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Sixty-four secret files relating to India’s pre-Independence nationalist leader Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose’s disappearance--an enduring enigma for seven decades-were released on Friday. >A6

US and Russian defence chiefs iefs spoke on Friday, to discuss the crisis isis in Syria. In London, US Secretary tary of State John Kerry said US S was looking to “find a common ground” with Russia. >A4

SATURDAY, September 19, 2015 / 5 Dhul Hijja 1436 AH


His Majesty the Sultan sends greetings MUSCAT: His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said has sent a cable of congratulations to President Michelle Bachelet of Chile on the occasion of her country’s Independence Anniversary. In his cable, His Majesty expressed his sincere congratulations along with his best wishes to President Bachelet and the friendly people of Chile. -ONA

ROAD CONDITIONS Good world ranking reflects the attention accorded by the


government for

Sayyid Khalid inaugurates Nizwa mosque

See also >A3

building roads across the Sultanate

TARIQ AL HAREMI ART FROM HEART: The drawings were based on Arabic cal-

ligraphy and many other concepts of art.

Children express love and loyalty to HM TARIQ AL HAREMI MUSCAT: ‘Ashraqat Nooruha Qaboos’ event, which means ‘Shining its Light, Qaboos’, gives people a chance to express their love and loyalty to His Majesty Sultan Qaboos Al Said, through art and calligraphy. The event was held in the Muscat Governorate for the seventh time at the Oman Society of Fine Arts as part of its tour through different governorates of Oman. “The seventh stop is specifically meant for school children in the Muscat Governorate.

Their drawings were based on Arabic calligraphy and many other concepts of art,” said Khalid Al Rawahi, Media Administrator at the Oman Society of Fine Arts. Participants were given 20x20 canvases to compose their artwork. Apart from expressing their love and loyalty, the event involved major names in the society, such as their highnesses, excellencies, athletes, thinkers, novelists, mediamen among others for support. Earlier, the event had been held in Buraimi, Dhahira, North and South Batinah Governorates, to name a few.

MUSCAT: Roadways, currently under construction in Oman, will cost the government OMR 2.5 billion and the Ministry of Transport and Communications is doing its best to ensure that quality is maintained while building these networks. The close attention that the government has paid to the quality of work has resulted in Oman’s roads being ranked eighth globally and second in the Gulf for the 2014-2015 period, by the Global Competitiveness Index (GCI), released by the World Economic Forum (WEF). Speaking to the Times of Oman (TOO), an official from the Ministry of Transport and Communications said, “As per the approved specifications for the road design manual, we have conducted necessary tests to ensure that construction is carried out as per the specifications. The Ministry is also working on increasing the competency and efficiency of the


MUSCAT: Sayyid Hamoud bin Faisal Al Busaidi, Minister of Interior announced the date for Majlis Al Shura election on Thursday. Issuing a decision, the minister announced that on Sunday, October 25, 2015 the elections for the 8th term of Majlis Al Shura would

ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company

1 - Extremely underdeveloped 7 - Extensive and efficient 7


UAE Portugal Austria France The Netherlands Singapore Hong Kong Oman Switzerland Japan Spain Taiwan Germany Finland Luxembourg United States Croatia South Korea Malaysia Sweden Denmark Bahrain Canada Cyprus Ireland Saudi Arabia Belgium Namibia Puerto Rico United Kingdom

6.6 6.3 6.3 6.2 6.1 6.1 6.0 6.0 6.0 5.9 5.9 5.9 5.9 5.9 5.7 5.7 5.6 5.6 5.6 5.5 5.4 5.4 5.3 5.3 5.3 5.3 5.3 5.3 5.2 5.2

Source: Global Competitiveness Report

World Economic Forum (WEF)


technical cadre working in the field of road construction.” “We are currently executing the implementation of quality management system in accordance with the standard specifications laid out by ISO,” the official added. Commenting on the high global ranking Oman has achieved, the official said, “Achievements in the road sector reflect the attention and care accorded by the government to the development of roads in Oman. The development of roads has contributed towards shortening travel distances and also facilitated movement of passengers and goods across Oman and neighbouring countries.” The Ministry’s personnel, who

are in-charge of the road projects, have paid a lot of attention to all the stages and steps to be followed while building a road network. They have monitored each step from the stage of planning, construction, maintenance, rehabilitation to following standard specifications, pointed out the official. The main roadways, currently under construction, include; Dualisation of the Bidbid /Sur Project ( stage 1 and 2), the SinawMahut-Duqm Road ( part 1 and 2), the dualisation of Taqa/Mirbat Road, Al Batinah Expressway (packages 1-6), the dualisation of Adam-Thumrait Road Project (part 1 & 2), the dualisation of Jibrin-Ibri (phase 2), the dualisation of the Barka/Nakhal Road, the dualisation of Ibri-Al DarizMaskan (part 1 Hijairat-Maskan) and the dualisation of Ibri/ Yanqul Road (phase 2). Road projects will be built as per the approved five-year plan, said the official adding, “This opens new horizons for economic and construction development in the Sultanate.” The quality of Oman’s roads has been ranked second in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), followed by Bahrain’s road network being ranked 22nd, Saudi Arabia 26th, Qatar 34th and Kuwait ranked 48th. When the Times of Oman asked whether the Ministry plans to install countdown timers at traffic signals, the official said, “We have coordinated with the ROP on the issue and the Ministry has proposed the installation of the same on a trial basis at one of the traffic signals in the Muscat Governorate to evaluate its feasibility.”



Shura election to be held on October 25 Times News Service

OMR2.5b push to make Oman roads the best


MUSCAT: Assigned by His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said, Sayyid Khalid bin Hilal Al Busaidi, Minister of the Diwan of Royal Court inaugurated the Sultan Qaboos Mosque in the Wilayat of Nizwa on Friday. Sayyid Khalid also performed prayers at the mosque along with a number of ministers, undersecretaries and other officials. Being the spiritual and religious capital of Oman, Nizwa is a fitting location to be home to a major mosque second only to the Grand Mosque in Muscat. Simplicity of form and selective use of decoration are characteristics that distinguish the new mosque from those in other regions. The four minarets give the building a unique quality, reinforcing its position as a major landmark for the community it serves. The building’s colour and materials reflect what is traditionally used in the area. The planning is simple and functional, with a clear separation between the main spiritual part of the mosque. -ONA

be held. As per the decision, all voting centres in the Sultanate will be open from 7.00 am to 7.00 pm on October 25. The Ministry of Interior affirmed that it has taken all necessary steps to ensure the success of elections process and provide healthy environment to help voters in Oman cast their votes smoothly.

‘Oman needs professionals to drive growth’


Oman needs science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) professionals to drive the country’s innovation and competitiveness, suggest experts. >A2

Simple storage tips to prevent food waste




Event to mark 30th ROSO anniversary

Air force base attack toll rises to 42



The ROSO organised a function to mark the 30th anniversary. >A3

The toll in an attack by Taliban on a Pakistani air force base rose to 42.>A7


Haj pilgrims should take extra steps to keep infections at bay TARIQ AL HAREMI MUSCAT: Pilgrims from all over the world are arriving in the Holy City of Mecca to undertake Haj, which is one of the five pillars of Islam. However, health hazards pose a greater risk to pilgrims as they mix with over 2.8 million people from around the world and in such a scenario, infections are bound to be transmitted through air or contaminated food and water. In the wake of the recent Ebola and Coronavirus outbreaks, pilgrims are prone to various kinds of infections. Dr. Ashraf Allam, Regional Vice President for Mundipharma Middle East and Africa, gave some useful tips for protection against various diseases and viruses. He advised pilgrims to eat healthy by consuming fresh food, such as yoghurt and fruit, as well as consuming small meals throughout the day. “Consume small meals throughout the day to maintain blood sugar levels, to increase your metabolism rate, thus giving you better stamina during the journey. Foods, such as yoghurt, milk, and fruit juices provide vital nutrients,

which keep your diet well-balanced,” said Dr. Allam. Staying hydrated is also extremely important, considering the soaring temperatures pilgrims will face in Mecca, he stated. “It is important that you stay hydrated and drink eight to 10 glasses of water per day. Carry bottled water at all times and avoid carbonated drinks, where possible during the entire journey,” advised Dr. Allam. Dr V.C.P. Mohammed, a specialist Internal Medicine at Atlas Hospital Ruwi, said that infections and fever among Haj pilgrims are very common as the temperatures are high at this time of the year. “The most ideal thing to do is to take precautions,” he said. He also pointed out that elderly and young are most vulnerable to such attacks. “The best thing to do this season is to practice good hygiene and wash your hands often as a good hand wash will kill viruses,” said Dr. Mohammed. Advising people to cover their faces with masks to cut down on the risk of infection, Dr. Mohammed said, “People feeling sick should consult the doctor immediately.” Dr Sanju Joy, a doctor at Badr Al Samaa, said people travelling for Haj should also consume healthy

Omani Haj mission chief visits Mina, Arafat camps in Saudi MAKKAH AL MUKARRAMAH: Sheikh Issa bin Yousef Al Busaidi, Head of the Omani Haj Mission (OHM) visited camps for the Omani pilgrims at Mina and Arafat. The visit was aimed at viewing arrangements, preparations and services that would help the pilgrims to perform the Haj rituals smoothly and easily. The head of the mission

and fresh foods. “They should also drink plenty of water, which will help reduce infections,” he said. Reiterating the necessity of staying hydrated, Dr Allam said, “Pilgrims are also advised to protect themselves from the sun by using light coloured umbrellas and avoiding direct contact with sunlight for long hours as it can pose the risk of a sun stroke.”

Some of the rituals performed during Haj require pilgrims to indulge in considerable walking, as well as running to and from the Safa and Mawra, which requires physical fitness and stamina, and which the pilgrims are advised to develop prior to the journey. Since the transmission of infections is a risk some pilgrims could potentially face by coughing

affirmed that 90 per cent preparations for receiving the Omani pilgrims at the Mina Camp are complete. The pilgrims would be received on 5th of Dhul Hijjah at the Arafat Camp. Mina and Arafat Camps have several utilities and ambulance centres that are provided with air conditioning and other facilities. -ONA See also >A4

and physical interaction, Dr. Allam advised travellers to carry a handkerchief with them at all the times to cover their mouth and nose while coughing or sneezing, as well as washing their hands or using hand sanitising gels. Getting vaccinated before travel is also an essential practice, “It is very important that before you commence your journey, you get

all the proper vaccinations required to protect yourself from any infections,” said Dr. Allam. Heart strokes The elderly also run the risk of heart strokes while undergoing strenuous activities during the Haj, which is one the most common health problems experienced by the elderly during Haj season. “It is advisable that you visit your physician to check your heart’s condition and discuss what kind of activities you should refrain from doing,” said the doctor. Finally, carrying travel kits, with essentials for common colds, stomach flu or small cuts and bruises is also a necessity, said Dr. Allam. He also advised to reduce contact with sick animals. “The source of the MERS infection is said to have originated from animals. In the Middle East, the MERS Corona Virus has been found in camels. As a general precaution, anyone visiting farms, markets, barns, or other places where camels and other animals are present should practice general hygiene measures, including regular hand washing before and after touching animals, and should avoid contact with sick animals,” he warned.


S AT U R DAY, S E P T E M B E R 1 9, 2 0 1 5 We must offer opportunities to Omanis and believe in their abilities. Omani skills are historically known in various areas Dr Wael Al Harrasi, Petroleum Development Oman


Science, tech experts to spur growth plans


Oman’s state fund to retain Turkey container port stake Times News Service

Ithraa’s seminar in the Oman at Work series, dedicated to the topic ‘STEM: Jobs of the Future,’ explored how technology, and mathematics professionals will drive economic success TECHNOLOGY FIRST: The infrastructure in Oman is ready to accept science, technology, engineering and mathematics experts, and there are many opportunities in Oman, the panellists noted.–File photo


MUSCAT: Oman needs science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) professionals to drive the country’s innovation and competitiveness, experts have suggested. Ithraa’s fourth seminar in the Oman at Work series, dedicated to the topic ‘STEM: Jobs of the Future,’ and held at the Bank Muscat Head Office, explored how science, technology, engineering and mathematics workers will drive Oman’s economic success by generating new ideas, companies, products and industries. The panellists for the final day were Dr Basel Dayyani from GUTECH, Dr Mohammed Al Mugheiry of Blue Ocean Consultancy, Dr Wael Al Harrasi from Petroleum Development Oman, Dr Sana Al Balushi from the Ministry of Education, Salim Al Mahrooqi from Technical Innovation Services, and Rayan Al Kalbani

of Mazoon Environmental and Technological Services. The final session of the series was moderated by Dr. Nadiya Al Saady, Executive Director, Oman Animal, Plant & Genetic Resources Center. According to Al Saady, both traditional and emerging industries will rely on science, technology, engineering and mathematics -trained workers to ensure future economic success. The discussion pointed out that changes in the global economy are increasing and stressed the need for science, technology, engineering and mathematics trained personnel. Less women The discussion also touched on why the representation of women is less in the science, technology, engineering and mathematics workplace. STEM is a natural priority in this region, said the panellists.

The Oman at Work seminar also discussed why there is a need for a shift in the approach to teaching and leveraging science, technology, engineering and mathematics. According to Sana Al Balushi, the arts are a necessary adjunct to science, technology, engineering and mathematics education. Private foundations Also, the speakers emphasised that private foundations should focus on developing Omani innovation. “We must offer opportunities to Omanis and believe in their abilities. Omani skills are historically known in various areas,” says Dr Wael Al Harrasi. The infrastructure in Oman is ready to accept science, technology, engineering and mathematics experts, and there are many opportunities in Oman, the panellists noted. The four evenings of discussion

received positive feedback from participants. United country The panellists agreed that the country must be united to equip Oman’s citizens with the modern science, technology, engineering and mathematics skills they need to compete. The panellists also said that all sectors need to recognise that the demand for science, technology, engineering and mathematicstrained Omani talent is only going to increase in the years to come. Following this discussion, the four part Oman at Work seminar series came to an end. The series was designed by Ithraa, Oman’s inward investment and export promotion agency, to help Oman’s public and private sector better understand the challenges and opportunities of today’s evolving work environment.

MUSCAT: Oman’s State General Reserve Fund (SGRF), the main sovereign wealth fund of the Sultanate, plans to retain its 35 per cent stake in the Turkish container port of Kumport. SGRF confirmed the decision in the context of the majority shareholder, FIBA Holding, announcing its decision to sell its 65 per cent stake to a consortium comprised of China Merchants Holdings (International) Company Ltd. (CMHI), COSCO Pacific Ltd. (COSCO Pacific) and CIC Capital Corp. (CIC Capital). Kumport is the third largest container terminal in Turkey and is located towards the north west of the Marmara Sea, on the European side of Istanbul. It is an important strategic location, placed at the junction of Europe and Asia. The terminal is located only 35 kilometres from the Bosphorus Strait, the sole gateway into the Black Sea region. The container handling capacity of the terminal is pegged at 1.8 million twenty-foot equivalent unit (TEU) and could potentially be expanded to 3.5 million TEU. In 2014, Kumport handled a total container

throughput of 1.4 million TEU; accounting for 17 per cent of Turkey’s total, with the compound annual growth rate exceeding 30 per cent between 2009 and 2014. SGRF has achieved significant returns through this investment and the value of its business has more than doubled since its original investment in 2011. As a longterm investor, SGRF has a strategic focus on ports and logistics as one of its key themes for direct investment, and the investment in Kumport is an important one in that context. CMHI’s participation in the consortium represents the second collaboration between SGRF and CMHI after the announcement of their strategic partnership in the development of a port and special economic zone in Bagamoyo in Tanzania in October 2014. Commenting on the development, Abdulsalam bin Mohammed Al Murshidi, Executive President of SGRF, stated: “Our partnership in this venture has been very positive and Kumport has become a very successful port in Turkey, which generates strong financial returns. With FIBA now exiting, the company is entering into a new exciting phase.”

SEALING THE DEAL: Kumport is the third largest container terminal in Turkey and is located towards the north west of the Marmara Sea, on the European side of Istanbul.–Supplied


Competitors vie for app, web development honour HAMOOD AL BREIKI MUSCAT: Some 20 designers, along with 15 participants experienced in marketing and 15 project managers, are participating in the second edition of the Sas48h competition, which began on Thursday at the Crowne Plaza Hotel, Sohar. The competition will conclude on Saturday evening. College students, job-seekers, professionals and all those interested in creating mobile apps and in web development are participating in the competition. The teams are divided to work over 48 hours continuously on a range of ideas in the field of smart phones or web applications. Each team will have one or two persons specialising in certain area and the entire team will work to make the idea a reality. Commenting on the importance of the event, Dr. Salim bin Sultan Al Ruzaiqi, the Chief Executive Officer of Information Technology Authority (ITA) said, “The importance of this competition lies in the message that we seek to spread, which is that Omanis are capable of innovation and creativity in various fields and disciplines and particularly in the information and communication technology sector. “They just need the right environment and conditions to help them unleash their potential and turn their ideas into successful projects, and therein lies the role of ITA in the competition and in other initiatives in which young Omanis can take advantage of their abilities and talent to develop the IT sector and explore entrepreneurship in the Sultanate.” Al Ruzaiqi added: “We are very proud of the Sas48h competition’s first edition achievements, during which some successful SMEs (small and medium enterprises) were created in the field of information and communication technology and were able to sign a number of agreements with large companies over the past year. We hope to see other successful pro-

We chose Sohar to host the second edition of this competition to prove that Omani talent is not confined to the capital city only Maha Mohammad Al Balushi Director of the Sas Programme

jects formed during this year’s edition, which will contribute to building a digital Omani society and encourage e-governance.” On choosing Sohar to host the second edition of Sas48h, Maha Mohammad Al Balushi, Director of the Sas Programme for Entrepreneurship, said: “We chose Sohar to host the second edition of this competition to prove that Omani talent is not confined to the capital city only. This year, we collaborated with the Sohar port and a number of companies working in the industrial area in Sohar to determine the applications needed in this area, which can be utilized by those companies and therefore achieve our goal of encouraging entrepreneurship and the establishment of small companies in this vital sector.” Al Balushi added: “We will be working over 48 hours continuously and under the supervision

of a dedicated team from the Republic of Estonia and the ITA, as well as some specialists from companies in Sohar. This year, we are also focusing on conducting a series of specialised workshops in the art of leadership and governance, as well as in the field of design and development for software and applications.” Sas48h winners’ are awarded up to OMR21,000, of which OMR10,000 is given to the winner, OMR7,000 is awarded to the first runner-up and OMR4,000 is given to the second runner-up. Half of the prize money is handed to the winners, while the remainder is allocated to the development of their winning projects. Winners also get the chance to be incubated at the Sas Center for Entrepreneurship, where they are extended the necessary technical support and consulting services.

S AT U R DAY, S E P T E M B E R 1 9, 2 0 1 5

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National symphony’s new landmark



Royal Oman

W W W.T I M E S O F O M A N .C O M

Symphony Orchestra Shifrin and ‘The Pathway to Oman’ by Russian Shirvani Chalaev were also performed.

(ROSO) was founded in September 1985

Omani drums The music mixed with the beats of Omani drums and instruments of the European Omani classical orchestra, presented an impressive and harmonious combination, to the extent that the tunes extracted from traditional Omani beats added new musical dimensions, and vowed all the listeners. ROSO was founded in September 1985 under a directive of His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said, whose interest in music and culture propelled the whole project. Based on that, Omani youth, who nursed a passion for the new world of music, were recruited. The idea was unique and rare in the beginning and considered a courageous step, filled with confidence and encouragement.

under a directive of His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said, whose interest in music and culture propelled the project. ROSO’s march has seen notable performances, including in Belgium, Berlin and at Unesco in Paris

MUSCAT: On the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the Royal Oman Symphony Orchestra (ROSO), a celebration was held on Thursday evening at the Royal Opera House Muscat (ROHM). To mark the event, ROSO presented a number of its performances that have gained global recognition. His Highness Sayyid Fahd bin Mahmoud Al Said, Deputy Prime Minister for the Council of Ministers and Chairman of the Supreme Committee for the Royal Opera House, had earlier received a delegation that included the ROHM Director General and the Troupes General Coordinator, the maestro for the event, symphony composers and their representatives. The meeting was attended by ROHM Board members. HH Sayyid Fahd hailed the participation of the ROSO in a num-

ber of local and foreign events and pointed out that it has received recognition from numerous quarters due to its outstanding artistic style. On the occasion, HH Sayyid Fahd also pointed out that the establishment of the ROSO reflected His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said’s continuous interest in enhancing civil and cultural commu-

nication with different countries across the world. He added that arts and literature had reflected the cultural face of Omani heritage throughout history, praising ROSO for its artistic cooperation, as well as the achievements and continuous development of ROHM over the past years.

HH Sayyid Fahd also commended the positive response of citizens to the artistic performances staged by ROSO. He later presented a memento at the ROSO headquarters. The event was attended by a number of senior state officials, heads of diplomatic missions accredited to the Sultanate, academicians and the avant-garde of ROHM.

The programme for the event included the symphonic ‘Suite Omaniya’ by Yousef Shawki, Egypt, Omani Symphonic Dances 1,2,3, by Aziz Al Shawan and Yousef Shawki, ‘Blessed Renaissance’ by Hamdan Al Shuaily and Bird Redmann, Germany. ‘Symphonic Impressions of Oman,’ by famous Argentine composer Lalo

Notable performances ROSO’s march has seen notable performances, including in Belgium, in Berlin, Germany and at Unesco in Paris and other countries of the world. A lot of ROSO founding members, who started their musical career with practicing classical music for the first time, are still performing with ROSO today. A promising future awaits these young Omanis. With effort and knowledge they have the potential to produce a generation of composers, orchestra conductors, musicians, music teachers, who will contribute to the development of the Omani music in a classical manner. The success of the ROSO, which includes young Omanis who deserve praise for their commitment and dedication to their art, is attributed to the wise guidance of His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said, his wise vision and generous confidence in the establishment of this orchestra and his extreme regard for it.–ONA

SAYYED KHALID, TOP OFFICIALS PARTICIPATE IN NIZWA’S SULTAN QABOOS MOSQUE INAUGURATION Sultan Qaboos Mosque in Nizwa was inaugurated on Friday by Sayyed Khalid bin Hilal Al Busaidi, Minister of the Diwan of Royal Court. Al Busaidi along with a number of ministers, undersecretaries and other officials participated in the prayer. – ONA


S AT U R DAY, S E P T E M B E R 1 9, 2 0 1 5


US, Russia defence chiefs seek Syria common ground but the migration levels and continued destruction, the danger of potential augmentation by any unilateral moves puts a high premium on diplomacy at this moment,” he said.

