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THURSDAY January 12, 2017 13 Rabi Al Thani 1438 AH

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On the occasion of the Opening of the Council of Oman, 1997

‘His Majesty’s Wisdom’ The establishment of the Council of State to work side-byside with the Majlis Al Shura towards achieving the nation’s goals is another step forward along the path of co-operation between the government and the citizens, which aims to ensure greater prosperity, progress and development.


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IMF hails Omani budget 2017, targeted subsidies OMAN BUDGET 2016 VS 2017: NON-OIL AND GAS REVENUE (Omani rials, millions)

2016 2017


Tax and fees revenue

Other than tax revenue

Corporate Non-Omani Customs Others Income Miscellaneous Others tax labour duties from revenue licence government fees investments -23%






+14% 669

Tax and fees revenue

1,329 1,423




Other than tax revenue

1,121 1,167

370 343

400 310

298 313

5.7% 254

242 200





Source: KPMG

Graphics MUSCAT: Oman’s austerity driven State Budget has been welcomed by the International Monetary Fund (IMF), describing it as a major stride towards strengthening the country’s financial position. In an exclusive interview to the Times of Oman, Allison Holland, IMF mission chief to Oman, appreciated the government’s efforts to slash expenditure and increase alternate sources of income. “The large reduction in deficit targeted in the 2017 budget is very welcome. While higher oil revenues are expected to contribute substantially to reduce the deficit, it is encouraging to see the government’s commitment to take additional measures to reduce government expenditure and increase non-oil revenue,” she added.



ISM starts safe bus transport system


A safe transport system for pupils is now up and running at the Indian School Muscat. The largest Indian school in Oman, the Indian School Muscat (ISM), has a strength of nearly 10,000 students, most of whom commute from home to school and back by bus. >A3

SHOCKING TALES OF CHILD ABUSE EXPOSED BY HOTLINE Even during its testing phase, the hotline (1100) got 100 cases of abuse


from children

Trump blames US intelligence for leak



US President-elect Donald Trump said on Wednesday that Russia had never tried to sway his actions and furiously blamed US intelligence agencies for news reports that Moscow had compiled compromising information on him. >A12


VAT introduction in Gulf to be delayed


A delay is expected in implementing the muchawaited value-added tax (VAT) by the six-member Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) states as Saudi government recently indicated that it will be implemented in the first quarter of 2018. >B1

MUSCAT: A father forcing his teen daughter into prostitution, a 17-yearold girl violently beaten by her mother and many more disturbing stories marked 2016 in Oman, social workers lamented even as the Ministry of Social Development continues to work to raise awareness to protect children. According to the ministry, in 2016, of the estimated 300 cases of child abuse, at least 100 were reported through a hotline (1100) which was tested last year for a period of six months. “The ministry received at least 100 calls from

children in 2016 and the number is expected to rise this year following our social media campaign,” Shamsa Al Hajri from the family protection department of the ministry, told the Times of Oman. Most reports of such abuse involved sexual harassment perpetrated by a relative, according to Al Hajri. Giving a breakup of the figures, she said 55 per cent of the cases involved parental negligence. A ministry official revealed that 24 per cent of the reports were related to sexual abuse, followed by physical abuse in 18 per cent cases and emotional abuse in 3 per cent cases. However, both the genders suffered a similar share of abuse as under-18 boys accounted for 53 per cent of the victims, compared to 47 per cent girls. However, expat and Omani children can now heave a sigh of relief as the ministry is encouraging them to report any case of abuse to the government’s social workers following the official inauguration of the Child Protection Hotline (1100). >A6

Oman’s 2017 budget, revealed on January 1, replicates previous year’s budget but includes more prudent fiscal reforms, such as taxes and subsidy cuts, to increase revenue and cap the soaring deficit. Studies by the IMF have shown that energy subsidies, like the one that was introduced in Oman in January 2016, can be poorly targeted and often benefit wealthier households. However, proposals in budget 2017 target niche audiences, like big time users of electricity, sparing smaller users from inflated costs. Holland believes that the targeted nature of subsidy reforms is an excellent method to adopt. “We welcome the reforms to reduce fuel and power subsidies targeting larger users, which have already generated important savings for the budget, thus allowing other forms of expenditure that can be diverted to health and education.” >A4

HM sends condolences to Germany MUSCAT: His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said has sent a cable of condolences to President Joachim Gauck of the Federal Republic of Germany on the death of Roman Herzog, former German president. In his cable, His Majesty the Sultan has expressed his sincere condolences and sympathy to President Gauck, the friendly German people and the deceased family. -ONA MINISTRY

Death of UAE diplomats in Afghan attack condemned Times News Service MUSCAT: Oman strongly condemned the terrorist attacks in southern Afghan city of Kandahar, which resulted in the injury of United Arab Emirates (UAE) ambassador and five Emirati diplomats who were on a humanitarian mission in Afghanistan. “The Sultanate stands with the sisterly countries of UAE and Afghanistan against this gruesome crime,” the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said in a statement on Wednesday. The ministry expressed its deep condolences and sympathy to the families of the UAE martyrs and to the two countries.



Rough seas forecast for next 3 days Staff Reporter MUSCAT: A fresh northwesterly wind will result in rough seas from Thursday evening, the Oman meteorology department has said in its alert. “From Thursday evening for three days the sea waves will be rising up to two to three metres along the coast of Musandam and Sea of Oman,” the meteorology department tweeted on its official twitter handle.


Remittances set to rise as Omani rial strengthens SYED HAITHAM HASAN

177.5 MUSCAT: Remittances from the Sultanate are tipped to spike as the Omani rial sits strong in the currency market. The rial enjoys a convenient peg with the rallying US dollar that hit a 13-year high in November 2016, causing it to peak against currencies worldwide. Expats in Oman are expected to receive more of their home currency for every rial they exchange in 2017. One Omani rial is currently

is the rate of Indian rupee for one Omani rial at exchange houses

trading at 177.51 Indian rupees, up from 171.71 in April 2016; and £2.14, up from 1.74 six months ago. One Omani rial can be exchanged for €2.45, up from €2.2 in April 2016.

“The Omani rial is at its highest in months against the Indian rupee and remittance in the short term is expected to be high from expats, especially from Asian countries. Dollar is not showing any signs of

weakness and with Trump coming in as the president, it will probably strengthen more. We are expecting high volumes of trade in the next few days,” said Philip Koshy, General Manager at Modern Exchange. With US president-elect Donald Trump set to take office later this month and British Prime Minister signalling to trigger Article 50 that will see the UK pulling out of the eurozone, dollar, along with pegged currencies, is expected to strengthen and the pound is poised to fall. >A6

Omani artisans’ brilliance to the fore






CMA chief approves customer fund form MUSCAT: Sheikh Abdullah bin Salim Al Salmi, CEO of the Capital Market Authority approved the customer fund segregation form which is calculated at the end of trading of the first day of each week. The move comes in a bid to enhance the regulatory procedures and implement the provision of article 157 of the CMA Executive Regulation. As per this article, the customer funds should be kept in a bank account separate from the company account to ensure settling liabilities arising from selling and purchasing stocks and ensure non usage of the customer funds

Pakistan will be recognised as minorities-friendly country: Sharif Pakistan will soon be recognised as a “minoritiesfriendly country”, Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif said on Wednesday as he ordered renovation of Katas Raj Complex, one the most sacred places of Hindus in the country. Pakistan is pursuing policies to establish the country’s identity as a minority-friendly country and followers of all religions have equal rights in the country, Sharif said speaking at the Katas Raj Temples Complex in Chakwal. >A9

in covering shortage of funds for other customers. Commenting on the importance of this step, Khalfan Mohammed Al Sharji, Director of the Directorate General of Capital Market Institutions said that the Sultanate represented by CMA is one of the leading Arab countries to issue such customer fund segregation form. The form, which will be filled up at the end of trading each Sunday will be sent to CMA each Monday. He pointed out that Muscat Securities Market is the second Arab market to approve this system after the Jordanian stock market. -ONA


Modi instilling fear, wrecking economy, says Rahul


American students hail Oman “It’s really amazing to see how much has been accomplished in such a short time. I think we can learn from the Omani model.” When a student of the Miami University said these words, he was reflecting the opinion of all 17 members of the group from the US university who recently visited Oman on a study tour, entitled ‘Arabian Gulf Economies in Transition.’ Besides learning about the economic aspects, the group also toured around the country to places like Wahiba Sands, Nizwa, Sur, the Grand Mosque and the Royal Opera House Muscat, among other venues, to acquaint itself with Omani culture and religion. >A5

A brief summary of the top inside stories of different sections of the Times of Oman.


Futaisi inspects Bidbid-Sur Road Work progress of the first phase of Bidbid-Sur Road Duality Project was reviewed by Dr. Ahmed bin Mohammed Al Futaisi, Minister of Transport and Communications. >A6


IranAir takes delivery of first Airbus jet

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The head of IranAir took delivery in France of the first Western airliner under an international sanctions deal, calling it a “sunny day” for relations between Iran and Europe. >A7

Setting the tone for Congress’ campaign in assembly polls in five states, Rahul Gandhi on Wednesday launched a no holds barred attack on Prime Minister Narendra Modi, accusing him of instilling fear among people and wrecking the economy through demonetisation, while asserting his party will unseat BJP from power in 2019. >A8


A peek into the life of a homemaker

Mothers who have stayed at home for child raising made a choice in their life. Agreed finance was not a constraint but at the same time they can be recognised for not letting the trophies of materialism and workplace success overrule them. >A14


KPMG advises Oman on draft new VAT law KPMG Oman is advising the Ministry of Finance on preparing a draft law on value added tax. “It is an ongoing process. We have prepared the draft law, executive regulations, policy decisions to be taken and other aspects for consideration. They will ask us to make some changes,” said Ashok Hariharan of KPMG. >B1


Sayyid Shihab to open Military World Cup


Taiwan jets, navy shadow Chinese carrier Taiwan scrambled jets and navy ships on Wednesday as a group of Chinese warships, led by its sole aircraft carrier, sailed through the Taiwan Strait. China’s Soviet-built Liaoning aircraft carrier was not encroaching in Taiwan’s territorial waters but entered its air defence identification zone. >A11

The second CISM Military World Cup football championship will kick off at the Sultan Qaboos Sports Complex in Bausher on Sunday with Sayyid Shihab bin Tariq Al Said presiding over the inaugural ceremony. >C1


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ISM kicks off safe transport system school and there are many factors to take care of when it comes to the students and deciding time schedules and routes with the transporters. It’s a time consuming affair and we did not want a situation where new schedules or routes were to be introduced, all at the same time.”

In the first phase, which kicked off last Sunday, the school had pressed into service nine buses that could transport more than 200 students through four routes

DEEBA HASAN MUSCAT: A safe transport system for pupils is now up and running at the Indian School Muscat. The largest Indian school in Oman, the Indian School Muscat (ISM), has a strength of nearly 10,000 students, most of whom commute from home to school and back by bus. In the first phase at the ISM which kicked off last Sunday, the school had pressed into service nine buses that could transport more than 200 students through

SAFETY MEASURES: Routes for phase one include Qurum, Mina Al Fahal area, Al Khuwair, Ruwi and Darsait, all at fixed rates. Phase two will be launched when the new academic year starts in April. Then the buses will be deployed on additional routes. — Photo: Deeba Hasan

four routes. “We have all the modern safety equipment in the buses, but the primary factor is that we are limiting the number of children as per the capacity of the bus and all seats will have seat belts. Driving behaviour “The buses also have an IVMS to monitor the driving behaviour, and are also equipped with CCTV cameras inside, through which we can monitor what’s happen-


Diners can report restaurants still charging service tax Times News Service MUSCAT: Restaurants still charging an eight per cent service tax can be reported to the Public Authority for Consumer Protection, an official of the PACP has advised diners. This comes after a new rule regarding service charge came into effect as the Tourism Law number 2003/91 was amended and replaced with a new article numbered 2016/39. “Now, any restaurants found adding a service charge in the bill can be considered as being in violation of the PACP law,” Umar Faisal Al Jahdamy, deputy director of the PACP, had said. Despite this, people complained that several eateries are still charging service tax and adding it to their food bills. “I went to have some pizza, and was shocked notice in the bill that they were still charging service tax. When I asked them about it, they didn’t have any explanation,” a resident, Suresh, said. The PACP officials clarified that citizens and residents can complain at their hotline number 80077997 if they find restaurants charging what they legally shouldn’t. “We will take action against the restaurants if we find that the allegation is true,” an official said. However, hotel restaurants, or ones deemed to be in tourism designated areas, can still ask customers to pay a service charge, the official clarified. Some residents also claimed that they never realised that there was an eight per cent service tax component in the bill.

Now, any restaurants found adding a service charge in the bill can be considered as being in violation of the Public Authority for Consumer Protection law Umar Faisal Al Jahdamy Public Authority for Consumer Protection deputy director

“I still think most diners simply used to leave a tip behind. Hence, it’s a good move to drop the service tax, especially during these times of austerity,” one of them said. In September 2016, the Ministry of Tourism removed the four per cent tourism tax from fast food restaurants and international coffee shops that do not fall under the supervision of the Ministry of Tourism (MoT), leaving only the five per cent municipality tax on bills. “People should pay only 5 per cent municipality tax in their bills,” the PACP official added.

CONTROVERSIAL LEVY: This comes after a new rule regarding service charge came into effect as the Tourism Law number 2003/91 was amended and replaced with a new article numbered 2016/39

ing inside the bus. Each bus will have an attendant who will help the children in boarding and disembarking from the bus and will monitor them. “Currently, we have some teachers who have been going around to monitor the vehicles and arrangements. Such close monitoring will be there only for the first week, but there will be an attendant provided by the transporter as part of the agreement,” said Wilson

George, Chairman of the Board of Directors for the Indian Schools in Oman. Routes for phase one include Qurum Mina Al Fahal area, Al Khuwair, Ruwi and Darsait, all at fixed rates. Phase two will be launched when the new academic year starts in April. Then the buses will be deployed for additional routes. “We wanted to implement the system in phases because it’s a big

Sending circulars If parents want to avail the travel facility during phase two of the safe transport system, they can register in advance. “Of course, wherever we have vacant seats on the existing routes, we will accept children. For phase two, parents can also register with the school for the April session and we will be sending circulars to parents with additional routes in March.” According to George, the price difference following the introduction of the new system is about 15 per cent or less. George also said the school made some assessments regarding the number of children using buses to commute. He said if the school were to extend the facility to all those students, it will have to run 70 such buses. Contracts have been given to more than one transporter to implement the new system. “Our policy is to give the contracts to more than one service provider so that they will have an internal competition for quality

services. Besides, we have also set certain KPIs for them.” George appealed to all the parents to use the new facility. “This is a much awaited service and a dream for many parents. Now that it is in place, things will take some time to stabilse but we are making our best efforts and I request parents to support us so that we can run the service successfully. I also ask them to avail the service for their children.” Next to be covered by this service will be Muladha and Salalah. Fourth school The ISM is the fourth school to put in place the safe transport system. Earlier, Indian Schools Darsait, Mabelah and Seeb were the ones to receive this facility. “We plan to implement this in all the Indian Schools in Oman. Now, Indian Schools in Muladha and Salalah are seriously considering introducing new buses.” The safe transport system is part of a greater safety drive introduced by the board in 2014 with all aspects within and outside the school being audited for safety, including buildings, laboratories and canteens. “I am grateful to the school for introducing this wonderful transport system as now we can heave a sigh of relief and hope that the supervisors will do their job well under this new scheme,” said Meenakshi, a parent.



OMAN Omani artisans’ brilliance to the fore Ornaments made in Oman attract both citizens and expats. These photographs taken by Shabin E showcase the brilliance of Omani artisans


A1 ‘Subsidy reforms < FROM

an excellent step’

Targeted subsidies have been advocated by officials across Oman, including Mohammed Al Rumhy, Minister of Oil and Gas. While speaking to the media, he said electricity subsidies currently provided to high income individuals were unfair and should be scrapped. Holland added that if upcoming subsidy cuts can be phased out in a similar fashion and budget savings can be generated while simultaneously exempting poorer households, scarce resources can be used to protect lower income groups in a more efficient manner. Despite government initiatives such as Tanfeedh, Oman’s national plan for economic diversification and Vision 2020, Oman’s economy is still heavily reliant on oil and gas with around 70 per cent of the revenue coming from the sector. According to Holland, prices of oil are unlikely to reach 2014 levels and, therefore, the deficits will persist and Oman will need to make more efforts to maintain economic sustainability. Reduce deficit “Steps to reduce deficit must continue. Effecting change in corporate income tax law that has been proposed and reducing exemptions will play an important role in the country’s economy,” she said.

Holland also praised the government’s efforts to continue spending on infrastructure, which is the key to private sector growth. Much of the non-oil and gas revenue listed in the budget 2017 is in the form of tax and fee revenues, including corporate income tax, excise tax on tobacco and alcohol, non-Omani labour fees and custom duties. Large component According to Mohammed Nayaz, an advisory partner at EY, the budget strikes a right balance between economic growth and cost optimisation. “Funding a large component of the OMR3 billion worth of budget deficit through foreign loans is a move in the right direction. The amendments to the tax legislation and the increase in fees for certain services provided by the ROP are expected to lead to increased non-oil revenue. Overall, we expect the budget to strengthen the economic climate in the country and bring in the much needed positive perception amongst the corporate world,” he said.

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OMAN Omani artisans’ brilliance to the fore Ornaments made in Oman attract both citizens and expats. These photographs taken by Shabin E showcase the brilliance of Omani artisans


A1 ‘Subsidy reforms < FROM

an excellent step’

Targeted subsidies have been advocated by officials across Oman, including Mohammed Al Rumhy, Minister of Oil and Gas. While speaking to the media, he said electricity subsidies currently provided to high income individuals were unfair and should be scrapped. Holland added that if upcoming subsidy cuts can be phased out in a similar fashion and budget savings can be generated while simultaneously exempting poorer households, scarce resources can be used to protect lower income groups in a more efficient manner. Despite government initiatives such as Tanfeedh, Oman’s national plan for economic diversification and Vision 2020, Oman’s economy is still heavily reliant on oil and gas with around 70 per cent of the revenue coming from the sector. According to Holland, prices of oil are unlikely to reach 2014 levels and, therefore, the deficits will persist and Oman will need to make more efforts to maintain economic sustainability. Reduce deficit “Steps to reduce deficit must continue. Effecting change in corporate income tax law that has been proposed and reducing exemptions will play an important role in the country’s economy,” she said.

Holland also praised the government’s efforts to continue spending on infrastructure, which is the key to private sector growth. Much of the non-oil and gas revenue listed in the budget 2017 is in the form of tax and fee revenues, including corporate income tax, excise tax on tobacco and alcohol, non-Omani labour fees and custom duties. Large component According to Mohammed Nayaz, an advisory partner at EY, the budget strikes a right balance between economic growth and cost optimisation. “Funding a large component of the OMR3 billion worth of budget deficit through foreign loans is a move in the right direction. The amendments to the tax legislation and the increase in fees for certain services provided by the ROP are expected to lead to increased non-oil revenue. Overall, we expect the budget to strengthen the economic climate in the country and bring in the much needed positive perception amongst the corporate world,” he said.

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Mantheri leaves on a four-day trip to Pakistan

HARVARD STUDENTS TOUR SHURA BUILDING Khalid bin Hilal Al Ma’awali, Chairman of the Majlis Al Shura received at the Majlis headquarters yesterday a number of students from Harvard University, currently visiting the Sultanate. During the meeting, Al Ma’awali briefed them on the march of Shura in the Sultanate and its stages of development as outlined by His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said. The students toured the building and viewed its various facilities. — ONA

MUSCAT: State Council Chairman Dr. Yahya bin Mahfoudh Al Mantheri left yesterday on an official four-day visit to Pakistan. Dr Mantheri has been invited by Mian Raza, Chairman of the Pakistani Senate. During the visit, Dr Mantheri will meet a number of Pakistani officials and discuss means of promoting relations between the two countries. Talks session He will also hold a joint talks session with Chairman of the Pakistani Senate to review means of enhancing the parliamentary relations between the Sultanate and Pakistan. Dr Mantheri was seen off by the two Deputy Chairmen of the State Council, Secretary General

PROMOTING TIES: State Council Chairman Dr. Yahya bin Mahfoudh Al Mantheri with Pakistan’s envoy Ali Javed yesterday. – ONA

of the State Council and the Pakistani ambassador Ali Javed to the Sultanate. During the visit, he will be accompanied by a delegation comprising Sheikh Hamad bin

B E ’A H

Waste disposal costs OMR100m per year Times News Service MUSCAT: More than OMR90 million per annum is the comprehensive cost of waste management in the Sultanate, according to a study submitted by Oman Environmental Services Holding Company (Be’ah) to the authorities. The expenditure is around OMR90-100 million per annum. Furthermore, the study shows that the average cost per capita for municipal waste services (which covers household waste) reaches OMR1.6 per month, a senior official from the company said. “Currently majority of the waste management services are subsidised by the government and any decisions to impose fees lies with the government,” said Mohammed Al Harthy, an official at the govern-

ment funded company. On other fronts, Be’ah is collecting fees from healthcare institutes to treat their hazardous waste and this particular sector is self-sustaining and doesn’t require further subsidies. Landfilling (gate fees) will be imposed this year on waste operators that serve private contractors such as large shopping centres, hypermarkets, hotels and closed communities.

Mohammed Al Mukhaini, Dr. Mohammed bin Ahmed Al Rowas, Dr. Ahmed bin Suleiman Al Maimani, Dr. Wafa bint Salim Al Harasiya and Dr. Aisha bint Ahmed Al Washahiyah. -ONA

Futaisi inspects first phase of Bidbid-Sur Road

E - P O R TA L

Municipality, Al Raffd Fund to sign pact MUSCAT: Muscat Municipality (MM) will sign on Thursday an agreement with Al Raffd Fund to provide eight municipal services through Sanad Centres by introducing MM services via the e-portal. The agreement comes within the framework of facilitating and simplifying services provided by MM to beneficiaries, as well as enhancing trends towards e-government, in cooperation with various government agencies. -ONA POLICE

Two arrested for drugs smuggling PROGRESS: Dr. Ahmed bin Mohammed Al Futaisi, Minister of Transport and Communications reviews the road project.– ONA

Dr. Ahmed bin Mohammed Al Futaisi, Minister of Transport and Communications, was briefed on the work in the first two parts of the 115 km first phase

IBRA: Work of the first phase of Bidbid-Sur Road Duality Project was reviewed by Dr. Ahmed bin Mohammed Al Futaisi, Minister of Transport and Commu-

nications. The Minster of Communication and Transport was accompanied by Eng. Salim bin Mohammed Al Nuaimi, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Transport and Communications for Transport, a number of ministry officials, engineers of the executing committee, and representatives of the local media. The minister was briefed on the work carried out in the first two parts of the 115 km first phase, starting from the intersection of Bidbid with the duality of A’Rusayl Nizwa Road, through the Wilayat of Sumail in the Governorate of A’Dakhiliya and the Wilayats of Al Mudhaibi, Dima Wa al Taeen, until Masron intersection near Ibra Referral Hospital in the Governorate of North A’Sharqiyah. Dr. Al Futaisi said, “Parts of the first phase of the project were opened and for the second part of this phase, particularly beyond Wadi Al Ouq towards

Ibra in the Governorate of North A’Sharqiyah, adding that a small part (5 km) is left in Al Haima area, and it is expected to be opened in March, thus we have completed the second part of the first phase of the project with about 70 km long.” He added that the first part of the first phase, which is going through Wadi Al Ouq, an area with a difficult geographical terrain, has led to the delay in the opening of the project on time. Its opening was planned at the end of 2016. Dr. Ahmed bin Mohammed Al Futaisi, said that large landslides had occurred in the middle of Wadi Al Ouq after a large part of it was completed. The ministry had to seek assistance of experts and professors from Sultan Qaboos University to find out the reasons behind those landslides and to study the whole project in terms of traffic safety. -ONA


A1 Ministry launches < FROM

free 24/7 hotline

The number will also cater to Omanis living outside the Sultanate. The Ministry of Social Development officially launched the free 24/7 hotline on Wednesday under the patronage of Sheikh Mohammed Al Kalbani, Minister of Social Development. The hotline was tested for a period of six months last year. Dr Yahya Al Hanai, head of the family protection department at the ministry, said 41 per cent of Oman’s population comprises children. Of them, 43 per cent children in Oman are below the age of five, according to 2015 statistics reported by the Social Development Ministry. “A hospital in Muscat reported a case of negligence using the hotline. In that case, parents had taken their two-month-old infant baby out of the hospital against the doctors’ orders,” a social worker said. “We met with the family and made them sign a pledge to en-

sure that they will take their baby for further check-ups in other hospital. They did as they had promised and we made sure they obliged,” she said. Another report was about a school girl who had fainted in a school following an episode in which her own mother had beaten her. The ministry official said they immediately transferred the child to a hospital for treatment and kept her at a care centre until the public prosecution finalised the case. Several cases “We kept an eye on the child when she returned home to ensure she was safe,” she added. Her Highness Sayyida Basma Al Said, a mental health expert and owner of the Whispers of Serenity Clinic, said she stumbled across several cases of girls selling their bodies to feed their family and other cases of sexual abuse, in some cases at the hands of a child’s own father or mother.

SALALAH: An Asian national was arrested for attempting to smuggle 35 capsules of heroin through Salalah International Airport. The personnel of the customs department at Sarfait arrested a citizen while trying to smuggle drugs into the Sultanate. The quantity of drugs was found hidden in his car. The suspects were referred to the public prosecution for further investigations. —ONA STRONG RIAL


Expats eye

A1 investment opportunity In India, demonetisation has led to a sharp decline in the Indian rupee and real estate markets have ran dry since the law was implemented overnight by the government. The economic slowdown, bundled with falling sterling, the currency Indian rupee is pegged with, remittances to invest in India seems a good offer for Indian expats, according to experts. “Indians in Oman are surely looking to invest in the country as prices of real estate have fallen. Getting more money in exchange and buying cheaper property is a perfect deal for them,” said a financial expert in Oman. He added that Brexit was another important economic event. However, British expats won’t be able to profit a lot from the current situation as inflation in the UK is high and prices are expected to rise. According to Aamir Patel, a chartered accountant, the next few months after Brexit will prove to be the best time to remit money from Oman. However, he said the amount of remittance remains unclear, considering the economic situation the country finds itself in. “It is certainly a great time to remit money but do people have the money to remit in volumes as large as were there earlier? That is hard to predict when we see the economic situation. But I imagine that people will remit their savings anyway. There is hardly such a time when pound is falling and dollar strengthening at such pace,” he said.




