top to bottom will be covered next, since it‟s important to understand your tools and how they‟re built. 6. I will then cover the two ways to use the flyer as well as each in detail. In this mix of this, I will reveal to you what your burning goal should be throughout this entire process, and the reason why many fail when doing this. 7. Finally, I will cover the meeting, things to consider when packaging services, as well as how to ask for the sale. Then I‟ll wrap it up, and move you onto the outsourcing guide.

Then it‟s up to you to get out there, TAKE ACTION, and land some clients. The system you have in your hands was responsible for over $16,000 for me in the month of June


alone, and as of writing this has started to bring in more money in recurring income since the start of July. I‟m just like all of you, in reality. I‟ve been on the path you are on, I‟ve been where you are out. Regardless of my success now, I was once upon a time an unsuccessful person. I wasn‟t a professional web designer or SEO expert. I wasn‟t the owner of my own business, and I surely didn‟t drive the cars or have the stuff I have now. However, one thing I believe has set me apart from everybody else I know that does, or tries to do, what I do for a living and fails:

When I begin a business venture, when I attempt a new marketing technique, I always have a plan and a DEFINITE EXACT amount of success I plan to obtain from it. In other words: When you start this method (after you have READ and UNDERSTAND it) write down a step by step action plan for yourself, starting at Day 1 and ending at Day X (whatever you deem necessary time wise). Then write down exactly how many flyers you will hand out, how many clients you want to land, and an EXACT dollar amount you plan to achieve from this – THEN and ONLY then, start on the plan RIGHT AWAY. Day and night, when waking and before sleeping, read your plan to yourself out LOUD, believe it, drive it into your subconcious, because eventually your subconcious WILL achieve what you have written – when and only when – it believes it is true. My name is Brenden Clerget. I am a 23 year old web design and SEO Professional, as well as a part-time internet marketer. I started in internet niches, and have moved to local marketing, only because of the gold mine that is constantly available. I‟ve seriously been pursuing my efforts for five years, although as young as age 16 I began to sell websites to friends and acquaintances.


This method was created in order to give you only another tool in your repertoire of offline marketing tools. Use this as one method, not your ONLY method, of garnishing clients. I have a fiancé, two beautiful Pomeranians, Subi and Ozzie, and can‟t wait to get married. I aspire to be a professional poker player, as I was briefly in college. The other side of me is a businessman, inside and out deep to my heart. I am constantly evolving new methods of getting business, trying to stay ahead of the curve, testing, re-testing and evaluating my tests for their effectiveness. I develop systems for myself, and then hire people to do them for me. I do what it takes to succeed. This is one of the most powerful fears, as well as marketing methods that is currently used today. It is in fact, often used in internet marketing. Some of you may already know what I‟m talking about. Scarcity, in the sense of, “This won‟t be available forever,” or more specifically, “This WSO closes on MMMMMMM, DD, at XX:XX” are both perfect examples of how the fear of losing out or missing out is used in internet marketing. This can also be translated to the offline world, which is how we will be using it. How exactly are we going to use it? If you‟ve already taken a peek at the flyer (probably 99.9% of you) then you can see a couple things: 1. There is a box in the middle, called the envy box, that we will cover later, but this box is one major generator of the fear of losing out. 2. The coupon at the bottom has an expiry date. Many business owners that will eventually purchase from you, will do so much faster because the coupon expires at the end of the month. They fear losing out on the discount. Both of these will be covered shortly in more detail.