The Pentagon said the call lasted about 50 minutes and included an agreement for further US-Russian talks about ways to keep their respective militaries out of each other’s way, something known as ‘deconfliction’ in military parlance

UNENDING DESTRUCTION: A man rides a motorcycle near damaged buildings in Maarat Al Nouman, south of Idlib, on Thursday. — Reuters

WASHINGTON/BEIRUT: US and Russian defence chiefs spoke for the first time in over a year on Friday, breaking their silence to discuss the crisis in Syria as Moscow’s increasing military buildup there raised the prospect of coordination between the former Cold War foes. The Pentagon said the call lasted about 50 minutes and included an agreement for further US-Russian talks about ways to keep their respective militaries out of each other’s way, something known as “deconfliction” in military parlance. The United States fiercely op-

poses Russia’s support for Syrian President Bashar Al Assad. The Pentagon last year cut off high-level military talks with Moscow after Russia’s annexation of Crimea and intervention in Ukraine. But Russia’s buildup at Syria’s Latakia airbase raises the possibility of simultaneous US and Russian air combat missions in Syrian airspace. Heavy Russian equipment such as tanks and helicopters, as well as naval infantry forces, have recently been moved to Latakia, an Assad stronghold, US officials say. US Defence Secretary Ash


IS attack on Libya airport kills three TRIPOLI: Militants attacked Tripoli’s airport on Friday and killed three security personnel, a Libyan official said, in an assault claimed by the IS group. “An armed group carried out an attack this morning on the prison located on the Mitiga air base, to try to free the detainees,” the airport security official said. “First there was an explosion... and then a clash with automatic weapons,” he said, adding that at least eight attackers died. An AFP journalist who was at the airport heard a blast followed by gunfire. IS later claimed the attack on Twitter. Four militants -- a Moroccan, a Tunisian and two Sudanese -- died in the attack after having killed or wounded several guards inside the prison, the group said. — AFP

Carter has told Russian counterpart Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu that future conversations would run in parallel “with diplomatic talks that would ensure a political transition in Syria,” the Pentagon said. Defeating IS “He noted that defeating (IS militants) and ensuring a political transition are objectives that need to be pursued at the same time,” the Pentagon said. The last time a US defence chief spoke with Shoigu was in August 2014, the Pentagon said. Both Moscow and Washington

say their enemy is IS, whose fighters control large parts of Syria. Washington believes that Assad’s presence is fueling the Syrian crisis, but Russia continues to support its long-time ally. End hardship In London, US Secretary of State John Kerry said the United States was looking to “find a common ground” with Russia. Kerry said it was important to forge a political agreement in Syria and end the hardship of Syrian people. “Everybody is seized by the urgency. We have been all along

Car bombs Meanwhile, insurgents detonated at least five car bombs and fired 370 rockets at two minority sect villages in northwestern Syria on Friday, a monitor said, in a new assault on besieged governmentheld areas. An alliance of insurgent groups, including Al Qaeda’s Nusra Front, attacked Al Foua and Kefraya in Idlib province, an area bordering Turkey that is mostly held by insurgents after rebel advances this year, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said. Thousands of civilians have been living under siege in the two villages, which are still held by government forces. Fierce clashes raged between the government forces and insurgents of the “Army of Conquest”, a coalition of groups that includes Nusra Front and the powerful Ahrar Al Sham, the Observatory said. The number of casualties was not immediately clear. Warring sides agreed to a brief ceasefire last month in the two villages and in Zabadani, a rebel-held town near the Lebanese border under siege by government forces and by Hezbollah, a Damascus ally. But the two-day ceasefire, the second that month, collapsed before wounded people could be evacuated from both areas. Government forces have since intensified their assault on Zabadani and say they are on the verge of seizing the town, where insurgents are holed up in its centre. — Reuters


Palestinians clash with Israeli forces OCCUPIED JERUSALEM: Palestinians clashed Friday with Israeli security forces in occupied Jerusalem and the occupied West Bank after Hamas called for a “day of rage” over tensions at the Al Aqsa mosque. In occupied Jerusalem, three police were injured as a firebomb struck their van in the Jabal Mukaber district and five Palestinians were arrested, including at least three youths, police said. Tensions were running high at nightfall in the area, where security forces were deployed in large numbers. Police fired tear gas and rubber bullets as protesters pelted them with stones in city neighbourhoods around the Mount of Olives, including in Shuafat refugee camp. But the situation was calm in the Old City and at the Al Aqsa mosque compound. Officials said about 3,000 police had deployed after three days of violence this week. In the West Bank, however, an AFP correspondent reported that skirmishes were more intense than normal for a Friday, which have become a day of protests following weekly Muslim prayers. At Kafr Kaddum near Nablus, Israeli fire wounded three Palestinians in their arms and legs, said the Red Crescent. Youths hurled projectiles at police near Ofer prison, Qalandiya checkpoint and Jalazun refugee camp -- flashpoints in the longrunning conflict between Israel and the Palestinians. The protesters adopted the same slogan everywhere. “By our soul and our blood, we sacrifice ourselves for you AlAqsa,” chanted hundreds of them gathered in Nablus and the Gaza Strip.— AFP


Pilgrims’ safety a priority: Saudi Crown Prince MECCA: The safety of pilgrims travelling to Saudi Arabia is a priority, the country’s crown prince said on Friday, assuring that a deadly crane accident will not affect this year’s Haj. Prince Mohammed bin Nayef was referring to a tragedy a week ago, when a massive crane being used in work on an expansion of Mecca’s Grand Mosque toppled into a courtyard, killing 108 people. Another 402 people were injured. Record time Prince Mohammed, quoted by the official Saudi Press Agency, said the kingdom always “takes into consideration the safety of pilgrims as a priority”. The incident has been dealt with “in record time with the directives issued by King Salman and... has no more effect whatsoever on the Haj plans for this year.” The prince, who is also interior minister, on Thursday reviewed a parade and drill by security officers demonstrating their readiness

to protect the Haj from attacks or accidents. Binladen Group sanctioned On Tuesday, Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud sanctioned the contractor, Saudi Binladin Group, after he reviewed an investigative committee’s findings that the firm was “in part responsible” for the crane collapse during severe winds. He ordered prosecutors to prepare an indictment, excluded the company from new public projects and forbade its executives from leaving the country pending the completion of legal action. Saudis, Iranians, Nigerians, Malaysians, Indonesians and Indians died in what was the worst Hajrelated accident in years. Nine of the dead have yet to be identified, Health Minister Khaled Al Falih said Thursday, with another two bodies still thought to be under the remains of the crane. — AFP

OBEISANCE: Muslim pilgrims pray around the Ka’aba during their final circling at the Grand Mosque during the annual Haj pilgrimage in Mecca October 6, 2014. — Reuters


Push toward Yemen capital ‘slow but sure’, says Gulf alliance RIYADH: A Saudi-led coalition is making slow but steady progress five days into a major offensive towards the rebel-held capital of Yemen, a coalition source said on Friday. Giving a rare update on the fighting in Marib province, east of Sanaa, the source told AFP “things are going slowly but surely.” Coalition-supported forces

backing exiled President Abedrabbo Mansour Hadi began their push Sunday against the Houthi rebels and allied troops loyal to ousted president Ali Abdullah Saleh. Taking Marib, in central Yemen, would allow the coalition to move on Sanaa, which the Houthis seized last year. “The battle will not enter its decisive phase yet,” because the coa-

lition seeks to minimise its casualties, the source said. The bulk of coalition troops are massed about 50 kilometres (31 miles) from Marib city waiting for “zero hour,” when they will move on the provincial capital, he said. In the meantime, the coalition is targeting rebel supply lines to Sanaa and the Houthi stronghold of Saada in the far north.

“Progress occurred this morning north of Marib dam,” several kilometres from Marib city, where howitzers, fighter jets and helicopters targeted resistance, the source said. “The battle to restore Marib is a vital operation because it will be the beginning of a quick end” to the Houthis’ control, he added. Months of coalition air strikes

have failed to dislodge the Houthis from territory they had seized in Yemen. Lose ground But the insurgents began to lose ground in July when the coalition sent in armour, troops and Yemeni fighters trained in Saudi Arabia. An analyst has estimated the coalition has more than 5,000

troops in Yemen, supporting local forces. The Marib offensive began after an early-September missile strike on a coalition base in the province killed 67 coalition soldiers, including 52 from the United Arab Emirates. The United Nations says nearly 4,900 people have been killed since late March in Yemen. — AFP

S AT U R DAY, S E P T E M B E R 1 9, 2 0 1 5

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‘MOSQUITO TERMINATOR TRAIN’ TO TACKLE DENGUE A ‘Mosquito Terminator Train’ at work after it was flagged off in New Delhi on Friday in a Northern Railway-Municipal Corporation of Delhi joint operation to check mosquito breeding in water bodies along the railway track. Dengue crisis in the national capital showed no signs of abating with a 17-year old boy succumbing to the vector-borne disease on Friday allegedly due to medical negligence, taking the death toll to 17 as private and government hospitals strained to grapple with the rising number of patients. Facing criticism, Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal sought cooperation of the opposition to deal with the situation. - PTI

Sheena murder case handed over to CBI MUMBAI: Virtually washing its hands off the Sheena Bora murder case, the Maharashtra government on Friday yanked it from Mumbai police and handed over the probe to the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI). Making the surprise announcement, Additional Chief Secretary (Home) K.P. Bakshi said this was to ensure “a fair and impartial probe” into the sensational murder case which broke on August 25. “For the last few days, since the former Mumbai police commissioner (Rakesh Maria) was replaced by Ahmad Javed, the media has sought to convey the impression that efforts were on to deliberately try and dilly-dally and interfere with the (murder) inquiry,” Bakshi said. However, when the transferscum-promotions took place, Bakshi said he had taken great pains to clarify that there was no connection between the administrative decisions and the murder case. “I am compelled to say that because of this impression being created by certain sections of the media and based on the report of the DGP, we have decided to hand

Modi hits out at Congress for failing poor during its rule poor. It was taken for granted,” he said, adding that under the PM’s Jan Dhan Yojana over 18 crore bank accounts were opened and the poor have deposited Rs 30,000 crore of their money in such accounts after his government was formed. “Those who did not open any bank accounts for the poor are today seeking my accountability on the issue. They are worried whether the new bank accounts we opened are operational. “It would have been much better had these people worked in last 40-50 years to open doors of banks to poverty stricken people. They would not have to asked me such questions today,” he said.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi said we have been hearing about ‘garibi hatao’ slogan of Congress party for the last 40-50 years. It has become a tradition in politics to talk about the poor and their welfare

VARANASI: Taking a swipe at the ‘garibi hatao (remove poverty)’ campaign of the Congress party, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday said those who could not bring any real change in the lives of the poor or even open bank accounts for them during their five-decade rule were now questioning his government. The prime minister, on his first trip to his Lok Sabha constituency in over eight months, claimed poverty alleviation measures have lacked a proper direction and they

INITIATIVE: Prime Minister Narendra Modi interacts with a beneficiary while giving away e-rickshaws and pedal rickshaws to help impoverished families access sustainable livelihood under the a financial inclusion programme, at a function in his constituency Varanasi on Friday. -PTI

are spoken about during election time as a “tradition”. He also took a dig at the critics of his “Jan Dhan Yojana”, saying had they helped the poor open bank accounts earlier they would have been spared the worry about operation of the recently opened accounts under the scheme. “What these people could not do in 50 years, I will do in 50 months, I have come here to tell this,” Modi said. “We have been hearing about ‘garibi hatao’ for the last 40-50

years. In elections also, we have been hearing about poverty alleviation programmes for poor. It has become a tradition in politics to talk about the poor and their welfare. There is need to come out of this tradition,” Modi said. He said till now all experiments in this regard have not yielded the desired results and “we have not been able to bring the desired changes in the lives of the poor. I don’t want to blame any government, but want to focus on things

that the poor can come out of poverty,” Modi said. The prime minister wondered why none of the educated ever questioned any politician in the past as to why bank accounts were not opened for the poor. “Banks were nationalised in the country 25 years ago, but it did not help the poor to gain access to these financial institutions. “No educated person has ever asked any politician why bank accounts were not opened for the

Skill development Modi stressed on skill development and said if technology is allowed to enter the lives of the poorest of the poor, they can earn more and become self-reliant. He earlier distributed 101 E-rickshaws and another 501 cycle-rickshaws to poor people who never owned a rickshaw in their lifetime. Modi said this programme is not just to change the lives of a few people but a new beginning that will change the future of ‘Kashi’ and its poor. “Due to these things, things will start moving fast and the town will get a new identity and the common man’s lives will improve,” he said. - PTI

Sheena Bora

over the case to the CBI,” Bakshi said, referring to speculation whether Maria was promoted or ‘removed’. Director General of Police Sanjeev Dayal has submitted a complete status report on the Sheena murder case and also offered his comments on what should be done in future, he added. After lengthy discussions with Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis and top police and civil officials on Friday, the state government decided that “not a single state officer should be involved or connected with the investigations”. - IANS U N I D E N T I F I E D B OAT

Fisherman killed in firing off Gujarat coast AHMEDABAD/ NEW DELHI: An Indian fisherman was on Friday killed in firing from an unidentified boat at his vessel off the Gujarat coast even as the local fishermen association blamed the Pakistan Maritime Security Agency (MSA) for the attack. Indian fisherman Iqbal, 40, succumbed to his injuries after being hit by a bullet on right collar bone. Giving details, the Coast Guard said its ship Vijit intercepted a VHF (very high frequency) call at 9:30am seeking assistance from an Indian fishing boat which was being fired upon by an “unidentified boat 10 NM (18.56 km) across notional International Maritime Boundary Line (IMBL)”. Two ships Vijit and Meera Behn — which were on patrol duty, were immediately diverted towards the position of incident to investigate and render assistance. A Dornier aircraft was also pressed into action to carry out aerial surveillance. “Vijit effected rendezvous with the boat and ascertained that the firing incident had resulted in the death of a fisherman. The remaining crew is safe,” the Coast Guard said in a statement. The fishing vessel is being brought back to Okha in Gujarat. Probe underway Asked about the alleged involvement of Pakistan’s Maritime Security Agency, the official said a probe is underway and it would be premature to draw any conclusion at this stage. - PTI


NDA expected to win 140 seats in Bihar assembly polls: Survey NEW DELHI: The BJP-led NDA will win at least 140 seats and the JD(U)-RJD-Congress alliance can be reduced to 70 seats in Bihar assembly polls, according to a survey done for Zee News. The survey has forecast that the saffron alliance will win over 50.8 per cent of votes, a rare feat in the state, while the Nitish Kumar-Lalu Prasad combine will have over 42.5 per cent vote share.

It also claims that over 41.2 per cent of Muslims are rooting for the NDA which also enjoys an edge over the grand alliance among Yadav voters. Muslims and Yadavs are seen as crucial support base of the ‘secular’ alliance. The survey, according to a statement, says NDA and the grand alliance will win over 140 and 70 seats respectively and are locked in a “close fight” in 22 constituencies.

Meanwhile, Hindustani Awam Morcha (HAM), an ally of the BJP, on Friday declared the names of 13 candidates for Bihar polls with majority of them going to big leaders of the fledgling party and their family members. As per the seat sharing agreement of the National Democratic Alliance (NDA) allies, the HAM would contest 20 seats. Announcing the names of 13 candidates, HAM president Jitan

Ram Manjhi said he would contest from his old seat Makhdumpur (reserved) in Jehanabad district. Manjhi’s son Santosh Kumar would be the party candidate from Kutumba (reserved seat) in Aurangabad district. His other son Devendra Kumar was expected to contest from Masaurhi (reserved seat) in Patna district. HAM Bihar president Shakuni Chaudhary has been made a candi-

date from Tarapur in Munger. His son Rakesh Kumar would be the HAM nominee from Khagaria. Shakuni Chaudhary’s another son Rakesh Kumar alias Samrat Chaudhary, who was a minister in the Manjhi ministry, was a MLA from Parbatta in Khagaria district and was expected to get nomination from there. Elsewhere, the HAM has nominated legislators who sided with

Manjhi in his fight against his mentor Nitish Kumar. Former minister Brishen Patel would contest from his traditional seat Vaishali. Shahid Ali Khan has been made candidate from Sursand in Sitamarhi. In Mahua in Vaishali district, HAM announced the name of Ravindra Rai, the sitting Janata Dal (United) MLA, whose membership was terminated for going against party. -PTI


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Today is a historic day. Our government has made all Netaji files public. People have a right to know about the brave son of India Mamata Banerjee, West Bengal chief minister

64 Netaji secret files declassified Union government serious on solving mystery: BJP

Fulfilling a longstanding demand, West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee described as ‘historic’ the declassification of the closely guarded files on one of the country’s foremost nationalist leaders and said people

IN PUBLIC DOMAIN: Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose’s family member Chandra Bose along with Kolkata Police Commissioner Surajit Purakayastha releases a DVD of confidential files on Netaji at Kolkata Police Museum on Friday. - PTI

should know the truth

KOLKATA: Sixty-four secret files relating to Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose that could help throw light on his mysterious disappearance — an enduring enigma for seven decades —were on Friday released by West Bengal government with Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee asking the Centre to follow suit. Fulfilling a long-standing demand, Mamata described as “historic” the declassification of the closely guarded files on one of the country’s foremost nationalist leaders and said people should know the truth. The Centre has 130 files. Hidden in police and government lockers for years, the 64 files containing 12,744 pages were declassified here in the presence of Bose’s family members who have

been demanding that information on the leader of the Azad Hind Fauj(Indian National Army-INA) be made public. The files displayed in glass cases in Kolkata Police Museum would be made accessible to the public from Monday, City Police Commissioner Surajit Kar Purakayastha said. Of the 64 files, 55 were with Kolkata Police while another nine were with the state police. Purakayastha handed over a DVD containing the files in digitised format to the family members of Netaji who welcomed its release. “Today is a historic day. Our government has made all Netaji files public. People have a right to know about the brave son of India,” Mamata, who visited the police museum,tweeted. Later, she said, “We made a beginning. The people should know the truth. Let the central govern-


ment also declassify the files (on Netaji). Let good sense prevail on all of us. You cannot suppress the truth. Let truth come out. “In 70 years, the mystery has not been solved. We did not know what happened (to Netaji). It is unfortunate. How long you can keep it under secrecy. You read the files in details.” Welcoming the declassification of the 64 files, Chandra Bose, Netaji’s grandnephew said, “It is a correct step. Now it is the duty of the central government to declassify 130 files it has with it.” Chandra Bose said, “By keeping the files (on Netaji) under secrecy for 70 long years, some leaders have committed treachery towards the country. It is the duty of the central government to declassify those files to expose those leaders.” He said that it is not possible to keep those files under

secrecy any longer. Another family member of Netaji and a former TMC MP Krishna Bose said that Mamata has taken a bold step by declassifying the files. “So far there were gossips, now truth will come out. I am happy that the files have been made public”, she said, adding that the Centre should also do so. Centre’s stand Bose’s family members and researchers have repeatedly maintained the secret files lying in Delhi are of significance, as they contain the answer to the key questions on the disappearance of the firebrand leader and the subsequent years. The Prime Minister’s Office in August told the Central Information Commission it cannot declassify files related to Bose as it will adversely affect relations with foreign countries. - PTI

KOLKATA: Sixty-four secret files relating to Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose that could help throw light on his mysterious disappearance -- an enduring enigma for seven decades -- were on Friday released by West Bengal government with Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee asking the Centre to follow suit. Fulfilling a long-standing demand, Mamata described as “historic” the declassification of the closely guarded files on one of the country’s foremost nationalist leaders and said people should know the truth. The Centre has 130 files. Hidden in police and government lockers for years, the 64 files containing 12,744 pages were declassified here in the presence of Bose’s family members who have been demanding that information on the leader of the Azad Hind Fauj(Indian National ArmyINA) be made public. The files displayed in glass cascades in Kolkata Police Museum would be made accessible to the public from Monday, City Police Commissioner Surajit Kar Purakayastha said. Of the 64 files, 55 were with Kolkata Police while another nine were with the state police. Purakayastha handed over a DVD containing the files in

digitised format to the family members of Netaji who welcomed its release. “Today is a historic day. Our government has made all Netaji files public. People have a right to know about the brave son of India,” Mamata, who visited the police museum, tweeted. Later, she said, “We made a beginning. The people should know the truth. “Let the central government also declassify the files (on Netaji). Let good sense prevail on all of us. You cannot suppress the truth. Let truth come out. “In 70 years, the mystery has not been solved. We did not know what happened (to Netaji). It is unfortunate. How long you can keep it under secrecy. You read the files in details.” Welcoming the declassification of the 64 files, Chandra Bose, Netaji’s grandnephew said, “It is a correct step. Now it is the duty of the central government to declassify 130 files it has with it.” Chandra Bose said, “By keeping the files (on Netaji) under secrecy for 70 long years, some leaders have committed treachery towards the country. It is the duty of the central government to declassify those files to expose those leaders.”


