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Sienna w/Auto Access Seat Auto Show “How To” Guide

Key points: - Order vehicle early (model 5345 recommended) - Allocate space! George P Johnson will provide power, stanchions and window clings – all extra costs covered by Toyota Mobility - Auto Show Product Specialists will help drive traffic – training and brochures covered by Toyota Mobility - Call with questions! (310) 468-3240

Vehicle Ordering Your region or PD may already have a demo unit for auto show use. If not, you’ll need to select one from the inventory pool.

To access the inventory pool, log in to eShowroom ( and select “mobility center” under the Vehicles tab

Click on Mobility Solutions for access to the inventory pool where you can view available units. We recommend model 5345 with PM option.

Send an email to Bill Burris with the VIN you like and we’ll flip it to your region or PD. Many units are pre-built, so delivery typically takes 14 days or less.

Space Allocation ideas Because the seat drives so much traffic, it makes sense to place it where there’s good standing room.

People LOVE the idea of something different! Let them see it! Toyota is the ONLY auto manufacturer to offer a factory-installed power rotating lift-up seat. Media outlets will pick up on the story if you display the vehicle prominently.

Since the Auto Access Seat looks like a normal Sienna when the seat is retracted, signage will help identify it as something special; the auto show management company provides the clings.

Product Specialist Training

Toyota Mobility has provided training on the Auto Access Seat to the Toyota Product Specialists. They will give live feature/benefit demos proven to attract the attention of young and old alike.

Mobility Brochures

The Toyota Mobility brochure is a fantastic resource because it provides information not only about the Auto Access Seat but also the entire mobility program. Order them through the MDC using part #00690-MCB10.

Some customers will be so impressed with the technology they’ll want information right away. Make sure you have Toyota Mobility program brochures on hand. Most shows reserve them behind the desk for availability on request.

You’re Not Alone! We’re here to help The auto show management company will provide a quantity of mobility brochures, but feel free to order more from the MDC or call Bill Burris for assistance Retractable banners and other point-of-purchase items are also available from the MDC (ordering information is attached.) Finally, don’t hesitate to reach out if you have questions. Every region and PD has identified a Mobility Champion who serves as your primary point of contact (see “Program Contacts” attachment) but feel free to call us if you have any question related to the Toyota Mobility program, we’re here to help. Bill Burris (310) 468-3240 Mark Oldenburg (310) 468-5385

Region/PD Mobility Program Contacts Region


Dana Greger - Regional Vehicle Supply Manager Justin Cornett - Regional Allocations Portland & Logistics Mgr. Jamie Laffey - Regional TCUV/TRAC San Francisco Manager David Bergeron - Regional Vehicle Denver Supply Manager Rick Vernon - Regional TCUV/TRAC Chicago Manager Pat Byrne - Regional TCUV/TRAC Kansas City Manager John Petrov - Regional TCUV/TRAC Cincinnati Manager Joe Turmell - Regional Vehicle Supply Boston Manager Jason Jerome - Regional TCUV/TRAC New York Manager Central Atlantic Eric Anderson - Regional Toyota Toyota Certified Used Vehicle Manager Ed Bradley - Director Fleet, TRAC & Gulf States Toyota TCUV Ryan Sneir - Sr. Accessory South East Toyota Sales/Marketing Manager Los Angeles

Contact Number

eMail Address

(949) 727-2740

(503) 493-4934

(925) 275-3323

(303) 799-7541

(630) 907-6400

(816) 746-2250

(513) 745-7518

(508) 261-2513

(973) 882-6206

(410) 787-8089

(713) 580-3338

(954) 418-5016

Revised: May 8, 2013

13 05 tmag auto show guide auto access seat  
13 05 tmag auto show guide auto access seat