This also might be review for you if you have Offline Marketing Madness. Move on past this section, or reread it for refresher. It‟s good information and will help you land more clients more often. If it isn‟t, pay close attention to this part as it‟s going to help you in every other offline venture that you take part in. I have people regularly ask me things like, “How come I get a lot of appointments but they just don‟t seem interested when I show up?” Another one I‟ve heard often is, “Nobody is interested in SEO, I can‟t get anybody to buy.” Can‟t, won‟t, don‟t, aren‟t – these are all words that aren‟t in a salesperson‟s vocabulary. You WILL FAIL if you use these words. Anybody that has been in sales knows that people buy when certain conditions are met. To put it in the MOST SIMPLE TERMS that I can, there are only a handful of reasons people don‟t buy. These reasons are: 1. They don‟t understand the value behind what you are offering or how it directly benefits them. 2. They aren‟t a qualified buyer, in other words, they don‟t have the need you think they have, or don‟t UNDERSTAND that they have this need. 3. They understand the value, they understand their need, are a qualified buyer, but you just simply didn‟t ask for the sale. Straight up, those are the reasons people don‟t buy. If you are meeting with potential clients and they aren‟t buying, they will fall into one of those categories upwards of 99% of the time. Rarely there is another issue or objection, but these are things that can be overcome. I‟ve included an overcoming objections guide from my Offline Optimizer product, and I expect you to study and use it as you meet with your clients. It will increase your closing rate significantly. I‟m saying again: STUDY AND USE IT.


I‟ve used this analogy before, but I‟m going to use it again because it‟s perfect. Car dealerships and website sales are VASTLY similar. Let me explain how it correlates to what we‟re doing. When a customer enters a car lot, the first thing the salesman starts doing is what is commonly called building rapport. In other words, he starts asking about their family, profession, and their hobbies. They don‟t do this because they are necessarily directly interested in these things personally (sad, but true, I used to sell cars) but are rather interested because it will help them sell the person. Here are the two reasons they do this first: 1. They need the customer to understand his or her own needs and wants. There is no better way to do this than have the customer state them clearly, using words, to the salesman. By telling the salesman about their life, they are telling him basically what the car needs to do. If they camp often, they need an SUV or something with storage. If they have children, they need more seats. If they are have a long commute, they need good gas mileage. These are things that poor salesman ask straight out, instead of deducing from the things they are told. Business owners will do the same thing, if you can make conversation correctly, you will not only build rapport, but you will put yourself in a position to offer services they need. In specific terms, this is qualification. This is the “what”.



2. They need the customer to SEE THE VALUE in the vehicle being offered, and connect that to understand that the buying decision is then justified. It meets their needs, and therefore, they now have a desire to purchase. This is the “why”. If business owners understand and can see the value, they will buy. End of story.


Now the car salesman takes the prospect for a test drive. This gets the customer interested because they can feel what they can have, know they want it and it will fit their lifestyle, and at this point, if everything previous was done correctly – the sale is a lock. If this isn‟t the car for the customer, they just switch to another one, and drive again. Eventually the customer‟s eye glimmers with excitement and a purchase is imminent. No matter what – there‟s still one more thing to be done though: They have to qualify the buyer. This method will teach you how to do this with business owners. If you‟ve ever purchased a car you know the first thing that takes place is a credit application. They don‟t want to talk numbers before they know you can actually BUY the car being offered. We will be qualifying our customers by finding people that already have shown an interest in SEO and the market we are working in – but need a little extra push. Maybe this will tie it in for you a bit better:

The What: SEO services and other internet marketing services that we can offer them.

Customer: Offline business owners and independent contractors in your area

The Why: We know they are close to ranking to the first page, but need us to actually get them there. They also have a need for these services, because they will make them MORE MONEY, and with our flyer we show them that their competition is doing this.

Value Justification: They already will have a website (in most cases) and be close to the first page, but their direct competition is succeeding with SEO, while they aren‟t. Plus you have other things to help them garnish more profit.

Product qualified, customer qualified, boom. You should have a pretty good grasp on the entire qualification topic or have had a nice refresher. Now we move onto the meat of the system, the flyer.


Many offliners often overlook or choose to write off the potential of marketing with flyers. Maybe this is because they work in such a „high tech‟ field that they feel it‟s too basic of an idea. However, there is a reason that flyers still exist and are used. When designed right, flyers can be more effective than television commercials per view, and in most cases, they are. Let‟s break down my flyer you‟ve been given.

You‟ve seen the term hook or headline before. Our headline is similar: it asks a question that engages the reader. In this case, the question is, “Want More Business?” which in nearly 99.8% of the cases this is read, will be yes. This is good for us, positive answers = positive results. There are also a couple icons, that say results guaranteed and FAST ROI right next to the hook. This implants safety right off the bat, and interests them, because if it‟s FAST and Results are Guaranteed, then how can they lose? You then quote Google search volumes in their city in order to hook them on a number basis of how many clients they are missing out on. You then state the obvious, they‟re not being found, or focused on.