2.3 million apply India’s dream of borderless trade grinds for 368 low-level to a halt at checkpoints on state borders government jobs LUCKNOW: Overwhelmed Indian officials are struggling to sift through applications after 2.3 million people applied for a few hundred low-level government jobs, a worrying sign that too many people are chasing too little work in Asia’s third-largest economy. Prabhat Mittal, the hiring manager for the jobs in Uttar Pradesh, a northern state with a population bigger than Brazil’s, said he was stunned by the volume of applications. It would take more than three years to interview candidates. The jobs pay Rs16,000 ($243) a month and will involve making tea and passing files between government offices. Requirements for the 368 jobs include having finished primary school and being able to ride a bike. The applicants included at least 255 people with doctorates and 150,000 graduates. “It is unbelievable,” Mittal said. “It is going to be very difficult for us to devise an appropriate entrance exam.” Desperate scramble The desperate scramble for jobs poses a challenge for Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who swept to power last year with the largest victory in three decades with a mandate to provide jobs and economic growth. India is disproportionately young: half of the population is under the age of 25. The country will add up to 300 million people — the equivalent of almost the entire population of the United States — to its work-

Requirements for the 368 jobs include having finished primary school and being able to ride a bike. The applicants included at least 255 people with doctorates and 150,000 graduates

force over the next two decades. This so-called demographic dividend is one reason that some economists predict India will enjoy higher levels of growth than rivals, such as China, as they cope with ageing populations. However, unless jobs can be found for this vast workforce then this prized asset could turn into a crippling burden. The number of applications for the government jobs is 16 times the level in 2006, the last time the UP government recruited for similar jobs. India’s vast bureaucracy is seen as an attractive place to work because it is difficult to fire employees. - Reuters

WALAYAR/NEW DELHI: At the Walayar checkpoint in southern India, lines of idle trucks stretch as far as the eye can see in both directions along the treelined interstate highway, waiting for clearance from tax inspectors that can take days to complete. Delays are so bad that textile entrepreneur D Bala Sundaram has stopped sending his trucks to the international container terminal at nearby Cochin, instead diverting them hundreds of kilometres to a smaller regional port and onwards via Sri Lanka. “Our containers would get stuck for four to five days,” said Sundaram, who runs a firm with an annual turnover of $150 million. “Officials at the checkpost are finicky.” The rollout of a nationwide goods and services tax (GST) from April was supposed to sweep away hundreds of checkposts on India’s state borders, paving the way for the seamless movement of goods from the tropical south to the Himalayas in the north. Hopes fading But political opposition and the dilution of some of the tax’s key tenets mean hopes are fading that the checkposts will be demolished any time soon, a major blow for Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s reform agenda — and for India’s economy. The rollout of the long-delayed GST regularly tops the list of demands made by CEOs of Indian and foreign companies. Finance Minister Arun Jaitley calls the new sales tax a “game changer” that will subsume a slew of federal and state levies, making Asia’s third-largest economy one

LONG WAIT: Truck drivers and helpers wait for their turn to submit their documents to get their loads cleared to cross a checkpoint at the Commercial Taxes Department check post at Walayar in Palakkad district in southern Indian state of Kerala. -Reuters

of the world’s largest single markets and bumping up economic growth. But opposition parties prevented a vote on the GST in the last session of parliament, making a rollout next April unlikely. Even when the tax is eventually implemented, concessions made to win support from states mean many of the obstructions to a customs union will stay. For example, while the GST will be collected on goods and services in states where they are consumed, Jaitley allowed a 1 per cent additional levy on the cross-border transport of goods, to please states with large manufacturing bases. Items such as alcohol, tobacco and petrol have been kept out of the new tax bill. States have also been given the flexibility to fix their GST rates within a band, providing arbi-

trage in the inter-state movement of goods. “Enforcement is definitely required, we cannot do away with it at any point,” said a senior state government official in Tamil Nadu. “We will need checkposts.” Other provinces have similar plans to check tax evasion. States such as Maharashtra, which includes commercial capital Mumbai, are even erecting new checkpoints. Logistical hassles India has more than 650 interstate checkpoints, which studies say increase truck travel time by a quarter. Road traffic accounts for about 60 per cent of all freight movement in India and such delays, McKinsey estimates, inflate logistics costs to 13 percent of India’s gross domestic product.

Sundaram, whose KG Group is one of the biggest firms in western Tamil Nadu, says sending his shipments from the industrial city of Coimbatore hundreds of kilometres in the wrong direction to Tuticorin port, on Tamil Nadu’s southern coast, has pushed up his freight costs by 20 per cent. Unlike Cochin, the Tuticorin port is not a container terminal, so his cargo must go from there to Colombo, where it is loaded on to a container ship to be sent around the globe. But the additional cost is worth it for Sundaram, who says it means he can honour his commitments on time. Ease of doing business These travails underscore the challenge for Modi, who has set an ambitious goal of improving India’s position on a World Bank “Doing Business” ranking from a woeful 142 of 189 to the top 50 by 2017. Jaitley views the GST rollout as the biggest push in achieving that target. He and his aides argue that, over time, higher tax collections and better compliance under the GST will encourage states to start dismantling the border checkposts. “Once you start tracking sales online, there will be less need to have checkposts,” Rashmi Verma, a senior official in the finance ministry revenue department, told Reuters. “The cost of maintaining these checkposts will far outweigh the benefits.” Saloni Roy, senior director at tax consultants Deloitte, agrees that the new tax will be a big improvement, but is not sure it will herald a borderless trade. -Reuters

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SELFIE TIME A woman takes a selfie with cows at one of the main animal markets set up for the forthcoming Eid Al Adha festival in Karachi late on Thursday. Eid Al Adha will be celebrated in the country on September 25. - AFP

Parliamentary panel clears cybercrime bill ISLAMABAD: A parliamentary panel on Thursday cleared the controversial cybercrime bill amid complaints from many members that their reservations had been ignored. The bill, if approved by the National Assembly, could restrict speech and liberties online. National Assembly’s Standing Committee on Information Technology approved the Cyber Crimes Bill 2015 for a second time after lightly amending some clauses. “This (Cyber Crime)bill looks to curb freedom of speech—look at section 34 of this bill, it gives unfettered power to Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) and Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) —we will oppose this legislation (on the assembly floor) if our recommendations not incorporated,” warned Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) MNA Shazia Marri during Thursday’s meeting. She was not alone in complaining. “Why wasn’t a copy of this bill circulated among (committee’s) members?” Pakistan Tehreek-e-

42 killed in Taliban attack on air base in Peshawar The assault shows the Taliban retain the capability to mount devastating attacks despite a military campaign and a government crackdown against them

PESHAWAR: Taliban gunmen killed 29 people, including 16 praying in a mosque, when they stormed a Pakistani air force base on Friday, a military spokesman said, in the deadliest Taliban attack on a military installation in the country’s history. The 13 gunmen were also killed in the attack on Badaber air base, close to the northwestern city of Peshawar. The assault shows the Taliban retain the capability to mount devastating attacks despite a military campaign and a government crackdown against them following the massacre of more than 150 people, mostly children, at an army-run school last December. Twenty-two of those killed in the attack were serving in the Pakistan air force, four were civilians and three were army soldiers responding to the attack, Major General Asim Bajwa told a news conference. Twenty-nine people were wounded, he said. “The terrorist group used two gates. They came close to the gate and disembarked from their cars and then they used rocket launchers and grenades and fired as they entered the gate,” said Bajwa, who said the attack has been masterminded in Afghanistan. A reaction force arrived within 10 minutes and the attackers were contained close to the areas where they entered, he said.

SITE OF ATTACK: Soldiers gather near the air force base which was attacked by militants in Peshawar, Pakistan, on Friday. -.Reuters

But they were still able to enter the mosque and killed 16 of those inside, he said. Mohammad Ikram of the Pakistani Air Force, who offering his morning prayers at the time the attack began, said most of those inside the mosque were hit by gunfire in the attack claimed by the Taliban. “We were offering prayers when we first heard the gunshots and then, within no time, they entered the mosque where they began indiscriminately firing,” he said by telephone from a hospital bed where he was being treated for gunshot wounds. Afghan links? “They killed and injured most of the worshippers. I fell on the ground. Then the gunmen went to other places in the base. After a long time, we were shifted to the hospital.” The attack may worsen



already chilly relations between Afghanistan and Pakistan, after Bajwa said communication intercepts showed the attackers were receiving directions from Afghanistan, where many Pakistani Taliban have bases. “This operation was planned in Afghanistan, and was executed from there. And it was being controlled from Afghanistan,” he said. “No one can say that the Afghan state has encouraged this, but the fact is that it was launched from Afghanistan.” Afghanistan and Pakistan have separate but allied Taliban insurgencies. The two nations frequently accuse each other of not

doing enough to stamp out insurgent havens on either side of their porous border. Bajwa released pictures of some of the attackers’ bloodied bodies in the uniform of the paramilitary Frontier Constabulary, black traditional Pakistani clothes. The Taliban released a video about the attack featuring Umar Mansoor, the same commander who claimed responsibility for the Peshawar school massacre. “We proudly claim responsibility for the attack on Pakistani air base,” Taliban spokesman Muhammad Khorasani told Reuters. “This base is being used by fighter jets for bombing us.” Attacks by the Taliban have fallen about 70 per cent this year, following a military offensive against the militants’ bases along the Afghan border that began in June 2014 and the government’s

redoubled efforts to combat them after the Peshawar school attack. Despite the reduction in attacks, the militants still manage to strike high-value targets. The home minister of Punjab province was among 16 killed in a suicide attack last month. In a separate incident in northwest Pakistan, eight civilians were killed in a military strike in South Waziristan early on Friday, a survivor told Reuters. “The house next to my house was completely destroyed,” said Naimat Ullah, whose son was injured by flying shrapnel. Neighbours who excavated the bodies had told him three young girls, three men and two women died in the strike, he added. The civilian deaths were confirmed by a relative of Abdul Manan Khan, the man whose house was destroyed. - Reuters

Insaf’s Dawar Kundi asked. He criticised the government for wanting to pass a critical piece of legislation in haste by limiting access of experts from NGOs, media, internet service providers and members of civil society. However, Kundi said he had extended his support to the bill since he wanted to debate it on the floor of the assembly. While members of the ruling Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) largely ignored arguments from opposition members, they were stunned when PML-N’s Awais Leghari too complained that he had not received a copy of the bill. The panel’s chairman Captain (retd) Safdar though convinced members to pass the bill so that it can be debated in the assembly, a larger platform. “We welcome productive criticism, but it does not mean that we show leniency to help our armed forces fight the war against terror,” observed Capt Safdar, before hinting at including an independent agency in the final draft of the bill. - Express Tribune IMPROVE INFRASTRUCTURE

CPEC projects to be completed on time: Iqbal KARACHI: The China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) is fast turning into an economic reality and is gradually dispelling all doubts that some people have had about its viability and security, Federal Minister for Planning, Development and Reform Ahsan Iqbal said. Iqbal visited the head office of Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FPCCI) to speak on the proposed economic zones to Gwadar Kashgar Corridor. For the first time, Fitch Ratings has assigned Pakistan a longterm foreign and local currency issuer default rating of ‘B’ with a stable outlook. In its report, it mentioned that the CPEC initiative could significantly strengthen Pakistan’s economic fundamentals. However, it said that the rate of progress with the scheme and the cost of any debt financing incurred by the Pakistani sovereign remains to be seen. “Whatever little doubts that foreign rating agencies or media have about CPEC is because of the speculations of Pakistani media. I once again assure you all that the government of Pakistan is going to complete all CPEC projects on time,” he said while referring to Fitch report on Pakistan. The business people and industrialists who attended the meeting urged the federal minister to ensure one-window operations for Gwadar port and its related projects. Attract investment “Our government wants to run Gwadar port free from all bureaucratic hurdles so that it attracts investments. And, I assure you all that the Chinese are already on board,” said Iqbal. “There is no doubt that CPEC projects are going to improve infrastructure in Pakistan, but the main focus of Pakistan should be to look for transfer of technology from Chinese firms so that in future it can complete big projects on its own,” said Amin. Meanwhile, participants said the government should expedite work on major infrastructure projects for economic development. - Express Tribune



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1 Eid Al Adha holidays

1 Shorter Eid holiday is ‘right

announced in Oman

call’, say business leaders in Oman

2 Go Explore This Eid Al Adha

3 So, where are most heading

to? A destination in Oman, of course 2 First day of Eid Al Adha

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TIMESOFOMAN.COM/VIDEOS Rustam Shah Mohmand Worker safety and negligence has been brought again to the spotlight after four workers were killed in an accident on last Sunday

In 2013, the US military developed a plan to remove Americans from most combat operations in Afghanistan while still helping to develop the Afghan forces’ security capabilities. The Obama administration disregarded it

TWEET WE LIKE @rajrad Perfect sunrise at Muscat. Shot early morning while driving for my refreshing yoga session #muscat…


European reaction to migrants: A mixed bag


INSTAGRAM.COM/TIMESOFOMAN Jeremy Corbyn’s conservative critics will concentrate on his choice of “friends”, his foreign and security policies, and his attitudes. In response, the left will rally even closer around their new guide, dismissing criticism as malicious smears



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he European migration crisis has brought out both the best and the worst in ‘civilised Europe’. Never before since the end of the Second World War has Europe faced such a dilemma — refusing to accept refugees fleeing their countries and yet being acutely conscious of repudiating the humanitarian norms and values that a ‘democratic Europe’ has espoused and championed for the last 200 years. The migrant crisis has split Europe politically and on grounds of morality. The European Union’s (EU) Dublin Declaration clearly stated that the first country of entry for people fleeing persecution would be under an obligation to register and look after such displaced people until a more durable solution has been found. That is seldom practised. Instead, European countries have started hurling accusations and blaming one another, as helpless refugees wander from place to place in search of shelter. There are countries which are more focused on the humanitarian dimension of the tragedy-stricken people and have expressed their determination to extend help to the migrants. Germany heads the list of such countries. Then, there are those which simply refused entry or in case of refugees having illegally entered their territory, pass them on to other countries. Macedonia and Hungary fall in this category. The travails and agony of people, who were forced to leave their countries, have shaken the world’s conscience. Thousands have drowned in the Mediterranean or on the small islands off the coasts of Greece, Italy and Turkey. There are moving stories of how desperate people are, hanging on to anything in order to reach any destination, at any cost, as long as there is hope for finding an abode that does not endanger their lives. The death by drowning of a Syrian toddler and his five-year-old brother has caused widespread outrage. The tragedy has caused remorse, shame and bitterness against the inhumane attitude of many politicians and leaders of Europe. Their indifference, bordering on hostility — as if the induction of a few thousand displaced people in each country would wreak havoc on the institutions of these countries — has caused

consternation amongst rank and file Europeans. Europe has not been able to create, at a time of such huge displacement, a unified vision that takes care of the many displaced people — sick and starving men, women and children — in an organised and dignified manner. It has failed to evolve mechanisms to distribute the fleeing refugees among the various EU countries on the basis of an agreed formula that could incorporate such factors as the size of the hosting countries, their resources, the number of displaced persons already living in each country and so on. The continent has been overwhelmed by the enormity of the challenge and its institutions have not been able to respond to the problem in a manner that would be compatible with Europe’s values, norms, technology and the material progress it has made over the last many decades. Also, the fact that the West bears a tremendous responsibility to the displaced people because of its military interventions in countries like Iraq and Libya has been completely overlooked. After all, the Iraq of Saddam Husain — admittedly a despotic ruler — had never seen such a spectacle of human misery and suffering until such time the West attacked the country on the basis of fabricated allegations of Baghdad having weapons of mass destruction. It was the weapons of mass destruction deployed by the West that destroyed that nation. The March 2003 invasion of Iraq was a criminal act that was neither sanctioned by the UN nor by any yardstick of ethics and principles. Post-invasion Iraq created an environment for such barbaric outfits as the IS to emerge and fill the vacuum created by the destruction of Iraq’s army, police and other state institutions by the US military. Libya, Afghanistan, Syria suffered the same fate. Routing the systems and institutions — in whichever form they existed — was a cardinal sin that created a vast and bewildering vacuum that ended up being filled by gangs of criminals, thus destabilising the countries of the region and creating a deep sense of insecurity among the people, which in turn caused them to flee to safer destinations. The West, including Europe, is thus clearly culpable in the gory dramas that are enacted on a daily basis in Syria, Iraq, Libya and other countries of the region.— Express Tribune

READERS’ FORUM Critical thinking ability of students is falling This refers to the news story, ‘Has computer become an obstacle to learning’ (September 17). Yes, this is an important area that the world has to look at now. The critical thinking of the students has shrunk. Spellcheckers are available in all applications and English passages are always autocorrected and spellchecked. Students always come with an excuse ‘ I just finished my project, but system crashed’. Sometimes, there are ill-trained teachers and they have to get trained in technology. Added to these, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube are accessed by students who are in Class 5 and they are losing their focus. However, if technology is used in the right way then the power of technology can be harnessed. — Radha Sivakumar, Muttrah Scan this QR code to send letters to the Readers’ Forum, containing not more than 200 words with full name, address and telephone number, may be sent by mail (Times of Oman, P.O. Box 770, P.C. 112, Ruwi).

The underlying reality is that the congruence of strategic interests that held the United States and China together in the late Cold War no longer exists. And the desire of the US business community for trade and investment in China has also been transformed

CLIPPINGS FROM OUR ARCHIVES SEPTEMBER 2000 Medals conferred on RAFO staff MUSCAT: Air Vice Marshal Mohammed bin Mahfoudh Al Ardhi, commander of the Royal Air Force of Oman (RAFO), conferred the medals of long service and good conduct on several RAFO officers, non-commissioned officers and personnel in recognition of their loyalty and sincerity in performing their duties for their country under the wise leadership of His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said, the supreme commander of the armed forces.

Valcke scandal has tarnished the world of football once again

There seems to be no end to scandals gripping the world football, FIFA and their long-serving, powerful officials. The latest allegations of corruption linking FIFA Secretary-General Jerome Valcke have further tarnished the image of the global football’s governing body. Valcke is accused of allowing the World Cup tickets to be sold at inflated prices. But interestingly the allegations are made by an official of a company which had a deal with FIFA to sell 2014 World Cup tickets but subsequently had their contract cancelled. — Sammy Fuad, Muscat



1793: George Washington lays the foundation stone for the U.S. Capitol.

Protect the welfare of your workforce through New India’s WORKMEN COMPENSATION POLICY.

1920: Russian Premier Piotr Stolypin dies four days after being shot at the Kiev opera house by socialist lawyer Dimitri Bogroff.


OMAN’S MERCHANDISE IMPORTS BY SEA From February to April 2015 (in million rials) February






1934: The League of Nations admits the Soviet Union. 1980: Cosmonaut Arnoldo Tamayo, a Cuban, becomes the first black to be sent on a mission in space.

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FLOWERS FOR ALL REASONS A woman looks at a display of lilies at the Harrogate Autumn Flower Show, in northern England, on Friday. The Harrogate Autumn Flower Show runs from September 18 to 20, 2015. -AFP

Indonesia to control forest fire in 30 days JAKARTA: Indonesia will take 30 days to bring smouldering forest fires under control, the national disaster management agency said on Friday, as smog from the fires pushes pollution in Southeast Asia to record highs. The region has suffered for years from annual bouts of smog caused by slash-and-burn practices in Indonesia’s islands of Sumatra and Kalimantan, but governments have failed to tackle the problem. “We expect there will be a potential for haze because of the El Nino effect until the end of November, but we are targeting to put out the majority of the fires by mid-October,” agency spokesman Sutopo Nugroho said. Indonesia has faced criticism from neighbours and green groups for not doing enough to prevent the fires, which cause millions of dollars worth of damage to health and the environment every year. This week, Indonesia said it


South Sudan tanker death mounts to 150 JUBA: At least 150 people died in South Sudan when a crashed oil tanker exploded as a crowd scooped up spilled fuel, reports said on Friday. Senior local official John Ezkia told South Sudan’s Eye Radio that the initial death toll of more than 85 in Wednesday’s explosion had risen to at least 150, after scores died of burns. Other badly burned bodies have also been found around the wreckage of the tanker. The crash and subsequent blast took place on a road some 250 kilometres west of the capital Juba, close to the small town of Maridi. However, the local government director of Maridi, John Saki, told South Sudan’s Gurtong news site the toll could be as high as 176. Doctors have described how they are struggling to cope with limited supplies of medicines to treat severe burns, including a lack of painkillers. Saki said about a thousand people crowded around the tanker to gather fuel after it crashed on the roadside, with many coming from a nearby school. “Then an explosion occurred which led to the death of 55 people in the beginning, and has now risen to 176 people -- and many others are in critical condition at Maridi hospital,” Saki told South Sudan’s Gurtong news website. -AFP

was investigating about 100 companies, including an unnamed Malaysian firm, in the latest crackdown to tackle smog worsened by a prolonged dry season. The rainy season usually begins in November. Next week, authorities will name several companies likely to face sanctions for starting fires, including possible withdrawal of licences, Indonesia’s environment and forestry minister, Siti Nurbaya Bakar, told a news conference on Friday. Evacuation Malaysia on Friday announced plans to evacuate 173 of its citizens “badly affected by the haze surrounding Riau province” from provincial capital Pekanbaru, using two C-130 Hercules aircraft. Plantation companies, some of which are listed in Singapore, and smallholder farmers often get blamed for using slash-andburn practices to clear land for palm oil and agriculture. -Reuters

Ignore Scotland’s voice and face result, Cameron told Sturgeon told PM David Cameron to start taking Scotland seriously or risk losing 8 per cent of the population

LONDON: The United Kingdom is “living on borrowed time” if the government fails to listen to Scot- SURGING SUPPORT: Scotland’s First Minister and Scottish National tish voters, Scottish nationalist Party leader Nicola Sturgeon delivers a speech in Edinburgh, Scotleader Nicola Sturgeon said on land, on Friday. -Reuters Friday, the first anniversary of an independence referendum. Sturgeon, who saw her Scot- talk of a new referendum to end much on what you do as it will on tish National Party (SNP) take the more than 300-year-old union what we do,” Sturgeon warned Cameron in a speech. nearly all parliamentary seats in between England and Scotland. “Right now, you are living on Sturgeon said the SNP’s rise Scotland in May’s national election, told Prime Minister David was being driven by the govern- borrowed time. If you continue to Cameron to start taking Scotland ment’s failure to deliver on a ignore Scotland’s voice, if you conseriously or risk losing 8 per cent promise of more powers for Scot- tinue to disrespect the choice that land as well as pushing ahead with people across this country made of the population. Scots voted by 55-45 per cent in austerity and renewing Britain’s in May, more and more people will September last year to reject in- nuclear weapons arsenal despite conclude that Westminster simdependence, but surging support opposition in Scotland, where it is ply cannot deliver for Scotland.” A promised vote on Britain’s for the SNP and the election of a based. “What happens to support pro-austerity Conservative gov- for independence in the months membership of the European ernment in London has spurred and years to come will depend as Union has also fuelled passions

in Scotland, which is more EU friendly than England, adding to the number of policy difficulties facing Cameron in his first majority government. Cameron has ruled out a second Scottish independence vote, saying all sides had agreed to respect last year’s result and it was “time to move on”. Sturgeon, who is wary of pushing for another vote until she is sure the nationalists can win, has said the SNP will include triggers for a second referendum in its manifesto for Scottish elections in May 2016. If such triggers are met, the London-based government could find it difficult to refuse another vote to break up the United Kingdom, the world’s fifth-largest economy. Scotland’s voice Many of those who backed her party in May do not support independence but believed having SNP lawmakers in Westminster was the best way to make sure Scotland’s voice was heard. “It would be wrong to propose another referendum without a fundamental change of circumstances or a strong indication that a significant number of those who voted ‘No’ last year had changed their minds,” Sturgeon said.