Memorable moment as IranAir takes delivery of first Airbus jet PARIS: The head of IranAir took delivery in France on Wednesday of the first Western airliner under an international sanctions deal, calling it a “sunny day” for relations between Iran and Europe and a memorable one for aviation in the nation of 80 million people. Chairman Farhad Parvaresh invited Fabrice Bregier, the head of planemaking at Airbus, to fly on the new A321 to Tehran, where the airline plans to mark its arrival in its fleet with a ceremony on Thursday. The 189-seat plane, already painted in IranAir’s livery, is the first of 100 ordered from Airbus following a deal reached in 2015 between Tehran and world powers to lift sanctions against Iran in return for curbs on the country’s nuclear activities. The airline has also ordered 80 aircraft from Boeing and is in the final stages of negotiating an order for 20 turboprops from Toulousebased ATR, which is jointly owned by Airbus and Italy’s Leonardo Finmeccanica. Highlighting Iran’s emergence

from years of isolation, the Airbus delivery marks the first brand-new jet directly acquired from a Western manufacturer for decades, other than the replacement of an Airbus jet shot down by the US Navy in 1988. Republicans in the US Congress have objected to the nuclear pact, signed by the United States, Britain, Russia, France, China, Germany and Iran. It also faces opposition from hardliners in Iran. Parvaresh said he hoped the United States would not block the agreement under president-elect Donald Trump, who at times has pledged to pull Washington out of the nuclear accord. Both Airbus and Boeing need US export licences to deliver the jets because of the number of US parts. Both have received licences but Boeing needs to have the majority extended due to the lengthy delivery period and analysts expect it to point to the Airbus delivery in order to press the case for its sales to remain in force. “Everything has been done according to the international regu-

lations and rules up to now. We hope that nothing special happens to end this contract,” Parvaresh told reporters. The first Airbus aircraft will enter service on Saturday starting on busy domestic routes such as Tehran to Mashhad for the next couple of months, he said. IranAir hopes to receive “at least two more from Airbus” by the start of the Iranian new year in March, and a total of six A320 aircraft in calendar year 2017, he added. It also expects to receive three larger A330 jets in 2017. IranAir could also receive one to two turboprop aircraft by the Iranian new year, but a contract has yet to be signed. “We are very optimistic we can finalise it in January or so,” Parvaresh said. The arrival of new aircraft will allow IranAir “step by step” to phase out elderly planes including Fokker 100 regional aircraft serving domestic routes, Parvaresh said. Analysts say IranAir has one of the world’s oldest airliner fleets, held together until now by smuggled or improvised parts. — Reuters

WITH FIRST BRAND-NEW JET: Chief executive officer of Iran Air Farhad Parvaresh poses in front of an Airbus A321 bearing the logo of Iran Air on January 11, 2017 at the Airbus delivery centre, in Colomiers southwestern France. – AFP

Iraqi forces push into northeast Mosul Tank shells, machinegun fire and air strikes from a US-led coalition backing the Iraqis targeted IS gunmen DEVASTATED: Ruined buildings in Mosul’s Qadisiyah neighbour-

hood. – AFP

MOSUL: Iraqi forces made new advances against IS in eastern Mosul and fought the militants in areas near the Tigris river on Wednesday, military officials said, keeping up the momentum of a renewed offensive in the militants’ last major Iraqi stronghold. Elite troops have pushed into a several neighbourhoods in the east and northeast of the city in the past few days as they try to reach the Tigris River bisecting Mosul before launching an offensive on the west, all of which the militants still hold. The counter-terrorism service (CTS) were advancing into the northeastern Sadeeq and 7th Nissan districts, according to a sen-

ior commander on the ground. A Reuters reporter in eastern Mosul saw CTS forces fighting IS militants in Sadeeq, firing towards Mosul University and into the adjacent Hadba area, which army units advancing from the north had breached a day earlier. The forces are expected to meet somewhere in between. “Operations are ongoing and this district will be liberated very shortly, God willing,” Lieutenant General Abdelwahab Al Saadi told Reuters on the front line in Sadeeq, one block from the strategically important university complex. Tank shells, machinegun fire

and air strikes from a US-led coalition backing the Iraqis targeted IS gunmen holed up in a handful of buildings nearby. The militants detonated several car bombs and returned gunfire. During their attack, Iraqi soldiers repeatedly diverted their attention to the sky to fire their machine guns at white commercial drones circling a few hundred metres in the air. They were unable to down the aircraft, which IS uses for reconnaissance, to record its suicide attacks and to drop grenades behind its enemy’s lines. Securing Hadba, Sadeeq and


Archaeologists discover 12 ancient Egyptian cemeteries CAIRO: Swedish archaeologists have unearthed a dozen burial sites near the southern city of Aswan that date back almost 3,500 years to the New Kingdom era of ancient Egypt, the Antiquities Ministry said on Wednesday. Human and animal remains were found in the cemeteries, which were discovered in the Gabal Al Silsila or Chain of Mountains area 65km (40.3 miles) north of Aswan and would have been used during the reigns of pharaohs Thutmose III and Amenhotep II. It is hoped the burial sites will help historians better understand ancient Egyptian healthcare and give a boost to Egypt’s struggling tourism industry, which has been beset by political upheaval and militant attacks since the unseating of Hosni Mubarak in 2011. Statement Some of the cemeteries were for animals and contain one or two chambers with either stone or clay coffins, or ones made of cartonnage, Mahmoud Afify, the ministry’s head of Ancient Egyptian Antiquities, said in a statement. Totems and scorpions were also found. The expedition from Sweden’s Lund University began in 2012. In 2015 it discovered the remains of an ancient temple also in Gabal Al Silsila. Initial examinations revealed several complete bodies as well as

UNEARTHED: One of 12 newly discovered ancient Egyptian cemeteries dating back to the New Kingdom era and specifically the reigns of phaoroes Thutmose III and Amenhotep II, at Gabal Al Silsila or Chain of Mountains area in Upper Egypt, north of Aswan, on Wednesday. – Ministry of Antiquities/Handout via Reuters

evidence of malnutrition and broken bones that were the result of heavy labour, the ministry quoted expedition head Maria Nilsson as saying.

Further studies are expected to reveal the social rankings of those buried there and what exactly what purpose the uncovered cemeteries served. — Reuters

other nearby districts will allow the CTS to advance further towards the Tigris, control of whose eastern bank will be crucial to launching attacks on western Mosul. Near Sadeeq and 7th Nissan, in the Sukkar district, a plume of white smoke rose from the site of an IS suicide bomb on Wednesday morning, while charred limbs and car parts from an earlier explosion were scattered along a carriageway. Some residents streamed out of areas where clashes took place, waving white flags and towing suitcases behind them. But many civilians have stayed in their homes, watching the military’s advance from behind curtains and locked doors before walking out cautiously to greet soldiers and offer them tea. CTS forces also clashed with the militants further south, a military statement said, seeking to build on gains along that part of the river bank, which they reached last week for the first time in the nearly three-month campaign. Troops from the rapid response division, an elite Interior Ministry unit, with the backing of coalition air strikes also battled in the Sumer district in the south where they have faced fierce resistance since they entered it this week. — Reuters




You look at BJP’s policies. Their entire aim is to scare the people of the country. Fear terrorism, maoism, demonetisation, scare the media. In two-three months, in the entire country, they have spread this fear Rahul Gandhi, Congress vice president


Mulayam advises Akhilesh Yadav to keep away from party dispute LUCKNOW: Asserting that he would not allow the SP to be split, party patriarch Mulayam Singh Yadav on Wednesday turned emotional, saying he has given whatever he had and advised his son Akhilesh Yadav to keep away from the dispute. Amidst the ongoing tussle in the party, Mulayam in his address to party workers at the Samajwadi Party headquarters here before leaving for New Delhi once again trained his guns at cousin Ramgopal accusing him of conspiring to break the party and threw his weight behind brother Shivpal Yadav, who is at loggerheads with the Uttar Pradesh chief minister. “I know who met the president of another party thrice. He wants to save his son and daughter-in-

law. He should have approached me. I would have saved them. “I asked them (rival camp) not to dispute. I want unity in the party. I am neither making new party not changing our symbol,” he said. “I know who is forming Akhil Bhartiya Samajwadi Party (ABSP) and desiring motorcycle symbol,” he said. Apparently referring to son Akhilesh’s claim for the party president’s post, Mulayam turned emotional and said, “I have given whatever I had. What is left with me? I only have you (workers) all.” “I founded SP during Emergency days when Akhilesh Yadav was two years old,” Mulayam said, flanked by brother Shivpal Yadav. “Akhilesh Yadav is chief minister and he will be the next CM also.

Why are you (Akhilesh) going to these persons...Don’t drag yourself in dispute. We want unity in party at any cost,” Mulayam said. Logjam continues Mulayam also praised Shivpal, saying he toiled very hard for the party. Akhilesh has been demanding removal of Shivpal from the post of the SP’s UP chief and sacking of Amar Singh. But, both his demands have not been entertained by Mulayam leading to the logjam in the party in the poll-bound state. In his address to the party workers, he said, “Your worry is justified because Samajwadi Party has been formed after struggle. I had gone to Delhi so that there is no harm to party’s unity. I have given full time for the party and will not let it

split”. When asked to comment on the issue, senior party leader Ambika Chowdhury, considered close to Mulayam, said, “We expect to contest the polls unitedly. SP is ahead of rival Bharatiya Janata Party and Bahujan Samaj Party and moreover our candidates are strong.” About the dispute in the party which has reached the doors of Election Commission, Chowdhury said, “We are confident of retaining ‘cycle’ symbol and will be waiting for EC’s move on January 13.” The two SP factions led by Mulayam and Akhilesh have staked claim over the party and its election symbol ‘cycle’ ahead of Assembly elections. The matter will be heard by Election Commission on January 13. - PTI

SPELLING OUT: Samajwadi Party supremo Mulayam Singh Yadav addresses party workers at the party office in Lucknow on Wednesday. - PTI

Jaitley says note ban, GST to make society tax compliant Speaking at the Vibrant Gujarat Global Summit, Finance Minister Arun Jaitley said the scrapping of high-value notes was a move to end the shadow economy

GANDHINAGAR: Terming disruption caused by demonetisation as transient, Finance Minister Arun Jaitley on Wednesday said the move together with GST rollout will boost the Indian economy and make the “substantially” non tax-compliant society more compliant. Speaking at the Vibrant Gujarat Global Summit, he said the scrapping of high-value notes was a move to end the shadow economy. To that end, he said, the government also renegotiated tax treaties with Mauritius, Cyprus and Singapore to end tax evasion and round tripping of funds. “Obviously difficult decisions initially pass through difficult phases. Historic decisions which can have long term advantages for the country also have transient pains attached to them. But then in the medium and long term, they are going to change the roadmap on which the country is destined to move,” he said. Prime Minister Narendra Modi had on November 8 announced the junking of old Rs 500 and Rs 1000 notes in the biggest step to fight black money, terror funding, corruption and counterfeit currency. Jaitley said that while India aspires to evolve from a develop-

SEMINAR: Finance Minister Arun Jaitley releasing a book at the seminar on “GST: The game changer for Indian Economy” during the Vibrant Gujarat Global Summit 2017 at Mahatma Mandir in Gandhinagar, Gujarat on Wednesday. - PTI

Trinamool Congress meets president, calls scrapping of notes ‘super emergency’ NEW DELHI: Meeting the president for the third time since demonetisation, Trinamool Congress MPs accused the Modi government of having imposed a “super emergency” by launching the exercise and engaging in “vendetta politics” by arresting two party lawmakers after it opposed the “draconian” move. Speaking to reporters after marching from South Avenue to Rashtrapati Bhawan to protest against the note ban, the

ing country to a developed nation and an economy that is making an impact globally with fastest growth rate, “we are substantially, in terms of taxation, a non-complaint society”.

MPs also held Prime Minister Narendra Modi responsible for the death of 120 people, caused allegedly by the move, and sought President Pranab Mukherjee’s intervention as the situation had turned “grim”. “After outlining the grim situation, we first had called this (demonetisation) a financial emergency. Today, we believe, as we share (concern) with the president, this is now a super emergency,” TMC’s Rajya Sabha member Derek

The steps taken are going to be significant “because we are going to change the pattern in which India and Indians are going to live and spend in future. It is going to have an impact on the course of

O’Brien said. “Because you know what is happening... TMC led by Mamata Banerjee has opposed the move and the pain and suffering it causes. Timing of what is happening is political vendetta. “This is low life, the kind of political vendetta this country has never seen,” he said referring to the arrest of two TMC MPs Sudip Bandyopadhyay and Tapas Pal in the Rose Valley chit fund scam case. - PTI

our present and future lives”. Stating that the impact of demonetisation cannot be delinked from this, he said excessive paper currency has its own vices and temptation including corruption.

“When we release data, we then realise the narrowness of tax base. And once this entire bearer currency, which has anonymity and no history, moves back into banking system and is accompanied by digitised economy — it is going to be a major step towards an integration of informal economy which at times also was a shadow economy, with a more formal economy,” he said. This together with the impeding rollout of the Goods and Services Tax (GST) “is going to increase transaction which was covered in the taxation system, transactions which can lead to higher revenues in future, greater compliance and give us a cleaner and better economy”, he added. The larger, cleaner and better tax compliant economy will happen “after the transient impact of this is over (and) once it is coupled with the historic implementation of the GST”, Jaitley said. Currently, the indirect taxation regime provides for central government taxing manufacturing and services while states levy tax on sale of commodities. “And you are assessed by different authorities,” he said, adding that GST will make India one big entity with a single tax that will allow seamless transfer of goods and services across the country. “It is advantageous to the assessee as there is no cascading of tax,” he said. Jaitley said the Centre is still aiming to roll out the Goods and Services Tax (GST) regime from April 1 if all pending issues are sorted out. GST, which is to subsume most of central and state taxes like excise, service tax and VAT, needs to roll out by latest September 16, 2017, he said. This because, under the Constitutional Amendment passed by Parliament for the GST implementation, some of the existing levies would expire after September 16. Jaitley said the government was aiming to implement the new sales tax from April this year. - PTI


Modi instilling fear, wrecking economy: Rahul NEW DELHI: Setting the tone for Congress’ campaign in assembly polls in five states, Rahul Gandhi on Wednesday launched a no holds barred attack on Prime Minister Narendra Modi, accusing him of instilling fear among people and wrecking the economy through demonetisation. A day-long national convention, called in the wake of demonetisation, saw top Congress leaders including former prime minister Manmohan Singh and former finance minister P. Chidambaram coming down hard on Modi. Singh cautioned people that “worse is still to come”. Squarely blamming the prime minister for “undermining” institutions like Reserve Bank of India, Election Commission and judiciary, the Congress Vice President said the ruling dispensation has also created fear among the media which he felt was not being able to carry out its responsibility as a watchdog effectively. Billed as ‘Jan Vedna’ Sammelan, the meet attended by Congress Working Committee members, Congress chief ninisters, AICC office bearers, MPs, PCC chiefs and state leaders announced the second phase of protest action against note ban all over the country on January 18. A combative Rahul, who was ridiculed by Modi some time back, gave back in kind mimicking him, especially his oft repeated “Mitron” (friends) reference, alleging that the PM always tries to instill fear among the people. “You look at BJP’s policies. Their entire aim is to scare the people of the country. Fear terrorism, maoism, demonetisation, scare the media. In two-three months, in the entire country, they have spread this fear,” Rahul said. Taking an apparent dig at Modi, Gandhi satirised a song from movie Namak Halaal, saying “Aapka toh lagta hai bas yahi sapna, ram ram japna garibo kaa maal apna (It seems your only dream is to take away money from poor while chanting the name of Ram)”. - PTI


Supreme Court throws out case alleging Modi took cash payments NEW DELHI: Supreme Court on Wednesday threw out a case brought by an anti-corruption lawyer that accused Prime Minister Narendra Modi of accepting suspicious cash payments, dealing a blow to an opposition leader who had latched on to the case. A panel of judges found that there was too little evidence to go on, deflating Rahul Gandhi’s warnings late last year that he would cause an “earthquake” by unveiling proof that Modi was corrupt. In the event, it transpired that the heir apparent to the leadership of the opposition Congress party was referring to a case already before India’s highest court that relied on evidence recovered in income-tax raids on two corporate houses. Citing written records, the plaintiff alleged that an individual called “Gujarat CM” had received cash payments from companies totalling at least 400 million rupees ($5.9 million) in late 2013 and early 2014.

Narendra Modi

Modi was the chief minister of India’s western state of Gujarat at the time and went on to win election by a landslide in May 2014. “There is not enough evidence to order an inquiry into the case. We are dismissing it,” a Supreme Court bench headed by Justice Arun Mishra ruled. Attorney General Mukul Rohatgi, the government’s top lawyer, told the court that there was no credible evidence to prove

that Modi had been paid off. “Nobody in the country would be safe if such documents are accepted as legal evidence. Anyone can put the name of anybody on such papers,” Rohatgi told the court. Prashant Bhushan, the anticorruption lawyer who brought the case on behalf of a non-governmental organisation called Common Cause, had urged the court to order a probe into the alleged payments made to public officials. “It is sad and unfortunate that the Supreme Court dismissed my plea,” Bhushan told Reuters. Indian politicians are often dogged by sleaze allegations and many of the country’s elected officials face criminal proceedings. Modi has, however, cultivated a clean image as the son of a humble tea seller. He shook India in November by scrapping high-value bank notes in a bid to purge the economy of “black money” — the proceeds of illicit business, corruption and tax evasion. - Reuters


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‘Pakistan will be recognised as minorities-friendly country’ Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif said Pakistan is pursuing policies to establish the country’s identity as a minority-friendly country and followers of all religions have equal rights in the country

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan will soon be recognised as a “minoritiesfriendly country”, Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif said on Wednesday as he ordered renovation of Katas Raj complex, one the most sacred places of Hindus in the country. Pakistan is pursuing policies to establish the country’s identity as a minority-friendly country and followers of all religions have equal

RESTORATION OF PLACES OF WORSHIP: Sikhs including minority Pakistani devotees gather at the Gurdwara Punja Sahib in Hasan Abdal, the third most sacred city for the followers of the Sikh religion, on April 13, 2014. Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif said he has advised government officials to spare no efforts in hosting pilgrims and the protection and expansion of minorities’ places of worship. - AFP file

rights in the country, Sharif said speaking at the Katas Raj Temples Complex in Chakwal. “The day is not far when Pakistan will be recognised as a minor-

ities-friendly country due to steps being undertaken to better the lives of minority groups,” he was quoted as saying by the state-run APP news agency.


The prime minister said he has advised government officials to spare no efforts in hosting pilgrims and the protection and expansion of minorities’ places of wor-

ship. He said that he is the prime minister of everyone and “not just Muslims” and instructed Evacuee Trust Property Board (ETPB) Chairman Siddiqul Farooq to restore the holy sites in the area to their original state by renovating them. He said he would ensure his full support for the construction of Baba Guru Nanak and Gandhara universities. Sharif referred to historic examples to elaborate that it was a part of the Islamic faith to treat the majority and minorities equally. He said that Muslims, Christians, Hindus, Sikhs, Parsis and Baha’is are working hand-in-hand to defend the country and contribute their share to its peace and prosperity. Sharif visited the Katas Raj in Chakwal district near Islamabad to inaugurate water filtration plant of Amrat Jal. The filtration plant set up at the temple’s holy Amrat Jal pond will provide clean drinking water to the Hindu pilgrims visiting the place. “The renovation should be done to restore the building to its original shape. It should be done within the one and half year of remaining tenure of my government,” he said. He also planted a sapling on the occasion. - PTI


Saeeduzzaman Siddiqui

Sindh governor passes away KARACHI: Sindh governor Justice (retd) Saeeduzzaman Siddiqui passed away on Wednesday. The 79-year-old was taken to a private hospital in Karachi earlier during the day following chest pain, where he breathed his last. The former Supreme Court judge, who replaced Ishratul Ibad Khan as 31st governor of Sindh, fell ill soon taking oath of the Governor’s office. After remaining under treatment for over 30 days, Siddiqui had returned from hospital on December 16. He later moved to his official (governor’s house) residence and continued to rest on the first day after assuming office. - Express Tribune


‘Disqualification of Nawaz to set a dangerous precedent’ ISLAMABAD: A member of the apex court’s larger bench on Tuesday dampened excitement of the PTI’s leadership when he cautioned that a dangerous precedent will be set, if the Supreme Court disqualifies Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif merely on the basis of his speeches related to the Panama leaks. “We being human make statements. A question arises whether

the statements may become a base to disqualify someone — if yes, then it will be a dangerous precedent,” said Justice Ejaz Afzal Khan, one of the five judges hearing Panamagate case about offshore businesses of the premier’s family members. Justice Khan termed the prime minister’s statement in parliament as ‘independent’ and told the PTI’s counsel Naeem Bukhari that

the PM’s speech was not part of any criminal transaction and had nothing to do with Panama Papers. “The court is examining responsibility of the prime minister in Panama Papers case but how we can give judgment on the basis of his statements, which have no connection with the issue?,” he said. Another judge Justice Azmat Saeed Sheikh asked the Pakistan Tehreek Insaf’s counsel to show

any precedent in the world, where the court disqualified a lawmaker. Referring to Article 10-A of the Constitution Justice Asif Saeed Khosa, who is heading the bench, also told the PTI’s lawyer that he was asking them to act as a crusader, who, while brandishing a sword, holds trial, passes an order and then also executes it. Justice Khosa observed that the onus will be on the Sharif family

to prove how such huge amount of money was maintained for more than a quarter of century. Money laundering The PTI’s counsel read out the investigation report, prepared by the Federal Investigation Agency’s (FIA) former director general Rehman Malik in 1998. In the report the investigator had claimed that Sharifs were in-

volved in money laundering. However, Justice Ejaz and Justice Sheikh observed that the report could not be accepted as evidence in this matter. After thorough discussion, the bench allowed the PTI’s counsel to read out contents of the investigation report. Later Justice Khosa observed that much research was put into the report but it ended nowhere. - Express Tribune

A 10



ARGENTINA: US biker Ricky Brabec powers his Honda during Stage 8 of the 2017 Dakar Rally between Uyuni in Bolivia and Salta in Argentina, on Tuesday. – AFP

NORTHERN ENGLAND: A man uses his mobile phone to film stormy seas at New Brighton, northern England, UK, on Wednesday. – Reuters

THAILAND: An aerial view of a flooded district in Thailand’s southern province of Surat Thani on Wednesday. Heavy rain responsible for floods across southern Thailand eased on Tuesday, leaving residents to pick through damaged homes and ruined fields wrought by the 10-day deluge – AFP

GAZA CITY: Palestinian children play marbles in a street in the

Gaza City on Wednesday. – AFP

LONDON: Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, left, meets attendees at the Early Years Parenting Unit (EYPU) of the Anna Freud National Centre for Children and Families in north London, on Wednesday. The EYPU opened in April 2011 and offers an assessment and treatment programme for groups of parents with personality disorders, and their children under five, who are at risk of being taken into care. – AFP

GUIANA: Miss Guyana 2016 and newly elected Miss France 2017 Alicia Aylies parades in a van on Tuesday in Maripasoula, with mayor of Maripasoula Serge Anelli, second left, during her visit to the French department of Guiana. – AFP

CZECH: Smoke rises over the rooftops of central Prague as sun rises on Wednesday. The temperatures dropped to minus 17 degrees Celsius in the Czech capital. – AFP


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Taiwan scrambles jets as China carrier enters Strait Taiwan military aircraft and ships have been deployed to follow the carrier group, which is sailing up the west side of the median line of the strait

TAIPEI: Taiwan scrambled jets and navy ships on Wednesday as a group of Chinese warships, led by its sole aircraft carrier, sailed through the Taiwan Strait, the latest sign of heightened tension between Beijing and the selfruled island. China’s Soviet-built Liaoning aircraft carrier, returning from exercises in the South China Sea, was not encroaching in Taiwan’s territorial waters but entered its air defence identification zone in the southwest, Taiwan’s defence ministry said. As a result, Taiwan scrambled jets and navy ships to “surveil and control” the passage of the Chinese ships north through the body of water separating Taiwan and China, Taiwan defence ministry spokesman Chen Chung-chi said. Taiwan military aircraft and ships have been deployed to follow the carrier group, which is sailing up the west side of the median line of the strait, he said. Taiwan’s top policymaker for China affairs urged Beijing to resume dialogue, after official communication channels were suspended by Beijing from June. “I want to emphasise our government has sufficient capability IN TWO YEARS

Japan plans steps to allow emperor’s abdication TOKYO: Japan’s government is planning legal steps that would allow Emperor Akihito to abdicate and his son to ascend the throne in two years, media reported on Wednesday, potentially setting the stage for the first abdication in two centuries. Japanese Emperor Akihito, 83, hinted in August that he wanted to abdicate, saying he worried that age might make it difficult for him to carry out his duties fully. Once considered divine, the emperor has no political power, but is defined in the constitution as a symbol of the state and the unity of the people. Under current law, abdication is not possible. However, reports in all of Japan’s mainstream newspapers, said the government was considering steps that would allow Akihito to abdicate and for 56-year-old Crown Prince Naruhito to ascend the throne on January 1, 2019. — Reuters

RISING TENSION: Taiwan navy soldiers work next to a frigate cannon at the Keelung navy base in northern Taiwan on Wednesday. – AFP

to protect our national security. It’s not necessary to overly panic,” said Chang Hsiao-yueh, minister for Taiwan’s Mainland Affairs Council, during a news briefing in response to reporters’ questions on the Liaoning. “On the other hand, any threats would not benefit cross-Strait ties,” she said. China has said the Liaoning was on an exercise to test weapons and equipment in the disputed South China Sea and its movements complied with international law. On the weekend, a Chinese bomber flew around the Spratly Islands in a show of “strategic

force”, a US official said on Tuesday. The latest Chinese exercises have unnerved Beijing’s neighbours, especially Taiwan which Beijing claims as its own, given long-running territorial disputes in the South China Sea. Chinese Vice Foreign Minister Liu Zhenmin said China’s ships “couldn’t always remain in port” and the navy had to hone its capabilities. “The Taiwan Strait is an international waterway shared between the mainland and Taiwan. So, it is normal for the Liaoning to go back and forth through the Taiwan Strait in the course of training, and it won’t have any


impact on cross-Strait relations,” Liu said at a briefing on Asia-Pacific security. China claims most of the energy-rich waters of the South China Sea, through which about $5 trillion in ship-borne trade passes every year. Neighbours Brunei, Malaysia, the Philippines, Taiwan and Vietnam also have claims. China distrusts Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen and has stepped up pressure on her after US President-elect Donald Trump broke years of diplomatic protocol and took a congratulatory call last month from her. Trump then riled China by cast-

ing doubt on the “one China” policy that Beijing regards as the basis of US-Chinese relations. Tsai drew anger from China again when she met senior US Republican lawmakers in Houston on Sunday en route to Central America, in a transit stop that Beijing had asked the United States to not allow. Beijing suspects Tsai wants to push for the island’s formal independence, a red line for the mainland, which has never renounced the use of force to bring what it deems a renegade province under its control. Tsai says she wants to maintain peace with China. — Reuters