This is exactly what it sounds like, a box designed to induce envy and jealousy (both very powerful emotions) in the person we‟re trying to land. This box shows them that they aren‟t getting business, that they COULD BE GETTING, and their direct competitors ARE receiving that business. Then we use imagery and NLP by asking if they‟ve heard of any of those businesses (which they will have, it‟s their competition) and saying the traffic could be theirs, it makes them envision the end result of being ranked and receiving more business. We‟ve connected the word yes, with the result of being ranked, which is important. This is the second time they‟ve said yes mentally while reading the flyer.

Some business owners might be stubborn at this point, however, they will keep reading, they won‟t throw this away until they‟ve read it all and decided it‟s not for them, or read it all and decided to contact you. This fact is nothing more than a way to show the necessity of being ranked, and that 71% of all consumers use Google to find local businesses at least once a month. It justifies our service, with one sentence. Now we need to add authority to our flyer, some type of subconscious feeling that, everything will be alright if they go with us. Authority images? What are those?


This section starts with a question, why aren‟t you the one they‟re finding? This implants necessity to be that person in the pattern that we‟ve introduced information. Then we state what we can do for them in the way of services. They will glance at those images on the left, however, before reading the rest of this section. This does something important: Mentally connects our business with the feelings they have about those businesses. Not one business owner thinks of Google or YouTube or Facebook as lame second-rate companies. They associate them with large, blue chip stock names that are trust worthy. We‟ve subconsciously just fit ourselves into that profile.

This lines purpose is to get them to say yes again mentally before offering our contact information, coupon and final call to action.

This section is our contact info with a coupon and final call to action. There is nothing special about our info box, just our information so they CAN call us back or email us. The coupon, however, has one sneaky scarcity tactic, the expiry date. I‟ll explain how exactly to choose the date, but for now, know that it induces people to buy like crazy.


We then offer a final call to action, after offering a coupon and our information. They‟ve said yes to our questions three times in the flyer, have associated us with necessity and authority, and now we‟re asking for their business. And THAT, folks, is the anatomy of the flyer. about the two ways you can use this flyer.

Now let‟s talk

There are two distinct ways to use this flyer, as well as some other ones I‟ve left out. Feel free to do what you want, but keeping simplicity and actionable content in my mind, I included these two methods. 1. The first way to use the flyer is face to face. This will involve you taking a printed out version of this flyer and physically handing it to somebody, and trying to land a meeting (more about this in a moment as well). Out of the two methods, I had a moderately higher success rate with this one, however, both did well. 2. The second method is direct mail. You package this up, stick a stamp on it, wait for a call, follow up, and hope for the best. Obviously there‟s less rapport building going on here, so it may not work as well, but it does allow for much more clients to be contacted, and ultimately a chance for more sales to be made if perfected. Many people are going to ask me the following question so I figure I should just answer it here. Which one should you use? Do both, and see which one works better for you. You have some options when it comes to preparing this flyer. We‟ll walk through the entire thing step by step.


You need to pick a niche in order to fill out the sentence in the top right. Here‟s some advice I have for picking a niche. It is verbatim from a niche picking guide I wrote for my employees and sales people (as well as been in some of my other products): Here are a few truths about 95% of niches: 1. Offline niches are soft. You will be able to get the first spot on Google with solid on-site SEO and NONE to VERY LITTLE off-site SEO. This means your local area is a GOLD MINE. 2. There is a prospect in EVERY NICHE. Period. 3. The niche doesn‟t REALLY matter, however some niches are better than others. What makes a niche better than other niches? They will meet some or all of the following conditions:

Their profit per customer is LARGE. Every customer you can land them is worth a LOT and will justify the prices we will be charging. Does this mean that a hair salon selling $50-$100 services isn‟t worth it? Absolutely not. Why? Because…

Their repeat customer percentage and customer retention is high. This means that the customers will come back multiple times (at least 3) in a year, and provide them with a high lifetime value per customer, which is just as beneficial. If neither of these apply, you‟re probably dealing with some type of retail establishment, and even if not, you can still work with them if…

They have an opportunity to build a web-store or directly profit from activities completed on the website that you will be doing SEO or other services for. This will open possibilities of you taking profit sharing percentages. I helped a local T-shirt company that specializes in sports uniforms take their business online, and I‟m reaping benefits of a 10% commission each month on sales made (not profit) on the website. They do over $10,000 a month in sales.