“But let me say this, it would also be wrong, in the face of a clear and material shift in circumstances or in public opinion, for any one politician or party to rule out another referendum indefinitely.” She said if Scotland was taken out of the EU against its will in the referendum due by the end of 2017, then demand for a second independence vote could be “unstoppable”. The Scottish debate is being echoed in Spain, where a long political struggle over Catalan independence is set to intensify with a regional poll on September. 27. In an echo of a important issue during the Scottish independence campaign, the European Commission said that if any part of a member state broke away, it must also exit the European Union. Spain’s El Pais newspaper said the message was aimed at Catalonia, whose pro-independence leaders have said they would announce a unilateral breakaway if they win the regional election. But it could equally apply to Scotland. Some in Britain’s opposition Labour Party, which has only one lawmaker left in Scotland, hope the election of Jeremy Corbyn as their new leader could help give their party a second chance there. -Reuters


Japan House to enact law for deployment of troops abroad TOKYO: Japan’s parliament drew near on Friday to enacting contentious defence legislation that could ease the constraints of the pacifist constitution to let troops fight overseas for the first time since World War Two, despite public protests and delaying tactics by the opposition. Prime Minister Shinzo Abe says the policy shift, which would mark the biggest change in defence policy since the creation of Japan’s post-war military in 1954, is vital to meet new challenges such as from a rising China. But the bills have sparked massive protests from ordinary citizens and others who say they violate the pacifist constitution and

could ensnare Japan in US-led conflicts after 70 years of postwar peace. Abe’s ratings have also taken a hit. Japan’s ally the United States has welcomed the shift but China, where bitter memories of Japan’s wartime aggression run deep, has repeatedly expressed concern about the legislation. “Recently we have noticed that voices in Japan opposing the bill have become louder by the day,” Chinese foreign ministry spokesman Hong Lei told reporters on Friday. “We demand that Japan earnestly listen to these just voices domestically and internationally, learn the lessons of history, uphold

the path of peaceful development, speak and act cautiously in security and military matters and take actual steps to maintain regional peace and stability.” Parliament’s session runs until September 27, but ruling party lawmakers are keen to have the upper house approve the bills - the last step to enactment - before a five-day holiday starts on Saturday, when big street demonstrations could erupt. Abe’s ruling bloc has an upper house majority, but major opposition parties submitted censure motions in the chamber and a no confidence motion in the lower house to block a vote. One opposition member tried

to delay the vote on a censure motion against Abe by resorting to the “Ox Walk”, or advancing at an excruciatingly slow pace to the ballot box, but was ordered by the chamber’s president to speed up. He then took out prayer beads and mimicked a funeral rite to symbolise what he has called the “death” of Abe’s Liberal Democratic Party. The motion, as expected, was defeated. The bills, which include legal revisions to drop a longstanding ban on collective selfdefence, or defending a friendly country under attack, were approved on Thursday by an upper house panel in a chaotic, raucous session. -Reuters

POLICY SHIFT: Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, centre, sits with his cabinet members at the Lower House of the parliament in Tokyo, on Friday. -Reuters

A 10

S AT U R DAY, S E P T E M B E R 1 9, 2 0 1 5

WORLD At least 1,000 migrants cross into Hungary from Croatia The transfer came just hours after Croatian Prime Minister Zoran Milanovic said that matters were out of control and that his government could no longer register or accommodate the new arrivals

BEREMEND (HUNGARY): At least 1,000 migrants crossed by train and bus northward into Hungary from Croatia on Friday under the watch of Hungarian security forces sworn to keep them out - a snapshot of the confusion and contradiction of a divided Europe. Even as Hungary’s army rushed to erect a fence along parts of its frontier with Croatia, a fellow member of the European Union, Hungarian soldiers and police did not prevent the migrants from crossing the border, first in their hundreds by bus and then more than 1,000 by train. Their transfer came just hours after Croatian Prime Minister Zoran Milanovic said that - with the inflow into his country topping 13,000 in little more than two days - matters were out of control and that his government could no longer register or accommodate the new arrivals. They would be waved on, he said. Austria border A Hungarian police spokesman said the migrants were being taken to two Hungarian registration points in Szentgotthard and Vamosszabadi -- both close to the Austrian border. Hungary denied coordinating the move with Croatia, while Austria denied coordinating it with Hungary, reinforcing the sense of

BLEAK FUTURE: A migrant carries a child through a cornfield as they approach the Croatian border near the town of Sid, Serbia, on Friday. Croatian Prime Minister Zoran Milanovic said that - with the inflow into his country topping 13,000 in little more than two days - matters were out of control — Reuters



chaos prevailing in Europe as it grapples with the biggest migration crisis in decades. Only on Wednesday, Hungary had fired volleys of tear gas and water cannon to keep out stonethrowing migrants on its border with Serbia, the second day of the crackdown. Streaming into Croatia Thousands of migrants switched their route, streaming into Croatia, and then on Friday into Hungary and Slovenia in what critics say is becoming a desperate game of human ping-pong. At the Hungarian border village of Beremend, police and soldiers at first lined up, backed with two army Humvees mounted with guns, to block the path of more than 10 busloads of migrants arriving at the border from Croatia. Then, they ushered them onto

Hungarian buses, saying they would be taken for registration. Later, a train packed with over 1,000 migrants crossed the border and stopped at the Hungarian town of Magyarboly, where they were directed by police and soldiers onto another train on an adjacent platform. “They will have to get off at Hegyeshalom anyway,” a police officer was overheard telling a colleague, in reference to a town on Hungary’s border with Austria. The officer denied any knowledge of the train’s destination when asked by a reporter. A spokesman for Austria’s Interior Ministry denied there had been any coordination with Hungary on the migrants’ eventual passage to Vienna. Croatian Interior Minister Ranko Ostojic told reporters near the point where the migrants crossed that they were simply being returned to Europe’s Schengen zone of border-free travel, most of them having first entered in Greece but then leaving the EU to travel north through the Balkans. — Reuters

LUCKY TO BE ALIVE: A Libyan Red Crescent worker helps a migrant get off a Libyan oil tanker in Tripoli port, which rescued the migrants after their boat sank off the sea, in Libya on Friday. -Reuters


More than 30,000 rally to protest benefit cuts HELSINKI: More than 30,000 people rallied in Helsinki on Friday to protest against government plans to cut workers’ benefits, with strikes also halting railroads, harbours and paper mills around the country. Outside the square where the demonstration - the biggest in Finland since 1991 - was held, the capital’s rainy streets were quiet, with office workers opting to stay at home as much of the public transport system was shuttered due to the strike. The centre-right government, facing an economy in stagnation, announced plans last week to cut workers’ overtime pay, holidays and sickness benefits - matters traditionally agreed by labour unions and the employer organisations alone. “The economy has not been well, but it will not recover by force, it requires cooperation,” Antti Rinne, leader of the opposition Social Democrats and a former union boss, said in a speech to the cheering crowd. “You can be certain that rain, wind and thunderstorms will continue if you keep up this line,” he said, addressing his message to the government. About 300,000 workers went out on strike on Friday. The demonstrators, mostly union activists, said it was unfair make cuts in sectors where salaries were already low. They expressed anger that the government had unilaterally pushed through the changes. “Back in the day, other sectors got wage increases while public sectors were given more holidays. Those holidays just can’t be taken away like this,” said a public daycare centre worker who gave her name as Maija. Prime Minister Juha Sipila took matters into his own hands after talks with unions failed twice since he took office in May. This week, he gave a rare speech to the nation, urging citizens to find a “common spirit of reform” to save the welfare state and create more jobs rather than letting strikes impede an economy already hit by vast staff cuts at former national growth engine Nokia. The Confederation of Finnish Industries estimated that Friday’s one-day strike cost the economy 100 million euros. — Reuters


Chile residents clear away rubble after deadly tsunami COQUIMBO (CHILE): Residents began rebuilding homes and businesses in Coquimbo on Friday, two days after tsunami waves triggered by a major earthquake battered the Chilean port city’s waterfront neighbourhoods. Soldiers patrolled the streets to prevent looting after President Michelle Bachelet’s government declared an emergency in Coquimbo following the 8.3-magnitude quake, which killed 12 people. At least one strong aftershock shook Chile’s Pacific seaboard on Friday as residents trying to salvage what they could from their properties urged the government to speed up the relief effort. Removing mud, rubble “We’re just getting started with removing the mud and the rubble,” said Maria Gonzalez, whose fish and seafood restaurant in Coquimbo’s port was badly damaged. “They have to help us fix our businesses and get back to the life we had.” Waves of up to 4.5 meters (15



feet) slammed into Coquimbo’s shoreline, flinging large fishing boats and shipping containers onto the streets and sending floodwaters pouring into downtown. The quake was the strongest recorded in the world this year, but the swift evacuation of coastal zones and strict building regulations appeared to help keep the death toll low. Some Coquimbo residents said government aid was slow to arrive. A handful of protesters briefly blocked the highway leading to and from the city on Friday morning before police arrived and dismantled their roadblock. “We haven’t eaten in three days!” one of the demonstrators shouted. Luciano Robles, an official with Coquimbo’s civil emergency office,

said help was on the way. “We understand that people are desperate and don’t know what to do,” he told Reuters around midday. “The aid packages arrived this morning and are being distributed, starting now.” The economic cost of the earthquake, which followed floods in northern Chile and volcanic eruptions in the south earlier this year, could be anywhere between $100 million and $1 billion, Fitch rating agency said. Bachelet, who was widely criticized for her slow response to a monster quake in 2010 that killed more than 500 people, hugged victims as she toured the disaster zone on Thursday. Hit by tsunami Those hit by the tsunami lost practically everything, said Askaan Wohlt of the Desafio Levantemos Chile charity, which was established after the 2010 quake. “Our focus is going to be to help businesses rebuild,” said Wohlt. — Reuters

AFTERMATH: Chilean soldiers clean the debris left by the tsunami following earthquake that left 12 people dead and another five missing, in Coquimbo, 450 km north of Santiago, on Friday. — AFP



Russia starts 1,000-day countdown to 2018 World Cup MOSCOW: Moscow’s Red Square was transformed on Friday into a football pitch as Russia launched its 1,000-day countdown to the 2018 FIFA World Cup it will host in 11 cities. Attended by high-ranking officials and football stars, the celebrations come as world football’s governing body is embroiled in a corruption scandal, partly over the awarding of the 2018 tournament to Russia. On Thursday, FIFA Secretary-General Jerome Valcke was abruptly relieved of his duties over his alleged involvement in a ticketing scam. “Preparations for the World Cup in 11 cities of our country... are in full swing,” President Vladimir Putin said by video link from Sochi, the host city of the 2014 Winter Olympics. “Everything will be done to suitably host the planet’s leading 32 national squads. We are always happy to see guests and promise to organise grand celebrations in Russia, which will make history in the world of sport and football.” The Kremlin has said that the country honestly participated in the bidding process and that its status as host country should not

be called into question. The culmination of the ceremony came at 13:23 Moscow time (10:23 GMT) when former World Cup winners Lothar Matthaus of Germany and Italy’s Gianluca Zambrotta along with Spain’s former football great Fernando Hierro and Russia’s international keeper Igor Akinfeyev pressed the red button launching the countdown. Russia’s first deputy Prime Minister Igor Shuvalov, the country’s sports minister Vitaly Mutko, Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin also took part in the ceremony. “Only 1,000 days remain before the World Cup start and a plenty of work still awaits us,” Shuvalov said. “It doesn’t mean that we have not done anything before this moment. “We all will do our best to make our president’s promises come true. To present the great football occasion to all the game lovers.” Friendly matches among the under-16 national squads of Russia, Italy, Germany and Spain were played on the pitch set up on Red Square near the walls of the Kremlin. The 2018 World Cup opening match will take place at Moscow’s Luzhniki Stadium on June 14, 2018. - AFP

IN FULL SWING: FIFA’s Director of Competitions Colin Smith, left, and General Director of the Russia 2018 Local Organising Committee Alexey Sorokin, second left, pose for a group photo along with government officials and former international stars during a ceremony to launch the clock, counting down 1,000 days to the beginning of the 2018 FIFA World Cup, in Manezhnaya Square in central Moscow on Friday. – Reuters

Valcke downfall is a new blow for Blatter and world football


Valcke was put on indefinite leave on Thursday night over accusations that he agreed to let World Cup tickets be sold at a vastly inflated price. The Frenchman strongly denied

MORE TROUBLE: FIFA President Joseph Blatter, right, and Secretary-General Jerome Valcke

the allegations

Mo Farah

UK Athletics happy with Farah’s training LONDON: UK Athletics has cleared British athletes including double Olympic and world champion Mo Farah to continue training under Alberto Salazar and said there was “no reason to be concerned” about the American coach’s Oregon training project. A BBC television programme had made allegations of doping against Salazar, a consultant to UKA, although there was no suggestion that Farah was ever involved. After a full review by its Performance Oversight Group of Salazar’s Oregon training project, the UKA has dismissed any concerns. “In July we said that there was no evidence of any impropriety on the part of Mo Farah and no reason to lack confidence in his training programme,” a statement from UKA said on Friday. “The Oversight Group have restated that view today. They have also found no reason to be concerned about the engagement of other British athletes and coaches with the Oregon Project. “The review established that the vast majority of the endurance programme’s interaction with the Oregon Project is in fact focussed on Mo Farah, with very little other UK Athletics related activity. Coaching and support for Mo Farah will remain the focus of our engagement with the Oregon Project.” The statement added that UKA will continue to cooperate with the United States AntiDoping Agency’s inquiry. “Obviously since our review was set up USADA announced that it was conducting an investigation into allegations made in respect of staff within the Oregon Project. “USADA is clearly the right body to look at anti-doping issues. They have asked us not to give any further details of our review until their work has concluded. We respect their request and are of course giving them our fullest support and co-operation.” - Reuters

ZURICH: FIFA’s suspension of Secretary-General Jerome Valcke left world football reeling again on Friday from scandal and further weakened its president Sepp Blatter. Valcke was put on indefinite leave on Thursday night over accusations that he agreed to let World Cup tickets be sold at a vastly inflated price. The Frenchman strongly denied the allegations. But FIFA’s chief of finance Markus Kattner took over “all duties” held by Valcke in the day-to-day running of football’s governing body, FIFA said. With FIFA still overshadowed by US and Swiss corruption investigations, it announced on Thursday night that Valcke “has been put on leave and released from his

duties effective immediately until further notice.” FIFA said it had been “made aware of a series of allegations involving the secretary-general and has requested a formal investigation by the FIFA Ethics Committee.” Valcke has been accused of involvement in a scam to sell World Cup tickets at inflated prices and take a slice of the profits. The claims were made by Benny Alon, an American-Israeli consultant at a company which had a deal with FIFA to sell 2014 World Cup tickets. The contract was subsequently cancelled. In a strongly-worded statement issued by Valcke’s US-based attorney, the official decried the allegations as false. “Jerome Valcke unequivocally denies the fabricated and outra-

geous accusations by Benny Alon of alleged wrongdoing in connection with the sale of World Cup tickets,” the statement from New York attorney Barry Berke said. The statement said Valcke “never received or agreed to accept any money or anything else of value from Mr Alon”. All dealings between Valcke and Alon’s company had been cleared by FIFA’s legal department, the statement added. Corruption scandal Alon said his company, JB Sports, sold World Cup tickets at up to three times their face value. Alon gave out copies of emails to back his allegations at a briefing for invited journalists in Zurich on Thursday. Valcke has already been in trouble over football scandals. US media named him in June as


Nasir helps Bangladesh A level series against India A BENGALURU: All-rounder Nasir Hossain cracked an unbeaten ton and picked up a five-wicket haul to ensure a comfortable 65run victory for Bangladesh A as the visitors levelled the three-match unofficial ODI series against India A at 1-1 here on Friday. The Mominul Haque-led side picked up the pieces from its opening loss against the hosts to return with a complete performance at the M Chinnaswamy stadium. After posting 252 for eight while batting first, Bangladesh A shot India A out for 187 in 42.2 overs. Put into bat, the visitors lost early wickets, but Hossain’s 96ball 102 not out helped the side reach a respectable score in 50 overs. The 70-run sixth-wicket partnership between Nasir and Liton Das (45) turned things around for the visitors. Soumya Sarkar (24), Anamul Haque (34) and Arafat Sunny (17) also contributed to the Bangladesh A score. Medium-pacer Rishi Dhawan bagged three wickets, while leg-spinner Karn Sharma had two scalps. The Unmukt Chand-led side were never in the chase after the top-order batsmen not only failed to convert starts but surrendered to Nasir’s off-spin and Rubel Hossian’s medium pace (four for 33). Unmukt top-scored with 56 runs as Nasir (five for 36) rattled the top-order with Litton gloving

ALL-ROUND SHOW: Nasir Hossain

five catches behind the stumps. Looking for some batting practice before the South Africa series, senior batsman Suresh Raina faltered for the second time around after being caught behind for 17 off Nasir — the left-hander had managed 16 in the first game. The middle and lower-middle order could not cut much ice this time around as they fell like a pack of cards. If Nasir troubled the batsmen then Rubel also never allowed them to breathe easy. India A also

saw two ducks in Sanju Samson and Rishi Dhawan, both of whom were major contributors for the hosts in the opening win. The third and final match will be played on Sunday at the same venue. Brief scores: Bangladesh A 252/8 in 50 overs (Nasir Hossain 101 n.o., Liton Das 45; Rishi Dhawan 3/44, Karn Sharma 2/40) bt India A 187 all out in 42.2 overs (Unmukt Chand 56, Manish Pandey 36; Nasir Hossain 5/36, Rubel Hossain 4/33). - PTI

the conduit for a $10 million payment made by South Africa to a bank account controlled by former FIFA Vice-President Jack Warner. Warner is one of 14 people accused by US authorities of involvement in more than $150 million in bribes paid by sports executives to soccer officials. Seven FIFA were arrested in Zurich on the eve of its Congress in May when Blatter was reelected to a fifth term. Swiss police also launched an inquiry into the award of the 2018 and 2022 World Cups to Russia and Qatar. Amid growing controversy, the 79-year-old Blatter announced just four days later that he would stand down. A new presidential election will be held on February 26. Switzerland ruled on Thursday that former FIFA vice-president

Eugenio Figueredo, one of the seven arrested, should be extradited to the United States. Figueredo, a Uruguayan, has been charged by the US justice department with soliciting millions of dollars in bribes from sports marketing firms. Another of those arrested, Jeffrey Webb of the Cayman Islands, agreed to extradition and was sent to the United States in July. Five are still challenging a transfer to American courts. Valcke came under scrutiny in recent months over what he knew about a $10 million payment from the South African FA to an account controlled by Warner, then North and Central American (CONCACAF) football chief, through FIFA in 2008. US investigators believe the money was a bribe in return for backing South Africa getting the 2010 World Cup. FIFA has insisted it only acted as an intermediary between South Africa and Warner. Valcke has been under scrutiny throughout his FIFA career. In 2006 he was forced to step down as FIFA’s director of marketing after a New York court judged he had lied when negotiating FIFA deals with Visa in breach of existing contracts with Mastercard. FIFA was later fined $60 million over the case, but Valcke, a loyal ally of Blatter, was installed as secretary general in June 2007. Blatter’s action against Valcke could be “a very strong signal to US investigators” about his intentions following calls to cooperate and instigate reforms, a former senior FIFA official said. - AFP

A 12

S AT U R DAY, S E P T E M B E R 1 9, 2 0 1 5

SPORTS Red Bull, Ferrari take the fight to Hamilton While Rosberg led a Mercedes one-two in the first session, both men were outpaced in the second as Russia’s Daniil Kvyat

PACE SETTER: Red Bull Racing’s Russian driver Daniil Kvyat is

put Red Bull on top

seen in the garage after the practice session of the Singapore Formula One Grand Prix in Singapore on Friday. – AFP

SINGAPORE: Lewis Hamilton arrived in Singapore on a mission to match his idol Ayrton Senna’s 41 career race wins but the Briton appeared to have a fight on his hands to reach that milestone after Friday practice. The Mercedes driver has a

53-point lead with seven rounds remaining but hopes of dominating his rivals at the Marina Bay Street Circuit were dampened by the resurgent Red Bulls and competitive Ferraris. While Hamilton’s teammate and closest rival Nico Rosberg led a Mercedes one-two in the first

session, both men were outpaced in the second as Russia’s Daniil Kvyat put Red Bull on top for the first time this season. Kvyat lapped the 23-turn floodlit circuit in one minute, 46.142 to edge out Kimi Raikkonen’s Ferrari by just 0.039 seconds. Red Bull’s Australian Daniel

Ricciardo was third fastest after lapping in 1:46.256. Hamilton was fourth, 0.337 seconds off the pace, while Rosberg languished in seventh place behind Ferrari’s Sebastian Vettel and Sergio Perez’s Force India. Hamilton, however, endured an erratic evening. He went off the track three times as he pushed his Mercedes to the limit at the start of his quest to emulate boyhood hero Senna’s haul of race wins in the same number of starts (161). American rookie Alexander Rossi crashed as he prepared for his first weekend as a race driver for tailenders Manor Marussia after flying in at short notice to replace Spaniard Roberto Merhi for five of the remaining seven grands prix. He completed 18 laps at the back of the field before losing control and slamming into the barriers after Turn 18, his broken Manor stranded and unable to continue as the session was halted. - Reuters


Jordan down Oman in AFC U-16 qualifiers MUSCAT: Oman conceded two late goals to as they went to down to Jordan in the AFC U-16 Championship qualifiers in Kyrgyzstan on Friday. In a closely contested Group B match played in Kyrgyzstan capital of Bishek, neither Oman nor Jordan opened managed to open their account in the first 80 minutes. However, Jordan struck two goals in quick success to earn full points. Khaled Radi Kaourdi opened the score in the 82nd minute before Muannad Mohammed doubled the lead in the very next minute. In the second match of the day, Nepal defeated hosts Kyrgyzstan by a 4-2 margin to occupy the top stop in the group. Yacoub Al Sabahi coached Oma-

nis, who started their campaign with a 2-0 win over Kyrgyzstan, now have three points from two outings, same as Jordan. Nepal had beaten Jordan 2-1 in their opening match. In the final day’s action on Sunday, Oman takes on Nepal while Jordan play Kyrgyzstan. Ten group winners and four best second-placed teams will join North Korea, who topped the already concluded Group H, and India in next year’s finals, with the tournament hosts receiving an automatic qualification. Should India finish top of their qualifying group or among the four best second-placed teams, the fifth best second-placed nation will qualify for the final competition.

