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This is a goal setting exercise that I decided to include at the last minute for those of you that haven’t seen this or could benefit from a goal setting exercise. I give this to ALL my coaching students, and sometimes include it in a product. It’s important to your success, regardless of if it’s with my system or doing anything in life. Goals, an end-all absorbing obsession, which in most cases has to do with money and success, is what drives your mind to manifest success. This plan of action will ensure that you are completely ready and motivated to move forward. Remember when we talked about motivation? This is where it is going to come from. If there is no end in sight, you won’t stick to this plan for long. If you have a detailed set of wants and needs, you will be much more successful, in ALL your business ventures. I would normally immediately skip over any part of anybody’s product that starting preaching to me to set goals and do things their way. This was definitely wrong and in hindsight, I wish I would have started doing this much sooner in my internet marketing career. It’s allowed me to give myself a larger picture of what I am hoping to accomplish, which in turn, gives you a better and clearer idea of what you need to do in order to accomplish it. This means a higher rate of success and ultimately, more money. Go ahead and research two of the biggest gurus I know of, Donald Trump and Bill Gates. You think Mr. Gates was going door to door with no script, trying to sell his first stocks? Do you think that he had no idea what he ultimately wanted Microsoft to turn into, other than some money for some software? Absolutely not. I don’t care what anybody says,

one thing about the richest people in the world is true:

That all being said, let’s get into the exercise and set some goals already!

Write it down. In DETAIL:

What is your daily schedule and how many hours are you finding yourself working every day?

 

How much money are you making?

 

Are you happy with what you are currently doing?

How much time do you spend with your family and friends? Are you happy with your current income?

The best way to do this portion is to imagine you haven’t seen your BEST FRIEND in over 20 years. Imagine you are going to tell him what your life is like now, but instead, you’re telling me.

WHO do you want to be?

Imagine what a perfect day would be for you, start to finish. More importantly, what a perfect LIFE would be, in YOUR definition:

What time would you wake up? What would you eat for breakfast? Would you even be cooking for yourself or would your self-hired cook be doing it? o Would you ever have to clean your house? o What would your activities be throughout the day? o Would you need to work at all, or just ignore your phone calls? o Where would you like to live? o How big would your house be?  Down to the details: Furniture, electronics, carpet, tile, materials in the kitchen, appliances, bathrooms, walls, secret passageways, elevators, solar panels?  How much would it cost? (GIVE A NUMBER) o What kind of car would you drive? o How would you like others to view you? Most importantly: o o o

Be exact, figure out how much you would need to make in order to live the life you have described. Write this down in BIG NUMBERS on a separate piece of paper, take up the entire thing. Tape it on the wall behind your computer right now. I’m SERIOUS. Stare at that goddamn piece of paper every day and push yourself to achieve that goal with this system.

This is the MOST IMPORTANT part of this exercise. I want you to step back as though you are an outside observer in your life and REALLY analyze your life as much as you can. What needs to happen for me to move through this process? Specifically… What is holding me back from making that happen? (Lack of time to work on my projects, lack of desire to get from A to B, I don’t believe that I can, I am scared of succeeding, I’m afraid what my family would say, I’m not smart enough to do what I want to do, etc…) Be honest with yourself. This is going to help you to guide your actions accordingly, and allow you to choose how to run your business. This is crucial. I want you to seriously take this exercise, write this all down, or print it all out, and get your answers together. Every day from now on, reflect on this and see how you are doing. Every month do this exercise again. You will be more excited with progress, and less deterred by setbacks. You will be more SUCCESSFUL. This is your LONG TERM GOAL. The short term goal, however, is just as important. Now you need to figure out what you want to happen SIX MONTHS from now.

 

Do you want to quit your 9 to 5 job?

Do you want to own a new house, or car?

Do you want to work three days a week and be making $3,000 a month?

Figure it out, and write this down as well. This exercise will help to guide your short term actions but keep them within the realm of your long term success. This is how any business gets started and becomes successful. I cannot stress enough how important this exercise will be to your outcomes.

If you haven’t done so yet…


1.5 (Optional) Goal Setting  

Goals, an end-all absorbing obsession, which in most cases has to do with money and success, is what drives your mind to manifest success. T...

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