Are these points not connecting well for you? worry.


Here is a list of businesses I suggest starting with that will be receptive businesspeople that UNDERSTAND how crucial marketing is to their business:

 

Accountants and CPAs

  


          


Lawyers (I specifically did work for a lawyer in return for him writing up all my contracts for me. He did all my legal work, and then after a few months, signed on to keep paying me. Have them draft contracts if you work with them – and then ask them to explain them to you, as they are legally obligated to do so.) Auto Body Repair shops Independent Car Dealerships (Most big name car dealerships do this work internally and you have to jump through too many hoops, trust me) Doctors Chiropractors (GOLD MINE!) Construction Companies Carpentry & Remodel Services Plumbers Restaurants & Bars Hair Salons & Stylists Plastic Surgeons Specialty Shops (specifically smoke shops) And on and on and on until the end of time.

I‟ve laid out the hard work for you. These niches are some of the best, but not the only ones. If you don‟t have luck with any of those, try this: Head over to (YellowPages), leave the business category blank, and enter your city/state as shown below:


Click find, and you will be shown a list of a couple hundred popular categories in your town. If those aren‟t enough, you can get EVEN MORE categories by clicking the “A-F, G-K…” headers at the top of the list. Pick a niche. You need prospects.





Read the steps above about using, that is the easiest way to find them. Pull up your niche, find all the prospects in the area in your niche, and copy them into notepad, or leave the window open. It‟s time to think logically: Let‟s say we‟re looking for a plumber in Olympia, WA. What would you search for on Google? Here‟s a list of keywords I came up with:   

Olympia Plumber Olympia Plumbing Service Plumber in Olympia

Search each of those keywords in Google and write down the top 4 results (whether it is places listings or organic) and then do NOT use this flyer on ANY of them. We are targeting people outside the top 4. I‟ve contacted a couple #4‟s, landed one, lost one, but had no success within the top 3 I can speak of. You can try #4 if you want, but prepare yourself for tons of resistance. Search those keywords in the External Google Keyword Tool. Use Exact or Phrase match, do not use broad, and now fill in the box in the top right of the flyer with the total of the search volumes from ALL of the keywords. Use Global search volumes as some people will be searching those terms from proxies or VPNs, be located in the area, but not in local search volume Google is showing you. I use the total search volume across all keywords because it accurately represents search volumes for long term total keyword placement. Long term total keyword placement is the long term expected search volume per month for all keywords you plan on eventually ranking for. This is the best measure of search volume for long term projects, as it most accurately represents search volume that you will experience for a


majority of the site‟s life once established, instead of only for one keyword. You very well may only get 100-200 or less searches for these keywords. You might be saying: “Well that‟s nothing!” Let me explain to you how vastly wrong you are. Remember the clients we are targeting will either have high profit per customer, high customer retention, or ability to expand to online sales. Let‟s consider 100 extra visitors per month for a lawyer. If only 5% of those convert into clients, they‟re getting 5 new clients a month. If they charge an average retainer of $2500, and average profit of $10,000 per representation, they‟re adding $62,500 to their bottom line each month. Is this worth it to be charged $1997 up front with $997 recurring commissions? ABSOLUTELY. You will be building a client list, before filling out the Envy Box. Go back to the Google Search Results you pulled up to find the top listings previously. Enter all your potential clients into the lead tracking spreadsheet starting at #5 (or #4) and going down to at least the bottom of page one (I do the end of page two). Go back to and try to find more businesses with websites that are established but lacking of SEO or other design. It will be YOUR JOB to show them what they‟re missing out on and that their #7 first page ranking is probably doing jack shit for them.

