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Emory University

University Housing Services Warehouse


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Clairmont Campus

Autism Resource Center

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al Residenti Graduate Center

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H Lullwater


Tower Apartments

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University Shuttle Stop

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SAAC Building

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Recycling Area Designated Smoking Area * * Smoking is prohibited in all residential housing facilities, including all living areas, common area spaces, hallways, lounges, lobbies, stairwells, laundries, vending areas, balconies, breezeways, connectors, courtyards, and porches. Smokers are expected to smoke outside only and remain at a reasonable distance (at least 25 feet) from building entrances while smoking, such that second-hand smoke does not interfere with access or the rights of others. All smoking materials should be disposed of appropriately in provided containers.

Clairmont Map  

Map of Emory's Clairmont Campus

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