FIRST DEFEAT: Oman under-16 team


Wozniacki backs Serena to beat Grand Slam record SINGAPORE: Former world No. 1 Caroline Wozniacki on Friday backed her close friend Serena Williams to beat Steffi Graf’s record of 22 major titles despite her heartbreaking defeat at the US Open. Williams was bidding for the first calendar year Grand Slam since Graf in 1988, as well as a record-equalling 22nd major victory, when she was stunned by Roberta Vinci in the US Open semifinals. But Wozniacki, speaking during a promotional visit for the Singapore Tourism Board, said it was only a matter of time before Williams makes the Grand Slam record her own. “She’s won three Slams this year. I think that just proves it,” Denmark’s Wozniacki, ranked sixth, said of the American world No. 1. “It’s never easy (to surpass Steffi Graf ) but I definitely believe that she can do it,” the 25-year-old added. With Williams, who will turn 34 next week, and Swiss great Roger Federer, also 34, still at the top of the game, Wozniacki said players are finding ways to take better care of their bodies. “I think if you look at tennis nowadays, people play longer and I think they’ve found better ways to take care of their body... and everything has helped players to play longer and I think that’s great,” said Wozniacki. For herself, Wozniacki stressed that staying healthy is her priority after a season affected by injury.

SUPPORTING A FRIEND: Danish star Caroline Wozniacki smiles during a media session in Singapore on Friday. – AFP

“I spend a lot of time in the gym to keep myself fit and healthy, it’s very important now and it’s probably more important than hitting balls in the court,” said Wozniacki, who mixes gym work, boxing and swimming into her training regime. The 25-year-old said she’ll be looking to pick up points in Japan and China in the coming weeks to make sure she qualifies for the year-ending WTA Finals in Singapore, featuring the top eight players. “I am going to try and do my best to qualify, I’ve had a few good weeks and it should be all good.” - AFP





Reserve Bank of India Governor Rahguram Rajan on Saturday said that the US Federal Reserve was impelled to hold nearzero rates again due to the emerging threat to the global economy as well as its concern over health of the American economy. >B2


Hacking worries for the brave new world of digital cars FRANKFURT: The connected car may be catching everyone’s imagination at this year’s IAA auto show. But the new technology also brings with it new dangers, such as hacking. Carmakers at the Frankfurt Motor Show, which opens its doors to the general public on Saturday, are keen to show off their brave new world of intelligent, digitised cars. But an incident in the US earlier this year when computer hackers remotely took control of a Jeep Grand Cherokee while it was driving on a motorway and brought it to a standstill highlighted dangers that such innovations can bring. And the industry must find ways of convincing consumers that these new super-computers on wheels are safe and secure. One Jeep owner, Michael Frosch, is taking an extra close look at different models on display at the IAA. “I have the same navigation system as in the Jeep that was hacked,” he says. “But I guess I’m not important enough for someone to want to send me crashing into a tree.” Jeep was forced to recall 1.4 mil-

sensitive data, that will start attracting criminals,” said Egil Juliussen, analyst at IHS. And those criminals always keep pace with any technological advance. “A connected car is only secure for a short time” until a chink in the armour can be found, said Andrey Nikishin, director of futures technologies projects at the cybersecurity consultants Kaspersky.

NEW FRONTIERS: Carmakers at the Frankfurt Motor Show, which opens its doors to the general public on Saturday, are keen to show off their brave new world of intelligent, digitised models. - Bloomberg file picture

lion vehicles in the US in the wake of the hacking incident, which was a real wake-up call to the potential dangers, says Ricardo Reyes, vice president of US startup Tesla, a maker of upscale electric cars. “We were mobilised before” the incident with the Jeep, but “awareness is much stronger” now, says

Brigitte Courtehoux, director of PSA Peugeot Citroen’s connected services business unit. German auto giant Volkswagen has promised to turn “all of our models into smartphones on wheels” by 2020. But as was the case with computers and mobile phones before

them, that will make cars potential targets for hackers. Around 150 million connected cars will be on the road worldwide in 2020, according to estimates by consultancy firm Gartner. For the time being, “there is no clear economic model for hacking cars. But once your car stores

‘No big challenge’ At the moment, “it’s not really easy to hack just any car on the road. But for a professional hacker with lots of time on their hands, it is no big challenge,” Nikishin said. In London, for example, around 6,000 cars were stolen in 2014 without being broken into, but simply by hacking their electronic locks, according to the city’s police. But theft or accidents are not the biggest threats, Nikishin said. Protecting personal data “is the most pressing problem because it’s a lot easier to steal the data,” the expert said. For example, such a risk could arise if connected cars are synchronised with drivers’ smartphones containing personal

China is oil’s best defence against ‘price meltdown’ While China’s surprise currency devaluation helped trigger Brent’s fall to about $42 a barrel last month, it’s stockpiling of crude oil can staunch further losses

LONDON: Even after China’s slowing economy dragged crude to a six-year low, oil’s second-biggest consumer remains the main safeguard against a further price meltdown. While China’s surprise currency devaluation helped trigger Brent crude’s slump to about $42 a barrel last month, the nation’s stockpiling of oil can staunch further losses. In the first seven months of the year, China purchased about half a million barrels of crude in excess of its daily needs, the most for the period since 2012, according to data compiled by Bloomberg. As the country gathers bargain barrels for its strategic petroleum reserve, the demand is cushioning an oversupplied market from a further crash, according to Columbia University’s Center on Global Energy Policy. “It throws

a lifeline to the market” that safeguards against the risk of crude touching $20 a barrel, Jeff Currie, head of commodities research at Goldman Sachs Group in New York, said by phone. “That lifeline lasts through late 2016.” Other countries have emergency oil-supply buffers, and while the US Strategic Petroleum Reserve has been stable at about 700 million barrels for years, China is expanding its stockpiles rapidly. The Asian nation has accumulated about 200 million barrels of crude in its reserve so far and aims to have 500 million by the end of the decade, according to the International Energy Agency. It’s currently filling a 19-million-barrel facility at Huangdao and will add oil at six sites with a combined capacity of about 132 million barrels over the next 18 months, the Par-

VITAL RESOURCE: China has accumulated about 200 million barrels of crude in its reserve so far and aims to have 500 million by the end of the decade, according to the IEA. — Bloomberg file picture

is- based adviser on energy policy estimates. “The fact that China is stockpiling crude for public strategic storage certainly offsets the weaker sentiment on China’s oil-product demand,” said Harry Tchilinguirian, head of commodity markets strategy at BNP Paribas in London. China’s demand growth is set to slow to an annual rate of 2.3 per cent by the fourth quarter compared with 5.6 per cent in the second quarter, a reflection of “weak car sales data, declines in indus-


Japan set to digest US rate decision over long weekend TOKYO: Tokyo investors will be cautiously watching global stock markets for cues next week to gauge the impact of the US central bank’s decision not to raise rates, analysts said. Dealers will have three extra days to digest the news, which saw Tokyo shares defy a rally across Asia to end the final day of the week lower, as markets will be closed until Wednesday. “After the US Federal Reserve’s decision to stay pat on monetary policy, investors will watch movement in foreign markets, as well as a series of data including China’s manufacturing PMI,” said Hiroaki Hiwata, strategist at Toyo Securities. China’s manufacturing purchasing managers index is due on Wednesday and Japanese consumer price data for August on Friday, while a series of US data will be closely watched next week. “If foreign markets move into positive territory, Japanese stocks will likely pick up too,” Hiwata said.

On Friday, Tokyo shares retreated almost two percent, defying a broad regional rally, as the yen strengthened against the dollar after the US Federal Reserve held fire on raising interest rates. The Nikkei 225 index at the Tokyo Stock Exchange dropped 1.96 per cent, or 362.06 points, to close at 18,070.21. Over the week, the index slipped 1.06 per cent. The broader Topix index of all firstsection shares was down 1.98 per cent, or 29.53 points, at 1,462.38. It lost 1.21 per cent over five sessions. After a highly anticipated twoday meeting the Fed on Thursday said it would leave its borrowing rates at zero, with governor Janet Yellen citing concerns about the world economy and particularly China’s sharp slowdown. The Fed’s decision followed widespread warnings about the dire impact a rate increase could have, with the World Bank predicting this week it would cause a “perfect storm” in financial markets. “A lot of our focus has been on risks around China, but not just

China, emerging markets more generally and how they may spill over to the United States,” Yellen said at a news conference following the rate announcement. No more cheap yen While many had expected the Fed to back off a first hike in nine years, the tone of Yellen’s comments took some by surprise. “It seems logical the (US) central bank would have raised rates if it weren’t for recent international developments, but they tried desperately to buy themselves flexibility,” Chris Weston, chief market analyst at IG, said in an email to clients. The decision not to raise rates hit the dollar, which was trading at 119.78 yen in Tokyo, against 120.01 yen in New York and well off the 120.90 yen in Asia earlier Thursday. The strengthening yen pushed Japanese shares in negative territory. Analysts say traders see the currency as a safe haven, which means it strengthens in times of turmoil and uncertainty. — AFP

trial activity, plummeting property prices and fragile electricity output,” the IEA said in a report on September 11. Price floor Brent for November settlement fell 1.3 per cent to $48.44 a barrel at 1:34pm on the London-based ICE Futures Europe exchange. The international benchmark has fallen about 50 per cent in the past year. When amassing inventories, China’s import demand can swing by as much as one million barrels

a day, or about 15 per cent above monthly average levels, said Colin Fenton, a fellow at the Center on Global Energy Policy at Columbia University in New York. Because the country buys when prices dip, it helps shield crude against extreme losses and effectively makes $30 a floor for Brent, he said by e-mail. “It’s going to be really, really hard to stay there or push lower because that price has already been demonstrated by the Chinese to be one where you should expect hundreds of thousands of barrels per day of import demand to appear,” said Fenton, who was global head of commodities research at JP Morgan Chase from 2010 to 2015. “China is the only country that can do it.” These discretionary purchases, while tempering oil’s recent slump, still need to be considered against the long-term slowdown in China’s energy consumption and the size of the current oversupply of crude, according to Barclays. — Bloomberg News

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credit card or bank account details. And while “hackers” currently tend to be well-intentioned researchers, the weak points can quickly fall into criminal hands, said Juliussen. At the IAA, the European Automobile Manufacturers’ Association ACEA outlined its “principles of data protection in relation to connected vehicles and services.” “Data protection is an issue automakers take very seriously, as we are committed to providing our customers with a high level of protection and maintaining their trust,” said ACEA chief, Carlos Ghosn, who heads French carmaker Renault. German automaker Daimler and its chief executive Dieter Zetsche, for example, boast that data collected by the group is stored on its own secure servers, rather than those of third parties, contrary to some of its rivals. PSA Peugeot Citroen is collaborating with IT giants such as Cisco on an electronic architecture for its cars, as well as “some players from the military sector,” says Courtehoux. — AFP BANKING & FINANCE

Deutsche Bank closes Russia securities unit MOSCOW: Deutsche Bank will close its Russian banking and securities businesses as co-Chief Executive Officer John Cryan presses ahead with a plan to exit some countries and the lender grapples with an alleged money laundering probe of its Moscow office. Deutsche Bank is planning to cut about 200 jobs as part of the closure, according to people with knowledge of the matter who asked not to be identified because the information is private. About 200 people will remain in transaction banking and 900 in IT functions, one person said. A spokesman in Moscow declined to comment on job cuts. Cryan, 54, is seeking to reduce expenses to boost returns and is considering cutting the global workforce by nearly 25 per cent, people familiar with the plans said earlier this week. Deutsche Bank is the biggest foreign securities firm in Russia so far to announce it will exit the country as industry profits slump amid the first recession since 2009. The bank is also being probed for alleged moneylaundering in Russia, according to people familiar with the matter. The lender’s Russian corporate finance and markets businesses will now operate from international hubs, according to the statement. — Bloomberg News


S AT U R DAY, S E P T E M B E R 1 9, 2 0 1 5


US, global growth concerns behind Fed rate move: Rajan

Raghuram Rajan, governor of the Reserve of India. - Bloomberg file picture

MUMBAI: Reserve Bank of India (RBI) Governor Rahguram Rajan on Saturday said that the US Federal Reserve was impelled to hold near-zero rates again due to the emerging threat to the global economy as well as its concern over health of the American economy. “If we look around the world today, it doesn’t present a pretty picture. Industrial countries are still struggling, with a few exceptions, to grow and the uncertainty about growth in the US as well the world is probably what impelled the Fed to stay on hold yesterday,” Rajan said here.

and price stability, the Fed committee on Friday reaffirmed its view that the current 0 to 1/4 per cent target range for the federal funds rate remains appropriate,” Federal Reserve chair Janet Yellen said after a two-day meeting in Washington. In New Delhi, Economic Affairs Secretary Shaktikanta Das said the US Fed decision gives more room to emerging markets for policy adjustment. “The Fed has given a clear signal that any increase would be calibrated,” Das said in first official response to the Fed decision.

The Governor was making his opening remarks before delivering the CK Prahalad memorial lecture here this morning. Global credit crisis In what could be termed as the most-awaited Fed meeting since the 2008 global credit crisis, the world’s most powerful central bank again postponed its intended decision to increase the rates from 0.00-.025 per cent till the end of the year, giving a big relief to India and other developing countries. “To support continued progress toward maximum employment

Bank of Japan brainstorms massive stimulus overhaul one of them said on condition of anonymity.

Sources familiar with the BOJ’s thinking say stepping up its $665b per year asset buying remains its go-to option if deflationary pressures persist, given a limited arsenal of obvious policy alternatives.

TOKYO: Sources say the Bank of Japan (BOJ) has been quietly brainstorming the idea of overhauling its massive monetary stimulus programme over time, casting doubt on officials’ confident assertions that it can keep buying up government bonds for several more years. Sources familiar with the BOJ’s thinking say stepping up its 80 trillion yen ($665 billion) per year asset buying remains its go-to option if deflationary pressures persist, given a limited arsenal

of obvious policy alternatives. But they say the central bank isn’t ruling out breaking with the money-printing programme over the longer term, as it has had little success in accelerating inflation toward its two per cent target since it began in April 2013. Senior BOJ officials have been involved in preliminary talks discussing the longer-term options, the sources said. “If the medicine isn’t working, you wonder whether it makes sense to keep prescribing more,”

QQE programme Another source quoted a senior BOJ official as saying that if the so-called quantitative and qualitative easing (QQE) programme fails to accelerate inflation for too long, a revamp of the framework may become an option. “QQE is not a programme intended to last another five, 10 years,” said a former BOJ policymaker with knowledge of current monetary policy deliberations. The BOJ has pumped 180 trillion yen into the economy since adopting QQE and each month gobbles up government bonds equivalent to about one per cent of Japan’s GDP. While the stimulus has boosted exporters’ profits by weakening the yen, its broader impact has been weak as firms remain wary of increasing wages and investment. Inflation has ground to a halt on falling oil costs and soft consumption, rekindling market expecta-

tions the BOJ might step up easing as early as next month. But with borrowing costs near zero, some BOJ officials doubt whether expanding QQE would help the economy much and some worry they might eventually run out of sellers if they accelerate the programme. The BOJ already holds about a quarter of Japanese government bonds (JGB) in the market, and that would rise to nearly 40 percent by the end of 2016 at the current pace of buying. BOJ technocrats say they can keep buying as long as they offer high prices, but BOJ board member Takehiro Sato, a former bond analyst, has argued that there are limits because financial institutions need a certain level of JGBs for collateral. The International Monetary Fund agrees. “Given the pace of the BOJ’s purchases under the QQE programme that is under way ... you could run out of willing sellers of JGBs by the end of 2017,” said

Kalpana Kochhar, the IMF’s mission chief for Japan. That would not just make the bond market dysfunctional, it would also prevent the bank from hitting its monetary base target. Revert to rate target? For now, there is no consensus within the BOJ on what any overhaul to the programme might look like. Many policymakers still cling to hope that inflation will rise enough to allow them to consider phasing out QQE around 2017. But with a sales tax hike looming that year, many analysts doubt the BOJ can withdraw stimulus so soon. If the BOJ bumps into trouble buying JGBs, some analysts say it could abandon the 0.1 per cent interest the central bank pays on reserves the financial institutions park in BOJ accounts, or even charge a fee for them. That might particularly hurt regional banks, which are already struggling with thin margins on bond investments. — Reuters


Chinese firms sign key deal for high-speed rail link in US BEIJING: A unit of China’s CRRC Corp., the world’s biggest train maker by revenue, on Thursday joined a group of its domestic peers in agreeing a deal to help build a high-speed link from Las Vegas to Los Angeles, underlining the rail giant’s lofty overseas ambitions. Announced in a joint statement by the Chinese firms and US partner XpressWest at a government forum in Beijing, the deal is the latest in a series of deeper Sino-American business ties to be unveiled before President Xi Jinping visits the United States next week. Computer maker Dell said it will invest $125 billion in China, and new bilateral investment treaty offers have been exchanged. CRRC, formed from a statedriven merger of China’s two largest train makers, is among a large group of the country’s rail firms that has inked an accord for the project with XpressWest, a venture set up by Las Vegasbased hotel and casino developer Marnell Companies. Investment terms weren’t disclosed. Gary Wong, a Hong Kongbased analyst at brokerage Guotai Junan, estimated that the project could be worth $5 billion. He said that although it would likely offer the many Chinese firms involved little financial

benefit, it was significant for their long-term goals. “If this opens up the US market for them, opportunities for future expansion will increase. And if (their technology) is used in the United States, it will be easier for them to sell to other countries,” he said. CRRC is leading China’s aggressive pursuit of overseas high-speed rail deals in competition with traditional suppliers such as Germany’s Siemens AG and France’s Alstom SA . Beijing recently clinched contracts in Russia, although it has faced hurdles in Mexico and Indonesia due to bureaucratic flip-flops in those countries. US potential The United States is a key target for China’s rail industry, even though policymakers have been split over the need for highspeed rail and some have taken a dim view of Chinese involvement in potentially strategic deals. Most of a dozen or so US projects lined up have struggled to gain traction, leaving the country far behind Europe and Asia in this area. XpressWest won the green light for the 230-mile high-speed line linking Los Angeles to Las Vegas in 2011 and applied for a federal loan in 2010, according

to the company’s website. It did not say whether its loan application had been successful. The US company didn’t respond to calls or emails seeking comment on the project after the partnership deal with the Chinese firms — grouped in a Nevada-based venture called China Railway International USA- was announced. XpressWest XpressWest and the Chinese firms said in their statement that the accord would help accelerate the project without disclosing details of how it would achieve that. Additional regulatory approvals will be required before the construction begins, expected early as September 2016. “The United States market is huge because the fact is that their railway tracks and facilities are ageing and need upgrading,” Cao Gangcai, CRRC’s vice chief economist, told Reuters in an interview on Wednesday, before the XpressWest deal was announced. The company plans to grow its share of revenue from work overseas to 30 per cent within the next five years, he said. Having completed its merger in May, it booked first-half revenue of 91.8 billion yuan ($14.42 billion), only 12 per cent of which was booked overseas. — Reuters

The market anticipates that Rajan will cut rates at the September 29 meeting. It can be noted that the world’s second largest economy China has been in perils since beginning of the year, which pulled down global commodity prices to near record lows. The Fed said it anticipates that it will be appropriate to raise the target range for the federal funds rate when it has seen some further improvement in the labour market and is reasonably confident that inflation will move back to its two per cent objective over the medium-term. — PTI EUROPEAN UNION

Matteo Renzi. — Bloomberg News

Italy’s Renzi gambles on EU backing for budget ROME: Prime Minister Matteo Renzi was on Friday putting the final touches to a budget which could inject 27 billion euros into Italy’s sickly economy next year — if he can get it past Brussels. The plan for an ambitious programme of tax cuts and investment financed partly through an increased deficit represents Renzi’s biggest challenge yet to the way in which the European Commission applies the eurozone’s supposedly strict budget rules. Economists are sceptical that Renzi will be granted all the leeway he wants, which he says could potentially free up some 17 billion euros for measures to promote jobs and growth. “Brussels will allow some fiscal slippage, but not 17 billion euros,” Holger Schmieding, chief economist at Berenberg Bank, told AFP. But the centre-left premier bullishly insists that his plans are both within the rules and vital to secure the growth Italy needs to put its public finances in order. “We cannot cut the deficit purely by cutting spending, that is foolish,” he said earlier this week. On top of the funds released by the EU rules being applied flexibly, Renzi is counting on higher growth to finance his plans. The budget due to be approved by Renzi’s cabinet on Friday evening includes revised GDP growth predictions of 0.9 per cent for this year and around 1.6 per cent for 2016. Pierre Moscovici, the European Commissioner in charge of overseeing the finances of eurozone commissioners, was in Rome on Friday to begin the haggling over the detail of the Italian tax and spending plans. There is concern in Brussels that Renzi’s widely-trailed plans will slow the pace at which Rome reduces its 2.2-trillion-euro debt mountain — equivalent to more than 130 per cent of the country’s entire annual economic output. Moscovici diplomatically rejected suggestions that Renzi was regarded as the naughtiest boy in the euro class. “I would not define Italy as being under special surveillance,” the former French finance minister told Corriere della Sera. — AFP


Lufthansa set to start premium economy flights from Mumbai NEW DELHI: German carrier Lufthansa on Friday announced rolling out of premium economy class on its flights to Frankfurt and Munich from Mumbai, starting next week and offered special promotional fares for the new cabin class for a limited period. Mumbai is the third city to have such an offering from Lufthansa, after Delhi and Bengaluru.