Here‟s a diagram for you:

This is from a study done by Cornell University. It‟s also a heat map by color, red being hottest, black being coolest, for where the eyes go when


something is searched. Over 50% of clicks go to the first SERP result on average. This is normally higher for local searches. You can find this diagram at: It will be beneficial to show this to business owners if they seem skeptical. It‟s proof, hardcore proof. #7 on Google? Who cares?! #8? You do worse than #9! You get the picture. You need to fill out the Envy Box. Take the top two or three businesses from the Google search results for the keywords that you thought up, and put them into the box. You get to decide whether to just list businesses in the envy box or put logos of the businesses. I recommend the latter. If you don‟t have Illustrator of Photoshop, print out logos for the three businesses, size them down using Gimp2 (free graphics editor, Google “Gimp graphic editor”) and print them out. Slap them on the printed flyer you have, then rephoto copy it with them taped on there, you will have a flat flyer then with the logos. Fill in your contact information on the bottom of the page.

Sixth, fill out the expiry date for the coupon. If it‟s before the 15th of the month that you are handing these out/mailing them, make the date the end of the month. If it is past the 15th of the month you are doing this, make it the 10th of the next month. These timeframes have shown to be the best converting out of our tests, however feel free to try out others. … and the flyer is ready to go!


Many people, my salespeople included had this goal: “This flyer is going to land me a lot of clients and make me a lot of money (or commission)!” Terrible goal, here is a better one: “This flyer is an amazingly effective vessel to landing meetings with the people that read it, and I plan on getting as many meetings as I can so I can make the most money off the people that receive this flyer” That is an AMAZING goal. In short: Your overwhelming, burning desire and subconscious goal should be to land as many MEETINGS as possible with people who you contact. That means when you are speaking face to face, or constructing mail to send, you will keep in mind that you simply need to transition from this being your first contact with the person to first meeting. You aren‟t trying to get a check when you pass out the flyer, you are trying to set up a meeting, so you can further educate yourself about your potential client‟s website and market, and offer them the best value, as well as make the most profit. Now I‟ll talk briefly about the two different methods, how they differ, and how each one has its benefits.

Once you have the prospects picked out and the flyer created and printed, it‟s time to approach each of the prospects. Your first option is face to face. There are two ways to do this. Cold and Hot. Each has advantages and disadvantages, and you will simply have to decide which one sounds more appealing to you.


The cold approach involves simply going out to each business you found cold, walking in, and talking to the receptionist and trying to get past her to the person that makes decision, or at least get your flyer past her. There isn‟t much advice to be given. Some businesses have different policies and you can simply ask for so-and-so, and some will request you give them the flyer and they will pass it off. This is the pattern I normally use, feel free to try it out, and perhaps modify it to each situation: I walk in cold and say something like: “I was wondering if the owner is in…” Or “Is there a manager available?” If I get the owner, I just ask him for a few minutes of his time, no sales pitch guaranteed, and say I have something he would be interested in looking at. Normally they‟re receptive of the request, and if so, show them the flyer piece by piece and close with, “When‟s a good time to meet to talk about this at length?” Close the meeting, and done. If he isn‟t receptive of the initial request, say something like: “Would it be okay if I left this with you, and you can decide what to do with it?” I‟ve never had anybody say no to that, and in fact, many business owners who go this route end up asking more questions than the people who let you show it to them initially. At all costs, try to set up a meeting. Grant Cardone has GREAT sales tapes out there, and I recommend looking at them if you are interested. He focuses on car sales, but he has materials that cover more general topics, and you simply can‟t lose with his stuff. If you‟re not a fan of this approach, perhaps try the other one, the hot approach.