Central bank sees no urgent need to alter policy MANILA: The Philippine central bank is ready to modify its monetary policy stance if needed, but sees no urgency to do it now, Governor Amando Tetangco said on Wednesday. The central bank is “ready to act in case there is a need to modify” its stance, Tetangco told Reuters in an interview at his office. “There are many moving parts in the environment. It is important we continue to monitor and assess the developments in terms of potential implication for Philippine inflation and growth,” Tetangco said. The Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas has not tinkered with its monetary policy since it raised rates by 25 basis points in September 2014, with the Southeast Asian economy growing strongly and inflation low. But it set the main rate at 3.0 per cent when it moved to an interest rate corridor framework in June last year to make policy transmission faster and more efficient. Tetangco also reiterated that the central bank had enough policy tools to manage any volatility in financial markets and that it “will not go against the fundamental trend” of the Philippine peso currency. When asked if he would accept President Rodrigo Duterte’s offer to extend his tenure beyond the 12 years he soon would have served, the governor said: “That’s a hypothetical question”. Tetangco, whose current term ends in July, has been asked to serve another six-year term. He only said that the “best candidate” to succeed him “should be someone with central banking background.” Some economists believe the central bank will have to raise rates this year as inflation edges higher. Nomura said in a recent research note it expects a cumulative 50 basis points of hikes in the first half of 2017 and thinks it will be the only central bank in Asia to raise rates this year. — Reuters


20 trapped on Australian roller coaster ride SYDNEY: Twenty people were trapped for almost two hours at the top of a roller coaster ride at a theme park on Australia’s Gold Coast on Wednesday, said emergency services, only a few months after an accident on a neighbouring theme park ride killed four people. Those trapped on the Arkham Asylum Coaster ride were seated in chairs suspended from the ride. Most were easily rescued, but four could only be reached by emergency personnel using a ladder platform, according to a spokeswoman for Queensland Fire and Emergency Services. No one was injured. The latest incident at the Warner Bros. Movie World park, owned by Australia’s Village Roadshow Ltd, follows a deadly accident at Dreamworld theme park owned by Ardent Leisure Group in October, 2016. Four people were killed on a river rapids ride at Dreamworld, ranking it among the world’s deadliest theme park accidents. Village Roadshow shares were trading 2.5 per cent lower on Wednesday. — Reuters

RESCUE: Rescue workers are seen next to people stuck in the Arkham Asylum roller coaster ride at the Warner Bros. Movie World theme park in Gold Coast, Australia, on Wednesday in this still image from video. – Nine Network/Seven Network/via Reuters TV

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WORLD Trump says Russia did not attempt to compromise him US President-elect Donald Trump

Russia has never tried to use leverage over me. I HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH RUSSIA NO DEALS, NO LOANS, NO NOTHING

slammed as ‘fake news’ the reports that classified documents presented to him last week by the heads of four US intelligence agencies

Donald Trump US President-elect

WASHINGTON: US Presidentelect Donald Trump said on Wednesday that Russia had never tried to sway his actions and furiously blamed US intelligence agencies for news reports that Moscow had compiled compromising information on him. In a series of Twitter posts, Trump accused intelligence agencies of taking “one last shot” at him by leaking the information. “Are we living in Nazi Germany?” he asked. Trump slammed as “fake news” the reports that classified documents presented to him last week by the heads of four US intelligence agencies included claims that Russian intelligence operatives have compromising information about him. “Russia has never tried to use leverage over me. I HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH RUSSIA - NO DEALS, NO LOANS, NO NOTHING!” Trump wrote in one of the Twitter posts. IVORY COAST

Ouattara slims down government in reshuffle ABIDJAN: Ivory Coast President Alassane Ouattara named a new and smaller government team on Wednesday, with few changes to top positions, according to a statement read on state-owned television. Adama Kone and Abdourahmane Cisse - finance and budget ministers respectively - held onto their jobs, as did Agriculture Minister Mamadou Sangafowa Coulibaly. But Thierry Tanoh, the former CEO of pan-African Ecobank, replaced Adama Toungara as energy minister. Amadou Kone takes over as transport minister from Gaoussou Toure. Trade minister JeanLouis Billon also lost his post. Marcel Amon-Tanoh, who was appointed interim foreign affairs minister when Albert Toikeusse Mabri was dismissed in November, will keep that post in the new cabinet. Despite a two-day mutiny at the weekend that led to the dismissal of the heads of the army, police and gendarmes, Defence Minister Alain-Richard Donwahi and Interior Minister Hamed Bakayoko both kept their jobs also. — Reuters

Trump, due to hold his first news conference in nearly six months on Wednesday, pointed to the Kremlin’s denials of the reports on the dossier that emerged late on Tuesday. “Russia just said the unverified report paid for by political opponents is ‘A COMPLETE AND TOTAL FABRICATION, UTTER NONSENSE.’ Very unfair!” he wrote on Twitter. The Kremlin said on Wednesday it was “total nonsense” that Russian officials had assembled a file of compromising information on Trump. Reince Priebus, who will be Trump’s White House chief of staff, called the Russian dossier report “phoney baloney garbage.” He told NBC’s “Today” show he had raised the matter with Trump. “He said it was ‘total garbage and I’m keeping it clean,’” Priebus said.

Even before the reports, Russia had been likely to take centre stage during Trump’s first formal session with reporters since he won the November 8 presidential election. The news conference was scheduled for 11am ET (1600 GMT) at his New York offices. The Republican president-elect has long said he hopes to improve ties with Moscow, but this effort will come under intense scrutiny after US intelligence agencies concluded that Russia used cyber attacks and other tactics to try to tilt the presidential election in his favour over Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton. At the same time in Washington, Trump’s nominee for secretary of state, former Exxon Mobil chief executive Rex Tillerson, will likely be grilled at his Senate confirmation hearing over his long business relation-

ship with Russian officials including President Vladimir Putin. There was an unpredictable element to Trump’s news conference, given his repeated criticism of the US news media and his belief that many news organisations favoured Clinton in the 2016 presidential campaign. Trump, a New York real estate developer, has been under pressure to separate himself from his global business operations to avoid any appearance of a conflict of interest once he succeeds President Barack Obama on January 20. After initially declaring there was no law that prohibited him from maintaining control of his business while serving as president, Trump switched gears in December and said legal documents were being crafted “which take me completely out of busi-

ness operations.” Trump has said his two adult sons, Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump, will manage his businesses and no new deals will be done during his time in office, but has offered few details. He has not said he would divest from his companies, a step some ethics experts say he should take. His son-in-law, Jared Kushner, announced plans on Monday to divest much of his own business holdings in preparation for taking a senior advisory role in the White House. While North Korea, Syria, Iran, China, tax reform and border security could well come up at the news conference, questions about Russia are likely to dominate the session.Trump has faced persistent questions about Russia throughout the past year given his reluctance to criticize Putin and his desire to improve US relations with Moscow, including working together to defeat IS militants. His stance has rattled traditional US allies such as NATO countries and many US foreign policy experts who consider Russia a geopolitical adversary. Trump has left open how he would respond to the Russian hacking that US intelligence agencies said was aimed at disrupting the presidential campaign. US intelligence chiefs briefed him on Russian involvement in the election last Friday and he has accepted the fact that it happened. Two US officials said on Tuesday evening that the allegations on the Russian dossier, which one called “unsubstantiated,” were contained in a two-page memo appended to a report on Russian interference in the 2016 election that US intelligence officials presented to Trump and Obama last week. — Reuters


Samsung leader named a suspect in political probe SEOUL: A South Korean special prosecutor’s office will question Samsung Group leader Jay Y. Lee as a suspect in a widening influence-peddling scandal that may force President Park Geun-hye from office. Prosecutors have been looking into whether Samsung payments of about 30 billion won ($25 million) for a business and foundations backed by Park’s friend, Choi Soon-sil, were connected to a 2015 decision by the national pension fund to back a controversial merger of two group affiliates. Park could become South Korea’s first democratically elected leader to leave office early after parliament voted in December to impeach her over the corruption scandal, which has triggered big weekly rallies calling for her to step down. The impeachment must be upheld or overturned by the Constitutional Court. A spokesman for prosecutors, Lee Kyu-chul, told a briefing the Samsung leader had been summoned for questioning at 9:30am (0030 GMT) on Thursday over suspicions including bribery. He declined to comment on whether Jay Y. Lee or other Samsung executives will be indicted but would not rule out the possibility of the prosecution seeking an arrest warrant against Lee. A Samsung Group spokeswoman declined to comment. Proving quid-pro-quo dealings between the Choi-linked organisations and Samsung are critical to prosecution efforts to bolster its case against President Park and show that she, or a surrogate such as Choi, collected bribes in exchange for favours, analysts said. — Reuters


Snow, rain pummel California, Nevada and Oregon CALIFORNIA: Heavy rain and snowfall hit parts of California, Nevada and Oregon early on Wednesday, causing roads to be closed, schools to cancel classes and widespread flooding along already swollen waterways. A National Weather Service blizzard warning remained in effect until late on Wednesday morning for ski resort towns in the greater Lake Tahoe area, including Truckee and South Lake Tahoe, California, and neighboring Nevada enclaves of Stateline and Incline Village. Snow accumulations of 5 to 10 feet (1.5 to 3 meters) were forecast above elevations of 7,000 feet, with fierce wind gusts reaching 100 miles (160 km) per hour along the ridge of the Sierra Nevada mountain range, the National Weather Service reported. An avalanche warning was issued for much of the same mountain regions. “Those venturing outdoors may become lost or disoriented so persons in the warning area are advised to stay indoors,” the weather service said. Roadways, including Interstate 80 near the border of California and Nevada, were closed on Wednesday morning. Schools throughout the region canceled Wednesday classes,

Heavy downpours sent a wall of mud down onto a house in Fairfax, California, trapping an elderly couple and their two granddaughters, according to local media. Firefighters rescued the couple and children and no one was injured, an ABC affiliate reported.

SNOW STORM: A private contractor clears deep snow from a driveway during a heavy winter storm in Incline Village, Nevada, US on Tuesday. – Reuters

including the Portland Public Schools district in Oregon, attended by about 50,000 students. Several flood warnings remained in effect until Wednesday

morning for lower elevations in northern and central California and in western Nevada, where creeks and rivers were expected to overrun their banks.

Several communities in the region opened evacuation centers for people who heeded warnings from officials to move to higher ground to avoid flooding.

Floodgates A series of floodgates on the Sacramento River, just upstream of California’s capital, were opened for the first time in 11 years on Tuesday to divert high water around the city and into a special drainage channel, said Lauren Hersh, a spokeswoman for the state Water Resources Department. The cascade of rain and snow marked the fourth round of extreme precipitation unleashed during the past month by a weather pattern meteorologists call an “atmospheric river” - a dense plume of moisture flowing from the tropical Pacific into California. The storms have brought some sorely needed replenishment to many reservoirs left low by five years of drought, while restoring California’s mountain snowpack to 135 per cent of its average water-content level for this time of year as of Tuesday, state water officials said. — Reuters


Poland’s opposition Civic Platform proposes parliamentary delay WARSAW: Poland’s opposition Civic Platform proposed to delay parliament’s return from its winter break on Wednesday by a week to allow time for talks aimed at ending a sit-in by opposition lawmakers protesting a vote on the 2017 budget. Senior parliament officials convened an emergency meeting, but ruling party officials insisted that the opposition parliamentarians leave the plenary hall where the sit-in was taking place. The crisis started in mid-December when moves by the conservative Law and Justice (PiS) party to curb the number of journalists in parliament and their right to record proceedings prompted opposition lawmakers to start the sit-in. That led the PiS to move a 2017 budget vote to an auxiliary chamber of parliament in December, prompting

IN CRISIS: Liberal opposition (Civic Platform) lawmakers occupy the chamber of the lower house of the Polish parliament on Wednesday in Warsaw. – AFP

the opposition to accuse it of voting on it illegally. Rejecting PiS appeals, the Civic Platform said on Tuesday it would stick to its blockade if the PiS

tried to relaunch parliament on Wednesday. PO leader Grzegorz Schetyna had said his party would occupy “any room in which (the PiS) will try to organise proceed-

ings”, after rejecting an offer from PiS counterpart Jaroslaw Kaczynski to try to find a compromise. On Wednesday, Schetyna proposed delaying resumption of par-

liament’s proceedings until January 18 to allow time to resolve the standoff. Kaczynski’s eurosceptic party enjoys strong, steady support of around a third of Poles despite critics’ accusation that PiS policies are undermining democratic checks and balances and tilting the formerly communist state towards authoritarian rule. In December, the European Commission have Poland two months to address what it called a “a systemic threat to the rule of law” in Poland. But critics say the opposition risks weakening its position as it has failed to take a joint approach to the crisis and lacks a coherent plan to defuse it. Kaczynski has warned that “decisions” might be taken if parliament could not reconvene. “We are operating from the position that the session will take place,” he told

journalists on Tuesday. “And we will do everything to ensure that even if there are problems.” He would not elaborate on what decisions the eurosceptic PiS, which holds a majority in parliament, would take. On Monday, the PiS announced it would reinstate full media access to parliament to try to defuse the standoff, but a wary Civic Platform (PO) said it was not yet ready to call off its blockade. On Tuesday, Kaczynski said PiS MPs would consider some of the budget amendments proposed by the opposition - but not conduct a rerun of the budget vote as demanded by the PO. The PO reiterated its condition for lifting its blockade, saying the December vote was illegal because the PiS lacked the required quorum of lawmakers. — Reuters











1 Private sector recruitment

1 Oman fifth best place in world

in Oman ‘unfair and unacceptable’

for expats to save money

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2 Oman weather: Met

office warns of fresh winds and rough sea

3 Indian actor Chiranjeevi’s

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movie creates buzz in Oman

2 Oman tourism: 24-day

Muscat Festival to kick off next week

4 Rising interest, fuel price hit

margins of Omani contracting firms

3 Oman accident: Missing

Indian found dead

5 In final address, Obama touts

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values and prods Trump

4 Dining becomes cheaper in

Oman with scrapping of service tax


5 Loan sharks circle as

salaries delayed in Oman


TIMESOFOMAN.COM/TIMESTV Muscat Municipality yesterday opened a new flyover linking the expressway to Muscat International Airport.

Richard J. C. Galustian


The irony of the yuan rally that took bears by surprise last week was that the surge came just days before China announced that its foreign currency reserves shrank by $41 billion in December. The stockpile is now $3 trillion, a decline of more than $1 trillion since its peak in 2014.

TWEET WE LIKE @WalterDeRooij Zagreb people, a friend of mine from Oman will be in Zagreb on Thursday (on his way to Ljubljana). Is there anybody that can show him aroun…




The annus horribilis of 2016 is behind us now. But its low points – the United Kingdom’s vote to leave the European Union, the election of Donald Trump as US president, the ongoing atrocities in Syria – were merely symptoms of a process of dissolution of the liberal rules-based global system that began long before



Trump inauguration may change Libya war equation

Photo: backpackingburton

hat will happen in Libya in the first three months from the inauguration of US President-elect Donald Trump as US president on January 20th when the realpolitic of US foreign policy becomes clear. One indication is certain. Washington interests appear to favour a military solution to the quagmire in Libya that involves Field Marshal Khalifa Hafter as part of some sort of leadership council which could and should include some former Muammar Gaddafi officials if the country is to be united. The eradication of IS in Libya is however still paramount. That would put America and Russia on the same side in Libya. This is because Russia signalled with its meeting with Haftar at their foreign ministery in Moscow in mid December its willingness to support Hafter’s Libyan National Army, as the legitimate military force of the House of Representatives (HOR) the legal legitimate parliament in Tobruk. On December 2nd Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov categorically said Moscow “does not want Libya to end up like Syria, as a failed state.” Moscow has been cultivating ties with Hafter and the LNA as well as the HOR in Tobruk for more than a year. Notably, along with Tobruk’s key allies Egypt and UAE, it continues to recognise HOR, not the UN/US/UK/Italian backed Government of National Accord (GNA) government, as the legitimate government of Libya, pointing out that UN recognition granted by UN Security Council December 23rd 2015 was and is still conditional on the HOR voting yes to the GNA, which it has refused to do. As with Syria, Russia sees an opportunity to gain new increased and important influence in an Arab state. Four Russian made attack helicopters were delivered to LNA via UAE and Egypt in summer 2016 and proved crucial, along with Soviet-made Migs, in repelling attacks by pro GNA forces, militias to be exact, at the key central oil ports, seized by LNA in September 2016. But Russia’s stance looks to be reactive.

It said in January it publicly supports lifting UN arms embargo, implying weapons would go to the LNA. This contrasts with the Obama administration, UK and Italy et al in wanting the embargo lifted only for GNA militias. In other words, if Western Powers lifts it for the GNA, Russia’s UNSC vote will come only if LNA also gets weapons. That’s why it’s hard to second guess Trumps foreign policies where he appears to want to keep everybody guessing until after his inauguration. Likewise with oil; two thirds of oil, now at a record high for two years of 700,000 plus bpd comes from the East of Libya. For now the money flows to central bank in Tripoli, but that didn’t stop Tobruk attempting to sell independently in May only for the UNSC to order the tanker to turn around. Russia has an option of buying direct from Cyrenaica, the East Libya, challenging western powers to intercept its tankers, should the consensus in Libya break down. A potential flash point. A further problem is that there is a movement in the East to create a new flag for Cyrenica as well as a new national anthem. This would certainly inevitably lead to Libya becoming two separate Countries, East and West Libya. Exasperating the situation is the predicted total collapse within days of General Electricity Company of Libya’s ability to distribute electricity to the entire country; this will very much heighten and speed up internal tensions. Moscow is running a wait-and-see policy. Buying oil or providing weapons would tip the strategic balance, but that option is likely to be part of a larger calculation in its competition with western powers in other areas of the world. So the wild card remains; the Trump card which may see the US drop support for the GNA in its current form, and Trump’s hopefully good relations with Putin and Moscow could well see Russia seeking a chunk of influence in Libya at presumably the expense of the Italians and British with the French solely interested in Southern Libya. A new ‘Great Game’ seems to be emerging all over the region. - Exclusive to Times of Oman

READERS’ FORUM WhatsApp ‘group’ option very disturbing This refers to the article All about WhatsApp (January 9). Whether it is a blessing or curse I must say that the tech-savvy new generation has been entirely hooked to the messaging world of WhatsApp. Having a free tool and compatible with all the modern mobile handset features, the WhatsApp obsession has even embraced by the business community for quickly interacting with customers and other contacts. However, being a free application the users must think twice and extensively to ensure its reliability when sharing data of confidential nature. Having very much attached Scan this QR code to the social media world, the ‘free’ concept to send letters to the not to be taken for granted, hence it should Readers’ Forum, never be considered as a reliable business containing not more than 200 words with partner. WhatsApp has changed the work full name, address atmosphere in recent times, as users tend and telephone to spend value time in going through the number, may be sent pop up messages, videos and pictures by e-mail (akhtar@ that mostly come as forward. The ‘group’ concept has taken all the routines to a disturbing level and believes in that it never keeps one idle, whether at home, work, shopping malls and even driving it becomes irritating at times. Even though there are various options to customise its use, the tendency is to ignore them at a convenient pace. — Ramachandran Nair, Ruwi

QUOTE OF THE DAY I can’t change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination.


Is there any reason for liberals to feel optimistic after a year of political disasters? Is there even a shred of silver lining to be found in the tatters of Brexit, Donald Trump’s election, and European disunity? Christians believe that despair is a mortal sin, so one might as well try to find a glimmer of hope




JANUARY 2002 Sayyid Ali to open seminar on judiciary MUSCAT: Sayyid Ali bin Hamoud Al Busaidi, minister of diwan of royal court, will today preside over the opening of a two-day administrative judiciary seminar, organised by the Ministry of Civil Service in cooperation with the Arab Organisation for Administrative Development. Sheikh Abdulaziz bin Matar Al Azizi, minister of civil service, said the seminar is significant and it comes within the context of His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said’s directives to strengthen the pillars of judiciary.

(in million Omani Rials) Total end of June 2015


4,123.4 2,625.4

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1938: Austria recognizes the Franco government in Spain. 1940: Soviet bombers raid cities in Finland. 1973: Yassar Arafat is re-elected as head of the Palestinian Liberation Organization. 1994: The US Congress gives the green light to military action against Iraq in the Gulf crisis.

0 Source National Centre for Statistics & Information




A Homemaker’s Life Story Swati Dasgupta


aria’s day starts at 5am every day. No sooner the alarm bell rings she scrambles out of the bed in haste. A real quick shower followed by a hot cup of tea, she rushes to wake up the rest of her family. Suddenly the whole house is in full action and Maria constantly multi tasks in between. Her 5-year-old daughter needs her hair to be braided, her 10th grader is unable to find his project sheets, and her husband, amidst all this, makes a quick enquiry on the pending bills. As soon as they leave, Maria gets back to doing her work, that has no fixed timings and she is on duty 24x7. Her job entails cooking, cleaning, laundering, teaching, and more. In short many roles rolled in one. But for her there are no weekend off days and no sick leave either. Most importantly she doesn’t get a pay

cheque at the end of the month for her work. Maria left her full time job many years back to raise her children and though she is glad she took the right decision at the right time there are days when she is overwhelmed in despair. She says, “Though being a homemaker has been a gratifying journey,there are days when I feel uninspired and depressed too. I miss being at work, the moments shared with my colleagues, of being financially on my own, and not to miss, the pleasure of having a pay cheque at the end of the month.” Welcome to the world of homemakers. While in olden days women were meant to stay at home and take care of themselves and their family, the industrial revolution marked the first flight of them to work outside their homes. Be it in search of self-esteem, gain financial independence or to escape from the domestic boredom, women stepped out of the confines of

their homes. But not all. Amongst those many career seekers were many others who chose the precincts of their houses because they thought they were needed the most there. “It’s a personal choice,” said a content homemaker in Muscat. In spite of being a qualified IT professional she shelved her career to devote her time to her children and being there for them was her biggest earning. But as her children are now ready to embark on their higher studies and leave home she feels a sense of emptiness. Its feels like she is stuck to household chores. She says, “Now I feel so left out. Though I have no financial problems I still miss the pleasure of earning and having my own money.” She says that a lot more is expected of you if you are a full time homemaker. For many women in Oman being a homemaker is not a choice as work visa isn’t an easy thing to get here. As a result many profession-

ally qualified women are forced to stay at home. “I have been here for almost four years here and owing to some visa constraint I could not get a job, a qualified engineer shared her plight. “People have this notion that you have nothing to do when you are at home. Moreover if you’re not bringing in a pay cheque, you’re not thought to be on equal terms,” said another homemaker while sharing her dilemmas. Author Ann Crittenden in her book The Price of Motherhood, says that mothers pay too large a lifetime price in lost income and status because of the time and energy they devote to their children. “Raising children may be the most important job in the world,” she wrote, “but you can’t put it on a resume”. Her views voice many hidden pains being a homemaker. But is the job of a homemaker a challenging career? Are the round-

the-clock jobs at home as tiresome as brooding over the office files? Homemaking to date is more gender-specific, i.e. a woman’s duty and as it is in the Asian community, it is more demanding than average 9-5 jobs. Expatriate homemakers, especially those belonging to the middle-income group bracket, do not have the luxury of house help and end up doing all the chores of the house. And they certainly deserve a pat on their backs for the services they provide. Whether for tirelessly toiling behind pots and pans or for being there 24x7, women ‘manning’ the homes should be applauded. And those who relinquished their working status to bring up their children strongly object when people ask them ‘are you working’? Understandably, when people have worked hard to reach a certain level professionally, and are enjoying the fruits of their labour; it is hard to throw it

all away. But some don’t mind doing that. Mothers who have stayed at home for child raising made a choice in their life. Agreed finance was not a constraint in their cases but at the same time they can be recognised for not letting the trophies of materialism and workplace success overrule them. “Being a homemaker is a job but it doesn’t necessarily mean giving up being a woman. A mother and wife can still be a person who can be recognised for being her own self,” says another homemaker. Most homemakers say that greatest joys of being a homemaker are being able to plan and execute the household chores with plenty of family time, being able to take regular evening walks, coffee mornings and shopping sprees with friends, catching up reading, watching movies and having a lot of “me” time. —





31 - 18 72-18% 0



Dhuhr Asr Maghrib Isha Fajr (Tomorrow)

12.20pm 3.23pm 5.44pm 6.59pm 5.31am


ART FOR THE AGES Children up to the age of 16 who would like to have their art considered for inclusion in “Art for the Ages” can e-mail their drawings or paintings (in jpeg or tiff format) to

Nabeeha Asif, Grade KG 2, Indian School Wadi Kabir

Joyel Abhilash John Grade 3, ISM

Sarath Krishna, Grade 9, ISD


Get Ready to Meet the Ninja Turtles

True to its promise to create great moments for everyone, everyday, City Centre Muscat and City Centre Qurum —Majid Al Futtaim's two much-loved shopping destinations in the Sultanate, will deliver world-class entertainment during the 19th edition of Muscat Festival 2017 from January 19 to February 11. The Nickelodeon's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (TMNT) will rise from the sewers of New York City and head over to Oman for the very first time. Be prepared to meet the mutant heroes from January 24 to February 3. Going to make their first-ever stage appearance in the Sultanate, the powerful turtles will present three power-packed shows ‘Turtle Power’ at City Centre Muscat at 5pm, 6:30pm and 8pm from January 24 - 30. In addition to the daily live performances, City Centre Muscat will host TMNT Green & Extreme, which will bring kids to the underworld of New York City suburbs with adventurous games and competitions. From Turtles Tyre race to make-overs and balloon power, Nickelodeons' Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles have all it takes to get whoever joins their team per-

fectly trained for their upcoming adventure. Daily sessions will be held at 4:00pm, 5:30pm, 7pm and 8:30pm. Additionally, visitors will have the opportunity to meet Leonardo, Donatello and Raphael, and Michelangelo up-close and personal from February 1-3 in City Centre Qurum, four times daily at 4pm, 5:30pm, 7pm, and 8:30 pm. City Centre Qurum will also host TMNT Pizza Power, a chance to meet with the famous turtles and help them prepare for a pizza party. Children will have the opportunity to show off their pizza-making skills, make their favourite Ninja Turtle out of balloons, or say ‘cheesy pizza’ and take a photo with the legendary characters. Also get ready for cotton candy and some good family fun — it’s a carnival feel in City Centre malls. Each mall will set up activation area, which will feature brightly coloured decorations and classic carnival games, as well as entertainers. There's nothing like a Carnival to evoke the fondest of memories for kids of all ages during Muscat Festival. —


CHARUDHI 12-1-2011

Krish Shibu Nair 8-1-2013


Nafees Ahmed 7-1-2007

Rishika Bhatia 14-1-2009

Alfred Benoy, Grade 3, Indian School Muscat

Harshini, Grade 4, Indian School Wadi Kabir




LIFESTYLE FACT FILE (Exploring History, Science, and Nature)

TR AIN S AND RAILROA D S More than just a way to get from place to place, railroads have come to represent the power and determination of a time gone by. Today, they are a modern, economical, and environmentally sound transportation solution for the future. The steam engine In 1804, Richard Trevithick built a steam locomotive that ran on rails. It was a tramway, or road locomotive. In 1825, George Stephenson invented the first steam locomotive engine for railroads. Early trains travelled at 6mph (9.6kph), but by the beginning of the 20th century, some could reach 100mph (161 kph). Safety concerns The early trains were not particularly safe. Boilers could explode if the pressure was not correctly maintained, and collisions were

a danger. Today, the most common train accidents involve automobiles trying to race across the railroad tracks as a train is approaching. The end of steam Diesel and electric locomotives began to replace steam engines at the turn of the 20th century. The use of steam locomotives was rare after 1950. Passenger trains that make a lot of stops are sometimes called a “milk run”. The caboose is a car at the end of a train. Early cabooses had sleeping bunks and a cooking stove.