The new cabin class on the Mumbai-Frankfurt-Mumbai route is being introduced from September 23 while the same for Mumbai-Munich-Mumbai sector would be launched from September 25, Lufthansa said. It also said that passengers can avail an upgrade to higher class by paying an additional fee. The premium economy passengers can

also access business class lounge facilities at a nominal cost. The new product rolled out for the fliers from Mumbai comes with on-board as well as onground features including 50 per cent extra legroom as compared to the economy class, it said. “Mumbai is India’s financial and corporate hub and a very important market for Lufthansa. — PTI

S AT U R DAY, S E P T E M B E R 1 9, 2 0 1 5


MARKET Apple wins key ruling in US to force Samsung to change phones, tablets Woo Sung, a patent lawyer at Lim & Jeong Patent Law Firm in Seoul.

A US appeals court said Apple was entitled to a narrow order that prevents the Korean device maker from using Apple’s slide-tounlock, autocorrect and quicklinks features

WASHINGTON: Apple won a court ruling that may force Samsung Electronics to stop using some features in its older-model Galaxy smartphones and tablets and gives the iPhone maker a leg up in the four-year-old dispute. A US appeals court said Apple was entitled to a narrow order that prevents the Korean device maker from using Apple’s slide-tounlock, autocorrect and quicklinks features. Ruling otherwise would eliminate patent rights of inventors of certain features in multicomponent devices, the US Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit in Washington said in an opinion posted on its electronic docket. The decision could have farreaching consequences in how disputes are resolved when it comes to complex devices, and help patent owners limit copying

by rivals. The ability to block use of an invention is a powerful tool that increases the price tag when negotiating settlements. Important precedent “It’s an important precedent for Apple and any company that seeks to protect product differentiation,” said Nick Rodelli, who heads CFRA Legal Edge, a New Yorkbased forensic accounting and legal research firm. “This broadens their moat here in the US and makes it more difficult for new entrants to come into the US market and rip off Apple’s features.” Samsung said it would ask that the issue be considered by all active judges of the Federal Circuit, since it was a split decision. The court handles all patent appeals. The iPhone maker gains additional firepower with its biggest

$ 1 2 8 B M A R K E T VA L U E W I P E O U T

Alibaba’s investors in for difficult times HONG KONG: Alibaba Group Holding looked like a sure thing a year ago when it pulled off the largest initial public offering ever. It had a lock on China e-commerce as the economy was surging and consumer spending was steadily rising. Shares soared 76 per cent from the IPO price in just two months. Then it all crumbled. Alibaba came under fire from a China government agency, it cut deals that baffled investors and it replaced its Jack Ma. — Bloomberg file picture chief executive as growth slowed. Most important, China’s economy turned wobbly, jeopardising the calls on Alibaba and also recomrise in consumer spending Alibaba mendations across the portfolio he needed. Its stock slid down, down, covers. “Until investors feel some comdown to the IPO price and then below. The sure thing was no such fort in that slowdown bottoming out, it will be hard for the stock,” thing. What now? Investors who he added. Jack Ma, Alibaba’s chairman watched $128 billion in market value disappear shouldn’t expect and co-founder, isn’t known for a reprieve any time soon. Atlantic coddling investors. In a letter with Equities LLP’s James Cordwell, the IPO filing, he said explicitly the top-ranked analyst covering shareholders would be the third the stock, predicts the slowing priority after customers and emChinese economy will undercut ployees. He and his partners didn’t e-commerce transaction growth want short-term market volatiluntil at least 2016. The many deals ity to distract from building a sucAlibaba has negotiated will take cessful business for the long term. Indeed, many of Alibaba’s troutime to pay off too. “All the operating metrics seem bles derive from a domestic econto be pointing in the wrong direc- omy over which it has no control. tion,” said London-based Cord- While conceding some missteps in well, who topped Bloomberg its first year, Alibaba isn’t one for Absolute Return rankings for his introspection. — Bloomberg News

CRUCIAL VERDICT: For Samsung, the ruling applies to older models including the Galaxy S2 and Note 2 that have been superseded by current devices such as the S6. - Bloomberg file picture

rival when it comes to resolving a fight that began in April 2011. A past Apple settlement with HTC included a “no cloning” provision that ensured HTC’s phones didn’t look too similar to the iPhone, and the ruling on Thursday helps do the same to other makers, like China’s Xiaomi, that want to enter the US market. For Samsung, the ruling applies to older models including the Galaxy S2 and Note 2 that have been superseded by current devices such as the S6. It is

thus unlikely to have a significant impact on the company’s business, said Lee Jae Yun, an analyst at Yuanta Securities Korea. Samsung’s shares climbed 2.9 per cent to 1,190,000 million won in Seoul on Friday, while the benchmark Kospi index rose one per cent. “The remaining litigation looks rather symbolic and I don’t expect the court rulings on older models would have a significant impact on Samsung’s business,” said Jeong

Trial verdict Apple won a $119.6 million jury verdict in May 2014 against Samsung, which was found to have infringed its patents for the slideto-unlock, autocorrect and quicklinks features. Even so, the trial judge declined to force Samsung to remove them from its mobile phones, saying monetary damages would be adequate. Apple argued that, if it weren’t able to control use of its inventions, it may lose market share and its reputation as an innovator. “The right to exclude competitors from using one’s property rights is important,” the Federal Circuit ruled in a 2-1 decision. “And the right to maintain exclusivity — a hallmark and crucial guarantee of patent rights deriving from the Constitution itself — is likewise important.” Samsung backers Google, HTC, LG Electronics. and Rackspace Hosting were among companies backing Samsung in its arguments. They argued that a victory for Apple could allow a patent owner “to unfairly leverage its patent for competitive gain.” The specific features had some

impact on customer decisions to buy products, and that should be considered when determining whether to block use of an invention, the court said. In her dissent, Chief Judge Sharon Prost said Apple must show that the features drove sales from Apple to Samsung before it could block a product. Samsung told the appeals court in March that none of its current models use two of the patents, and only a single product still has the autolink feature, so it will undergo no hardship, the court ruled. “We want to reassure our millions of loyal customers that all of our flagship smartphones, which are wanted and loved by American consumers, will remain for sale and available for customer service support in the US,” said Danielle Meister Cohen, a Samsung spokeswoman. She said Samsung has its own history of innovation. Apple can go back and argue to the trial judge that Samsung’s newer versions still infringe the patents, setting up yet more legal debates between the two. “The public generally does not benefit when that competition comes at the expense of a patentee’s investment- backed property right,” Circuit Judge Kimberly Moore wrote for the majority. — Bloomberg News


China automakers try new ways to counter slowing economy, flat sales XI’AN, (China): As China’s economy loses pace and car sales flatline, automakers are having to redouble their efforts to squeeze every dollar from their dealerships — beefing up after-sales and financing services that are a staple in more developed markets. New car sales still make up a “ridiculous” 70 per cent or more of dealer revenue in China, compared to as little as five per cent in a market like Britain, where dealers make most of their money from car repairs, insurance and auto finance, said an executive at a chain of luxury dealerships in China. For years, Chinese car makers and their dealers had it easy. As China raced from being an undeveloped indigenous market to being the world’s biggest — and a main growth driver for global manufacturers - new car sales sped along at double-digit growth. This year, sales may contract for the first time in at least two decades. That’s prompted global car makers such as BMW to intensify training programmes, teaching dealers how to maximise revenue from businesses beyond just selling new cars. In a classroom-cum-car repair service bay in Beijing last week, groups of BMW after-sales service managers huddled around tables, poring over spreadsheets

ROAD READY: In a classroom-cum-car repair service bay in Beijing last week, groups of BMW after-sales service managers huddled around tables, poring over spreadsheets on repair revenues per model and productivity per service mechanic. - Bloomberg file picture

on repair revenues per model and productivity per service mechanic. Elsewhere, new recruits learn how to compose follow-up mobile messages to potential car buyers browsing the showrooms. That personal touch can later help drum up repeat after-sales business that might otherwise go to cheaper backstreet repair yards. “We’re under conditions that make us sweat with urgency, so we need to participate more in these mind-expanding activities and cooperate with the manufacturer to find a way to survive,” said

Xu Dapeng, who manages aftersales services for a BMW dealership in Beijing and attended last week’s training. As car sales in China soared since the mid-2000s, few manufacturers and dealers bothered to diversify their revenue streams. But around 60 per cent of all car dealerships now say they’re losing money on each new car sold, prompting manufacturers to build out other ways to make money. At BMW, where deliveries to dealers in China have grown just one per cent so far this year, this

means putting recruits through sales ‘boot camp’ and turning experienced staff into spreadsheet wonks. The world’s top luxury car maker this month opened its largest Asia training centre in Xi’an in Shaanxi province. It is also rolling out online training phone apps and having in-house trainers at dealerships look after basic skills so training centres can focus on teaching more advanced skills. Training classes have shifted to help dealers identify areas they can change for a quick improvement in results, said BMW’s China training chief Xiao Yi. “They need to know which kind of customers support big margins and have high turnover,” said Ma Gang, a BMW training manager who oversees after-sales classes. That way dealers can target those customers in follow-up calls and increase the chance they’ll bring in their cars for repairs or a tuneup. BMW is not alone in beefing up its training effort as the market becomes more challenging. Lu Cheng, general manager of DZMC Training, who taught last week’s BMW class, said there’s more demand for such training sessions from all his clients, including Daimler and Porsche. His firm has increased its training staff by a fifth since last year. — Reuters


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F R A U D ,




dam Smith famously wrote of the “invisible hand,” by which individuals’ pursuit of self-interest in free, competitive markets advances the interest of society as a whole. And Smith was right: Free markets have generated unprecedented prosperity for individuals and societies alike. But, because we can be manipulated or deceived or even just passively tempted, free markets also persuade us to buy things that are good neither for us nor for society. This observation represents an important codicil to Smith’s vision. And it is one that George Akerlof and I explore in our new book, Phishing for Phools: The Economics of Manipulation and Deception. Most of us have suffered “phishing”: unwanted emails and phone calls designed to defraud us. A “phool” is anyone who does not fully comprehend the ubiquity of phishing. A phool sees isolated examples of phishing, but does not appreciate the extent of professionalism devoted to it, nor how deeply this professionalism affects lives. Sadly, a lot of us have been phools — including Akerlof and me, which is why we wrote this book. Routine phishing can affect any market, but our most important observations concern financial markets — timely enough, given the massive boom in the equity and real-estate markets since 2009, and the turmoil in global asset markets since last month. As too many optimists have learned to their detriment, asset prices are highly volatile, and a whole ocean of phishes is involved. Borrowers are lured into unsuitable mortgages; firms are stripped of their assets; accountants mislead investors; financial advisers spin narratives of riches from nowhere; and the media promote extravagant claims. But the losers in the downturns are not just those who have been duped. A chain of addi-

tional losses occurs when the inflated assets have been purchased with borrowed money. In that case, bankruptcies and fear of bankruptcy spawn an epidemic of further bankruptcies, reinforcing fear. Then credit dries up and the economy collapses. This vicious downward spiral for business confidence typically features phishes — for example, the victims of Bernard Madoff ’s Ponzi scheme — discovered only after the period of irrational exuberance has ended. Epidemics, in economics as much as in medicine, call for an immediate and drastic response. The response by the authorities to the Great Crash of 1929 was small and slow, and the world economy entered a “Dark Age” that lasted through the Great Depression of the 1930s and the Second World War. The 2007-2009 financial crisis portended a similar outcome, but this time the world’s governments and central banks intervened promptly, in a coordinated fashion, and with an appropriately high volume of stimulus. The recovery has been weak; but we are nowhere near a new Dark Age. For that we should be grateful. Yet some now argue that the fiscal and monetary authorities should not have responded so quickly or strongly when the 2007-2009 crisis erupted. They believe that the primary cause of the crisis was what economists call moral hazard: because risk-takers expected that the authorities would intervene to protect them when their bets went awry, they took even greater risks. By contrast, our view (supported by plenty of data) is that rapidly rising prices usually reflect irrational exuberance, aided and abetted by phishes. The irrationally exuberant were not thinking of the returns they would garner if the authorities intervened to maintain

the economy and the flow of credit (or, in extreme cases, moved to bail out their bank or enterprise). Such possibilities were a marginal consideration in the euphoria preceding the 2007-2009 crisis: those selling at inflated prices were making profits; and buyers “knew” they were doing the right thing — even when they weren’t. The reluctance to acknowledge the need for immediate intervention in a financial crisis is based on a school of economics that fails to account for the irrational exuberance that I have explored elsewhere, and that ignores the aggressive marketing and other realities of digital-age markets examined in Phishing for Phools. But adhering to an approach that overlooks these factors is akin to doing away with fire departments, on the grounds that without them people would be more careful — and so there would then be no fires. We found out many years ago, to the world’s great regret, what happens when a financial epidemic is allowed to run its course. Our analysis indicates that not only are there endemic and natural forces that make the financial system highly volatile; but also that swift, effective intervention is needed in the face of financial collapse. We need to give free rein to fiscal and monetary authorities to take aggressive steps when financial turmoil turns into financial crisis. One Dark Age is one too many. — Robert J. Shiller*/ Project Syndicate

*The author, a 2013 Nobel laureate in economics, is Professor of Economics at Yale University and the co-creator of the Case-Shiller Index of US house prices. He is the author of Irrational Exuberance, the third edition of which was published in January 2015, and, most recently, Phishing for Phools: The Economics of Manipulation and Deception, co-authored with George Akerlof.




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ood waste is a major issue that affects the environment, economy and food security. In fact, according to the Natural Resources Defence Council in the US, American families throw out approximately 25 per cent of the food and beverages they buy – the equivalent of about $1,500 wasted each year. As for the major causes of this food waste, the NRDC points to improper or suboptimal storage, poor visibility in refrigerators, partially used ingredients and misjudged food needs. While the issue continues to grow, there are ways for everyone to address these causes and reverse the negative effects food waste has on the environment and the economy — and many people are already making small efforts to do so. According to Glad Food Protection’s Fridge to Fork survey, 87 per cent of Americans say they are taking steps to preserve their grocery store purchases, or are finding ways to prepare them for later consumption, helping reduce food waste in their homes. With warmer temperatures, fresh ingredients will be in ample supply and proper food preparation and protection will be essential to keep fresh foods on the plate and out of the bin. Help combat food waste and keep your food fresher longer with these tips for properly storing your food the day you buy it:

Fruit Whole watermelon should be left at room temperature until ripe then stored whole and uncovered in the refrigerator. Once cut, store cut watermelon halves or slices in a zippered plastic bag and refrigerate. Do not wash berries before storing. Place in a single layer in a shallow bowl or into the bottom of a large food protection container lined with paper towels. Cover with plastic wrap or seal the container tightly.

Veggies Store whole heads of lettuce loosely wrapped in a zipper bag. Once cut, lettuce should be kept in a zipper bag or container. Add a lightly dampened paper towel to keep lettuce crisp. If still in the husk, refrigerate corn uncovered. Once the husk has been removed, wrap corn cobs tightly in plastic wrap before refrigerating. Raw or cooked kernels can be stored in containers. Place fresh whole broccoli heads in a large zipper bag, and poke several holes in the bag to allow ventilation. To store cut broccoli, remove the woody stems and cut the rest into florets. Soak in lightly salted water to remove dirt and grit, and dry thoroughly. Place into a storage container.

Meat Keep ground beef in its original packaging until ready to use. If opening before using, wrap meat or beef patties securely in plastic wrap. Ground beef should be used within 1-2 days. Wrap individual pieces of poultry in Cling Wrap, and place into a container or zipper bag. To prevent juices from leaking on other food, store poultry on the lowest refrigerator shelf. Poultry should be used within 1-2 days. Thoroughly remove excess moisture from fish with paper towels. Place fillets in a container lined with paper towels. If necessary, stack fillets between rows of paper towels. Cover with another paper towel and seal container. If possible, place storage container on a bed of crushed ice inside a larger container. Fish should be used within 2 days. - Family Features

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3:15, 5:30, 11:30PM (PG12) The Blood Lands – 2D (Horror) (12+) Cast: Pollyanna McIntosh, Lee Williams 10:00PM Katti Batti – 2D (Romance/Comedy) (PG12) Cast: Imran Khan, Kangana Ranaut 3:00, 7:30PM Maaya – 2D (Horror) (15+) Cast: Nayantara, Aari, Amzath Khan 7:15PM


CITY CINEMA Contact (10 am to 6PM) 24567664 | 68. SHATTI THE MAZE RUNNER: SCORCH TRIALS (Action, Sci fi) (PG12)(3D) Cast: Dylan O’Brien, Kaya Scodelario 2:00, 9:15, 11:45 pm THE MAZE RUNNER: SCORCH TRIALS (Action, Sci fi) (PG12)(2D) Cast: Dylan O’Brien, Kaya Scodelario 6:45 pm American Ultra (Action, Drama)(12+) Cast: Jesse Eisenberg, Kristen Stewart 5:00, 9:30 pm The Transporter Refueled (Action)(PG12) Cast: Ed Skrein, Loan Chabanol 4:30, 11:30 pm MOOMOINS ON THE RIVIERA (Animation) 2:00, 3:30 pm (PG) EDEN (Drama, Thriller)(12+)(2D) 4:00, 5:45 pm Cast: Jessica Lowndes, James Remar EVEREST (Adventure, Drama)(PG)(3D/IMAX) 1:45, 9:30, 11:55 pm EVEREST (Adventure, Drama)(PG)(2D) Cast: Jason Clarke, Ang Phula Sherpa 7:00 pm HARA MAZNOUKA (12+)(ARABIC) Cast: Ahmed Fathy, Ola Ghanem 7:30 pm

Katti Batti(Hindi) : 2D (Romance) (TBC) Cast : Imran Khan, Kangana Ranaut 9:15 PM The Dead Lands : 2D (Action ) (15+) Cast : James Rolleston, Lawrence Makaore 12:30 PM The Transporter Refueled : 2D (PG12) Cast : Ed Skrein, Loan Chabano 2:45 PM Moomins on the Riviera: 2D (Family) (PG) Cast : Maria Sid, Mats Langbacka 10:15 AM, 12:00, 3:30 PM

MUSCAT GRAND MALL Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials: 3D (PG12) Timing: 10:00 AM, 9:30, 11:55 PM Gold Class: 3:45, 8:45, 11:15 PM Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials: 2D (Action, Sci-Fi, Thriller) (PG12) 4:45 PM American Ultra: 2D (Action,Comedy) (12+) Cast: Jesse Eisenberg,, Kristen Stewart 1:30, 7:15 PM Everest : 3D (Adventure, Drama, Thriller) (PG) Cast : Jason Clarke, Ang Phula Sherpa 7:15, 11:45 PM Gold Class: 1:15, 6:15 PM Everest : 2D (Adventure, Drama, Thriller) (PG) 5:00 PM

AZAIBA Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials – 2D (PG12) Action, Sci-Fi, Thriller 5:30 PM Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials – 3D (PG12) Action, Sci-Fi, Thriller Cast: Dylan O’Brien, Kaya Scodelario 12:45, 8:00, 10:30 PM Utopiayile Rajavu - 2D (PG) Family, Comedy Cast: Mammootty, Jewel Mary, K. P. A. C. 2:45, 8:45 PM Moomins on the Riviera – 2D (PG) Cast: Maria Sid, Mats Långbacka 12:45, 4:30 PM Maya – 2D (15+) Horror Cast: Nayanthara, Aari, Amzath Khan

THE MAZE RUNNER: SCORCH TRIALS (Action, Sci fi) (PG12)(3D) Cast : Dylan O’Brien, Kaya Scodelario Timings :2:00, 9:15, 11:45 pm

EVEREST : 3D (Adventure, Drama, Thriller) (PG) Cast : Jason Clarke, Ang Phula Sherpa Timing : 7:15, 11:45 PM Gold Class: 1:15, 6:15 PM

MOOMINS ON THE RIVIERA - 2D (PG) Voice Overs : Maria Sid, Mats Långbacka Timings : 3:00, 4:30 PM

KATTI BATTI (ROMANCE) – PG12 Cast: Kangana Ranaut, Imran Khan Timing: 3.30, 6.30, 9.30 PM

SCREEN 3 Everest (2D) (Adventure, Drama) – PG 1.00, 6.45 PM Welcome Back (Comedy) – 12+ Cast: John Abraham, Shruti Hassan 3.45 PM Phantom (Action) – PG 9.45 PM