The hot approach, in my mind, is much tougher simply because many people are poor at cold calling. If you absolutely dread it but can fathom speaking to someone face to face that you‟ve probably never met, then go with the cold approach. In the hot approach, you call each prospect before you go in. Many of my sales people do this, in order to have the meeting time set up when they go in with the flyer. They bring the flyer and a laptop (or iPad, iPhone etc) and show the prospect some proof of the entire flyer. They practically read the flyer off to the prospect and anything that can be pulled up on Google or otherwise, they show it to them, while explaining the flyer. Close rates for meetings set up this way, are MUCH higher, usually result in much less resistance, and make more money long term. This is because the prospect is presold, much like if they had visited a squeeze page, and are ready to buy what you have to offer. That is really the only difference. This isn‟t a cold calling course, so I‟m not going to list a ton of scripts in this guide, HOWEVER, if you read the Overcoming Objections guide that I included from Offline Optimizer – then you will be in great shape when calling people for hot approaches.

This method has two main benefits over the face to face method. First off, you will never have to waste time or breath speaking at length to somebody that isn‟t interested because they will not contact you back or be receptive on the phone when you follow up if they‟re not. Second, your clients will be much easier to work with simply because they are clients that came to YOU and this means that the NLP and methods in the flyer worked how they should have. This means you are positioned in a position of power and authority, and in general, they will like you more.


First let‟s talk about preparing the mail. Many people will simply put this flyer in an envelope, put all the addresses on the envelopes, put stamps on the envelope, and mail them all and wait. This method will get you very poor results compared to ANYTHING else we have talked about. You have options! You can call to let them know there is something on the way, you can bundle this flyer with other materials, other mail, other things, and send them to businesses. Here‟s a couple examples: 1. Perhaps you have clients already, or visit businesses frequently that you like. Ask those businesses or clients if they‟ll give you some coupons to give to new clients, they get more exposure, and you get a bonus to throw in. Put these in with the flyer when you send it, giving something away free is a great way to build trust. 2. Staple your business card to the top left corner of the flyer, this will help show that you had your hands on it before it was sent out and took a bit extra time. It‟s an unspoken touch that helps.

Another thing I have done in the past is write a note by hand on the back of the flyer. You simply say something like: “Dear Owner of _______, Here is some information I thought you might be interested in. If you are interested in talking at length, call me at the number listed on the business card and the flyer. I know I could help your business expand and grow, and in the recent market, I know we could all use more business. Talk with you soon! <Name> <Number Again>” It‟s simple and effective and shows you took a few seconds to be sincere, it helps, a LOT!


This is a term that I use to refer to mail that you send to prospects that is sent in bigger envelopes, with plenty of other advertising pieces inside of it. You could throw in some brochures that explain your business services, a flyer about your referral program (if you have one), a picture of you, testimonials, anything you can think of. This is more time consuming, but consider doing this if you DID a “Hot Mailing” where you contacted them to let them know you were sending them some information. Clunky mail works great, but is more expensive, and should only be used under circumstances where there is interest already – simply to avoid throwing money out the window on putting it together. I‟ve included a lead tracker in this system that was similar to the one I offered in Offline Marketing Madness. I made a few changes so it fits this system. If you have the old one feel free to use it, or use this new one that better matches the steps you are taking and the system you are doing. It was included to help you stay organized and up your chances of success.

USE IT! Be sure when you send mail or make contact, you list it in the lead tracker! About a week after you mail out all your flyers and mail, give each business a call. Ask questions like: “Hey I am <Name> from <Business Name>, and I was wondering if the mail I sent last week concerning your guys website and SEO ever got delivered to the person in charge?” You‟ll normally either be talking to someone who can tell you, or be transferred to someone who can tell you, a lot of times, the person in charge. You didn‟t ask to talk with them, you asked a question that directly concerns them, and often, this is all it takes to talk with them. Once you get them, just chat it up! Ask if they got the mail, what they think, when a good time to talk at length would be. Just go for the meeting! Don‟t forget, IT IS YOUR OVERWHELMING BURNING OBSESSION to get that meeting!