Railroaders have many nicknames for the caboose — crib, cage, crumb box or the crummy. North America In 1815, John Stevens wanted to build a railroad across the state of New Jersey, but was unable to get funding for the project. Ten years later, he built a circular track in Hoboken and ran a small steampowered car on it. The early 1800s was a time of great expansion for railroads. By 1850, more than 9,022 miles of track had been laid in the United States. The Central Pacific Rail-

road began laying track eastward from California in 1863, and the Union Pacific began laying track westward in 1865. The two lines met in Utah in 1869. Canada’s first transcontinental railway was completed by the Canadian Pacific Railroad in 1885. These railroads opened the remote lands of the West to settlers and trade. Bullet trains Japan is home to the first highspeed passenger rail line. Known in the West as the bullet train, the Shinkansen is a high-speed

intercity train that opened in 1964. The line moves commuters between Tokyo and Shin-Osaka and remains one of the most heavily used high-speed routes in the world. In the 1960s, its trains reached a top speed of 130mph (210kph) and travelled 320 miles (515km) in about 3 hours and 10 minutes. Trains on this line today travel at speeds of up to 170mph (273.5kph) and take 2 hours and 25 minutes. The success of Japan’s bullet trains led to further research and development in Europe over the next two decades, and improve-

ments were made to many existing passenger services. Today, the term “high-speed rail” generally refers to speeds of 160mph (250kph) or above on new track. In the United States, the California High-Speed Rail network was approved by voters in 2008 and should be completed by 2029. Moving forward Because railroads are very economical and environmentally friendly, they should continue to play an important role in the transportation of goods and people. —




OMAN CRUDE DECLINES Oman Crude (March delivery) declined by $1.20 to $52.20 per barrel, said Dubai Mercantile Exchange (DME). The average price of Oman Crude (January delivery) stabilised at $44.54 per barrel, $4.64 higher than December delivery. – ONA


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Muscat 5,795.89 + 16.08 + 0.28%

Dubai 3,721.62 - 3.44 - 0.90%

Abu Dhabi 4,662.86 - 5.45 - 0.12%

Saudi Arabia

6,928.83 - 79.20 - 1.13%

Kuwait 6,030.41 + 16.05 + 0.27%

Bahrain 1,206.79 - 3.21 - 0.27%

Qatar 10,661.81 - 38.66 - 0.36%





Type ............................Delivery...........Price

Forex rates vs OMR1* US Dollar ................................. 2.58 Euro ............................................ 2.43 Pound ............................................2.11 Indian Rs .............................176.90 Pakistan Rs ........................267.59 Bangla Taka......................203.09

Indian Rs ................................... 177.25 Pakistan Rs .............................272.00 Sri Lanka Rs .................................. N/A Bangla Taka............................ 204.15 Phil Peso ................................... 128.50

Muscat 24ct per gm (OMR) .......15.20

Oman Crude............. (Spot) .........$52.77 Dubai Crude ............. (Spot) .........$52.01 Murban Crude ........ (Spot) ........$53.59 Arabian Light ......... (Spot) .........$51.64 N.Sea Brent............... (Spot) ........$54.04 West Texas Int ....... (Spot) ..........$51.19

* Rates are as of January 11 Source: Bank Muscat

* Rates as of January 11 Source: Oman UAE Exchange

Muscat 22ct per gm (OMR) .......14.00 Dubai 24ct per gm (Dh) ........... 144.00 Dubai 22ct per gm (Dh) .............135.25 * Rates as of January 11 Source: Malabar Gold & Diamonds

Delay expected in introducing value added tax in Gulf region Saudi government recently indicated that VAT will be implemented in the first quarter of 2018, against an earlier intention to adopt it by January 1, 2018

Ashok Hariharan, Partner and Head of Tax for KPMG in the Lower Gulf. - Picture by Shabin E/Times of Oman


months,” said Ashok Hariharan, Partner and Head of Tax for KPMG in the Lower Gulf. However, five GCC states have already signed the framework agreement for value-added tax, which is the basic regulation for GCC states to enact separate VAT laws, and the remaining one country is about to sign the same pact, added Hariharan. Value added tax, which is a tax on consumption and is levied at each stage in the chain of produc- MUSCAT: A delay is expected in implementing the much-awaited value-added tax (VAT) by the sixmember Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) states as Saudi government recently indicated that it will be implemented in the first quarter of 2018, against an earlier intention to adopt VAT by January 1, 2018. “That is a possible indication that it will be delayed by three

tion, will be introduced in the sixmember GCC bloc at an expected rate of 5 per cent. Framework agreement “GCC states are likely to release the VAT framework agreement in the coming days. Once it is done, the countries are free to come up with their own local legislation on VAT, and one would expect that Oman and other GCC states to issue the law in 2017,” noted Hariharan, while making a pres-

entation on the Sultanate’s budget 2017 here on Wednesday. “Considering a delay in corporate tax law, one would wonder whether VAT law will be issued in 2017. If the government is serious in collecting more taxes, they will have to come out with the law sooner than later.” If VAT is to be introduced on January 1, 2018, the corporate sector needs the law at least six months prior to the implementation for preparing themselves for the new levy. Hariharan added that the budget statement issued by the Ministry of Finance also indicates that the Income Tax Law is to be amended in 2017. Such changes, according to KPMG, could include raising of corporate tax rates from 12 per cent to 15 per cent, removal of the tax-free limit of OMR30,000, widening the scope of withholding taxes and removal of many tax exemptions. Although tax legislation is likely to change during 2017, the 2017 budget does not anticipate any changes in government revenues as such changes will affect tax collections only in 2018. KPMG’s seminar has attracted over 100 top chief executive officers and chief financial officers.

KPMG advises government on draft value added tax law Times News Service MUSCAT: KPMG Oman is advising the Ministry of Finance on preparing a draft law on value added tax. “It is an ongoing process. We have prepared the draft law, executive regulations, policy decisions to be taken and other aspects for consideration. They will ask us to make some changes,” said

This follows a similar presentation earlier in the week at the Oman Society of Contractors, which also received a very positive feedback from the participants. KPMG’s analysis and insights on Oman’s 2017 budget included a comparison of the 2017 budget numbers with both the ninth five year plan, covering a period from

Ashok Hariharan, Partner and Head of Tax for KPMG in the Lower Gulf. The Ministry of Finance has to review the recommendations for the draft law and have to forward the same to Ministry of Legal Affairs and Council of Ministers. Hariharan also said that KPMG has been advising the government on VAT regulation for quite sometime.

2016 to 2020 announced last year and the preliminary fiscal results for 2016. It also analysed the budgeted deficit, debt and the level of debt to gross domestic product. A comparison of debt-to-gross domestic product (GDP) for other countries in the region and outside was also made. > B2



MARKET MSM index ends higher



INDICES Index .................................................High .................Low..................... Value ............... Prev . Value.......... Diff ...............Diff % MSM30 Index ....................................... 5,800.33 ...............5,780.02 ....................5,795.89 ....................5,779.81..................16.08 ...................0.28 Financial Index .....................................7,903.82 ............... 7,855.15 ................... 7,902.06 ................... 7,853.47................. 48.59 ...................0.62 Industrial Index ....................................7,528.93 ................7,513.16 .................... 7,513.17 ....................7,521.95.................. -8.78 .................. -0.12 Services Index .......................................3,026.10 ...............3,014.50 ....................3,014.61 ...................3,022.84.................. -8.23 .................. -0.27 MSM SHARIAH INDEX....................... 873.10 .................. 871.09 ....................... 871.12 .......................871.39.................. -0.27 .................. -0.03 Trading Summary Volume ................Turnover ..........Trades .............. Market Cap............. Up............Down ............. Equal .........Sec. Traded 9,253,217 .................... 2,457,892 .....................589 ...............17,498,945,206 .................. 7 ........................8 .................... 19 .........................34

Oman United Insurance, up 3.51 per cent, was the top gainer while Renaissance Services


was the top loser, down by 4.26 per cent. ISIN ......................................SECURITY NAME ..................................................................VOLUME..... TURNOVER............TRADES ......OPEN PRICE......HIGH ............. LOW ........ CLOSE PR. ...PREV. CLOSE...DIFF (RO).........DIFF % .............LAST PR.....LAST BID .............LAST OFFER ........MARKET CAP.PAR VALUE

MUSCAT: Selective buying in banking stocks lifted the MSM30 Index to 5,795.89 points, up 0.28 per cent. The MSM Sharia Index had marginal loss of 0.03 per cent to end at 871.12 points. Bank Nizwa was the most active in terms of volume while Ooredoo led in turnover. Oman United Insurance, up 3.51 per cent, was the top gainer while Renaissance Services was the top loser, down 4.26 per cent. A total number of 589 trades were executed on Wednesday, generating turnover of OMR2.46 million with 9.25 million shares changing hands. Out of 34 traded securities, 7 advanced, 8 declined and 19 remained unchanged. GCC and Arab investors were net buyers for OMR247,000 followed by foreign investors for OMR29,000 while Omani investors remained net sellers for OMR276,000 worth of shares. Financial Index advanced 0.62 per cent to finish at 7,902.06 points. Oman United Insurance, Bank Dhofar, Al Anwar Holding, Ahli Bank and NBO gained 3.51 per cent, 2.54 per cent, 1.06 per cent, 1.06 per cent and 0.40 per cent, respectively. Al Madina Takaful and Al Izz Bank decreased 1.35 per cent and 1.35 per cent respectively. Industrial Index closed at 7,513.17 points, down 0.12 per cent. Gulf International Chemicals, up 0.34 per cent was the only gainer. Galfar Engineering and Oman Cement declined 1.08 per cent and 0.40 per cent respectively. Services Index declined

0.27 per cent to end at 3,014.61 points. Ooredoo gained 0.63 per cent to close at OMR0.636. Renaissance Services, Al Jazeera Services, Phoenix Power and OIFC lost 4.26 per cent, 1.96 per cent, 0.67 per cent and 0.49 per cent respectively. Sensex soars 241 points Extending Tuesday’s rally, benchmark Sensex on Wednesday surged nearly 241 points to close at a two-month high of 27,140 and Nifty reclaimed the 8,300-level on widespread buying triggered by a positive start of the earnings season and firm Asian cues. Investors cheered better-than expected third quarter numbers in IndusInd Bank along with bullish Asian stocks ahead of US President-elect Donald Trump’s news conference later in the day that will give his policy insight. Besides, investors widened their bets on optimism that upcoming general budget — to be unveiled next month — would contain incentives for corporates, which will help boost the economy. Anand James, Chief Market Strategist, Geojit BNP Paribas Financial Services, said, “Indian stocks opened on a firm note as banking stocks were propped up by IndusInd Bank as well as South Indian Bank’s results which lent positivity at the start of third quarter season... metal sector got a shot in the arm following reports of reduction in Chinese production.”

REGULAR MARKET ......................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................... OM0000001087............OMAN UNITED INSURANCE .................................87,000 .............30,730......................13 ........... 0.350 ........... 0.356 ...........0.350........... 0.354 .............0.342 ............0.012 ............. 3.509 ................0.354..............0.356...................0.360 ..................35,400,000.........0.100 OM0000001772 ............AL ANWAR HOLDING............................................... 654,577 ......... 124,139..................... 77 ............0.189 ........... 0.192 ...........0.189 ........... 0.190 ............. 0.188............ 0.002............. 1.064 ................0.189 ..............0.188...................0.189...................33,250,467 .........0.100 OM0000003968 ...........OOREDOO....................................................................... 1,075,483 ...... 684,851..................... 54 ........... 0.632 ...........0.640 ...........0.632........... 0.636 .............0.632 ........... 0.004............. 0.633 ................0.636..............0.636...................0.640 .................414,000,530 .......0.100 OM0000001483............NATIONAL BANK OF OMAN ................................. 796,053 ..........198,771..................... 77 ........... 0.250 ...........0.252 ...........0.247........... 0.250 .............0.249 ............0.001 .............0.402 ................0.247..............0.246...................0.247 .................368,695,319 ........0.100 OM0000001418 ............RAYSUT CEMENT ....................................................... 50,000 ............72,500........................2 ............1.450 ........... 1.450 ...........1.450 ............1.450 ............. 1.450............ 0.000.............0.000 ................1.450 ..............1.400...................1.450................. 290,000,000 .......0.100 OM0000001707 ............OMAN CABLES INDUSTRY........................................... 800 ............... 1,256........................2 ............1.570 ........... 1.570 ...........1.570 ............1.570 ............. 1.570............ 0.000.............0.000 ................1.570 ..............1.480...................1.570..................140,829,000 .......0.100 OM0000001962............AL MADINA INVESTMENT .....................................76,000 ...............4,368........................5 ........... 0.058 ........... 0.058 ...........0.057........... 0.057 .............0.057 ........... 0.000.............0.000 ................0.057..............0.056...................0.058................... 11,807,629 .........0.100 OM0000002168............AL ANWAR CERAMIC TILES ............................... 424,861 ............77,799......................41 ............0.186 ........... 0.186 ...........0.182............0.183 ............. 0.183............ 0.000.............0.000 ................0.182 ..............0.182...................0.184...................54,207,104 .........0.100 OM0000002176 ............AL JAZEERA STEEL PRODUCTS ......................... 50,000 .............12,750........................4 ........... 0.255 ........... 0.255 ...........0.255........... 0.255 .............0.255 ........... 0.000.............0.000 ................0.255..............0.231...................0.255...................31,848,980 .........0.100 OM0000002796 ...........BANK MUSCAT ............................................................ 667,250 .......... 317,371......................51 ............0.476 ........... 0.476 ...........0.474........... 0.476 .............0.476 ........... 0.000.............0.000 ................0.476..............0.474...................0.476.................1,188,215,123 ......0.100 OM0000003026 ...........OMAN TELECOMMUNICATION ........................ 197,560 ..........288,540..................... 83 ............1.460 ........... 1.470 ...........1.460........... 1.460 .............1.460............ 0.000.............0.000 ................1.470 ..............1.460...................1.470................1,095,000,000......0.100 OM0000003398 ...........BANK SOHAR..................................................................34,550 ...............5,533........................4 ............0.160 ........... 0.162 ...........0.160........... 0.160 .............0.160 ........... 0.000.............0.000 ................0.162 ..............0.162...................0.163..................256,719,895 ........0.100 OM0000003661 ............VOLTAMP ENERGY .......................................................... 200 .....................98........................1 ........... 0.490 ...........0.490 ...........0.490........... 0.490 .............0.490 ........... 0.000.............0.000 ................0.490..............0.480...................0.488...................29,645,000.........0.100 OM0000001749 ............OMAN CEMENT ............................................................47,370 ............ 23,585........................5 ........... 0.500 ...........0.500 ...........0.490........... 0.498 .............0.500 ...........-0.002 ........... -0.400 ...............0.490..............0.490...................0.498..................164,774,610 ........0.100 OM0000001525 ............OMAN INVESTMENT AND FINANCE................85,000 ............. 17,365........................8 ........... 0.205 ...........0.205 ...........0.203........... 0.204 .............0.205 ...........-0.001 ........... -0.488 ...............0.203............. 0.202...................0.205 ................. 40,800,000 ........0.100 OM0000005963 ...........PHOENIX POWER ........................................................23,966 ...............3,548........................6 ............0.150 ........... 0.150 ...........0.148 ........... 0.148 .............0.149............-0.001 ............-0.671................0.148 .............. 0.147...................0.148..................216,465,016 ........0.100 OM0000004768 ...........AL MADINA TAKAFUL...............................................16,000 ............... 1,168........................1 ........... 0.073 ........... 0.073 ...........0.073........... 0.073 .............0.074 ...........-0.001 ............-1.351 ................0.073..............0.073...................0.074...................12,775,000 .........0.100 OM0000002226 ...........AL JAZEERA SERVICES ........................................... 20,000 ...............4,010........................6 ............0.201 ........... 0.201 ...........0.200 .......... 0.200 .............0.204 ...........-0.004 ............-1.961................0.200 ............ 0.200...................0.204 ..................12,240,855 .........0.100 OM0000003224 ...........RENAISSANCE SERVICES ..................................... 248,000........... 55,800........................1 ........... 0.225 ...........0.225 ...........0.225........... 0.225 .............0.235 ...........-0.010 ........... -4.255 ...............0.225..............0.225...................0.234 ..................67,224,977 .........0.100 .............................................SUM: .................................................................................. 4,554,670... 1,924,181...................441 ............................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................. ........................................................................................................................................... TRADED SEC. ......19........................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................

PARALLEL MARKET ................................................................................................................................................................................. OM0000002549 ...........BANK DHOFAR ............................................................ 406,452 ........... 98,544........................8 ........... 0.236 ...........0.243 ...........0.236........... 0.242 .............0.236 ........... 0.006.............2.542 ................0.242............. 0.242...................0.245 .................459,606,739........0.100 OM0000002200 ...........AHLI BANK .................................................................... 100,000 ............19,000........................2 ............0.190 ........... 0.190 ...........0.190........... 0.190 ............. 0.188............ 0.002............. 1.064 ................0.190.............. 0.187...................0.190..................270,756,867........0.100 OM0000002028 ...........GULF INTERNATIONAL CHEMICALS ............ 146,841............ 42,670......................13 ........... 0.290...........0.295 ...........0.290 .......... 0.291 .............0.290 ............0.001 ............. 0.345 ................0.292..............0.292...................0.294 ................... 6,111,000 ..........0.100 OM0000001517 ............HSBC BANK OMAN .................................................... 625,000 ............81,050......................14 ............0.130 ........... 0.130 ...........0.129........... 0.130 .............0.130............ 0.000.............0.000 ................0.130 ..............0.129...................0.130................. 260,040,663 .......0.100 OM0000001566 ............OMAN FISHERIES ..................................................... 115,640 ............... 7,383......................12 ........... 0.064 ...........0.064 ...........0.063........... 0.064 .............0.064 ........... 0.000.............0.000 ................0.063..............0.063...................0.064 ...................8,000,000..........0.100 OM0000001590............MUSCAT FINANCE......................................................10,307 ...............1,299........................3 ............0.126 ........... 0.126 ...........0.126........... 0.126 .............0.126............ 0.000.............0.000 ................0.126 ..............0.124...................0.126...................33,606,163 .........0.100 OM0000002366 ...........AL BATINAH DEV. INV. HOLDING ....................... 40,000 ...............3,940........................3 ........... 0.099 ...........0.099 ...........0.097........... 0.098 .............0.098 ........... 0.000.............0.000 ................0.097..............0.097...................0.099....................2,940,000..........0.100 OM0000002440 ...........AL SHARQIA INVESTMENT HOLDING ............... 2,310 .................. 325........................2 ............0.140 ........... 0.141............0.140........... 0.144 .............0.144 ........... 0.000.............0.000 ................0.141 .............. 0.141...................0.146...................12,960,000.........0.100 OM0000003281............TAAGEER FINANCE ...................................................86,109 .............10,764........................9 ............0.125 ........... 0.125 ...........0.125 ............0.125 ............. 0.125............ 0.000.............0.000 ................0.125 .............. 0.125...................0.127................... 31,698,750 .........0.100 OM0000004420 ...........BANK NIZWA ................................................................ 2,742,565 ......239,224......................51 ........... 0.087 ...........0.089 ...........0.087........... 0.087 .............0.087 ........... 0.000.............0.000 ................0.087..............0.087...................0.088..................130,500,000 .......0.100 OM0000004735 ...........SEMBCORP SALALAH......................................................623 ...................145........................2 ........... 0.233 ...........0.233 ...........0.233........... 0.233 .............0.233 ........... 0.000.............0.000 ................0.233..............0.231...................0.233..................222,415,264 .......0.100 OM0000003521 ............GALFAR ENGINEERING AND CON. ....................89,320 ...............8,242......................14 ........... 0.093 ...........0.093 ...........0.092........... 0.092 .............0.093 ...........-0.001 ............-1.075................0.092..............0.092...................0.093...................26,678,219 .........0.100 OM0000004511 ............ALIZZ ISLAMIC BANK.............................................. 218,157 .............15,958........................8 ........... 0.074 ........... 0.074 ...........0.073........... 0.073 .............0.074 ...........-0.001 ............-1.351 ................0.073..............0.072...................0.073...................73,000,000.........0.100 .............................................SUM: .................................................................................. 4,583,324......528,543................... 141 ............................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................. ........................................................................................................................................... TRADED SEC. ......13........................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................

— United Securities/ PTI



World Bank cuts India’s growth rate to 7 per cent after demonetisation WASHINGTON: The World Bank on Wednesday lowered India’s growth for 2016-17 fiscal to a ‘still robust’ 7 per cent from its previous estimate of 7.6 due to demonetisation, but asserted that the country would regain momentum in the following years with 7.6 and 7.8 per cent growth. “The immediate withdrawal of a large volume of currency in circulation and subsequent replacement with new notes announced by the government in November contributed to slowing growth in 2016,” the World Bank said in its latest report. In its first report after November’s demonetisation, the World Bank said, “Indian growth is estimated to have decelerated to a still robust 7 per cent (in fiscal 2017 ending on March 31, 2017), with continued tailwinds from low oil prices and solid agricultural output partly offset by challenges associated with the withdrawal of a large volume of currency in circulation and subsequent replacement with new notes.” Notably, India maintains the distinction of being the fastest growing emerging market economies of the world, bypassing China. “India is expected to regain its momentum, with growth rising to 7.6 per cent in fiscal year 2018 and strengthening to 7.8 per cent in

HUGE DEMAND: Infrastructure demand is expected to go up to $1 trillion under the 12th Five-Year Plan (2012-2017). Bloomberg News

financial year 2019-20,” the Bank said, adding that various reform initiatives are expected to unlock domestic supply bottlenecks and raise productivity. Infrastructure spending should improve the business climate and attract investment in the nearterm, it added. Make in India campaign “The ‘Make in India’ campaign may support India’s manufacturing sector, backed by domestic demand and further regulatory reforms. Moderate inflation and a civil service pay hike should support real incomes and consumption, assisted by bumper harvests after favourable monsoon rains,”

the Bank said in its latest report Global Economic Prospects. “A benefit of ‘demonetisation’ in the medium-term may be liquidity expansion in the banking system, helping to lower lending rates and lift economic activity,” the World Bank noted. Noting that in India, cash accounts for more than 80 per cent of the number of transactions, the World Bank observed that in the short-term, ‘demonetisation’ could continue to disrupt business and household economic activities, weighing on growth. “Further, the challenges encountered in phasing out large currency notes and replacing them with new ones may pose

risks to the pace of other economic reforms (e.g. Goods and Services Tax, labour, and land reforms),” it said. “Spillovers from India to Nepal and Bhutan, through trade and remittances channels, could also negatively impact growth to these neighbouring smaller economies,” the Bank noted. According to the Bank, India’s growth in the first half of FY 2017 was underpinned by robust private and public consumption, which offset slowing fixed investment, subdued industrial activity and lethargic exports. Consumption was supported by lower energy costs, public sector salary and pension increases, and favourable monsoon rains, which boosted urban and rural incomes, it said adding that economic activity also benefited from a pickup in foreign direct investment (FDI) and an increase in public infrastructure spending. “Unexpected “demonetisation’ — the phasing out of large-denomination currency notes which were subsequently replaced with new ones-weighed on growth in the third quarter of FY2017,” the World Bank said. Weak industrial production and manufacturing and services purchasing managers’ indexes (PMI), further suggest a set back to activity in the fourth quarter of FY2017, it added. — PTI

‘Budget numbers B1 reflect prudent fiscal management’ < FROM

Hariharan said that the budget numbers reflect prudent fiscal management in line with the realities of a challenging and volatile oil market, as they are based on a conservative oil price of $45 per barrel and not the higher estimate of $55 per barrel considered last year in the five year plan. Despite the lower oil price compared to the ninth five-year plan, the budget deficit has been kept significantly lower than last year’s actual deficit by reducing non-essential expenditure, including defense and security and expenditure by ministries and government units. Development expenditure was maintained at the level budgeted for 2016 although 14 per cent lower than the five year plan numbers. GDP growth target Hariharan also highlighted that the GDP growth of 2 per cent budgeted for 2017 is achievable despite strong economic headwinds and shrinking government expenditure if the government expeditiously implements its Tanfeedh and privatisation programmes. The government has announced plans to sell government assets through a

privatisation scheme, which will be formalised by enacting a public-private partnership law. He emphasised that if the government succeeds in improving the investment climate and in enhancing the role of the private sector, as outlined in the five year plan and as successfully achieved in the past particularly in the power, water and port sectors, there is every reason that Oman will emerge successfully from the challenging global and regional economic environment. Hariharan noted that not only the oil and gas revenue was budgeted on a conservative note, but even the non-oil and gas revenue budget has been reduced by 2 per cent as compared to the amount planned in the five year plan. This is primarily due to a significant reduction in projected corporate tax revenue, which should be partly offset by significant increases in other tax and fee revenue, including non-Omani labour license fees and customs duties.