6:00, 11:30 PM Everest – 3D (PG) Adventure, Drama, Thriller Cast: Jason Clarke, Ang Phula Sherpa 12:30, 7:15, 11:15 PM Everest – 2D (PG) Adventure, Drama, Thriller Cast: Jason Clarke, Ang Phula Sherpa 3:15 PM Katti Batti – 2D (TBC) Romance Cast: Imran Khan, Kangana Ranaut 2:00, 3:45, 6:15, 8:45 PM The Transporter Refueled - 2D (PG12) 2:00, 11:55 PM American Ultra – 2D (12+) Action, Comedy 12:15, 5:30 PM Hero – 2D (PG12) Action, Drama, Romance 9:30 PM

SOHAR The Transporter Refueled - 2D (PG12) Cast: Ed Skrein, Loan Chabanol 5:15, 10:10 PM American Ultra - 2D (12+) Action, Comedy Cast: Jesse Eisenberg, Kristen Stewart 4:15, 11:30 PM Hero - 2D (PG12) Action, Drama, Romance Cast: Sooraj Pancholi, Athiya Shetty 6:00 PM Everest - 2D (PG) Adventure, Drama, Thriller Cast: Jason Clarke, Ang Phula Sherpa 4:45 PM Everest - 3D (PG) Adventure, Drama, Thriller 12:30, 2:30, 7:00, 11:45 PM Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials - 3D 12:00, 7:00, 9:30, 11:55 PM (PG12) Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials - 2D (PG12) Action, Sci-Fi, Thriller

RUWI SCREEN 1 Katti Batti (Romance) – PG12 Cast:Kangana Ranaut, Imran Khan 3.30, 6.30, 9.30 PM SCREEN 2 Welcome Back (Comedy) – 12+ 1.00, 6.45 PM Everest (3D) (Adventure, Drama, Thriller) Cast: Elizabeth Debicki, Jake Gyllenhaal, Keira 3.45, 9.45 PM (PG)

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2:45 PM Katti Batti - 2D (TBC) Romance 12:00, 9:15 PM Moomins on the Riviera - 2D (PG) Cast: Maria Sid, Mats Långbacka 3:00, 4:30 PM Maya - 2D (T) (15+) Horror Cast: Nayanthara, Aari, Amzath Khan 6:00 PM Utopiayile Rajavu - 2D (M) (PG) Family Cast: Mammootty, Jewel Mary, K. P. A. C. 12:15, 8:45 PM Eden - 2D (12+) Drama, Thriller Cast: Jessica Lowndes, James Remar 2:30, 11:55 PM Hara Maznouka - 2D (Arb) (12+) Comedy Cast: Ahmed Fathy, Ola Ghanem 8:25 PM BURAIMI Maze Runner: The Scroch Trails - 3D (Action, Sci-FI, Thriller) (PG12) 5:00, 9:30, 11:55PM Everest – 3D (Adventure, Drama ) (PG) 5:15, 7:20, 11:45PM American Ultra – 2D (Action, Comedy) (12+) 3:30, 11:30PM The Transporter Refueled– 2D (Action )

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li was busy talking to someone over the phone when he heard Aaliya’s voice. Aaliya, his elder sister, was calling him for lunch. “Ali, what’s wrong with you? When will you come?,” Aaliya said in a commanding tone. After repeated reminders Ali finally came. “What were you up to Ali?” Aaliya asked while she served herself some steamed rice and curry from the bowl. “I was talking to Jimmy about Ravi’s birthday,” Ali said. Ravi and Ali were in the same class and it was Ravi’s birthday the following day. Ali was very excited about the day. Birthdays meant loads of fun and games and the children eagerly waited for the day. But there was something else that made all the eyes shine bright. They were the gifts. As expected Ali was also very excited about the gift he would give Ravi. That evening he went shopping with his mom and spent some two long hours in deciding what to give. “Mom, I want to give Invincible Iron Man. It’s fabulous!,” Ali jumped in excitement. Ali knew about the new toy Iron Man from his friends in school. It was an action figure that was 12 inches tall and had snap-on weapons, jet pack and a removable helmet.

Gifts are about love, not the price Ali’s mom was taken aback finding her son being so well versed with the latest in toys. She affectionately looked at Ali and said: “I know Ali that you want to gift that toy to Ravi and I appreciate your love for your friend but at the moment I am afraid I wouldn’t be able to buy that for you as it’s beyond my budget. Also I think you should give something that is useful as a gift. Why not a midgame set or some story books? No sooner did she finish saying this Ali gave a grumpy look at his mom. He didn’t like what she said. Sounding quite defiant he said: “Mom, everyone will bring expensive presents for Ravi. What will Ravi think? He will think we are poor and do not have money.” Ali’s mom was stunned hearing her son. She didn’t expect this from Ali. “I thought you wanted to give that toy because Ravi is your best friend. But it seems to me that you are more concerned about what others will think about your gift than what Ravi will like,” his mother said in a worried tone. But Ali was in no mood to listen to his mother. He was persistent on giving Iron Man and no words of logic or explanation would make him change his mind. After some time Ali’s mom realised that there was no point in arguing with her son and she gave in.

The Invincible Iron Man was neatly packed at the stores and brought home. The next day Ali spent the whole afternoon talking about the gift to his friends. “Hey Jimmy! You know what I am giving Ravi for his birthday?” he said in excitement. Jimmy was surprised to know that Ali had bought such an expensive toy. “Oh wow!” he exclaimed.

Ali boasted about his gift to all his friends. In the evening dressed in his favourite party wear he went to Ravi’s home to celebrate his birthday. The children sang the birthday song and Ravi cut a big Aliens and UFO cake. They burst balloons and eagerly participated in the games. While most of the children were fully occupied in the games Ali was

dying to tell Ravi about the gift. But Ravi was busy talking to John. John was also a good friend of Ravi though he went to a different school. Ali waited for a while for Ravi to finish but soon he grew impatient and went to Ravi. “Hey Ravi! You seem to be very busy today. No time for your friends,” Ali said. Ravi smiled hearing Ali’s innocent complain and went on to introduce John to Ali. “Ali this is John, one of my very good friend.” But Ali heard nothing as his mind was focused on the great gift that he had bought for his Ravi. “Forget all that Ravi. I just wanted to tell you the gift that I have got for you. It’s an Invincible Iron Man and it’s very expensive,” he said in one breath. He continued: “I don’t like giving cheap story books or some low priced toys. You know I got so many of them for my birthday that I packed them and put them in the store room.” Ravi grew uncomfortable hearing this, more so thinking about John. John stayed with his mom as his father had died and his mother worked very hard to run the family. He tried to handle the situation and told Ali that the love behind the gift mattered than the price. But Ali went on. Ravi got angry at Ali for his

attitude and wanted him to understand the real meaning of gift. He called for all his friends’ attention and thanked them for coming for his birthday. “Friends, thank you all for making my birthday so special. But I want to give a special thanks to someone who has given me the best gift so far. Ali knew it would be none other than him. He was about to say something when he heard Ravi uttering John’s name. “It’s John who has made my day by giving me such a beautiful handmade birthday card with such a lovely note,” he said. While everyone got busy reading the card Ali walked out of the room. He was extremely hurt. As he reached the door he saw Ravi. “I thought you would love my expensive present,’ Ali said. “It’s very nice of you to give me such an expensive thing but dear Ali, gifts are more about the love, not the price. John must have spent the whole day in making that card for me. Isn’t it more valuable than any other gift?” Ravi said in one breath. Ali remained quiet. He finally understood what Ravi meant. True, gifts are about the love that one shows to the other. He said sorry to Ravi for his silly behaviour and went back home with a new learning — gifts are priceless. –

Tea time Surprise

by Cdur

Questions & Answers

One thing that puts me off... When loads of homework steals my playing time

When I’m in doubt... Will take elders help.

If I win a lottery... I will contribute some stake to the needy people

I go crazy when... I watch cricket

One movie/book I can watch/ read over and over again... Laurel and Hardy movie


It’s better not to argue with... My father

The scariest thing that I have done... Nothing

If I met an alien I would... Love to visit his planet


If I could go back in history, I would like to meet... My ancestors

One skill I would like to learn... Dhoni’s talent cricket


18 19 20 23 24 25 29 30 32 33

One person I would trade places with (real or ficitional) Ben 10

If I had treasures I would hide them... Never give a clue... If I have to describe myself as a flavour it would be... Mango

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The best way to my heart is... Be cool

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19 Bronze coin 20 “Who Made Who” rockers 21 Place to hibernate 22 Dalai — 23 Puppy noise 25 Hippie’s digs 26 Centres 27 Latin I verb 28 Knocks sharply 30 Between 31 One of the 13 orig. Colonies 34 In most part

35 Cookbook amts. 37 Outburst of excitement 38 Violet lead-in 39 Get groceries 40 In fine fettle 41 Sandwich cookie 42 Mountain lion 44 Ailurophobe’s dread 45 Mischievous child 46 Dawn deity 47 Decimal point

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Hot spring Cotillion honorees Type size 31-day mo. In charge of “I” problems Tender pods (2 wds.) Puts on a piece of clothing Rip apart Insert mark Dumpster locales Urge “Misery” actor Black leopard Lose brightness Fix to suit Mex. neighbour Studied at the last minute Cough syrup meas. Be under the weather Nitpicks Cutlass Paper source Monsieur, in Bonn Made a bow Fridge stick Romance, to Pedro Meadow plaint Remove snow O’Hara estate L.A. zone


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Children up to the age of 15 who would like to have their art considered for inclusion in “Art for the Ages” can e-mail their drawings or paintings (in jpeg or tiff format) to

Art for the Ages

Children’s Poetry

The Day She Was Gone Sharikha Jabeen Grade X Indian School Wadi Kabir It’s been a while, Since she’s gone. They say she’s gone, To a place called heaven.

Alfred Benoy, Grade 2, ISM

Dakshin Bharathi, Grade 10, ISM

Jishnu P. M, Grade 7, ISWK

I was teary eyed And wet faced. She was my mother, The one who borne me. Even now I look back to that day When she was lying on the bed I looked at her pretty face Which was extremely pale. I thought I saw a smile, Or maybe it was her eye.

Pranav, Grade 3, Modern International School

No matter what If she opened her eyes quite suddenly I didn’t want her to see The tears that glistened In my big, brown eyes. I turned away And let the diamonds fall. And realised with a quick pang in my heart Oh no! She’s never coming back.

Send your contributions for Children’s Poetry to

Atshaya Chokkalingam, Grade 2, ISAS

Sudoku How to play Fill empty cells with the numbers 1 to 9, so that each number appears once in each row, column and area.

SOLUTION Answer to previous puzzle

Rishima Mathur, Grade 7, CBSEI

Sneha Kannan, Grade 10, ISM

Teleword All the words below appear in the puzzle - horizontally, vertically, diagonally, even backward. Find them and circle their letters. The leftover word spells the Teleword.










Angels, Bad Santa, Bernard, Bosley, Brad, Charlies, Chris, Comedian, Comedy, Cool, Films, Flip, Florida, Floyd, Frank, Funny, George, Gift, Guess Who, Jasmine, Je’Niece, Jimmy, Jokes, Laugh, Life, Lopez, Luke, Mary, Mo Money, Nash, Old Dogs, Parodies, Party, Rhonda, Roles, Roots, Shows, Sitcom, Smile, Soul Men, Success, Talent, Tampa, Transformers, Unique, Zuba. Answer: Stand-up


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CATERING Required Catering Supervisor, Chef, Asst. Cook & Chapathi makers for a catering Company in interior area. Apply with NOC. SMS : 99242984 Required Filipina female Waitresses & male Housekeepers in Dolphin Hotel – Muscat. Only residents / contact number: 24488192 please send C.V : Urgently looking for an Expatriate House Boy with Cooking knowledge and experience. Contact Immediately: 99460564

DOMESTIC HELPER A part time House maid required for a Keralite family near Darsait temple. Contact: 99468827 Looking for full time Housemaid in Ruwi. Contact - 96511169 Looking for a female who can teach and play with two kids at their home in Gubrah. Candidate must be caring and fluent in English. Timing 2pm -6pm and salary RO120. Contact: 93892656 Required housemaid for part time at Ghubra.Contact:93267065 Required a housemaid in Ruwi. Contact 96511169

DRIVER A reputed Lebanese chain of Restaurants requires Delivery Man in Muscat. The person should have a two wheeler driving license and must be familiar with the Muscat city. Are you interested to be a part of a reputed group please call 92443104. Driver with Oman driving licence needed. Visa available. Contact 94288863 Looking for an experienced house driver for an Omani family. Interested candidates may Contact: 96203333

EDUCATION Urgently required for a private bilingual school at Al Ansab for immediate placement - Physics, Maths, Librarian, Nurse, Special Educators. Please email your CV : immediately.


Keralite Indian B.Com Graduate lady, 2 years Oman experience in Tally ERP 9 seeking suitable placement. Contact : 95186652

Agyal Al Huda School requires Maths & Science Teachers in Al Azaiba. Contact 91409998 / 24492548 / 99637238

Indian female (BSc MBA) having 6 yrs exp in Garment industries seeking suitable office oriented job. Contact : 91317975

Post Graduate researcher required. Contact 99229700

B.Com, CA Inter (Indian) with 5 years experience (2 years GCC) in Accounts & Audit field. Contact: 95584531/

ENGINEER/TECH/MECH Reputed metal fabrication company seeks fabrication supervisor, structural steel fabricator, Machine maintenance Technician and Electrician. Contact: 99102383 Email: A Mechanical Engineer with salesmanship experience of 5 years & above preferable with Oman drivers license and NOC. Please forward your CV to Required Marine Mechanic with 3 to 5 years experience in maintaining / repairing outboard Engines and Generators of Boat. Ph: 24696130; Email:

IT Required Salesman for shop & hardware Technician for IT Company with minimum 2 yrs experience. Contact 98825805 / 98825806. Email :

MEDICAL Urgently required Female Nurses with MOH license for a Polyclinic. Attractive Salary with accommodation. Contact: 97091664 or 97327175. Email: Required urgently General Physician Gynecology, Pharmacist, LAB Technicians staff nurse. Contact: 95133572 Email: Wanted Nurse for dental centre in Mawaleh South & Qurum. Contact 93431024, Email : Urgently needed female Dermatologist with minimum 5 yrs experience. Send CV : elixirhealthcenter@ P.S. details of salary and benefits will be sent after submitting the CV Wanted Pharmacist (B.Pharm), Staff Nurses (female) with or without MOH license for a polyclinic near Sohar. Excellent salary package. Contact 99006915, Email : Require qualified full time Caregiver (Sri Lankan or Philipino) for an orderly Mother. Contact : 99425200 Required for private clinic: Gynecologist Arabic Nationality, GP Arabic Nationality, Nurse. Contact 97304519 from 9 AM to 1 PM Required Pharmacist with license. Contact: 92245470

MEDICAL Looking for Indian Candidates : Prometric passed or MOH license with NOC for polyclinic:- Radiologist, Gynecologist, Radiographer, Lab Technicians and Pharmacists. Email: Required Dentist, Endodontist, Orthodontist with MOH license. Contact 99010755 for dental Centre in Muscat Khuwair Email: Required Nurse with MOH license for Dental Centre in Khuwair Muscat. Contact: 99010755 Email:

MANAGER Required Sales Manager for a hotel supply company with minimum 5 years experience. Contact - 92035162

MISCELLANEOUS Experienced Denter, Spray painter, Mechanic, Outdoor sales person required. Contact 98045373

SALES / MARKETING Urgently required Sales Executives for construction materials with local experience, driving license and NOC. Send the CV with photo to Urgently need Project Sales Executive - Modular Kitchens, candidates with bachelor’s degree and 3 to 5 years relevant experience, please email CV to

MISCELLANEOUS Sales man / interior designer wanted for prestigious interior design and office furniture Supply Company. Experience and drivers license needed. Excellent remuneration package. Email: Required Sales & marketing person for IT Company with minimum 2 yrs experience in Oman & with valid Oman driving license. Contact 98825805 / 98825806. Email : AVON requires female Omani Nationals (bi-lingual) and Expatriates to join their expanding local Sales Team. Candidate must have good communication skills, highly organized with a commitment and enthusiasm to be successful. Training will be provided. Valid Omani D/L necessary. Send CV on Required Sales Executive for IT Sales, with valid Oman Driving License. Kindly email CV to

SKILLED LABOR Wanted urgently need two Tailors who can make curtains. Contact: 98962888

TOUR Urgently required for a travel agency Male experience in Sabre ticketing and reservation system, visa available. Contact 95878812

SITUATION WANTSIT. WANTED Accomplished Advertising Sales & Business Development Executives for leading Media Enterprise. Enthusiastic Freshers also welcome. Required Salesman in Salalah very good commission. Contact 92760281 Required experienced Sales / Marketing Executives having light license. Send your CV

ACCOUNT. & FINANCE 12 yrs Oman experienced Chief Accountant looking for immediate placement. Contact 99513082 Male 29 yrs, 5+ experience, 4 yrs in HME (Office Assistant) 1 yr experience in accounts & marketing seeking for suitable position. Contact 96505486

Indian male B.A with Diploma in Hotel Mgt with 15 yrs experience in hotels & catering, having Oman D/L seek suitable placement. Contact: 95451547 Email:

DRIVER Bangladeshi light driver (AG) 48) expe, 14 years, need job & visa have release paper transpire. Contact: 99165961 Light Vehicle Driver with 4 yrs exp looking for job. Contact: 94241385

Accountant 35 years with 5 years experience in Oman urgently seeking suitable jobs accountant & Ass. Admin& HR valid D/L N.O.C. Contact: 968 99176112 /968 91818124 Email:

20 years experience. Contact : 94795033

Indian male 10 years experience, 6 years in Oman, with Oman driving license, having NOC seeking suitable job. Contact: 96012973

Driver. Contact: 95084826

A Sri Lankan lady chartered accountant with five years experience (including article ship), on family visa in Oman looking for a suitable job. Contact: 91259845 Email:

LMV Driver, 7 yrs exp. (Keralite). Contact 97761606

Accountant Part time up to finalization on monthly basis by Indian CA. All reports, backlog accounting, bank loan help, tax & internal Audit,affordable fee.92758370

Light duty driver looking for job more than 4 years exp in Oman. Contact: 92602182

Wanted driving job. Contact : 97690766

Driver Pakistani available. NOC available. Contact: 94356465 Pakistani male light vehicle driver looking for job. Contact: 96474528 Driver with car. Contact :91452930 Wanted driver. Contact 95112461

Male B.Com Graduate having one year exp in Accounts & Admin. Contact: 94736742

Car with driver or without cat specially Companies. Contact 97943750 / 97408900

25 yrs female Indian with B.Com MBA looking out for a job in finance / marketing / HR field with a work experience of 1 year, 3 months at Bank Muscat & 7 months at India. Contact: 94657403 / 95537261

Driver job wanted. Contact: 99343782

Indian male B.Com / PGDM 16 yrs exp, 3 yrs prior Oman exp seeking suitable placement in accounts/ finance/ admin/ logistics. email : Contact 95587905 on visit visa Indian male B.Com Graduate 24 years looking for suitable placement. Contact: 97219505 Jordanian Accountant (ACPA) with more than 15 yrs experience in Oman (Accounts, Purchase & finance. Contact: 92881223 Email: Male Indian Accountant B.Com 7 years experience in Oman (accounting, finance, costing auditing) with NOC and valid driving license looking for suitable position. Contact 96722257 Email: Indian male, 27years, MCom, having 2years experience in Accounts looking for suitable position. Presently on visit visa. Contact 93455055| Part time Accountant available. Contact : 93438100

Light duty driver 5 years exp in Oman. Contact: 92602182 Driver available 24, HRS, car without car. Contact: 98522914

DRAFTSMAN Drafting (interior design), experienced, knows autocad, 3D, PH : 99506977

EDUCATION Indian female, MSC physics B.ED having 5 years experience in teaching looking for suitable jobs. Contact: 97367389

ENGG. / TECH./MECH. Since March 2010 in Oman building construction supervisor with Omani D/L looking for suitable placement. Contact 93061107 Bangladeshi male BSc Engg in civil total 3 yrs experience 2 yrs in Oman looking for job.Contact : 94038642, Email: Electronic & Communication Engineer auto cad, 2 yrs Indian experience in Instrumentation, currently on visit visa looking for a suitable position. Contact : 94493227, Email:

S AT U R DAY, S E P T E M B E R 1 9, 2 0 1 5



ENGG. / TECHNICAL Indian Mechanical Engineer, 30, having 8yrs of UAE Sales/Business Development. experience in Electromechanical and Irrigation sectors. Contact no- +971558763220 email Female Civil Engineer with 3.5 years experience looking for job in Muscat, proficient in site execution, tendering procedures billing, Quantity take off, budgetary control have knowledge in AutoCAD, SAP, Word, excel, power point. Contact: 97207212 Email: Civil Engineer, Indian M 29 5yrs exp. having DL & NOC Looking for suitable position. Contact: 94576233 Email: Pakistani diploma civil (Eng) 24 year 1.5 years experience in Pak) 2 years in (Oman). Contact: 97138320 Since March 2010 in Oman as a building Construction Site supervisor with Oman D/L looking for suitable placement or small Omani Construction Co. Contact 93061107 D.A.E (Civil) Engineer 5 years experience Infrastructure work + safety officer cause (OSHA & IOSH) looking for suitable placement. Contact: 97850996 Degree Engineer Civil, 6 years experience Oman D/L, N.O.C available for a suitable position. Contact: 93523507 / 95961336 A Senior Executive, Civil Engineering professional is available for multitask engagement, coordination lead contract disposals in consultancy or construction set ups. Contact 99703972 Indian male Production Engineer logistics supply chain seeks suitable placement, currently visit visa. Contact : 97804481 Email: Indian male BE civil project Engineer 15 years Oman experience in building projects with valid D/L NOC available. Contact: 92178471 B.Tech civil project coordinator 5 years experience of with different ministry projects NOC available. Contact: 94194393 Indian male software Engineer 2 years experience knowledge of Java .NET C# ASP.Net. Contact: 99210940 working in techno park Indian Trivandrum Sudanese Telecom Engineer five years experience in Oman. Contact: 93391008 Cisco certified Network Engineer with license NOC 4+ years experience looking for job. Contact: 91703807 Email: BE Electrical Engineer 8 years experience 4 years in Oman with Oman driving license. Contact : 96942032

Facility / Project Management 5 yrs of exp holds BE (ECE) MBA, Indian on visit visa looking for suitable openings. Contact : 98580569 Email:

MISCELLANEOUS ENGG. / TECHNICAL Civil Engg, B.Tech fresher Indian male currently on visit visa seeks suitable placement. #91702450 Email: Civil Engineer 7 years experience in Oman. Contact: 92480604 Indian male, 23 yrs, B.E in Mechanical post Graduation Diploma in piping Engineering, seeking job in relevant field. Contact : 94786570 Email: Indian diploma Civil Eng, 2 yrs exp. Infrastructures project (4G – Towers, substation) landscaping & Auto CAD. Contact: 94756183 Email: Civil Engineer (diploma) 3.5 yrs exp, seeking for placement. Contact: 95200650 Electrical Eng. Degree (MEP) need suitable job of construction 12 yrs exp. Email: C-SWIP 3.1 ASNT level 2 QC Mech. Engr 5+ yrs exp Indian male 26 seeks placement. Contact : 91823331 Email: Electrical and Electronics Engineer with one year experience and GCC licence holder seeking a job mail – SUPERVISOR: Indian male site supervisor (AIR CONDITIONING) 25 years of experience with valid Oman Driving license, seeking suitable placement. Contact: 97498809, 93391910 Email: Mechanical and manufacturing Engineer , age 26 yrs masters ( Singapore) having 2 years Oman work experience with valid Oman driving license on visit visa available immediately. Contact: 95498953 Indian 22 years male, Mechanical Engineer, B.Tech has done internships, born and brought up in Oman with Omani driving license, seeking suitable jobs. Contact 92791637 Email: ashwinsureshkotturethu@ Indian Mechanical Engineer 31 yrs, 8+ experience in sales & Bus. Dev, having Oman driving license & NOC. Contact: 97116858 Email: Indian BE (MECH) aviation BE degree diploma in material quality management 17 years Navy aviation 13 years construction purchase stores professional on visit. Contact: 90205082 /98796982

Civil Engineer (Diploma) seeking for placement. Contact: 95200650

Engineer with 3 yrs experience in Indian in MEP, HVAC& mechanical maintained field on visit visa looking for suitable job. Contact 99191535 Email:

Diploma Associate Engineer Civil Building construction on a visit visa expiring 18.09.2015 looking for job. Contact : 94006602 / 99446918.