There is some information in this section that overlaps Offline Marketing Madness as well, but once again, it doesn‟t hurt to hear it again. Obviously, the sooner you close the sale, the better. If the business owner gives you the time of day when you hand off the flyer then TAKE IT and move right into the meeting then. I said earlier, your goal should be to get the meeting, but I never said don‟t get the meeting on the first shot! There‟s a term in sales, it‟s ABC – Always Be Closing. Always, ALWAYS keep the sale in mind and be making actions that can directly relate in you completing the sale. In this system‟s case, the actions that will directly relate to sales for you, is getting a meeting. Remember something else: If they are meeting with you, you‟ve accomplished the qualification process, and they are interested. You just have to get them to a price point where the value is justified, and then ask for the sale. You should close upwards of 90% of your meetings once you get good at this. The sales funnel does the pre-sell for you, so the hard work is done.

Some things to consider when working together a package for a client and preparing for a meeting: 

Do they need a fresh website redesign? A lot of websites are ugly! If there‟s a chance for you to sell them a website with the SEO, do it. However, if the idea of doing a fresh WordPress design from a $27 template is daunting, don‟t offer it. If they want it, make sure you have a provider lined up before hand to outsource it to just in case. There‟s no reason to say, “I can‟t” when it can easily be “You can” if you charge someone and pay someone else to do it. Even if you don‟t do design personally, you can buy a WordPress template for $47 and have it put together and built with all the pages for under $200 normally. You can charge upwards of $1,000 for something like


this, so it‟s just money in your pocket! 

Are there any other services you can offer? Easiest way to answer this is to go down the list on the flyer and see which ones apply to them. Once you have a meeting, do research! Do they have a Facebook page, a Twitter? Would they benefit from either? Do they need an optin list and some type of newsletter? Could they offer coupons through the same list? Use your imagination here - you can run this angle many of different ways. Other services you can offer include logo redesign, content creation (for more in-site content) and many more. If you want to keep it simple and just go SEO at first, that‟s ABSOLUTELY FINE! Don‟t feel the need to upsell them now, because you can always upsell them later – remember, they WILL be paying you for a while. Also, upselling later means you don‟t have to work a bundle deal and give discounts, you‟ll make more later on for the same service.

Offer hosting to the client. There‟s a big yellow star next to this for a reason:

 If you pick up a “Reseller” package from HostGator, you can host as many domains under your plan as you‟d like. This means you can get access to wherever their domain is located, redirect their nameservers to your Reseller package, and get another $19, $29, $whatever, per month just by hosting their website. This is normally a LONG TERM (5+ years) profit for you because they just won‟t swap out the hosting very often if you provide good uptime and service. They have better things to do, and why would they crap on their marketing guy and his hosting? 


Offer webmaster services for $97 or $197 or $whatever a month. Offer to keep the posts updated on their website for them and all they have to do is email

you with what they‟d like you to do. Set up a separate email for this, something like and redirect it to a gmail or something so you can keep track of all your clients requests in real time and figure out what they need. Many businesses will go this route with you, simply to take more work load off their back. If you‟re bringing them in money, it will seem “free” to them because of the success they‟ve garnished from marketing through you. 

ALWAYS QUOTE HIGH. If you want to get $1,497 up front and $497 a month, quote them at $1,997 up front and $997 a month. This way once they get sticker shock, you can say something like: “I‟m looking to really help you out here and build a relationship, so how about I knock off $500 off the up-front cost, and give you 50% off the monthly recurring for LIFE if you sign up with me today.” You can also use this with a website redesign sale. Let‟s say you quoted $1,997 for SEO up-front, and $997 a month. Tell them, if they buy a website, you will do the SEO for $997 up front and $497 a month, and the website will only run them $997 instead of $1,997. Knowing you‟re probably going to outsource the website for $250, you‟ve made another $750 in profit, upped your overall up-front revenue on the sale to $1,747, and still receive $497 a month while framing the sale to look like an AWESOME deal. It‟s all about pacing and leading, and framing the conversation correctly.

Bring your TOOLS! I‟m talking about a laptop, an iPad, iPhone, ANYTHING you can show them in real time what‟s going on. Perhaps the client needs you to show them the things they‟re doing wrong. Make sure you have done a brief analysis of the website and what kind of things need to change on their SEO.