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Tax exemptions with regard to income



s part of our continuous endeavour to provide insight on tax matters concerning taxpayers in Oman, we have in this article discussed various aspects with regard to income currently exempt from tax. Certain specific income earned by a taxpayer comprising dividends from any local company (irrespective of its form) and profits arising on disposal of securities registered with the Muscat Security Market (SAOC and SAOG companies) are exempt from tax. The word ‘securities’ is not defined in the tax law hence it is important to refer to the definition of ‘securities’ defined in the Capital Market Authority (CMA) Law. The CMA law defines securities to include shares and bonds issued by joint stock companies, government bonds, treasury bonds and other negotiable securities. Units issued by a fund are also exempt from tax if the fund complies with the relevant provisions mentioned in the CMA Law. Income earned by Omani funds registered with CMA and from funds set up outside Oman dealing in MSM listed securities are also tax exempt. A person seeking this tax exemption

is required to file an application to the Secretary General of Taxation (SGT) along with relevant information as stated in the Executive Regulations to the Income Tax Law (MD 30/2012) (ERs). Income from carrying on shipping activity by an establishment owned by an Omani natural person or an Omani company is exempt from tax. Income realised by any other person from carrying on shipping and air transportation activities is also exempt provided the foreign country where the person is incorporated or effective management is based, provides the same treatment. In addition to the above exemptions, it is possible to obtain tax exemptions under the tax law for establishments or Omani companies operating in specific fields (except management contracts and project execution contracts) comprising: a) industry, b) mining, c) export of locally manufactured goods d) hotels and tourist villages, e) farming and agriculture, f ) fishing, g) education, and h) medical care by setting up private hospitals. Exemption is granted for a period of five years from the date of commencement of commercial activities provided the conditions specified in ERs are fulfilled. The renewal of exemption for a further period of five year is granted only if the further conditions, as specified in the ER, which are quite stringent, are fulfilled. It is critical to note that only income earned from the principal activity is exempt. Moreover, one of the conditions to obtain tax exemption for these specific sectors is that income from the principal activity (i.e. the exempt activity) shall not be less than 90 per cent

of the company’s annual gross income. Non-complianceof this condition may result in denial of exemption or revocation of tax exemption, if already granted. In order to apply for an exemption from income tax for activities carried out in the specified fields mentioned above,a prescribed form is required to be submitted to the concerned ministry (e.g. Ministry of Tourism if the tax exemption is being sought for a hotel) within eight months from the proposed date of commencement of tax exemption. The competent authorities in the relevant ministry will review the form and upon having being satisfied that all the requisite information has been submitted, provide their opinion to the Ministry of Finance (MoF). The SGT at MoF reviews the application and provides its recommendations to the minister to issue a Ministerial Decision, specific to each company. Any delay in submitting the application in the prescribed form could result in the complete denial of the tax exemption. As per the current practice of the tax authorities, any income other than the income realized from the principal activity which is exempted from tax shall be subject to tax even if a company is exempt from tax (example bank interest and scrap sale). Exemption from tax does not result in exemption from tax compliance obligations. An entity which is exempted from tax shall be required to submit its tax returns and fulfill its withholding tax obligations. A company which has a tax exemption is not allowed to carry forward its tax losses incurred during the tax exemption

Airbus wins $3.8b US deal, close to finalise Saudi sale The contract with Aviation Capital, a unit of Pacific Life Insurance Co., is for 30 A320neo planes, the re-engined version of Airbus’s single-aisle workhorse, together with two original A320 variants and three larger A321s, besides securing a major narrowbody deal from Saudi Arabian carrier Flynas

LONDON: Airbus Group won an order for 35 A320-series jets from US leasing firm Aviation Capital Group, marking its first sale of 2017. The European company is also close to securing a major narrow-body deal from Saudi Arabian carrier Flynas, according to people familiar with the plan. The contract with Aviation Capital, a unit of Pacific Life Insurance Co., is for 30 A320neo planes, the re-engined version of Airbus’s single-aisle workhorse, together with two original A320 variants and three larger A321s. That values the deal at $3.8 billion, based on list prices. Aviation Capital also has an option to take 10 further A320n-

eos, including which it has now ordered 158 A320-family jets, 66 of which have yet to be delivered, the Newport Beach, Californiabased company said in a statement on Tuesday. An A320 order from Flynas is meanwhile imminent, according to the person with knowledge of the requirement, who asked not to be named because no announcement has yet been made. Flynas said in November that it was considering a deal for 60 planes plus 40 options, and weighing the Airbus model against the Boeing’s rival 737, though the number of firm orders remains under discussion and could be increased, the person said.

Toulouse, France-based Airbus declined to comment on the Flynas situation. China, India Airbus is also close to securing a deal for 42 narrow-body jets from the leasing unit of China’s Bank of Communications, Reuters reported, citing industry sources, saying the contract could be announced on Wednesday when the planemaker reveals its 2016 order and delivery tallies. Airbus has previously included some contracts announced in January in its December numbers, giving a final boost to its tallies. Other late deals could include sign-off on a 72-plane transaction with India’s GoAir, according to Reuters, which also reported the Flynas negotiations earlier, while saying the deal will be limited to 60 planes. Iran Air Iran Air also signed a contract for 100 Airbus jetliners worth about $19 billion at list prices in January, almost a year after first announcing the purchase following an accord reining in its nuclear programme. The deal comprises 46 A320-series planes, 38 twinaisle A330s and 16 of the latest A350 wide-bodies, and is also likely to be added to the full-year order total. — Bloomberg News

period. However, as an exception, tax losses that are incurred during the first five years of exemption granted to companies carrying out specific activities mentioned above, can be carried forward indefinitely until they are fully set off. Companies incorporated in free trade zones or special economic zones (commonly known as FZC or SEZ company) are also eligible for tax exemption for a period specified in the respective free zone law. The tax exemption to such companies is not automatic. To avail tax exemption, a FZC/SEZ company should write a letter to the respective free zone authorities seeking tax exemption from MoF. The free zone authorities upon being satisfied that the FZC/SEZ company fulfills all the requisite conditions, formally requests to MoF to issue a tax exemption in favour of the company. The minister, upon recommendation of MoF, provides tax exemption through a specific Ministerial Decision. In view of the prevailing economic environment, MoF is likely to narrow down the sectors that are eligible for tax exemption. The Oman government in its 2017 budget has stated that amendments to the tax law will be issued in 2017 and this will include reduction in the scope of tax exemptions. Further, the current tax exemption provisions are being applied strictly by the tax authorities resulting in exemption being denied if any of the conditions, no matter how insignificant they may be, are not complied with. *The writer is a senior managertax with KPMG in Oman. AUSTERITY MEASURES

Wal-Mart to cut hundreds of jobs NEW YORK: Wal-Mart Stores is making another round of job cuts as part of CEO Doug McMillon’s efforts to streamline operations, according to a person familiar with the situation. The move will eliminate hundreds of positions this month, said the person, who asked not to be identified because the plan isn’t public. The Wall Street Journal previously reported on the layoffs, saying they would fall particularly hard on the human-resources department, which some executives feel should be outsourced. Wal-Mart has been looking for ways to slim down its operations at a time of increasing ecommerce spending and rising wages for employees. In late 2015, Wal-Mart eliminated hundreds of headquarters positions, followed by a relocation of 7,000 back-office accounting positions that was announced in September. — Bloomberg News

DME records 20% growth in physical delivery volumes Times News Service MUSCAT: A 20 per cent yearon-year growth in physical delivery volumes was recorded by Dubai Mercantile Exchange (DME), the premier international energy futures and commodities exchange in the Middle East, This reinforces its increasingly influential role in the global energy trading marketplace. DME registered the highest physical delivery in the history of the Exchange in 2016, shipping a total of 260.69 million barrels during the year compared to 216.16 million barrels in 2015. Average daily volume (ADV) touched a new high in 2016 at 8,762 lots, an increase of 19 per cent over the previous year, while monthly delivery volumes rose 20.5 per cent to 21.72 million barrels. Physical delivery for the month of January pegged at 28.51 million barrels and a record 29.89 million barrels due for delivery in February – the highest ever

monthly volume registered on the Exchange “Over the last five years, DME has taken a number of measures aimed at enhancing our trading platform and physical delivery infrastructure, and our steady growth in volumes is a direct reflection of our success in offering customers a state-of-the-art, highly secure trading environment along with fair and transparent pricing,” said Ahmad Sharaf, Chairman of DME. “With the balance of oil demand shifting eastwards, DME has successfully leveraged its position as the most credible source of pricing for oil trade flows in the region to expand its volumes and capitalise on the rapidly growing crude oil trade between the Middle East and Asia,” he added. The DME Oman is the only regulated benchmark to price crude heading East of Suez and is backed by the support of oil production from Oman which today stands at over 1 million barrels per day.


Contracts worth of OMR5.87m awarded MUSCAT: Oman’s Tender Board has awarded contracts worth of OMR5.87 million on Wednesday. The decision was taken by the Tender Board at its meeting chaired by Rasheed bin Al Safi Al Huraibi, chairman of the Tender Board. The contracts include renewal of contract for maintenance services and operation of system applications of the education portal of the Ministry of Education at OMR1.10 million, renewal of leasing contract for the building of the Directorate General of Educational Assessment affiliated to the Ministry of Education at OMR492,415, renewal of leasing contract for the building of the Ministry of Information in Al Khuwair at OMR444,000 and an annual maintenance works for smart tool programme project of the Ministry of Finance at OMR305,296. Other contracts that were awarded include a contract for providing technicians for operation and maintenance of devices and equipment at health units affiliated to the Ministry of Health in the Governorate of A’Dakhiliyah at OMR305,296, renewal of an agreement of the European Organisation for the Exploitation of Meteorological Satellites for the Public Authority for Civil Aviation at OMR245,183, supply of 750 tonnes of polished printing paper for needs of Oman Establishment for Press, Publication and Advertising for 2017 at OMR202,650,

additional works for provision of supply and catering services, hygiene, laundry and insects combating services for hospitals and health complexes of the Ministry of Health at OMR1,851,602. The other contracts were related to additional works for digital TV studio complex project at OMR526,732 and additional works for provision of maintenance services and spare parts for 132 medical device dealing with anesthesia systems at various health institutions of the Ministry of Health at OMR144,634, additional works for operation and maintenance of assets of the Public Authority for Electricity and Water (above ground) in the Governorate of North Al Batinah at OMR136,161, additional works for provision of consultancy works for Innovation Complex Muscat at OMR62,750 and additional works for appointing a manger for establishing the building of the Secretariat General of the Supreme Council for Planning at OMR45,600. Contracts related to additional works for provision of consultancy services for design and supervision on schools of 2011 and 2012 batches of the 8th fiveyear plan for the Governorates of North and South A’Sharqiyah at OMR24,950 and additional works for linking aerial telecom devices with ground Omani surveillance devices via satellites of the Public Authority for Civil Aviation at OMR6,660 were also awarded. – ONA


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Renault Talisman stands out for low running costs and fuel consumption With a distinctive blend of comfort and driving enjoyment, the large sleek saloon car Renault Talisman packs style and stands out for its low running costs and low fuel consumption figure prominently among its core strengths MUSCAT: Featuring a unique combination of assertive styling; a warm, spacious cabin; comfort-enhancing innovations and technology for intense enjoyment, Renault Talisman offers a satisfying experience for both drivers and passengers alike. Stressing that the Talisman is built to the very highest quality standards and meticulous attention to every detail, a spokesperson for Renault Oman said, “Talisman has been cherished it for being strong on styling, comfort, customisable driving sensations, safety, and technology.” With a distinctive blend of comfort and driving enjoyment, the large sleek saloon car Renault Talisman packs style and stands out for its low running costs and low fuel consumption figure prominently amongst the Talisman’s core strengths, says a press release. With the latest in technology providing both performance and efficiency, Talisman’s Energy TCe 190 engine is equally effective for driving enjoyment and fuel economy. It is equipped with Stop & Start

(engine standby mode) and Energy Smart Management (energy recovery during deceleration and braking). With a class-leading Energy TCe 190 turbocharged directinjection petrol engine, it ensures efficiency, with 190hp on tap, fuel consumption and CO2 emissions of as low as 17km/litre and 139g/km respectively. A normally aspirated engine is available as well. The Renault Talisman delivers an immersive driving pleasure thanks to multi-sense technology which matches the driver’s mood of the moment. The Talisman features electronic damper control for outstanding on-road dynamics that combine manoeuvrability, performance and comfort. It offers a spacious, comfortable cabin and a boot of a capacity of 608dm3 (VDA) combined with sleek exterior lines, generous front seats with meticulously-finished upholstery and the class’s most comprehensive list of functions (air conditioned, massaging, heated, ventilated).

Talisman’s technologies – connected R-LINK 2 with an 8.7-inch touch screen display, BOSE Surround sound, a colour head-up display, a cowled 7-inch digital instrument display and a comprehensive range of driver aids, including handsfree parking – is designed to enhance the lives of motorists. Together, these innovations will ensure that the Talisman appeals as much because of the unique travelling experience it delivers as through its sleek styling. Sleek lines for generous cabin space and comfort • Length: 4.85m / Width: 1.87m / Height: 1.46m / Wheelbase: 2.81m • Unladen Kerb weight: 1,409 Kg for 2.0L CVT and 1,444 Kg for 1.6 TCe 190 (without options) • Rear knee room: 262mm • Boot volume (VDA): 608dm3 / Cabin stowage: 25dm3 • Seven metallic finishes with longlife varnish: Universe White, Meissen Blue, Metallic Black, Crimson Red, Mineral Beige, Ultra Silver

and Metallic Grey • One non-metallic finish with longlife varnish: Solid White • A choice of four 16- to 18-inch alloy wheels Efficient powertrains • Petrol: from 5.88 litres/100km (CO2 : 139g/km), ENERGY TCe 190 (7-speed EDC transmission), 2.0L CVT • Fuel tank: 51 litres Comfort and safety: A chassis that is unprecedented in the Talisman’s segment • Electronic damper control • Configurable driving pleasure thanks to MULTI-SENSE technology (Comfort, Sport, Eco, Neutral and Perso modes) • Short-cut button to switch effortlessly from the Sport to Comfort mode Technologies designed to facilitate owners’ lives • Full LED Pure Vision lighting, new lighting signature, LED rear lights

• Configurable digital data cowled display • Colour head-up display • Ambience (sound, cabin lighting) coordinated to match the selected multi-sense mode • 6-way adjustable driver power seat with memory, massage and lumbar adjustment. Semi-rigid seat back shell (Cover Carving Technology) • Automatic dual-zone climate control with humidity sensor • Rear bench seat incorporating variable density foam, ‘L’ shaped nested head rests and ski hatch • R-LINK 2 tablet with seven-inch landscape or 8.7-inch portrait for-

mat capacitive touch screen display • BOSE Surround sound, converts stereo signals into a multichannel signal, tailor- engineered equalisation, 13 loudspeakers • Comprehensive range of driver aids: head-up display, cornering lights, blind spot warning, hill start assist • Hands-free parking SBA is largely committed to supporting Renault Oman’s growth in the Sultanate through major emphasis on customer satisfaction and by providing world-class after-sales services in Oman.

2 3 O M A N I S TA F F

KR staff to attend leadership training programme in Malaysia MUSCAT: Khimji Ramdas has enrolled 23 of its most competent national employees for a three-week leadership training programme in Malaysia following the success of the first workshop held last year. Commenting on the initiative, Nailesh Khimji said, “At Khimji Ramdas we prioritise investing in a strong and efficient Omani taskforce to mould them for higher roles within the company. We are always keen to sharpen the skills of our national employees through a variety of overseas training and management level programmes to ensure that they reach their full potential.” The workshop titled Supervisory Development Excellence Programme which is from January 6 to 28 will include different sessions divided between physical fitness training, practical classes

and field work classes, in addition to mentoring and tutoring. “We believe we have chosen the right country for training and the right people to train our employees and educate them on the principles of management. We were amazed by the progress of the first batch and the fantastic results they achieved. This time around too we look up to our candidates to see the development and knowledge they attain, which is sure to provide them with the tools and knowledge to improve their personal lives and fulfil future goals.” Over the last 13 years Khimji Ramdas has selected top performing national employees for various overseas training programmes on personal development, skills enhancement and personal effectiveness training. Employees


have returned with better skills efficiencies and competence levels that have earned them higher posts within the organisation.Commenting on the significance of the programme, Sivam S., Human Capital Management, and Khimji Ramdas, said, “The training programme is

tailored to meet standards of excellence for leadership positions occupied by Omani employees. It is part of our initiatives to recruit, train and develop prospective national employees to assume leadership roles within the company.” Candidates from the second batch


Oman’s newest dining hotspot to open its doors at Hormuz Grand MUSCAT: OMNY Brasserie will offer a fusion of Omani specialities and New York, brasserie style dishes and flavours. Brasseries are known for their highly professional service, family inspired dishes and impeccable style. OMNY Brasserie’s interior design is setting the bar for experiential dining in Oman. Amidst an eclectic palette of bold greens and blue upholstered furniture, highlighted with hand chosen accessories in gold and copper and complimented with large leaf greenery; add a certain je ne sais quois to this meticulously thought out restaurant, says a press release. Diverse menu Pair this attention to décor with a diverse menu including freshly selected seafood cooked exactly how you like it, corn fed chicken, cheeses and charcuterie served a la minute, freshly shucked oysters, braised short ribs and classic desserts like the celebrated crème brûlée or Pain Perdu and you have a winning combination. Offering something for everyone and for every palette, OMNY Brasserie caters to all tastes and needs; from the businessman looking for

an elegant quick bite to families that want to have a weekend meal out – it will fast become the newest hip hangout for unforgettable food and drinks with friends. Extensive beverage menu with guidance from the expert staff, private dining areas, a show kitchen and lounge area – you will not be left wanting after a visit to this urban, colonial styled brasserie. Relaxed atmosphere Those in the know have experienced that fine balance of elegant surroundings in a relaxed atmosphere when dining in such world-class locations as Dubai, London and Paris. Thanks to the Hormuz Grand Hotel, OMNY now fills this gap in the local market for balancing international flavours with top quality local Omani ingredients and recipes. OMNY is for lovers of good food, design and atmosphere; for those looking for a global urban experience in a non-pretentious setting. Be it for leisurely afternoon lunches and weekend socials, or memorable outside dinners with the fire lit water feature as your backdrop – OMNY Brasserie is the place to gather in, again and again.

Indian School Sohar student shines at CBSE athletics meet MUSCAT: Sambhav Agnihotri from Class XI A of Indian School Sohar has made his Alma Mater proud by bagging two silver medals for triple jump and long jump at the CBSE National Athletics Meet held in Vadodara, India recently. A special assembly was organised in the school to celebrate his accomplishment. The school management committee applauded him for this exceptional feat of winning twin silver medals at the nationals. The SMC will facilitate him for this phenomenal achievement on the School Annual Sports Day to be held on January 19, says a press release. Sambhav attributed his accomplishment to his school and the principal Sanchita Verma for always supporting him

making a special mention of his coach Kamal Gurung, HOD -Physical Education Department and his colleagues in the PE Department for training him over the years which lead him to his memorable triumph. It is noteworthy to mention here that Sambhav not only excels in sports but also equally in academics where he scored a CGPA of perfect 10 in his Grade X CBSE exam. A collage of his accomplishments in sports over the years in ISS was unveiled during the assembly which was highly appreciated by all present. Verma during her speech congratulated Sambhav and insisted on the importance of excelling both in sports and academics for all the students and motivated them to aspire for gold in their future endeavours.

are confident that the programme will spur them on to reach greater heights within the organisation. Saif Juma Al Mabsali, Consumer Products Division, Khimji Ramdas, said, “I have been with Khimji Ramdas for 17 years, I thank the company for the opportunity to enhance my

skills and career prospects.” Huda Al Ghafri, Accountant, Khimji Ramdas head office, who has been an employee at KR for seven years, said, “I thank Khimji Ramdas for giving me the opportunity to attend the training, this will help a lot in developing my skills.”




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ROUND-UP India Education Exhibition all set to be held on January 16, 17 India Education Exhibition 2017 being held in Muscat is a one-stop information event for learning about the variety of professional and vocational courses that NRI and Oman students can pursue in reputed institutions of higher learning

MUSCAT: India is fast becoming a major economic power in the world today and if its growth trend continues for some more years, it would soon be playing a major role in the world economy. This itself has been a major cause of attraction for many international students. Moreover, India’s successful stint with democracy (except the years 19751977) has also been a major magnetic force for scholars around the world. However, apart from knowing India well, there are other advantages that are attracting students to study in India. People from different country come to India because the cost of quality education here is very affordable. Besides, India offers really high quality and good education in a very short duration - the courses here do not take that much time to complete.

India Education Exhibition 2017 being held in Muscat is a one-stop information event for learning about the variety of professional and vocational courses that NRI and Oman students can pursue in reputed institutions of higher learning. The expo will be held on January 16 and 17 at Hotel Haffa House, Muscat from 3.45pm to 9.30pm. Advantage The visitors will get an opportunity to interact with the faculties / officials of the leading educational institutions, get updated information, fee structure, eligibility criteria and programmes which are currently in high demand, few of the institutions are also offering spot admissions. Information about personality development, communication skills and demanding IT courses and programmes will be available

at the venue, for which students otherwise has to travel a distance and spend time and money. Low cost The cost of education in India is quite low as compared to many other countries of the world. Quality education Quality of education is not uniform throughout the length and breadth of the country. However, there are some educational institutes in India that provide world class education. The government of India is also speeding up the efforts to establish more institutes that can offer quality education in India. Financial assistance Various scholarships, education loans and other financial aids are now available for studying in India today.


There are a large number of Non Resident Indian as well as foreign students who apply every year to Indian universities and colleges. For all those who wish to study in India, it is very important to get prior and correct information about the courses that you would like to undertake, the university you want to apply to and how to go about the application procedure. For an international student, it is also important to know the accommodation facilities, weather conditions, food habits and cost of living in the city in which he or she intends to study. Students, along with their parents will get an opportunity to personally interact with college administrators and professors, to know about the variety of educational programmes available in India. The exhibition displays attractive options available to NRI and other students from Oman and

beyond to obtain undergraduate and post-graduate degrees in various disciplines, including medicine, engineering, business management, marketing and communications, arts and science, hospitality & hotel management and allied health sciences. This event will host leading and highly reputed Indian participants representing more than 100 institutions under them offering nearly 200 and above programmes. All the participating institutes are recognised by the AICTE, UGC and respective government bodies in India. The profile of the participating institutes: International schools / universities / deemed universities / engineering colleges / medical colleges / MBA & management / B -schools / distance education / pharmacy & nursing / bio informatics / information technology / colleges offering higher education in arts & science /

hotel management & catering technology / post graduation & research / diploma studies/ international schools /unique and specialised programmes etc., The event offers free educational counselling / registration & admissions from school education to research programmes Visitors profile NRI - students (school & college), parents, graduates, post graduates, professionals, faculties, staffs, department heads, school & college principals, managers & management & administrative officials, directors, chief executive officers, business executives, job seekers, consultants, corporate, financial investors & consultants, entrepreneurs, counsellors, chartered accountants, housewives and others. The meet is organised by Indus Fairs & Events (India) Pvt. Ltd, East Expo, and Lynx, Muscat.


Uniboats launches new line of jet skis MUSCAT: In line with its strategy to support its members, Zubair Small Enterprises Centre (Zubair SEC) facilitated the procurement of new jet skis for its member Adel Al Abri, founder of Uniboats and winner of Zubair SEC’s Direct Support Programme for year 2015 in collaboration with Rafad Fund and support from OHI Marina Company. Zubair SEC provided Adel Al Abri with advisory and guidance towards his business development plans and also facilitated negotiations with Al Raffd Fund who financed the procurement deal, says a press release. Located in Al Mouj Marina, UniBoats is an independent watersport business focusing on a variety of water sports activities and event management. The new fleet of jet skis is expected to help Uniboats expand their activities and cater to the increasing demand in the market, especially during the peak seasons for water sports activities in the Sultanate. Since its establishment, Uniboats has managed to attract many sports enthusiasts and adventure lovers through top quality customer service.

Nauzer Nowroji, senior adviser at Zubair SEC said: “We have been working closely with Adel for the past few years. His dedication to his business and his vision and passion have been the main drivers for the development of his business. The procurement of the new jet skis comes as a natural organic step considering the life cycle of previous jets he had and the necessity to present best updated equipment in his services offerings.” He added: “We are proud of Adel and his team and we will keep extending all support needed to make sure he moves steadily and sustainably in his business endeavours.” Appreciating the support, Adel

Al Abri said: “Zubair SEC has played a pivotal role in my business journey; the team at the centre always had my back, and their guidance and advice managed to help me through most difficult challenges and circumstances. It was because of their sincere care and guidance that I managed to take this important step of updating my jets and apply many important updates to my business strategy and model.” He added: “I am also thankful to Al Raffd Fund for extending a credit facility to me and for having confidence in my business and appreciating my dedication to bring further growth and success.”


‘Bollywood Night 2017’ on Jan. 14 MUSCAT: Balabel Group is organising an event ‘Bollywood Night 2017’ on January 14, Saturday at Oasis Hotel, Sohar from 7pm to 11pm. The event will be inaugurated by the chief guest, Indra Mani Pandey, ambassador of India to the Sultanate of Oman along with the guest Brigadier Abdullah Bin Saleh Al-Ghailani, chief commander of Royal Oman Police at Al Batinah North Governorate, says a press release. The highlight performers of the

event will be Ravi Kishan, Shabbir Kumar (singer), Sweety Chhabra (actress), Shubhi Sharma (actress), Awdhesh Mishra (actor), Dilshad (singer part of A. R. Rahman team), Bhavna Pandit (singer), Rubeena Mallick (singer), Shailesh Tikaram (artist), Moiz Ahmed Jamal Shaikh (artist), Siddharth Chauhan (artist), Hitesh Sureshbhai (artist), Sanjay Master (choreographer) and many more. Ravi Kishan said, “Oman is one of the most loving and peaceful country I have ever visited.”

Apollo Hospital launches super speciality clinics MUSCAT: The first ever Apollo Hospital in the Middle East, announced its introduction of two super speciality clinics in the Sultanate of Oman. The announcement for the new clinics of paediatric urology and reproductive medicine was made at a seminar organised by Apollo Muscat at the Hotel Crowne Plaza, Muscat, which was also attended by the presence of Dr V. Sripathy, Sr. Consultant Paediatric Urologist and Dr Sumana Manohar, Sr. Consultant –Reproductive Medicine Specialist, says a press release. Speaking at the occasion, Dr Sripathy elaborated on the recent advancements in paediatric urology and his own experience of high-end paediatric urology work done at Apollo Chennai which even included the two successful separations of a pair of pyopagus twins and thoraco-omphalop-

agus twins. Dr Sripathy further remarked that he is delighted to be in the Sultanate of Oman and would be offering surgical services at Apollo Hospital, Muscat. Dr Sumana Manohar stated that she’s delighted to be in the Sultanate of Oman. She presented the latest medical options in managing infertility as well as robotic gynaecological surgeries. V. T. Saileswaran, managing

director of Apollo Muscat stated that this would officially be the first-ever paediatric urology clinic in the private sector and the hospital’s focus would be on introducing such super speciality and sub speciality services in the Sultanate. He further mentioned that Dr. Sumana would embark on setting up a high-end Reproductive Medicine Clinic at Apollo Muscat. Saileswaran also added that Apollo would have additional clinics announced and 2017 would see at least two more such speciality clinics at Apollo Muscat in association with Apollo Hospitals, India. Jithu Jose, group general manager, Apollo Hospitals, India stated that Apollo Hospitals, India would like to add more clinical bandwidth to Apollo Muscat and that Apollo India continues to treasure it’s relationship with the Sultanate of Oman.