Indian male Civil Engineer with Engineer with 2 years experience in Building project is available currently on visit visa. Contact: 92841583

Indian male 27 years BE Mechanical, 2 years experience in Training AutoCAD Revit MEP PDMS Softwares. Contact: 94183625 Civil Engineer Pakistan 12 +2 years experience Oman, D/L required placement. Contact: 94392616 B.E Civil job, Project Eng exp 11 yrs. Contact: 95690780 / 95694048 Email: MECH. ENGG Indian male having 1 year exp & AutoCAD knowledge looking for suitable job. #92835957 Electrician 3 years experience in Building lines in Oman and other related experience also. NOC available. Stay till 29.09.2015. Contact: 94057129 / 95964419 Email: Civil Engineer (Diploma) 3.5 years experience seeking for placement. Contact: 96535084 Indian male 24, Diploma in Civil Engineering 2 years experience as a Site Engineer on visit visa. Contact: 98023153 Civil QS / Project Engineer 8 yrs exp having Oman D/L looking for suitable position NOC and release available. Contact: 92633261 Email:

Btech computer science graduate 2015 passout.. Android application marketing.. Having good communication skills and mindset to work in a team. Contact 91024385 Indian male BE Mechanical currently on 2 yrs free visa with NOC & local release. Looking for suitable job in Muscat. Contact – 90296975 /

HOSPITALITY Hospitality/Hotel/ Restaurants - Dynamic result oriented hospitality professional with 20 years of international exp. MBA in Hotel Management, specializing in Hotel/ Restaurant start ups, concepts & Franchise development with proven records. Seeking for Challenging positions in reputed groups as GM/ COO/CEO/Business Head. (NOC available) Contact : 96059470

IT Indian female MCA, 24 years seeking suitable job. Contact 93439467 Indian 24 years BCA MCITP having 2 years exp as System Administrator looking suitable job. Contact: 94170892

IT Male looking for DTP operator / Graphic Designer role in Oman experience of 4 years in Excel, Corel draw seeking suitable placement presently in Oman in visit visa. Contact : 94767757 / 98442179 Email: SAP BW Analyst : Indian male, 26 yrs, B.Tech (CS & E) from ASET, New Delhi, worked as a Business Analyst in Software Industry. Contact 98008127 / 92878708, Indian female 25 years, 1 year experience MSc – Computer Science currently on family visa looking for a suitable job in any field. #97265504 Email:

TIG+ARC welder Indian with 16yrs middle est. exp in copper nickel. Diplex, inconel, S.S, CS Now on visit visa seeks suitable placement. Contact: 96502282. Email Pakistani Qualified 15 years experience in automobiles work shop supervisor service advisor repair estimator mechanical accidental having UAE driving license on express visa looking job please. Contact : 96042322 Filipino (male) 37 yrs, having 8 yrs. experience in Operations (Shipping & Logistics) currently on visit visa looking for a suitable job. GSM: 97121525

PROJECTS B.Tech Information Technology looking job in System work. MS Office, Data Entry, Networking experience, 2 years experience in Linux Admin. Contact: 92472137 Email: CCNA MCITP Network support/ Network technician with 2 yrs experience Indian male having bachelors degree on visit visa. #93080871, email Indian male 34 yrs M.Tech Industrial biotechnology having teaching experience seeking for job. M. Ramkumar. Contact : 96674521, 0091-9940586051 Email: Network System Engineer switches, Routers, Servers, load balancers, CCTV 5 years of exp holds B.E (ECE) CCNA looking for good opportunity Indian visit visa. Contact 91911792 Email: BE, ECE Mumbai university skills in C, C++, windows, linux, controller and processor RTOS, Electronics, Networking, 6 months experience in embedded software seeks placement. Contact : 917774864736 Email:

MEDICAL B.Sc Indian male Nurse, 6.5 years in emergency and OT, prometric 69%, looking for suitable nursing job. Contact- 90126959, Indian male Dental Surgeon, prometric passed with more than 3 years experience on visit visa. Contact : 95154648 Indian female BSc Nurse with 4 years experience with Oman prometric 64% looking for suitable placement in capital area. Contact: 95847286 Indian male, MSc, MPhil, BEd Chemistry,2 Yrs Teaching experience and having experience in lab analyst, currently on visit visa, seeks suitable post. Contact 90208673 ENT surgeon board degree & prometric exam looking for a job in private hospitals & medical complexes. Contact: 91347226 OB/ Gynecologist board degree & prometric exam looking for a job in private hospitals & medical complexes. Contact: 91347226

MANAGER/ SUPERVISOR Sudanese procurement Manager three years experience in Oman. Contact: 93391008 Individuals having good relation with Ministry or desiring to start new business (or running) like Electronic security system or supply of medical equipments. Contact 94742666 Senior Manager Indian, 30 years in FMCG Business in Oman looking for better opportunity at management level. Contact 99231513 Fabrication Manager overall 07 years of experience in fabrication of Structural steel industry with NOC & driving license looking for an opportunity available up to 25th September 2015. Contact : 97004394 Email: 22 years B.Com Graduate having experience in trading of car accessories and also with valid GCC driving license looking for a suitable job. Contact 98504698

Indian male, with 8 yrs exp. in Oman (BA- Graduate) working as a project Sales Coordinator, with Oman D/L, looking for suitable job, ready to join immediately with NOC, open for Sales & Marketing also. Contact 95245057

SKILLED/ UNSKILLED Welder / fabricator, Gulf exp, 3G, 6G ARC, GAS PH : 95068064

SECRETARIAL / OFFICE Indian male more than 10 years gulf experience in Office / Sales Coordinator, Admin, Secretarial and purchase with good computer skills. Having Driving license and NOC available. Looking for suitable placement. Contact 90135063

SALES / MARKETING Indian male, MBA having 7 yrs of exp. sales/marketing with Omani D/L seeks suitable placement. Contact. 96425549 Omani College girl looking for a job in a management. Contact: 98298722 MBA Graduate having 23 yrs of experience as Sales Manager in building materials trading looking for a suitable opportunity, release available. Contact 92106768, Email : Sales man and author job – Dubai experience need job visa. Contact: 91139936 / 96136615 NOC available with valid driving license looking for suitable placement diploma in Automobile Engg experience in dealer service 10 years and spare parts procurement 5 years through with local Market. Contact : 00968 95487946

SALES / MARKETING Sales man (food stuff), Gulf experienced, knows Hindi, Arabic . Contact 99506977

TOURS & TRAVELS Five years experience in Travel field ,BCom., IATA & pursuing MBA, Presently working in the Travel Desk of (ITC managed) Five Star Hotel in India, looking for a suitable position in the Middleeast. pls contact 9470 5767

MISCELLANEOUS Senior Accountant. 8 Years experience. NOC available. Oman driving license. Seek suitable opportunity. GSM- 98184170 Chemical Engineer Indian 2 years of experience in production field Contact: 91247222 B.E Mechanical Engineer with 2 years’ experience in HVAC field on visit visa looking for suitable job. Contact: 93442296 Email Id: MBA (F) B.COM Indian female having knowledge of accounts with Tally looking for full or part time job. Presently on family visit visa. Contact: - 96259171. Email: Indian Male, MBA, Talented management expert having 6 year experience at U.A.E, India and Oman in luxury goods and Retail. Seeking suitable openings in related or same field. Contact:92700670 Email: MBA Finance with more than five years of experience in Finance & Accounts including GCC, looking for a suitable opening. Having UAE driving license. Contact no..91391802 Indian 26M, B. Tech Computer Science graduate, 3 years exp in India, looking for suitable job in Muscat. Contact : 93125669, Email : Accountant 7 years experience with D/L and NOC. Contact 97712084 ACCA Affiliate, OBU Degree, 2.5 years experience in audit and finance in Big6 firm, Looking for permanent placement. NOC release available. Contact: #95140445, Indian Male Nurse with Moh licence & Noc seeking a job with Family Status gsm:95817579. Part- Time Accountant, well experience senior accountant ,doing all type of accounting works, Finalization, Budgeting available. Contact 98803439 Sudanese/Bsc IT/26/2 years experience/excellent Eng-Arb speaking/ Omani driving license/96387227/

MISCELLANEOUS INDIAN MALE 24 YEARS,B. Tech (Electrical & Electronic).Having 2 years experience as Electrical Site Engineer in Constructions. Done IOSH & NEBOSH- IGC certifications. Seeking for suitable placement in constructions or in any related industries. Contact no: 98045482, Email: Indian male auto cad draughtsman (civil) 8 years experience seeking for part time job mobile no: 0096899070584, email: Indian Male, 25, Chartered Accountant, working with ICICI Bank India. On a Visit Visa in Oman. Staying with parents at Azaibah. Ph:24492638. Email: Diploma in civil engineering having an experience 24years (20years in Oman) experience in Estimator / quantity surveyor looking for a suitable placement, willing to join immediately Contact : 96328687 Indian male B.Eng. in IT,CCNA, MCSA, MCSE, 2yrs + exp. in IT support, networking and server support valid Omani D/L seeking suitable placement in IT/Network/Server support. Contact 92607532 Indian male, 14 yrs Experience in Maintenance & Supervisor in hotel field ( Electrical . Ac Mechanical & Plumber ) N O C available mob : 95 25 36 40 . email = ME Civil- structural Engineer, 8 Years Structural engineer experience, Looking for Structural Designer, supervisor or site engineer Position. Iranian male. Contact: 93696929, Email: Indian Male 26 years MCA, MCSE 2012 certified, Microsoft Exchange Server Administration, having 1 year experience in IT/System Administration looking for suitable placement. Contact Mob : 00968 92745708 Email:, Light duty driver, Young and honest. Can speak Arabic, Hindi and understand English. Release available. Ph.92854775 / 93487450 Indian female with MBA on visit visa seeking immediate placement. Contact - 968-93316493 27,male,ACCA finalist, have professional experience upto finalization of accounts, statutory and internal audit, expertise in using tally and focus & oracle software, have 3.5 years experience in accounts till finalization and statutory audit, seeking for permanent replacement ,GSM-97654769,email Sudanese male, 31 years, have 3 year Diploma in electrical engineer , 6 year experience in construction and electrical production plant . Mobile No ; +96894549609 Indian male,, MBA, having 5 years experience (3 years in U.A.E) is currently seeking suitable opportunities within finance/accounts/ admin dept.Contact:93953613,

25 yrs experienced building materials manager knowledge of Purchase Marketing sales seeks suitable placement. Contact 94663824 / 94305499

MBA - (F), M.Com, B.COM. Indian female having knowledge of accounts with Tally looking for part time or full time job. Presently on family visa. Contact :- 91892264. Email:-

Indian male, with 5 yrs experience of call centre in customer service & sales looking for suitable position. Contact 90198176

Indian male Accountant, 12 years experience, looking for a full time or part time job, experience in tally also. Contact 98983122

B.Com graduate, 11 years experience in Accounts, 9 years Oman experience , Oman valid driving license, looking for suitable post. Mob:92758404 NOC Available.

Indian female having more than 8 years of experience in oil and gas sectors sales and marketing and 2 years as commercial manager looking for a suitable post in Sohar area. Now on visit visa. Contact 96311709, Indian no 0091 9745541355, Email

Pakistani, Male, Pak, Exp 14 Years in IT Trainer / Computer Teacher, looking for a better position in Oman, already working in Prestigious Construction Company. Contact 95983711.

SENIOR ACCOUNTANT, Indian male,29 years.8 years experience .Presently working in Oman as a Senior Accountant with oman Driving license. NOC available. Seek suitable opportunity. GSM: 97705854

Indian Male (Diploma in electronics Engineering and CCNA.) having 9 years of experience in Networking, 5 years’ experience in Oman. Looking for a suitable Placement. NOC available. GSM- 93787098, Email –

Two year experience in Oman, experience in sales, purchase and system admin, Having GCC license. Contact number 97475860,

Business intelligence / Global Marketing management specialist with 9 years of experience developing brand value & managing overall projects to achieve business objectives seeking suitable position on family visit. Contact: 91902154 MBA 15 years experience in Sales & Marketing in telecom, FMCG, presently in India C/O Saif Kazi. Contact : 99625957 Email Id: Indian male 25 yrs BBM Graduate 3 yrs of experience Sales / Marketing in Oman looking in suitable placement. Contact : 93185316 Email: Sales and marketing - male 27 yrs, 2 years experience seeking suitable placement with Oman D/L. Contact: 95642740 Email:

Site Supervisor/ L Driver, Pakistani Male 33 with valid D/L, 4 years experience in Muscat, fluent in English, Arabic looking for suitable place. Contact: 97950869 Admin, having 10+ years experience in Admin/HR/Logistics/Time Keeper, in reputed companies. Presently working in Muscat. Contact- 968 94369965 mail - Indian male B.Eng. in IT,CCNA,MCSA,MCSE, 2.5 yrs + exp. in IT support, Networking and Server support with valid Omani D/L seeking suitable placement in IT/Network/ Server support. Contact 92607532

Indian Male, 32 yrs, MBA-HR, Trainer & Faculty worked on Omanisation & nationals development activities with 10 yrs of experience seeking suitable job. Contact : 93891401 Sudanese 29 male (Bsc computer science,diploma computer engineering), 6 yrs. experience dba oracle pl-sql , ms sql-server ,ms visual studio vba,network Omani Driver licence language English, ArabicTel: 91415886 Piping Design Engineer, Indian male 27, looking for suitable placement in Piping Design & Engineering. Having 7 years of experience in AutoCAD. Also familiar with PDMS (11.6 Version),CAESAR ll. Contact : 97351786 / 96143708/97357143


S AT U R D AY, S E P T E M B E R 1 9, 2 0 1 5


Email: Tel. 24726666 Ext: 413 / 430 431 / 456 / 461 Fax: 24812624





Dolphin Watch, Dhow Cruise with Buffet, & Land Tours Al- Ainain Marine Tours Contact- 98029602, 92808636



*Classified Advertisement space booking with text, should be done till 12.00 noon for next day’s publication. * Subject to space availability

S AT U R DAY, S E P T E M B E R 1 9, 2 0 1 5



TRANSPORTATION Transportation in Muscat. Contact: 95530908 Transportation for saloon car& delivery van. Contact : 95530908 Transportation. Contact 99508282 Transportation. Contact 99664703 Transportation available. Contact: 99867456 Transportation available. Contact -955 70 429

SIT.WANTED Driver looking for job exp 2 yrs. Contact: 98522914 Indian female, 24yrs, M.COM (Accounts) having 3 yrs experience in Accounts, HR, Administration, Customer Service. Good Computer Proficiency seeking Suitable Position. Visa Transfer/NOC Available. Contact: 99654913 Indian male 27 years B.E & MS Mechanical Engineer working in Delhi for last 4 years inJcb India pvt. ltd., seeks placement in Oman. #93393768 Female MBA gold medalist, with computer proficiency, Oman driving license looking for job opportunity in event management companies in Muscat. Ph : 99012949 Indian female B. Com MBA finance ,5 years experience in oman as an account seeking suitable placement. Contact 99044292 Indian male 23 years Graduate, working as a sales coordinator cum purchase & office coordination 2 yrs in oman Having oman license & NOC looking for suitable job in Muscat, GSM:97475860



Indian Male 22 Years , Graduation In Electronics Seeking Jobs In Supervisory , Sales & Sales Co-ordination Fields , Good Communication Skill Contact 96141317, E-mail: DIPLOMA+B.E.(CIVIL ENGINEER), Indian, 4 years of experience, currently on visit visa; Seeking Right Position. GSM:91570703.


ME. Civil Engineer, Structural Designer, 3 Years Structural Design, 6 Years Str. Engineer Experience, Looking For Structural Designer Position. Iranian Male. #93696929, Email: Male Graphic designer cum animation, non linear editing VFX, seeking suitable position. Contact: 97792661 / 96229406 B-tech Electrical Engineer with more than 2 years of experience in erection and designing of HT and LT electrical systems. Seeking for suitable job in Muscat. #98269366. Email: Indian Female Accountant, CA Final (Group I cleared), 5+ year’s experience in the field of Accounts, Audit and Financial ERPs. Currently available in Muscat and seeking suitable job opportunities.Ph:94704800 email id:


B.E (IT) 1 year exp complete schooling in Muscat needs job in software / net working / java/ WEB design or marketing. #97136248 / 99313821 Data Entry operator cum Buyer, Indian male,26years.BA, Computer proficiency :Operating system (Windows 2000xp & Windows7) E plus and Tally ERP9, 4 yrs Experience in Oman seeks suitable placements. Mob: 95360255 Indian Female BSC nurse with 8+ years of experience including 3 years of GCC exp. Oman Prometric passed with 57 %. Currently in Oman. Contact : 98034384 Senior Accounts Professional, Indian Male, 36 years, M.Com, MBA (Fin) 9 years in Oman, with valid Oman DL and NOC available. Capable to handle accounts up to finalization. Contact 9602 3965. Indian Male 24 years, Looking for a Suitable Job in Telecom / Networking, 1 year sales experience. M. Sc. Communications Engineering & Valid Driving license. Ph: 91280121. Email:

WEB, ERP and Business Intelligence (BI) creation and management at rock bottom price. Contact: http//webviewoman


Spoken English IELTS & Computer classes. Contact: 92088325 / 24799938


House shifting & transporting. Contact 92490422

Split & widow unit A.C servicing & repairing. Contact: 99557080

MARBLE CRYSTALLIZATION restore the original shine of your marble. #24793614/ 99314807

Split & window unit A.C servicing & maintenance. Contact: 96236476

Used house & office furniture & electronic items. Contact: 99834373 / 96642500

Window & split unit A.C servicing & maintenance. Contact: 93769089 / 95323517

Supply fixing Wallpapers, all carpets. Contact: 99834373 / 96642500

Air condition maintenance installation window AC, split a/c, ducted AC and package type units. Contact: 98667326

One stop shop business services : Public Relation (PRO) formation new companies, LLC companies, Investor visa, business setup, prepare businesses & companies accounts, legal services, representing you and your company. Contact: Saleh : 96723485 House shifting & packing. Contact: 99657644 /98518013

Indian lady 30 years Graduate having work experience in India and Oman looking for Admin or any other suitable job. Contact : 95676957

Carpet Shampoo, marble & tile polishing, pest control & anti-termite treatment, general cleaning painting, Plumbing, Electrical, shifting. Contact Mundhir Al-Rizaiqi trading. L.L.C. # 24810137, 99450130

Indian male, 39 yrs, MSC Computer Science 10 years experience IT support, FMS Engineer, bank experience looking for suitable job. #94276449

Marble Restoration, Mosaic tiles polishing, carpet shampooing, maintenance. Contact ABU QABAS99320217 /24788722


Window & split unit A.C servicing & maintenance. Contact 93769089 / 95323517 GUARANTEED CLEANING: Carpet & sofa shampooing, Contact 99314807/24792998 Pest Control Treatments, Cockroaches, Ants, Rodents & Termites, Ocean Center LLC. Contact: 99344723/ 99357908 General cleaning & Shampooing. Ocean Center LLC. Contact: 99344723/99357908 Water proofing ABUQABASContact 99320217/24788722

Required investors for different projects. Contact: 99674870 We will register LLC trade license for foreign investors and do all actions. Contact: 92833566


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Email: Tel. 24726666 Ext: 413 / 430 431 / 456 / 461 Fax: 24812624

Times of Oman - September 19, 2015  
Times of Oman - September 19, 2015  

Times of Oman - September 19, 2015