Did you check for the keyword in the title? Do they have meta keywords? Is the content structured with H1 tags? All this stuff is basic SEO, but normally isn‟t done. Be sure not to give away so much they can go hand it to “their guy” and do it themselves. I‟ve had this happen, big mistake. They might want you to show them the search volume info and SERPs in front of their face. Doing these things will improve the relationship you guys have, up the trust they have in you, and as well prove that you know what you‟re doing. You might even stumble upon an upsell you missed! They will tell you what they want, so just LISTEN and react! It is crucial to have tools, especially with this flyer method! 

Book the meeting at a neutral location, or at your office. Never meet at their place of business unless it is the moment you have handed them the flyer and they say, “Hey let‟s talk in my office about this.” This comes from my psychology background. You don‟t want to meet at their place of business because mentally, they will be in a familiar place in a position of power. You don‟t want this. You want an even playing field, or even one in your favor. However, if they offer up the meeting, it means your authority volume is high. Authority volume is a term that we spoke about in my psychology class, that my professor kind of made up. However it makes sense: Let‟s say authority is measured by the variable A, and if it was a number 1-10,000, it would be the total amount of respect that somebody has for somebody else. 1 is low, and 10,000 is high. Let‟s say that T represents the total time you‟ve known someone. Let‟s also say that V represents authority


volume. If you plug those into this equation: V = A/T V equals A divided by T Then you get the authority volume. Basically this term means that as time progresses, the total amount of authority and respect you have for someone levels out from “More than you have for yourself” to “The same as yourself” or “Less than yourself”. In general, you‟re more respectful to people you don‟t know, than someone you‟ve known forever. Now how does this play into the flyer system? You‟ve JUST MET this business owner. You gave him the flyer. He wants to meet. DO IT! The authority volume is HUGE for you and it levels out the playing field between the two of you as far as the meeting place and leverage goes. However, in GENERAL, try to meet at a neutral location. 

Try to book a lunch or round of golf, something that will keep you with them for more than 45 minutes and allow a real friendship to develop, so that you can garnish the trust it requires to make this sale. If you meet at their place of business, you better believe that once they hear one thing that slightly turns them off, they might say, “You know what, I don‟t think this is for me” but when you‟re at lunch or golfing with them, they will NEVER just get up and walk out on you.

Use the contract I‟ve included. It‟s a basic contract I use for my SEO clients. It‟s sufficient and easy to understand. You won‟t get burned this way from verbal agreements.



You‟ll know when it‟s time. Once you‟ve answered questions, just re-quote the numbers. Remember, you are in a position of power, you have the product they want, you have a qualified lead, and you have social proof. They need this. You have the upper hand. Build value until you feel like the business owner is almost finishing your sentences for you. Be their hero, use the price quoting we described above. This is where the overcoming objections guide REALLY comes in handy, because you will face most your objections right here. This is why we quoted high, because we can drop it now to impulse into a sale. If they say, “So how do we get the ball rolling?” you simply say, “A business check would be great, fill it out to ________________.” Collect, rinse, repeat. You can also use any of the following: “Let me get a payment link and subscription set up through PayPal and we can get this going right now.” “You give me some money, and I turn around and give your business a whole ton more… let‟s both get paid (with a smile!)” “We accept all forms of payment, just don‟t pay with pennies, please? ” Long story short, the hard part is over, just ask for the money already. One other thing I also mention in almost every one of my products: When you start to land clients, collect checks and cash in, REWARD YOURSELF! You know that new pair of shoes, headphones, new shirt you want? Go buy it for yourself. Every time you make a sale, reward yourself with something! This is called conditioning. It will condition your mind to associate the work with positive results and outcomes, thus


increasing your productivity and focus when working on your business. I ALWAYS reward myself after cutting a deal – because it‟s only right. You only live once, and I promise, you can‟t take it with you when you die. So spend some of it. That‟s it! That is how one flyer, coupled with a little preparedness and effort, brought me over $16,000 in a month! Not too hard is it? Be sure that if you have questions, you email me, here is my support information again for those that didn‟t catch it on the download page or WSO:

Support E-Mail: Hope you enjoyed it as much as I did creating it for you! Sincerely, I appreciate your support!


Brenden Clerget

PS: Be sure to check out the other AWESOME offers I have:

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