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S E L F - C A R E A P P L I C AT I O N

Ooredoo transforms digital experience with launch of its new app MUSCAT: Giving customers greater control over their accounts, Ooredoo recently updated the Ooredoo Oman self-care app to provide greater simplicity and more convenient access to Ooredoo services. The new app allows users to manage their data use, choose detailed or summarised overviews of their accounts, access the Nojoom loyalty programme, pay bills or recharge their lines, among other new features. Transforming the mobile experience, it gives customers an effortless mobile experience that gives them control to do what they want, when they want, says a press release. Ooredoo’s Johan Buse, chief commercial officer, said: “The

smartphone is the gateway to access and control of everything in a customer’s digital life. By enabling a richer experience through their phones, we are delivering the most simple, straightforward mobilefirst experience which will give customers what they have told us they want; more simplicity and control right in the palm of their hands.” “With the launch of the new Ooredoo app, we have responded to customer feedback; removing the uncertainty of, for example, exceeding bundle limits or not being able to manage their accounts on the go. It is designed to reflect the significant growth in individual data use,” added Buse. The app, now with over 250k users, has had several enhancements

With the launch of the new Ooredoo app, we have responded to customer feedback; removing the uncertainty of, for example, exceeding bundle limits or not being able to manage their accounts on the go Johan Buse Chief commercial officer, Ooredoo

in this latest release. In addition to allowing customers to manage their accounts, some of the new features include the ability to manage multiple phone numbers

under one account, manage international credit transfers and receive updates on promotions. Customers can also access detailed real-time billing information and

SPAR inks agreement with Nakheel United As a result of this partnership, 15 Marhaba quick-shops at Al Maha filling stations in Muscat will soon be converted to SPAR Express outlets

MUSCAT: SPAR Oman has entered into an agreement with Nakheel United Enterprises to launch its first independent retailing model through sub-licensing. As a result of this partnership, 15 Marhaba quick-shops at Al Maha filling stations in Muscat will soon be converted to SPAR Express outlets, says a press release. This strategic initiative will make SPAR Oman a pioneer in the entire Middle East region to introduce a voluntary trading model that promotes the cascading the SPAR Global knowledge and learning about store formats and design, supply processes, training, retail software and cost efficiency to entrepreneurs, by the master licensee (viz SPAR Oman), within the country. This is in line with the philosophy with which SPAR was founded in 1932, and is still central to its operations – ‘Through United Cooperation, All Shall Benefit’. Speaking at a press conference held to announce the tie-up, M. Sridhar, CEO, SPAR Oman, said, “We are extremely proud to be on

the cusp of launching a new concept in entrepreneurship – one that will benefit the local SMEs through a sub-licencing model; a win-win strategy where we expect to build long-term partnerships with entrepreneurs, and help them grow their business. “SPAR Oman has developed and constructed its own best practices to bring world-class capabilities under one roof, which allows it to develop a full turnkey operation that can be handed over to the prospective independent retailer. We encourage investors and entrepreneurs who have the willingness to engage in a mutually beneficial partnership to come forward and participate in rolling out this commendable SPAR concept across the entire length and breadth of Oman.” David Moore, Retail & Development director, SPAR International, said, “As the world’s largest voluntary food retail chain with over 12,100 stores run by partners in more than 40 countries, SPAR has the business

know-how and expertise in supporting and growing independent retailers, thereby contributing to local development.” Abdullah Amur Mohammed Al Sawaie, chairman, Nakheel United Enterprises said, “We are honoured to partner with the international retail brand SPAR that has the experience and expertise to help small businesses. We look forward to this opportunity to engage with SPAR which will help us raise our retail standards to a global level and optimise on back-end operations. This would result in better profitability which in turn will fuel our growth trajectory.” SPAR’s success is based on fostering, protecting and growing local independent retailers in the face of international and domestic competition. Its core business model espouses voluntary trading that encourages entrepreneurship by working with stores owned and operated by local retailers, who in turn work with local suppliers to meet ever-

changing consumer needs. Devendra Kumar, head of SPAR Oman’s Retail Division said, “SPAR’s success story in Oman has been possible because of customers’ acceptance which has been driven by our four core values of freshness, choice, value and excellent customer service. Over the last 24 months we have expanded to 15 stores in Muscat, and with the launch of the sub-licencing model, we expect to grow multi-fold in the years to come.” SPAR business model of ‘voluntary trading’ brings advantages for retailers, wholesalers and suppliers with lower costs of purchasing goods, in store operation expertise, design and backend management, enabling more efficient distribution, effective marketing and the sharing of best practices and resources to offer customers modern stores, excellent value, range and service. The objective is to ultimately assimilate local investors and entrepreneurs into the SPAR team and develop Oman’s economy.


Mercure Sohar debuts in Oman MUSCAT: Accor Hotels, one of the world’s leading hotel operators announced the opening of Mercure Sohar in Oman. Blending the best of business and leisure, this new hotel pays tribute to its environment with an authentic offering reflective of genuine Omani warmth and hospitality, says a press release. Nestled between Al Hajar Mountains and the Sea of Oman, Mercure Sohar features 152 stylish rooms, including 129 deluxe rooms, 14 privilege rooms for discerning business travellers, six spacious family suites with kitchenette and living room, and five inter-connecting rooms for guests with special needs. Honouring the country’s bounty of flavours and ingredients, Mercure chefs take pride in featuring recipes made with local produce and up-to-the-minute twists. This combination of mixing local traditional and international contemporary techniques not only showcases the talents of the culinary team but also ensures that all tastes and preferences are catered to. Mercure Sohar features a variety of cuisines and dining options. Dedicated to artistic expression, Mosaic Restaurant creates a tantalizing menu by using multiple carefully selected ingredients. Mosaic blends global, traditional,

regional and international cuisine with an artistic flair throughout the day. Mint Lobby café derives its name from ancient mythology where mint was known as the herb of hospitality. Used in foods and beverages across the world, it brings a soothing flavour and feeling of wellbeing. Guests are invited to experience infused teas, coffees, light meals, afternoon high tea with a local twist and revitalising smoothies in the casual comfort of mint. For those who like the poolside, Melt offers al fresco din-

ing on the terrace deck or around the pool. It serves refreshing healthy salads, tapas, sandwiches, light snacks, wholesome pastas and ice cold beverages. Keeping well-being in mind, the outdoor temperature controlled swimming pool makes for the perfect dip to re-energise or revitalise. Simultaneously, paying attention to fitness on the go, the Move Gym is a state-of-the-art fully equipped gym designed to assist in a meaningful workout. “At Mercure Sohar, we pay utmost attention to detail. A genuine

sense of hospitality runs through all our staff members as they go the extra mile to meet our guests’ needs and are always enthusiastic in offering a personalised service,” said Victor Visser, hotel manager. “Along with an excellent take on hospitality, our hoteliers also have extensive local knowledge. Whether for business or pleasure, we will ensure that your stay is a memorable and comfortable one.” “Be it for business or for leisure, Mercure Sohar has an array of options to cater to both. Due to its strategic location and extensive leisure facilities it is bound to become a favourite weekend escape for travellers from Dubai. With state-of-the-art audio visual facilities in all our three meeting rooms and well-thought of breakout lounges, Mercure Sohar is also sure to attract a lot of business travellers,” said Alain Debare, chief executive officer, Action Hotels Company. “In a country where a sense of hospitality runs through the veins of each and every person, we are definite that the Mercure Sohar will win the hearts of the people it serves.” Mercure Sohar is equipped with a professional team of enthusiastic hoteliers who are passionate in their fields and are set to redefine the art of welcoming.

obtain personalised products and services. Plus, Ooredoo have announced that new features such as on-demand support and the ability to connect with social media will

be brought online soon. Available for both the iOS and Android operating systems free of charge, it has allowed users to handle day-to-day tasks with ease.




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Bank Muscat brings back OMR10m prize money for 2017 al Mazyona His Highness Mohammed bin Thuwaini Al Said unveiled the 2017 al Mazyona savings scheme and picked 2016 al Mazyona year-end prizes totalling OMR1 million shared by two customers

MUSCAT: Bank Muscat, the flagship financial services provider in the Sultanate, in step with its ‘Let’s Do More’ vision and commitment to partnership in encouraging a savings culture in Oman, is back with OMR10 million prize money for 2017 al Mazyona savings scheme. His Highness Mohammed bin Thuwaini Al Said unveiled the 2017 al Mazyona savings scheme and picked 2016 al Mazyona yearend prizes totalling OMR1 million shared by two customers, at the grand ceremony attended by dignitaries, management team members led by AbdulRazak Ali Issa, chief executive, and the media at Al Mouj Golf, The Wave, says a press release. For the second year in running, Oman’s flagship savings scheme retained the prize money at OMR10 million. As on date, al Mazyona savings scheme guaranteeing more for everyone to share is the biggest prize money in Oman and the region. AbdulRazak Ali Issa said: “Continuing with the tradition of rewarding customers, Bank Muscat is proud to retain the biggest prize money in Oman and the region. For over 25 years, al Mazyona has rewarded numerous customers and enriched their lives. Big prize money is not the only attraction of al Mazyona, which is designed to transform the lives of prudent savers. The scheme is targeted to accommodate all nationalities and segments, including ladies, youth, children, high savings balance customers and salary account holders, thereby inculcating a strong savings habit among citizens who will be responsible for the future development of Oman.” Reaching out with a powerful call for savings, the highlights of 2017 al Mazyona savings scheme include high value prizes for different segments, including women, children, youth and high saving customers, ranging from OMR1,000 weekly prizes to OMR10,000 monthly prizes, OMR25,000 quarterly prizes and OMR100,000 annual prizes. Adding excitement to festivals and national celebrations, the 2017 scheme rewards customers with special prizes. al Mazyona continues to be the only savings scheme to recognise and reward loyalty for customers based on their association with the bank. High savings customers of asalah Priority Banking have chances to win OMR30,000 monthly prizes, OMR100,000 quarterly prizes, and OMR250,000 year-end prizes. Prizes reserved for al Jawhar Privilege Banking customers include OMR20,000 monthly prizes and OMR50,000 quarterly prizes. Notably, al Mazyona has launched an exciting salary transfer scheme to reward winners with a fixed salary prize of OMR500 every month for a year. This is the first time a prize scheme offering a fixed salary prize every month is being introduced in Oman. All that customers need to do is transfer

their salary of OMR500 and above to the bank. In all, 15 customers will be rewarded every month in the salary transfer scheme. Abdullah Tamman Al Mashani, deputy general manager – Institutional Sales & Products Development, said: “At a time when financial rewards and incentives are a premium, Bank Muscat is proud to sustain the unique al Mazyona experience. The bank understands customer expectations and al Mazyona 2017 scheme continues to reflect innovative customer segmentation based on two principles - region and demographics – ensuring a higher winning chances to customers across the Sultanate, including ladies, youth, children and high savings balance customers.” A special prize draw offering OMR3,000 each for 42 winners from 14 regions will be held in celebration of Eid Al Fitr in June. An exclusive draw for Zeinah women customers coinciding with the Omani Women’s Day in October is another highlight in which 10 customers will be rewarded with OMR10,000 each. On the occasion of the Sultanate’s 47th National Day, a special draw will be held offering OMR2,000 each for 47 winners. By maintaining a monthly balance of OMR50, al Mazyona Children’s account holders get a chance to win 40 monthly prizes of OMR100 each. al Mazyona children’s account holders are also eligible for other al Mazyona prizes where they will get 2 chances by maintaining a minimum balance of OMR100. Youth customers opening a Shababi account with just OMR10 get a chance to win OMR100 every month. In all, there will be 40 winners every month in the youth category. Shababi account holders are also eligible for other al Mazyona prizes by maintaining a minimum balance of OMR100. The OMR10 million prize money will be shared by more winners as customers from all regions can win prizes ranging from OMR1,000 a week to OMR10,000 a month, OMR25,000 every quarter and OMR100,000 at the end of year. Abdulnasir Al Raisi, DGM – Premier Banking, said: “Bank Muscat understands customer expectations as al Mazyona 2017 scheme offering OMR10 million in prize money is an incredible incentive for maintaining a healthy savings habit. al Mazyona ensures higher winning chances to all customers across the Sultanate. Bank Muscat is delighted to elevate Premier banking service to unparalleled heights. Committed to further enhancing banking services to the premier segment, the bank’s strategy focuses on differentiated and specialised banking experience distinguishing Premier banking clients from competitors.” Win OMR1,000 every week: With 28 weekly prizes reserved for regions, customers have a very good chance to win OMR1,000 with just a minimum balance of OMR100. Customers get one

Children’s account holders By maintaining a monthly balance of OMR50, al Mazyona Children’s account holders get a chance to win 40 monthly prizes of OMR100 each. al Mazyona children’s account holders are also eligible for other al Mazyona prizes by maintaining a minimum balance of OMR100. Shababi account holders Youth customers opening a Shababi account with just OMR10 get a chance to win OMR100 every month. In all, there will be 40 winners every month in the youth category. Shababi account holders are also eligible for other al Mazyona prizes by maintaining a minimum balance of OMR100.

ing with the 47th National Day. Year-end prizes The year-end prizes will be shared by six winners, including two winners receiving OMR100,000 each, and OMR1 million to be distributed to 4 asalah customers, each winning OMR250,000. Customers maintaining a minimum balance of OMR1,000 are eligible for the annual prize draw. Customers get 10 chances for every OMR1,000 balance. The higher the balance, higher the chances to win. asalah Priority Banking customers The asalah Priority Banking customers maintaining a minimum balance of OMR30,000 are eligible to participate in all al Mazyona prize draws, in addition to exclusive draws earmarked for them. The high savings balance customers have exclusive monthly prizes of OMR30,000, quarterly prizes of OMR100,000 and yearend prizes worth OMR1 million to be distributed to 4 customers, each winning OMR250,000.

chance for every OMR100 balance. Women customers are eligible to participate in the other prize draws in addition to the two weekly prizes exclusively reserved for them by becoming a Zeinah account holder. Win OMR10,000 every month: Customers maintaining a minimum balance of OMR1,000 get a chance to win OMR10,000 every month. For every OMR1,000 balance, customers are entitled to 10 winning chances.In all, 28 monthly prizes, are reserved for customers covering all the regions. The

more the balance, higher the winning chances. Win and celebrate during festivals and National Day Customers maintaining a minimum balance of OMR1,000 get a chance to win OMR3,000 each to be distributed to 42 customers during Eid Al Fitr in June. Similarly 10 Zeinah customers can win OMR10,000 each in the special draw coinciding with the Omani Women’s Day in October and 47 customers can win OMR2,000 each in the special draw coincid-

Al Jawhar Privilege Banking Al Jawhar Privilege Banking customers maintaining a minimum balance of OMR10,000 in their savings accounts are eligible to participate in all al Mazyona prize draws, in addition to exclusive monthly prizes of OMR20,000 and quarterly prizes of OMR50,000. Zeinah account holders Targeted at Zeinah women customers maintaining a minimum balance of OMR100, al Mazyona offers two weekly prizes of OMR1,000 each, in addition to an exclusive Zeinah draw coinciding with the Omani Women’s Day offering a total of OMR100,000 to be shared by 10 winners.

Salary transfer scheme Customers maintaining a salary account of OMR500 and above with the bank are eligible to win a fixed salary prize of OMR500 every month for a full year. All customers who transfer their salary of OMR500 and above to Bank Muscat get a chance to win the salary prize every month for a year. While customers earn their salary only once a month, Bank Muscat offers them a chance to win a salary prize every month for a year. The prize scheme is open to all customers with a minimum monthly salary of OMR500. In all, there will be 15 winners every month who will gain a salary prize of OMR500 each every month for a year. Reward for loyalty A continuing attraction is that the winning chances get multiplied by the number of years customers are associated with al Mazyona savings scheme. For example, if a customer has been saving for 5 years, his chances of winning get multiplied by 5 times and similarly if he has been maintaining al Mazyona savings account for 20 years, his chances get multiplied 20 times and so on. This benefit is unique only to al Mazyona savings scheme and no other bank offers this, as on date. Over the years, al Mazyona has succeeded in inculcating a strong savings culture in Oman. The objective of al Mazyona is to create a lifetime change for winners and allow them to invest the prize money in things that will make a lasting difference and the wellbeing of their families. The underlying principle of the scheme is that the greater the deposit balance and longer the relationship, the higher the chance of rewards. Customers can win more by saving more with Bank Muscat. The flexible scheme makes regular saving easier and is available across the largest network of branches across Oman.







RAHANE, RAINA IN TEAM, BUT FOCUS ON PANT The mountain of runs that he has plundered so far in first-class cricket has ensured that the focus is trained on young Rishabh Pant as India A get ready to take on visiting England in the second and final warm-up match. >C3


Sayyid Shihab to open CISM Military World Cup MUSCAT: The second CISM Military World Cup football championship will kick off at the Sultan Qaboos Sports Complex in Bausher on Sunday with Sayyid Shihab bin Tariq Al Said presiding over the inaugural ceremony. The opening ceremony will also be attended by a number of ministers, commanders of the Sultan’s Armed Forces (SAF), military and security

agencies, a number of employees of the Ministry of Defence and SAF, the Royal Guard of Oman (RGO)and Royal Oman Police (ROP). CISM World Cup, which runs till January 28, will see a total of 16 teams competing for the top honours. Meanwhile, the Organising Committee, headed by Air Commodore Maktoum bin Salim Al Mazroui, Assistant Chief of Staff of

SAF for Training and Joint Exercise Forces, inspected all the facilities, including the accommodation of the delegates, media and medical centers to find out the readiness to host the global soccer tournament. The matches will be played at the Sultan Qaboos Sports Complex, which also will host the opening and closing matches, ROP Stadium in Al Wattyah and Seeb

Sports Stadium. Hosts Oman, who are placed in Group A, play the inaugural match against Guinea. They are scheduled to play their second match against Bahrain on January 18 before completing their group engagements with a match against France on January 20. The hosts will play all their group matches at the Sultan Qaboos Sports Complex in Bausher.

Group B comprises Algeria, Iran, Germany and Brazil while Qatar, Iraq, United States and Mali form Group C. Egypt, Syria, Poland and Canada are placed in Group D. The quarterfinals will take place on January 24. The semifinals will be played on January 26. The third-place playoff and the final are scheduled for January 28. - ONA

‘Silent Warrior’ Hashim Amla set for century of Test caps in Johannesburg Hashim Amla’s recent dip in form, leading him to score just 195 runs in his last five Tests, has dropped his average below 50, but with 25 tons, including 311 not out against England in 2012, he has been a key part of the team’s success in the last decade

The elegant righthander has been battling poor form in recent months but his influence on the side remains unquestioned as he becomes the eighth player from South Africa to notch up a century of Test caps

JOHANNESBURG: Hashim Amla is set to join an elite group of South African cricketers when he makes his 100th Test appearance in the third and final match of the series against Sri Lanka in Johannesburg starting on Thursday. The elegant right-hander has been battling poor form in recent months but his influence on the side remains unquestioned as he becomes the eighth player from South Africa to notch up a century of Test caps. One of the coolest customers in cricket and a hugely popular figure in the dressing room, Amla has established himself in the pantheon of modern South African greats, equally as influential as the likes of Jacques Kallis, Graeme Smith STILL KICKING

Japan’s ‘King Kazu’ set to play on into his 50s

Kazuyoshi Miura.

TOKYO: Japanese striker Kazuyoshi Miura will extend one of soccer’s longest professional careers by 12 months after the 49-year-old agreed a new deal with second division Yokohama FC on Wednesday. Miura, who scored 55 goals in 89 appearances for Japan prior to his international retirement in 2000, is set for his 32nd season as a professional. “I hope to keep fighting with all my might together with people involved with the club, my teammates and supporters who have always given me support,” said Miura, who turns 50 on February 26. Fondly dubbed ‘King Kazu’, Miura not only broke his own record as the oldest scorer in Japanese professional football in June but also the record of the oldest player to appear in the Emperor’s Cup soccer tournament in September. — Reuters

COOLEST PERSONALITY: South Africa opener Hashim Amla is set to join elite South African cricketers on Thursday.

and AB de Villiers. His recent dip in form, leading him to score just 195 runs in his last five Tests, has dropped his average below 50, but with 25 tons, including 311 not out against England in 2012, he has been a key part of the team’s success in the last decade.

“He has a wonderful sense of calm,” South African opener Stephen Cook, who played with Amla in the national under-19 side, told reporters. “When a situation becomes tricky or some of the players become a bit hot-headed, Hashim

will be the guy who’ll bring balance back. “He contributes so much, he starts with 30 runs before he even comes in to bat.” The 12 years since Amla made his Test debut have not been without challenges, his technique was

questioned early on after a faltering start to his Test career, while 12 months ago he resigned as captain after a home series loss to England. A devout Muslim, he has also had to endure racial and religious slurs, and was infamously called “the terrorist” live on air by Aus-

tralian cricketer-turned-commentator Dean Jones during a Test against Sri Lanka in 2006. It was a slur repeated by a fan in Hobart during the Australia series last November, but none of these incidents have managed to ruffle the man dubbed the ‘Silent Warrior’ by his South African teammates. “He’s a fantastic person. You can look up the stats and read all the records but that only tells half of the tale,” Cook added. “The person behind the batsman is more important to me. I was taught you’re a human being first and then a cricketer. Hashim epitomises that.” - Reuters





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Taylor eyes record against Bangladesh after surgery


In New Zealand’s series-clinching

When Hogan (Crowe) gave me some of the records he wanted me to break, it was more of a motivation in the background

victory over Pakistan last November, Taylor scored 102 not out, a 16th Test century that moved him to within one of the New Zealand record held

Ross Taylor

by Martin Crowe

New Zealand batsman WELLINGTON: Ross Taylor’s return to New Zealand’s Test side following eye surgery has provided an interesting subtext for their two-match series against Bangladesh that starts on Thursday as he seeks to surpass former mentor Martin Crowe. Taylor underwent an operation to remove a pterygium, or growth, on his left eye that had affected his vision following New Zealand’s series-clinching 138-run victory over Pakistan in Hamilton last November. The 32-year-old scored 102 not out in that match, a 16th Test century that moved him to within one of the New Zealand record held by Crowe, who died last year from cancer. The right-handed batsman has scored 82 not out and 80 in New

Zealand’s domestic Twenty20 competition since his return and is relishing his return to the international game. “When Hogan (Crowe) gave me some of the records he wanted me to break, it was more of a motivation in the background,” Taylor told reporters. “Sometimes you play cricket and just meander along. That’s when the goals come into it. “At the moment, I’m pretty happy with where my game’s at and if I can get myself in and play well, if the hundred comes it comes and if not I’ll continue to try and be as consistent as possible.” Bangladesh enter the Test series having had their confidence from a first ever Test victory over England at Mirpur in October dented

after they were swept 3-0 in both the one-day and Twenty20 series. There are also questions over their mental toughness. Several times during the limited overs portions of the tour they had put themselves into positions to win for the first time in New Zealand but wasted the opportunities when the pressure was put on by the home side. “Certainly throughout the white ball format, Bangladesh put us under pressure in every game,” captain Kane Williamson told reporters on Wednesday. “We’re certainly expecting that again. “They’re an experienced side, have played all round the world, we know will provide a stiff challenge so it’s important we are looking to hit our straps early.”

The visitors have virtually the same batting line-up available for the Test series, though it has been strengthened by the return of captain and wicketkeeper Mushfiqur Rahim, who suffered a hamstring injury in the first One-day International. Their pace bowling, however, is extremely inexperienced with Rubel Hossain the senior bowler with just 23 Tests, and 32 wickets at 75.90, under his belt, though the attack is likely to be led by the 21-yearold Taskin Ahmed on debut. Left-armer Mustafizur Rahman has also been rested for at least the first Test after he made his return to international cricket during the limited overs series after five months out as he recovered from shoulder surgery. - Reuters


Dhoni will continue to hit sixes if they are to be hit NEW DELHI: Mahendra Singh Dhoni has offered words of comfort to his die-hard fans, still coming to terms with his decision to sign off as India captain, with an assurance that he would continue to play the aggressive brand of cricket that made him what he is today. Having relinquished limited overs captaincy after leading India to two World Cup triumphs during an eventful tenure that spanned nearly a decade, Dhoni captained

the Men in Blue for one last time in a warm-up game against England last night. The perfect finish may have eluded him, as his team lost by three wickets, but Dhoni, in a video chat with Yuvraj Singh, assured that he would continue to hit those trademark sixes if they are to be hit. “If they bowl in my areas, the right areas and the situation permits I would look to hit sixes,” Dhoni said. “The journey has been good, fantastic...It’s good to have players like

you (looking at Yuvraj), the job becomes much more easier. And enjoyed my 10 years, hopefully I will enjoy more whatever I have.” Referring to Yuvraj’s six consecutive sixes in the inaugural World T20, Dhoni said, “Thanks to you I witnessed the six sixes from the best seat.” Dhoni was at the non-striker’s end while Yuvraj bludgeoned Stuart Broad. Yuvraj posted the video on social

media in which he asked a couple of very interesting questions to Dhoni, who answered each question in his typical manner. Paying a tribute to his former skipper, Yuvraj said, “You have been one of the best captains ever. It’s been amazing playing under you, winning three big championships, the World Cup and being the number one Test team in the world under you. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to go and slog as always.” - PTI


Arthur wants Misbah to continue his career amid speculations KARACHI: Pakistan’s underfire head coach, Mickey Arthur wants long-serving Test captain, Misbah-ul Haq to continue his career amidst speculations over the future plans of the 42-yearold batsman. Arthur, who himself is facing criticism after Pakistan’s drubbing in six successive Tests in Sharjah, New Zealand and Australia, said that he was hoping Misbah tours and plays for a while for Pakistan. Misbah, who could manage just 76 runs in six innings in Australia, is expected to make a decision on his future in the coming weeks. Arthur expected the 42-yearold to keep playing Test cricket regardless of what happened Down Under. “I am hoping that Misbah tours and plays for Pakistan for a while yet but that is a choice that only Misbah can make. He needs time to assess for himself and I am sure when the time comes he will make the correct decision for himself,” he said in an interview to the Dawn newspaper on Wednesday. “His (Misbah’s) career is obviously a very good one and when he does decide to retire he will go down as one of Pakistan’s finest captains and batsmen.” He also revealed that the time has perhaps come for Pakistan to make tough decisions to build the team across all three formats. “I think we’ve got to be realistic in making the (tough) decisions. We will always access what are the right decisions for this team going forward and I certainly will not shy away from making tough calls if in my opinion they are in the best interest of Pakistan cricket,” he vowed.

“I am dedicated to making Pakistan the best team in all cricket and nothing will stand in my way. We have implemented very tough standards and challenging the players all the time to get the best out of them.” Arthur also said that despite the defeats, the resilience of his charges can’t be questioned, while insisting that the experience of playing in Australia will hold them in good stead. Arthur said he was disappointed at the outcome of the series but that it is becoming increasingly difficult for teams to dominate away from home. “Albeit we are all extremely disappointed with the way the series panned out, I really felt that we were competitive (at various stages) in this series and the players’ resilience can never be questioned,” he said. “It has been very depressing for all of us losing these Test matches but I can tell you for certain that the work rate of the players and staff has been outstanding and no stone has been left unturned in terms of preparation.” He conceded in modern-day cricket, a majority of teams enjoy home advantage, something Pakistan have been missing since 2009 after the terror attack on Sri Lankan deprived them of hosting international fixtures. “I believe that it is now very evident that almost all [major] teams dominate at home and it’s getting harder to win away from home for every international team. “This is a challenge for us going forward and I believe the players will be better for the experience of playing out here in very trying conditions,” Arthur stressed. - PTI



SPORTS Focus on young Pant in India A and England practice match The pint-sized wicketkeeper-

Captain Kohli eyes top spot in ICC rankings

batsman, who is seen by many as Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s successor, should relish the Brabourne Stadium track

MUMBAI: The mountain of runs that he has plundered so far in first-class cricket has ensured that the focus is trained on young Rishabh Pant as India A get ready to take on visiting England in the second and final warm-up match here on Thursday. This will be the last practice game before the six-match limited overs series — three ODIs and as many T20Is — begins with the first ODI in Pune on Sunday. Pant, who was part of the Inuia Under-19 squad that finished runners-up to the West Indies in the last junior World Cup, has impressed one and all with his exploits in recent times. His 308 against Maharashtra at almost run-a-ball, an innings that contained as many as nine sixes and 42 fours, at the beginning of this Ranji Trophy season was followed by another blistering threefigure knock against Jharkhand, which helped him earn a call-up to the India T20 squad for T20 Internationals against England. The pint-sized wicketkeeper, who is seen by many as Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s successor, should relish the Brabourne Stadium track that afforded good bounce and on which the ball came on nicely in Tuesday night’s day-night

DUBAI: India’s newlyappointed limited-overs captain Virat Kohli will look to close in on top-ranked South African A B de Villiers in the ICC ODI rankings for batsmen when his team locks horns with England in a three-match series starting on Sunday. India can also rise to as high as 114 points if they sweep the series, but if the result is reversed, then England can move up one place to fourth and the hosts might slide to fifth. Kohli, meanwhile, trails the South African star by 13 points. David Warner is ranked third — just two points behind Kohli. Mitchell Starc will start as the highest-ranked bowler in the upcoming One-Day International matches. He trails New Zealand’s number-one ranked Trent Boult by 13 points. England’s Adil Rashid will start in fifth position.

Languishing at the bottom of ODI team ranking, Pakistan has set sight on direct qualification for the ICC Cricket World Cup when they taek on top ranked Australia in a fivematch ODI series starting in Brisbane on Friday. Pakistan are presently in serious danger of failing to qualify directly for the ICC’s pinnacle 50-over tournament in the United Kingdom as it is sitting in eighth position on 89 points — two behind Bangladesh and two ahead of the West Indies. Hosts England and the seven highest-ranked sides on the ICC ODI Team Rankings will qualify directly for the event proper to be held from May 30 to July 15 in 2019. The four bottom-ranked sides will be joined by six teams from the ICC World Cricket League in the 10team World Cup Qualifier 2018 and the top two sides will complete the 10-team World Cup line-up. - PTI UNDER SPOTLIGHT: Rishabh Pant

practice game, which England won. But not all attention will be on Pant as there’s a rival to him for the wicketkeeper batsman’s spot in Jharkhand’s Ishan Kishan, his teammate in the World Cup U-19 side and also an attacking batsman like the Delhi player. The selectors have named Kishan as wicketkeeper for the game. Skipper Ajinkya Rahane, coming off a long injury-lay off, will play his first game after his rehabilitation and would be eager to hit

the straps before the ODI series. Suresh Raina, who has lost his spot in the ODI team but is a member of the T20 squad, would also be keen to hit the high note. There are other all-round aspirants like Vijay Shankar, Parvez Rasool and Deepak Hooda, besides experienced batsman Sheldon Jackson in the India A ranks. The frontline bowling would be handled by senior pacers Vinay Kumar, Ashok Dinda and Pradeep Sangwan, along with left- arm

spinner Shahbaz Nadeem. England too would like a game to be given to their main all-rounder Ben Stokes, wicketkeeper Jonny Bairstow and speedster Liam Plunkett who were in the reserves on Tuesday. Key batsman Joe Root is, however, unlikely to play the game as he is set to join the team only on Thursday and then travel with the others to Pune for the first ODI. Unlike the opening warm-up tie, the second one is a day match.

OMAN HOCKEY TEAM TRAINING CAMP BEGINS Oman national hockey team began training under the watchful eyes of newly-appointed coach K.K. Poonacha at the Sultan Qaboos Sports Complex on Tuesday. The first of the two domestic camps runs till January 26. Poonacha has called up 34 probables for the camp, which is being organised by the Oman Hockey Association to prepare the team for the FIH Hockey World League Round 2 competition to be held in Bangladesh in March. During the camp, the team will play three friendly matches against Water and Power Development Authority (WAPDA) team from Pakistan.


Oman under-16 team to train in Nizwa

Coach Yacoub Al Sabahi

MUSCAT: Coach Yacoub Al Sabahi has called up 26 players for Oman under-16 national team training, which will be organised in Nizwa from January 14. According to information received from the Oman Football Association (OFA), the four-day camp runs till January 17. Coach Yacoub said the primary aim of the camp is to assess the players who have been called up for the camp.

“The aim is to identify the skills, physical fitness and technical abilities of players,” said Yacoub Al Sabahi. “We have selected these players based on their performance with their respective teams in the Under-15 League,” he said. List of players: Adbullah Al Balushi, Abdulrahman Al Nofali, Osama Al Maqbali (all from Sohar Club), Hareb Al Adawi, Hamza Al Rawahi, Omran Al Nuamani (Seeb), Hamad

Al Hadhrami , Isa Khalfan Al Na’abi (Muscat), Said Al Ruzaiqi, Radad Al Kahali, Salim Al Abdulsalam (Saham), Laith Al Yaqoobi, Badr Al Shekaili, Mohannad Al JAssasi (Ibri), Abdulrahman Al Rawahi, Dawood Al Jabri (Samail), Zaher Said Al Hinai, Musab Mubarak Al Hinai (Bahla), Ahmed Naif, Faras Al Kathiri (Salalah), Abdulaziz Al Obaidani (Al Rustaq), Rashad Al Habsi (Al Nasr), Abdulalim Jaman (Mirbat) and Amar Ramis Sabti (Dhofar).

India A (from): Rishabh Pant, Ajinkya Rahane (captain), Suresh Raina, Deepak Hooda, Ishan Kishan (wk), Sheldon Jackson, Vijay Shankar, Shahbaz Nadeem, Parvez Rasool, Vinay Kumar, Pradeep Sangwan, Ashok Dinda England (from): Eoin Morgan (captain), Moeen Ali, Jonny Bairstow, Jake Ball, Sam Billings, Jos Buttler, Liam Dawson, Alex Hales, Liam Plunkett, Adil Rashid, Jason Roy, Ben Stokes, David Willey and Chris Woakes. - PTI


Real Madrid rest Ronaldo, Modric for Sevilla game BARCELONA: Real Madrid have rested Cristiano Ronaldo and Luka Modric for Thursday’s King’s Cup last 16, second leg at Sevilla but captain Sergio Ramos is back after injury, the club said on Wednesday. With Real winning last week’s first leg 3-0, coach Zinedine Zidane’s priority looks to have turned to Sunday’s La Liga game back at Sevilla, which could have a huge impact on their bid to claim their first title in five years. The Andalusian club are second in the standings, trailing Real by four points although they have played a game more. Real midfielders Lucas Vazquez and Mateo Kovacic have also returned to the squad alongside Ramos although James Rodriguez, scorer of two of the three goals in the first leg, has been left out after sustaining a slight calf injury. Zidane unveiled his squad list after giving his pre-game news conference, where he said Real would not relax in the second leg despite their heavy advantage. “We know it’s another game and it’s going to be hard because Sevilla are going to do everything they can to win the game and we’re expecting it to be difficult. We’re prepared for that and it (the first leg result) won’t change anything,” he said. Sevilla coach Jorge Sampaoli said his side would attempt to turn the tie around on Wednesday but added that his priority was Sunday’s league match. “We’re going to try and put in a performance that would allow us to dream of the possibility of a comeback but the reality is that’s going to be very complicated,” said the Argentine coach. “For us Sunday’s game is like a final. Winning would take us to within a point of a leader.” - Reuters



SPORTS Wozniacki wilts in Sydney heat Strycova prevailed 7-5, 6-7(6), 6-4 over

You know that it’s the same for both players, so I was just trying to mentally just try and keep cool. But it was really, really hot out there. On the positive side of things, I can eat whatever I want now because I have burned a lot of calories today

her 10th seeded Danish opponent in a three-hour and 20 minute marathon played out in temperatures of around 40 degrees Celsius at the Ken Rosewall Arena

SYDNEY: Caroline Wozniacki’s eighth attempt at reaching the Sydney International semifinals wilted in the stifling Australian heat on Wednesday with the former world number one going down to Barbora Strycova in a three-set slugfest. Strycova prevailed 7-5, 6-7(6), 6-4 over her 10th seeded Danish opponent in a three-hour and 20 minute marathon played out in temperatures of around 40 degrees Celsius at the Ken Rosewall Arena. The 30-year-old Czech next meets second seed Agnieszka Radwanska, who beat Chinese qualifier Duan Yingying 6-3, 6-2 in the last quarterfinal of the day at the Australian Open warmup event. Wozniacki has never progressed beyond the quarterfinals in Sydney

Caroline Wozniacki HEAT WAS TOO MUCH: Caroline Wozniacki of Denmark in action against Barbora Strycova of the Czech Republic in the women’s quarter-

final match. – AFP

and she appeared to be heading for a straight-sets defeat when Strycova claimed the opener and raced to a 5-0 lead in the tiebreaker of the next. Wozniacki, however, won seven of the next eight points to force a decider but the unseeded Strycova reeled off the last three games to seal victory under the scorching


sun. “You just try and think like you’re on a beach drinking pina coladas,” Wozniacki joked. “That’s basically your train of thought. You know that it’s the same for both players, so I was just trying to mentally just try and keep cool. But it was really, really hot out there. On the positive side of

things, I can eat whatever I want now because I have burned a lot of calories today,” she said. Canadian Eugenie Bouchard and British number one Johanna Konta kept it simple in their quarter-finals to set up a last four showdown after straight-set victories. Sydney-born Konta, the sixth

seed, won 6-3 7-5 against Russian teenager Daria Kasatkina, who had stunned world number one Angelique Kerber in the second round. Former Wimbledon finalist Bouchard beat Russian Anastasia Pavlyuchenkova 6-2, 6-3 to continue her good early season form after a dismal couple of years follow-

ing her breakthrough campaign in 2014. “I don’t want to get too happy after a win or too sad after a loss, so, for me, it’s just a good step in the right direction,” the Canadian world number 49 said. “I know there is a long way to go to achieve what I want. “To match up against solid players like I have this week, it’s a very tough tournament here. So I’m proud of that, for sure.” - Reuters


AFC football chief predicts positive impact of World Cup expansion

ON PLAYER HUNT: Newly-appointed Hull City manager Marco Silva.

‘Hull must add more players in January’ LONDON: Newly-appointed Hull City manager Marco Silva believes he needs to add more players to the squad if the basement club are to survive the Premier League relegation battle. Silva failed to name a full 18-member squad for Hull’s 2-0 League Cup semifinal defeat in the first leg at Old Trafford on Tuesday after midfielder Jake Livermore missed the game due to illness. The 39-year-old manager dismissed transfer reports linking top scorer Robert Snodgrass to West Ham United, insisting the club will only look to improve the squad in January. “I don’t know. I am in the game, I don’t know about this

(Snodgrass) offer. Of course, without doubt (we need Snodgrass to help us survive),” Silva, who replaced Mike Phelan last week, told Sky Sports. “We’ll see, at the moment they are important players, we need to improve our roster with quality players, not only one, not only two, we need some players to improve our roster.” The East Yorkshire club have managed 13 points in 20 games, having failed to registered a single league victory since early November. The Portuguese manager will prepare the side for his league debut at home against ninth-placed Bournemouth on Saturday before visiting leaders Chelsea on January 22. - Reuters

ZURICH: FIFA’s decision to expand the World Cup to 48 teams will address Asia’s long-standing demand for greater representation in the showpiece tournament, Asian Football Confederation (AFC) President Sheikh Salman bin Ebrahim Al Khalifa said on Wednesday. The 51-year-old Bahraini attended Tuesday’s FIFA Council meeting in which soccer’s governing body decided to add 16 more teams to its current 32 from the 2026 edition of the tournament. “We believe that Asia, as the biggest continent deserves more slots compared with the current quota, looking at the economic power it has, and the popularity for the game in Asia, in addition to the huge development for football at all levels,” Sheikh Salman said in a statement. In the current format, Asia has 4.5 places for the finals, with the top four teams earning direct entry while the fifth-placed side faces an intercontinental playoff. FIFA is yet to determine the number of extra slots for each continental confederation and Shaikh Salman said the expansion would ignite fresh hopes among Asian countries to make their World Cup finals debut. Football Federation Australia (FFA) called the expansion a recognition of soccer’s growth outside Europe and South America. “Australia is part of the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) where the most significant growth and investment is occurring and we expect this trend to continue over the coming years leading up to the World Cup expansion,” chief executive David Gallop said. “As the quality of Asian football continues to improve, AFC Member Associations will justifiably

POSITIVE FEELING: Sheikh Salman bin Ebrahim Al Khalifa.

deserve greater representation at the FIFA World Cup.” Similar optimism prevailed across the Tasman Sea with New Zealand Football (NZF) hoping the 11-team Oceania Confederation, who have a 0.5 qualifying spot, would finally be spared the uncertainty of a playoff. “We can only hope that means a

direct entry as a minimum,” NZF chief executive Andy Martin said. “We don’t know the detail, but we are led to believe that it will mean at least one place. “If that is the case then that will be fantastic for the whole of Oceania.” Australia (1974 and 2006) and New Zealand (1982 and 2010) are the only sides to qualify for the

World Cup finals from Oceania. Australia subsequently joined the AFC in 2006. “All of the teams in Oceania will be delighted with this news,” Martin added. “It is going to mean that everyone is more competitive and everyone will be pushing harder so we will have to keep on our toes.” - Reuters

W W W.T I M E S O F O M A N . C O M T H U R S DAY, JA N UA RY 1 2 , 2 0 1 7





HP 2130 3in1 Printer RO 10.900 only All Cartridges also available on UNBEATABLE prices All HP, Epson, Canon, Lexmark, Samsung Cartridges also available.

Ruwi: 24 792 792 Sohar: 2684 2420




Available on UNBEATABLE prices












T H U R S D AY, JA N UA RY 1 2 , 2 0 1 7 Email: Tel.: 24726666 Ext: 413 / 430 /431 / 456 / 461


*Tourist visa arranged

AN EXISTING FARM FOR RENT in the Wilayat of Barka, with an area of 45 acres, out of which large area is planted with fodder and 7 acres are planted with vegetables. It has also 14 greenhouses as well as 3 artesian wells and a plowing tractor as well as cutting and bundling tools and plowing equipments with their accessories. The farm has a good financial income.

Contact: 99340378



CONTACT NO. 91257475

Apartment for rent in Al Mawalah next to City Center. 3 rooms, hall, kitchen & 4 bathrooms. Contact - 99336776

Villa for rent Ameratphase (fifth/1) Majlis , hall , kitchen . 5 bedrooms &7 bathrooms (spilt unit AC)RO 400/- per month we prefer families. Contact: 99203458

Flat for rent in Al Ghobra, 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, 1 family sitting room, 1 kitchen. RO 400/Contact - 95919059

Two bedroom flat available, Show room near Honda. Contact: 99022675

Flat for rent in Al Bustan. 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 1 kitchen & 1 hall. Contact - 99379950

Flat in Mumtaz, 2 bedrooms, 2 toilets, big hall, kitchen & store. Contact: 92502241 / 95588678

Flat for rent in Ruwi Mumtaz area, 2 bedrooms, 1 bedroom. Contact: 91409667 / 24291500 / 91409664

Warehouse for rent area (42) SQM (3 meters clear height) in Al Misfah, opposite to Oman cement factory also available workshops (70 SQM). Contact: 96041560

Work shop, ware house for renting prime location Ghala 22.5x12.5 x 2M. Contact: 95981722 Three floors specially built building for restaurant in Mabela next to Zamzam Hypermarket. Expected Completion date end of February. Excellent location, plenty parking. It has staff accommodation for 15 people. There is open area in the front for landscaping and garden. OMR. 3,000 Monthly. Tel: 99333479 or 95215360 or 97509955. No Brokers Please Flat for rent in Darsait. Please Call: 99382881

Commercial / residential one BHK two bath room with split unit A/C, Honda road. Contact: 99342733 2 Story villa for rent in Bousher, Block No.273, Way No. 7317, House No 1225 A ; 3 Bed room, 2 Hall, 1 Sitting room ,1 Kitchen and 5 Toilets with split A/C. To view the Villa please contact 94044636/ 99153620 Sharing bachelor/ family accommodation at Al khuwair, semi furnished, A/C electricity,water &WiFi. R.O 130/-. Contact: 99223261

Villa at Al Khuwair 33 – Very next to newly opened Al Shifa Hospital - Ground Floor - 3 Bed room/ 3 bathroom / Hall/ dining area with A/C’s. R.O. 400/-. I BHK flat at Hamriya – Yiti road next to Hamriya Flower shopping Supermarket. R.O. 150.000. Contact: 94934353 - Call 9 am to 7 Pm. Email – House ground floor in Madinat Sultan Qaboos, 3 rooms, Majlis, living room, 3 toilets & 7 A/C, Rent 600/- monthly. Contact: 96322883 2 Bedrooms flats with hall, 2 bathrooms in Darsait near Muscat municipality. Contact: 24700120 / 92584715 1 & 2 BHK flat for rent at Wadi Adai, Opp Al Nahdha, Al Khoud, Mabela Industrial area & shop at Al Khoud Souq. Contact: 24834644 / 93994401, 02, 03 2 BHK commercial flat with split AC available for rent at Al Khuwair 33. Contact: 94057023 Single bedroom flat near Indian School Al Ghobrah. Contact: 99428764

3 BHK Flat in Madinat Qaboos. Contact- 99792181 6 BHK Villa in Amerat. Contact- 99792181 3 BHK flat In Azaiba. Contact- 99792181 Studio Flat In Madinat Qaboos. Contact- 99792181 4 BHK villa in Madinat Ilham. Contact- 99792181 5 BHK Villa in near Seeb Airport. Contact- 99792181 2 BHK Flat in Amerat. Contact- 99792181 2 Bed room with attach, bathroom with A/C at Al Khuwair 33 at main road, clean building RO.280/-. Contact: 99335411

2 BHK R.O 180/- behind Bahwan building near Khimji. H.O. Contact: 95865686

2 BHK flats Honda road, Ruwi. Contact: 99224748/ 99332297

2 & 3 BHK Flat in Al.Khuwair Contact- 99792181

1BHK near medical Darsait R.O 175/-. Contact: 95076261

One / Two, B/R flats in new building near Dolphin near dolphin complex, Bausher directly from owner. Contact: 92158031

New villa for rent in Azaiba 18 November Street. 6 Bedrooms, 2 kitchens & 7 toilets. To view the villa contact - 95919059

Flats at Al Khuwair 33. Contact: 92800007

Brand new 1 & 2 BR flat in Walja. Contact: 99713489

Shops for rent in Ghala industrial area near Toco. Contact 92884775

1 Bedroom first floor apartment with sitting & 1 baths + kitchen close to Indian school maintenance just finished near to Maya supermarket Wadi Al Kabir. Contact: 99485834

Villa Boushar, 5 BHK 500/- R.O. Contact: 95202430 For rent with good price for families and brides amazing flats at Wadi Al Kabir and Sidab with reasonable rent. Contact: 95755953 / 95555162 Room for rent in Qurum near Mars hypermarket for small family. Contact: 95711449 / 96570147 Flat for rent 2BHK split A/c near Oman house in Muttrah . Contact: 97007934 / 92629232 6 Bedroom villas available for rent at North Al Hail, near Wave, complex with swimming pool and Gym. Contact: 99833747 3 BHK villa MadinatSultan Qaboos, R.O 550/-. Contact: 97799175 /92144045 House for rent in Mabelah North, 3 rooms, living room, 3 toilets, kitchen & majlis. Contact: 99350456

Spacious 2 BR in Wadi Kabir. Contact: 99713489 2 bed room flat in Azaiba, behind Zubair. Contact: 96788070 Residential & commercial flats in a new building, at Muttrahfor office or shops any kind of commercial activates. More details. Contact: 99364735/ 95729711 Apartment for rent three rooms and a hall - kichen-4bath-Next to City Centre Almwalh. Contact 99336776 1-4 bedroom villa at Al Ansab. Contact: 96788070 New apartment flat for rent, 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms & kitchen, behind Indian School, short way to Lulu Darsait & Muttrah traditional Soqu. Contact or Whatsapp: 91013331

T H U R S DAY, JA N UA RY 1 2 , 2 0 1 7



- New Brand Building in Bowsher for sale


- Twin villa in Azaiba & Ghubra for sale - Commercial/ Residential khuwair for sale.

Land in Al

Contact Hood: 91155779







Urgently required looking to immediately buy used Grit blasting & airless spray equipment 1 No each. Contact 968 24810930 / 93203772 / 93203773 / 93203778

Restaurant & kitchen newly made kitchen (with catering license) and restaurant with clearance for sale at Mabela, Muscat. Contact: 91334783


Two story five bedroom villa built on 600 square meters land in Azaiba 6 not far from Sultan centre. It has split A/C’s. Extra place for small garden and BBQ. The villa is not new. It has provision for extra room and penthouse and housemaid room. No Brokers Please. Telephone: 99333479 or 95215360 or 97509955 Twin villa for sale in Azaiba near Sultan Centre. Each side has three floors, five bedroom plus maid room. Each room has its own bathroom and one extra toilet between dining and sitting room. The villas are now about 5 years old and very clean and well maintained. It has split A/C’s. OMR 198,500 each villa. Telephone: 99333479 or 95215360 or 97509955 No Brokers Please. 603 sq mtrs residential land in Al Hail North Block 45 NE near Radio station. OMR 83 Thousand. Tel: 99333479 or 95215360 or 97509955 No Brokers Please

Villa for rent in South Mabellah, 3 bedrooms, sitting room, family Lounge, kitchen, three Toilets Contact 92212212 between 10 AM to 5 PM Villa complex for lease renovated deluxe villa complex with separate three flats , location AL Ghobra north ( near tourist hotels) is available for lease. Contact: Ali : 99411607, Luoy : 92466266 Flat for rent 2BHK split A/c near Kuwaiti Mosque in Wadi Kabir. Contact: 97007934 / 92629232 New 3 story 4 bedroom villa in Al Hail near to radio station. The spacious master bedroom has a sea view. It has a maids room. All bedrooms have bathrooms and one extra bathroom between dining and sitting room. It has split A/c’s. 6 months advance payment required. Price is OMR 750 monthly. Telephone: 99333479 or 95215360 or 97509955. No Brokers Please. Flats & shops for rent at Ruwi Honda road Mumtaz area. Contact: 97293708 / 92433127

House for sale at Wadi Kabir rented to the company asking for (55 thousand rial) negotiable. Contact: 92882414 Pharmacy for sale in Mabela. Contact: 92893890 / 98838252 Villa Shatti Al Qurum area 920 SQM. Contact: 95202430 Well running reputed travel agency for sale. Contact: 97992388 Twin Villa for sale in Azaiba near Sultan Centre. Each side has three floors, five bedroom plus maid room. Each room has it’s own bathroom and one extra toilet between dining and sitting room. The villas are now about 5 years old and very clean and well maintained. It has split A/C’s. OMR 215,000 each villa. Telephone: 99333479 or 95215360 or 97509955. No Brokers Please. Industrial land in Rusail.4000 sqm. Contact 99323957 / 95490842. 400 square meters residential land in Al Ghubra south near Millenium Hypermarket. OMR 134 thousand. Telephone: 99333479 or 95215360 or 97509955. No Brokers Please.


FOR SALE 1. Porta Cabin 2. Book Loader (New Holland) 3. Water Tanker (Hino 2000 Gallon) 4. Roller (JCB 3 Ton) 5. Roller (JCB & Wacker, 1 Ton) 6. Scaffoldings 7. HDPE Duct Pipes (300 mm to 1800mm) 8. Tower Hoist

Contact 93990154 MV SALE Toyota Yaris for sale 2009 September 93,000km white colour expat driven, in good condition accident free for sale. Contact: 93461297

BUYING Buying cars for cash. Contact: 90202090

FOR EXPATS Two house in Zanzibar first line form the beach at Kibweni near the palace (R.O 77000) Contact Owner: 99348943

FOR SALE Running coffee shop sale Al Mawalah, Rusayl. Contact: 92992940 603 sq mtrs residential land in Al Hail North Block 45 NE near Radio station. OMR 96 Thousand. Tel: 99333479 or 95215360 - or 97509955. No Brokers Please

Need to buy, excellent or first grade Construction Company, including it assets, projects and staff. Prefer to be registered at tender board and oil & gas companies. Contact: 79016082 / Email:



6.5 cents of Land Sq Plot In Ravipuram Near Ernakulam Shipyard in MG Road, behind Chaitanya eye clinic Expected Price – INR 30 Lakhs per cent But Negotiable Only Genuine Buyer Contact Oman – 968-94102519 Contact Kochi – 91 85477 01946 Suitable for 3 Storey building & office Premises. Residential plots 5 to 7 cents for sale at Trivandrum, Kerala. Price 2.90lakhs/cent. Contact- 93278263.

ACC. AVAILABLE Furnished room for Executive Bachelor near OK Center, RUWI. Contact - 99591669

AVAILABLE House shifting and Transport. Contact: 96737158 Bobcat available for rent. Contact 97623299 Party & Wedding equipment rentals. Full line, from Tables, Linen & Skirting, Chairs & Chair covers, Cutlery, Crockery, Glassware, Chafing Dishes, Ice Sculptures, to Large Sound Systems and spectacular lighting. Call Andrea 9606 2222 for Catering and Croyden 9623 5555 for Sound & Light., E-mail:

TRANSPORTATION Transportation. Contact: 90558627

Furnished rooms available at Ruwi, phone: 98650994 / 98049288 Looking for female/ couple to share 3 BHK flat in Azaiba. Couple OMR 150 per room / female OMR 65 for sharing room. # 94662690 Room, bath attached executives, Wadi Kabir. Contac: 99336206

Industrial land AL Misfah Boushar area 30.000 SQM attractive location. Contact: 95202430

Furnished room for Executive bachelor near Honda Road (Walja) Contact – 99016546

Empty shop / laundry near Camelia café. Contact: 92868123 / 92841089

Furnished room Indian bachelor near Al Falaj Hotel Ruwi& lady in WadiKabir. RO 100. Call 96202458.

BUILDING MATERIAL SHOP FOR SALEWell-furnished running building material-electrical shop (4 shutter / 200sqm) in Al- Khoudh- 6, for immediate sale- shop with stock or stock only. Serious buyers may please Contact: 94320909

Furnished room CBD area for Executive bachelor free Wi-Fi, advance deposit. Contact: 90631572

Beauty parlour for sale in Ruwi. Contact: 92430239

Looking for investor for sugar factory project in Sohar Industrial Area - Contact: 99246127

Room for rent near Hamriya R/A for executive bachelor, Sharing kitchen. Contact 99640850, 97983501, 97443614 Sharing accommodation in W/K. Contact: 94986587

Transportation.Contact: 96968411 Driver with car transportation available. Contact: 95396905 Picking & drop Ruwi to Rusail. Contact: 98957524 / 91287470 Transportation.Contact 94087276 Transportation. Contact 92015894

LOST Nayeema Beevi Abdu Rahman has lost India Passport No. P 0412910. Finder please handover to ROP Mohammed Sobuj has lost Bangladeshi Passport No /AC6097275 finder please handover to ROP Kristian Hufalar has lost Philippines Passport No/ EC1642514 finder please handover to ROP

Skilled / unskilled Labors available under single sponsorship for hire. Contact: 92841089

NOTICE Emaar Al Batinah Modren for Trad & Construction ASTD company which is recorded under the commercial register number 1126153 is going to change its legally shape from joint company L.L.C to company And in accordance with Article 13 of the Commercial Companies Law No. 4/74 . This is to inform anybody who concerns about that to 2 months from the date publishing this advertising Tamdeen United for Trad & Construction joint company which is recorded under the commercial register number 1144016 is going to change its legally shape from joint company L.L.C to company And in accordance with Article 13 of the Commercial Companies Law No. 4/74 . This is to inform anybody who concerns about that to 2 months from the date publishing this advertising I Nishit Velayudhan Nair (holder of Indian Passport No. H 3602965) s/o Velayudhan Nair having permanent residence in Room 8/100 Dwarka Bhavan Jai Prakash Nagar Goregaon (E) Mumbai- 400063 M.S . India (complete postal address in India) and presently residing in P.O Box 740 , P.C 112, Ruwi Sultanate of Oman (complete postal address in Oman) intend to marry Ms. Adele Anne Armstrong (holder of South African passport bearing No. A 01125192) d/o Neil Michael Armstrong at Embassy of India Muscat. I swear that I am marrying her at my own free will and not under any duress and intimidation. Any objection towards this marriage may please be communicated to Embassy of India, Muscat , diplomatic quarters , AL Khuwair , P. Box No. 1727 , postal code 112, Ruwi Sultanate of Oman within 30 (thirty) days of publication of this news paper advertisement. *Classified Advertisement space booking with text, should be done till 12.00 noon for next day’s publication. * Subject to space availability


T H U R S D AY, JA N UA RY 1 2 , 2 0 1 7 Email: Tel.: 24726666 Ext: 413 / 430 /431 / 456 / 461 Fax: 24812624

DAILY GUIDE SITUATION SITUATION WANTED VACANT Marketing Sales Person Should have experience in kitchens, wardrobes & sanitary wares Experience 2-3yrs Having valid Omani license Knowledge of Oman market

Reputed mineral water company required the following HEAVY/LIGHT DUTY DRIVERS VAN SALESMAN with Omani driving license

SALES SUPERVISOR/SALES CO ORDINATOR with Omani driving license HELPERS Experience 3 to5 years

Contact - 90372638

WANTED Female/male Physiotherapist and female/male GP, and one female Lab Technician with or without MOH license & data flow for Al Saadi Specialized Medical Centre, Musanna.

Contact 92025033, Email :

Contact No: +968 91717230 Mail.Id:

Sama veterinary Clinic Urgently Required Receptionist - Female • Minimum Graduate • Two years experience in the same filed. • Fluent in English, Arabic advantage. • NOC is must. (Send CV and current picture with ref no:0911)




Filipino/Nepalese female


sales associate for a fashion accessories outlet in one of the leading malls in Muscat. Applicants on visit visa or with NOC only. 2 years experience is a must (GCC experience preferred)

For a reputed Shoes & Leather Product Retail Co. Minimum 3 years experience, age between 30 to 35 years. Must be fluent in Arabic & English. With driving license.

Please send CV to



LOOKING FOR A GENERAL MANAGER for Steel Fabrication unit, based in Sohar, Oman. Responsible for running the operations, reporting to the Board in form of reports & Budgets, achieving monthly targets, managing manpower, managing systems, implementing new systems etc; Fabrication background a big plus. Please send your resume at

Looking for Arabic speaking Marketing Executive for Steel Fabrication unit, based in Sohar, Oman.

Please send your resume at

Required Accountant for office with min 2 years experience. Visa Available.Contact-24691193, Send CV to:

Urgently required Science, Math and English Teachers for a bilingual school in Al-Ansab. Applicants should possess qualifications of B.Sc/B.A/B.Ed and IELTS band 6 with minimum two years of experience. Forward your CVs to, Contact: 92515777

HR/ ADMIN Required Omani PRO with driving license. Contact-24691193, Send CV to:

DOMESTIC HELP Wanted experienced Housemaid / House keeper for reputed house in Qurum. Salary and benefits are best in market. Contact: 99466062 Required part time Indian cook in Darsait. Contact: 93322009 Full time Malayalee housemaid required for a Keralite family. Contact: 92103688

DRIVER Driver required with valid Omani driving license, visa available. Contact-24691193. Send CV Driver required with valid Omani driving license, visa will be provided, subject to NOC. Contact: 94868626 Send CV to sudhakaran@ Reputed Excellent Grade Electrical Company requires the following: Trailer/Heavy Drivers (5) Lorry Crane (HIAB) Operators (5) With GCC driving license. Please send CV to: hv.jobsoman@gmail. com, contact: 95170802 Omani light Drivers 2 Nos with PDO driving license passed. Contact: 96269676 Requirement - Omani Drivers for 3T Truck needed immediately for Natural Water Distribution Company with 3to5 years driving experience. Candidates from Muscat/Sharqia is also required. Interested candidates contact: Mobile 99273774/ 99202278/95060390 Wanted expert Driver. Contact: 97165972

ENGINEER Maintenance person driving license + civil works experience. Email: dreamstravel

IT Urgently required an SEO professional with experience in optimizing websites and improving organic SE rankings with knowledge of Analytics, keyword research, social media optimization and link building. Email:

MISCELLANEOUS Required: -Telecom Engineer/ Technicians. - Accountant - Fiber optical technician.-HSE officer. Email: IT Marketing Executive (Required experiences +driving license) Maintenance person with driving license. Insurance broker looking to recruit commission based sales people if monthly targets achieved,bonus will be paid in addition to commission, If you are interested to work with us , send your name & phone to this email:

MEDICAL Urgently required Internist, Orthodontist, Physiotherapist & Lab Technician for a reputed medical center in Salalah. Contact 99714300 Email - Gynecologist, GP and Radiographer with prometric dataflow required for Polyclinic Muscat. Kindly send your documents on Required MBBS Doctor for a well established private clinic in Al Hail, Seeb. Contact: 99468166 Urgently required staff Nurse, Lab tech, Optometrist & Specialist Radiologist Doctor. Preferably Indian for a medical centre in Ruwi Muscat. Cont No.95220350 or

MBA- Finance Indian male 14+ years experience in Finance & Accounting (9 Years in Oman) Valid D/L, NOC available. Contact: 97628676

Indian male 30 years on visit visa, B.Com (Comp) 4 years experience in accounts. Seeks position in administration or accounts assistant. Contact – 97047327 /

Strong written and communications skills is a must. Technical qualification is a big plus. Min 7 years of experience.


MBA- Finance Indian male 14 years experience in Finance & Accounting (10 years in Oman). NOC available. Contact: 99206781

Indian female 22 years, B.Com with 1 year experience in India as accountant / Clerk, looking for suitable opening. Now on visiting visa. Contact: 97754830

Responsible for visiting customers, marketing and one point contact for customers from placing the order to completion of executing the order. Will have to travel across GCC for meeting with customers.


Chartered accountant Indian currently working in Oman 10+ years experience ms office m SAP oracle, focus. Contact: 94641805

Qualified Chartered Accountant & ACS 10 +years Managerial experience, working in Bank, looking for suitable opening, Open to any GCC, MBL: +968-90788509, Email: Experienced indian accountant 24 years,Mcom,BBA and having accounting diploma certificate from IAB .Currently on family visa in oman,seeking suitable job opportunities.Contact : 99076506 Email:

MEDICAL GP Doctors required for clinic. Contact - Email: dreamstravel Urgently required GP (MBBS) doctor with MOH license for locum in a reputed clinic. Contact - 99048170

Indian female, 12 years experience in call center banking team management, 1 year exp in Oman as secretary to the G.M, seeking suitable position. Contact: 95166496

Required female Nurse urgently with MOH license. Contact: 97304519 Email: Urgently required for Doctor, Staff Nurse & Lab Technician with or without MOH license. Contact: 93824902 Required female Dentist, Nurses, Pharmacist, Lab Technician for a Polyclinic at Ibra. Contact 71100596, Urgently needed female dermatologist (priority for Omani) with minimum five years experience. Please send CV to, P.S details of salary and benefits will be sent after submitting the CV.

MANAGER Marketing Manager: candidates with Chemical / Mechanical Engineering, 10 years experience in marketing oilfield items, tendering process, MS Office programs and with Omani driving license, may please mil CV:

SALES / MARKETING Sales man with / without Omani driver license. Contact: Whatsapp- 94756618 Wanted Freelance Sales person for a running laundry. A well equipped laundry requires a free lance sales person to get contracts from hotels, serviced apartments, restaurants, labor camps, hospitals etc. good salary n commission guaranteed. Mail resume to: or call 9145 8547 IT marketing executive, required experiences + driving license. Contact - dreamstravel

SALES / MARKETING Looking for an Expat staff, with experience in Oman in real estate field not exceed the age of the employee 28 & Send CV with photos. Email: Required Sales Manager / Sales Man 5 years experience, driver license preferable marble, natural stone. Contact: 95322037 Sales & Marketing Executive for interior design & Con. Co, Oman driving license , basic knowledge in computer). Contact: 92851122 Email: Sales Executive (Textiles) – 3 Nos. Sales Executive (Paints) - 1 No. Sales Executive (Building Materials) – 2 Nos. With valid Oman D/L.Experience of 2 years in selling Textiles or Building Materials in Oman.Degree in any discipline. Mail resume to for Textiles vacancies and for building material vacancies. Sales Executive – Cosmetics products. Experience: Minimum 4 - 5 years, Should have knowledge about Oman market, Valid Oman Driving License must. Forward CV to Speedy Enterprises United LLC Travel/ Tourism and Car Rental required Sales Executive with valid Oman driving license and fluent spoken written English, experienced candidate will be preferable. Interested candidates send resume to: Wanted Salesman, Merchandiser with minimum experience 3 years driving license. Contact: 99440252

Accountant male 25 India with 3 year experience seeking suitable placement Mob.91425506 Indian male, 6 yrs exp in finance, marketing & admin with NOC join immediately. Contact: 90986882/ 99043221 M.Com, Indian, Chief Accountant 10 years experience in Oman looking for a suitable position. NOC available. Contact: 96973776. Indian female (26) CA Intermediate with 3 years experience (incl. Big 4 Exp) in Accounting and Internal Audit. Worked in Oman for short project. Contact: 93475921/ +91 9167079909 Email: Freelancer / part time Indian CA accounts / Tax / Audit / MIS finalization with tax queries answering, above 20 years Oman experience. Contact: 95140332 / 99104151 Accounts & Admin 3 years experience in GCC, BBA graduate, Indian male 29 yrs, looking for suitable placement. Contact: 79103778 Senior Accountant 16 years experience handle accounts up to finalization MIS cash flow, NOC &, D/L available. Contact: 94117616 Email: Indian female ACCA with 3 years experience in UAE and Oman looking for suitable position in accounting and finance. Contact: 91784650 Indian female M.Com, having 4 years experience in Accounts looking for Accountant/suitable job. Contact: 98418533 / 99338639 Finance / Account professional 18 yrs Oman experience can work independentor head the division looking for opening. Contact: 92168401 / 92787747

Experienced business development investment consultant with 10 years experience in the financial management field, holds a masters degree in finance and management from the UK. Contact: 90157073 Accounts Manager looking for job in accounts or finance, 4 years Oman exp with accountancy degree & Omani D/L with NOC available. Contact: 95661169 Email: MBA Finance Indian 25 Male 2 years experience seeking opportunities in Finance sector. Immediately available.Contact:92498840 Indian (M), Qualified CPA, CMA, CIA (USA), MBA (Finance) & M.Com, 15 years’ experience in Finance, Accounting & Audit, (3 years in Oman) looking for suitable Senior/Middle level position in Finance/Accounting/Audit. NOC available. E-mail, MOB – 91595436 Finance/M.Com Accountant 5+ yrs of exp including GCC seeking for suitable placement. Contact: 91329254 aneeshkrishnan007@gmail.Com Male Accountant(B.Com) having 2 years exp. Contact: 90357503 Indian male, age 26, visit visa, B.SC Mathematics 4 years experience as an accountant seeks suitable job. Contact: 98615171 / (Father no) 95374978. Email: Indian female (27), CA Intermediate, B.Com, 3.5 years experience in Audit, 2 years as Accounts Manager, looking for suitable positions. Contact: GSM-94873369, Email id Female Indian Accountant 28, CA Inter & MBA (Finance & I B) with 2 years Experience in Muscat available to join immediately. GSM:- 90324530 Master of Business Administration (finance) Bachelor of Sciencediploma in Islamic banking & finance Somali lady 24 years old, languages known Somali, English and Arabic, one year experience. Contact: + 971527626329 / Finance & Audit Manager Available CPA, MBA-USA ACCA ,Oman Experienced , Expert in Profit Maximizations , Business Developments, All Banking Facilities , ERP- Accounting Software , Internal / External Audits & Controls, with Best Solutions of Business Problems ,NOC available & Driving License Call 94886226 Accounts part time services available to handle all accounts up to finalization on monthly basis and finalization works. Contact: 96247295 Part time Senior Accountant 10 yrs exp. Contact: 91126314 Indian male having long track proven record in all aspects of all management, rich in project management, business development & expansion and finance control, 16 years of experience in GCC and India, looking for suitable managerial post. NOC available. Contact: 95207317 Email: Indian chartered accountant, well experienced in manufacturing,service & telecom industries in Oman,Oman, as finance manager, seeks suitable placement. Contact: 92221129/ 97400600

T H U R S DAY, JA N UA RY 1 2 , 2 0 1 7


DAILY GUIDE SITUATION WANTED Indian Male 32 Yrs, MBA, BCA with 9.7 Yrs experience in Sales & Marketing, Administration, Purchase, ISO & QA/QC Documentation, Stores & Project Management. With valid Oman driving license. NOC available. Looking for any kind of desk job in Oman or Dubai.

with 4 Yrs experience in Accounts, HR, Administration, Procurement & Sales Co-ordination in Oman. NOC available and ready to join in Oman or Dubai.

Please contact: +91-7397754465 Whatsapp: +968-93483736 Email:

Please contact: +91-7397795465 Whatsapp: +968-94617734 Email:

DRIVER Pakistani male light driver with 6 yrs exp in Oman. Contact: 92171166 Pakistani male light vehicle driver looking for job. Contact: 96651070


ACCOUNTS Qualified and experienced MBA post graduate with proven work exposure in Middle East & India, having more than 5.5 years of rich experience in accounts , project coordination and administration in (3.5 years UAE experience) oil and gas projects is currently looking for suitable job. Contact 93953613, Indian male age 26, Accountant one year experience in accounts looking for suitable job. Contact Email: anishkhan991867@gmail. com Mobile: +968 9565 9415 Experienced business development and investment consultant with 10 years experience in the financial management field. Holds a masters degree in finance and management from the UK. Contact : 90157073 Internal audit ACCA (finalist) 14years of experience including Gulf in internal audit field, on visit visa. Contact: 95916716 Email: Sales & Accounts Manager, Indian male having long track proven record in all aspects of finance, total 9 years experience in GCC, NOC available, Ready to join immediately Mob-97200823 Highly Experienced Finance Manager, CPA, ACCA-UK. MBA-USA , Professional of Banking , Audits ,ERPs Sap , Management as Team Leader and Problem Solver call 94 504505 /94403270 Indian Chartered Accountant 14+ years experience in Accounts & Finance working in Muscat looking for suitable change with Oman driving license and NOC Available. Contact: 97728130 Email : Srilankan male Accountant, holder of Diploma Chartered Accountancy Inter have 4 years experience in finance, available at Muscat, join immediately. Contact: 79049355 / 93598736 Indian (M) MBA (f) more than 6 years of experience in accounts, proficiency in various A/C software SAP (F1/CO) seeking for suitable placement. Contact: 95920740 Email Id:

ADMIN Indian Male Graduate over 15 years Gulf experience, Oman-4 in HR & Admin. With NOC and valid Driving License looking suitable placement. Contact: 71121424 Email: Omani lawyer & legal adviser experience in Business administration,HR, staff training. Contact: 97243393 Email: Indian male (24yr) B.Tech (IT) with 2years experience in office admin, looking for suitable position in Muscat on visit vis. Contact: 91124306 Email: Pakistani male, MBA (HRM) Honor, B.Com, 4 years experience HRM & Admin 1 year experience in construction, experience in sales & marketing . Currently on visit visa. Contact: 94939319 8 years experience in administration, sales and purchasing in Oman with valid GCC driving searching suitable job. Contact 98145825, email: Looking for Administrative or clinic administrative job, immediate hire. Contact: 98868692

Indian male 14 years experience Dubai, Oman insurance,banking,office administration, seeking for suitable position immediately NOC available. Contact: 98019340 7 years experienced in Administration & Sales with valid Oman driving license searching for a suitable job. Contact: 93347156 Young Omani male have experience 12 years as P.R.O, CLERK Helper Supervisor Admin Supervisor, H.R Manager have vocational M.B.A diploma in H.S.E, IT and P.D.O license, looking for H.R position or P.R.O part time or full time. Contact: 95933288

ARCHITECT Architect with 3 yrs experience (interior, extensor shop drawings, revit and has good skills on 3ds, Max (vary) and cad software’s looking for a suitable job. Contact: 94866328 Email:

CATERING Chef Cook 20 years (15 yrs in Oman) experience male in Continental, Indian, Chinese and Arabic cuisine looking for suitable job NOC available. Contact: 93421606

DRIVER Looking for job with car without car and know real estate business & maintenance work all are have 5 years experience in Oman. Contact: 97747243 5 Years driver with car. Contact: 94178094 Driver light 5 years exp in Muscat. Contact: 93904217 Pakistani male light driver, 6 month in Oman, holding I.D.P license. Contact: 96914164 Pakistani male light driver, 5 yrs exp in Oman. Contact: 96207485 Light duty driver looking for job 5 years experience. Contact: 92247724 Driver with car 2016 model. Contact: 97291042 Pakistani, light driver, 4 yrs exp in Oman, 6 yrs exp in Saudi Arabia. Contact: 93852437 Look for job. Contact: 95371235 Light driver job 3 yrs exp. Contact: 95939050 Looking for driving job. Contact: 97403245 Bangladesh male, Oman driving license looking for job, 7 yrs exp Oman all location , 3 yrs exp for Dubai. Contact: 99327665 Looking for jobs light vehicle license 5 years experience with Toyota Corolla car. Contact: 97034500 Pakistani male light vehicle driver release available, looking for job. Contact: 96069753 Light driver, 8 yrs exp. Contact: 94214212 Bangladesh male 30 years light driver exp 2 years looking for job .Contact: 95728771. Light driver, private, commercial. Contact - 93729950 Driver with Oman driving license, looking for job. Contact: 94235254 Driver with car. Contact: 91355972 Looking for job exp having driving license. Contact: 97363138

Light vehicle driver 4 years exp know, Hindi, English and Arabic. Contact:98522914 Heavy duty driver seeks placement. Contact: 94939865 / 79039204 Light duty driver, 3 yrs exp, seeks placement. Contact: 97829730

Indian Female 27 Yrs, B.Com

Indian male, 26 years of age, Mechanical Engineer .B.Tech from Trivandrum Engineering College 2013. M.Tech from NIT Warangal .Specialty, Materials and Systems Engineering Design. Looking for suitable placement, contact: 99753809. Indian male 25 years of age EEE Qualified from reputed university in T. Nadu India seeking suitable job possess professional experience for 1.5 years working with Maruti Suzuki Motors Pvlmt India destination for team leader. Contact: 93985324 Email:

Driver looking for job. Contact: 91788481 / 92231714 Male 40 yrs, 15 yrs exp, D/L seeking job (Sales & driving) English, Hindi, Arabic. Contact: 97003340

Arch’l Site Engineer more than 15 years exp in Saudi Arabia & Oman (finishing & marble field). Contact: 91220168

Driver with car have good experience in Oman. Contact: 94039796

Electrical Engineer female, 4 years exp, location MCT- Seeb. Contact: 90118928

DESIGNER/ DRAUGHTSMAN AutoCAD Draftsman 9 years Gulf experienced. Contact: 93528255 Interior design and estimation with 7 years experience, holding D/L, NOC available seeking placement. Contact: 95973818 Email: Interior Designer & Finishing Manager, over 20 Years Exp, including 10 years in Luxury hotels and resorts, seeking for a job. Has employee Visa / Omani Driving License. Contact: 95810483 Indian male , having wide experience of 4 years in GCC & 5 years in Indian for 3 D interior & exterior designing , AutoCAD drafting & NOC available & ready to join immediately. Contact: 91282841 Email: Indian male, 26 experience in web design & development currently in Muscat on visit visa looking for a suitable position. Contact: 95923554 Email: Indian (M) well experienced draughtsman total 9 years experience , 4 years in Oman seeks suitable jobs, NOC available , immediate joining. Contact: 96705245/ 99758076 Filipino Senior Revit/AutoCAD Draftsman with 20 years professional experience is looking for suitable job in Oman. Please Contact: 96489798, (+974) 66653780 Free lance / part time autocad works / make boq 2d /3d arch , structural, shop drawings interior drawings. Contact 97103168 Free lance Autocad works experienced (arch, struct, MEP, shop drw) rate a0/a1 sheet ( 10-17 OMR) ph : 97103168. Revit, Autocad D/man, expected salary 200 OMR. PH : 92279784

DOMESTIC HELP Indian female, full time looking house made job. Contact: 79039479 Indian lady (37) looking job in nursery or school 5 yrs exp in nursery (baby sitter) 10 years expin Oman, NOC available. Contact: 99839187 Looking for full time caretaker or Housemaid. Contact: 93904732

ENGG. / TECH./MECH. Indian female (22 Y) Electrical Engineer presently on a visit visa (fresher) looking for a job as Engineer / Teacher Engineer, Coordinator / office work. Contact: 91178172 (preferable location Salalah) Indian male 30 years Civil Engineer Diploma holder 4 years experience in Oman N.O.C available. Contact: 99498671

Contact # 92839516

Electronics/ Instrumentation Engineer With 3 years experience in a renowned Oil company (Air craft refueling equipments QC, instrumentation CP electrical systems) 1 year on job training at sea port (electricaland PLC systems) Having and HSE, IT and management trainings. Contact: 96116969


Indian male BE Mechanical Engineer CSWIP, 4 yrs Gulf experience on visit visa Qatar driving license holder. Contact: + 968 96550807 Email:

Light duty driver seeks placement. Contact: 96381406

Experienced IT Professional with over 20 years in Oman. Can manage ERP systems, Hardware, Network, Wi-Fi and Biometric Devices.

Indian Male - Mechanical Engineering PhD graduate with eight years of experience relating to design and development of rigs, numerical modelling, FE simulation, composites, mechanical testing and composite manufacturing, looking forward for an opportunity as an experienced mechanical engineer to execute and manage projects relating to product development and testing. Would be available in Oman on visit visa – Contact 94133658 30 yrs. experienced Degree Civil Engineer in consultancy and construction of buildings, seeks jobs in building design. Contact - 95036240 Email: Mechanical Engineer with 3 years exp in teaching and 1 year in QC line. Contact: 00919447658341 Email: Indian male Civil Engineer 5 years exp, D/L, NOC available. Contact: 91176609 Indian candidate currently working in Oman studied Diploma Mechanical Engineering, 1 year experience in sales in Oman with D/L wanted job in sales, NOC available. Contact: 90494114 Email: Microwave Transmission & Commissioning Engineer 2.5 years experience B.SC & B.Tech (E.C) on visit visa. Contact: 96756964 Indian Female Architect NIT Calicut, 1 Year exp. in design of residential & commercial buildings. Seeking suitable position. Contact- 95293638. HSE officer, 12 years experience in construction oil & gas, seeking to join reputed organization. Contact: 99626821 Syrian Civil Engineer with 3 years experience in construction having D/L, NOC available. Contact: 96649038 Mechanical Engineer with a Bachelor Degree honors with first class seeking a suitable job. Contact: 94957250 BE in Electrical Electronics Engg from India having 19+ yrs of exp in MEP projects ( 5 yrs in Saudi Arabia 14 yrs in India) looking suitable job. Contact: 0091-7353905687 Email: Indian Elec. Engineer 7 yrs exp in operations manufacturing quality flexible to handle any responsibility on visit. Contact: 97604106 Civil Engineer Indian 8+ years experience, NOC available. Contact: 95831929 Indian male 29 years, Electrical / Instrumentation Engineer (4 years) experience in Oman looking for a suitable position, having valid Oman driving license. Contact: 93363104 Email:

10 Years Cad Civil 3D D/Men highway design 5 yrs experience in architectural and structural drafting D/L available. Contact: 93935786 Indian Architect Engineer (MS from UK) specialized in sustainable architecture, 6.5 years experience in buildings design, preparation of construction drawings construction Administration. Contact: 94401556 Civil Engineer (Diploma) Indian, having 23 yrs experience in Oman with valid D/L, looking for suitable position, NOC available. Contact: 94984890 Email: Electrical Engineer - 9 Yrs Exp (6 Yrs in Oman) with D/L seeks job - Contact 96946044 Indian male 24 years BE in electronics & communication 2 years experience in visit visa, looking for suitable placement. Contact: 096890885967 / 0091- 919591693246 Email: mohammedazween256@ Civil Engineer looking for a job 6 years experience in building construction post Site Engineer. Contact: 93304128 Indian male 25 years masters, Post Graduate in Petroleum Engineering (Australia) degree B.E Mechanical Engineering (India). Contact: 98430330 Email: Young Indian Civil Engineer, experience in India and Oman seeks suitable career in the field of Civil Engineering. Contact +968 91620300, Email: Civil Engineer with 2.7 years experience currently working in Oman seeking suitable job, license under progress (driving) NOC available from sponsor, fluent in English,Hindi, Malayalam & Tamil. Contact 97331023 Civil Engineer (Diploma) 8 years experience, bolding Oman D/L, NOC available seeking suitable placement. Contact: 95118939 Email: PMP Civil Engineer, Sudanese 14 years experience 8 years UAE & Oman hotels, villas &malls, costing,tendering, planning & site management. Contact: 95476702 Indian male Mechanical Engineer having knowledge in alarm & firefighting system &AutoCAD with license, valid visa and NOC available. Contact: + 968 90355201 / 95444052 Email: Indian Male, 26 years, Aeronautical Engineer with 4 years of experience is looking for a placement. Contact 97127523 Mechanical Engineer have experience in air-conditioning& MEP systems also HSE awareness and engineering design software. Contact: 94906447 / 96654019 BEMechanical Engineer, 22, Indian malefresher, looking for opportunity in mechanical field trained in HVAC & fire lighting. Contact: 97489256 Email: Indian male 23 fresher, Mechanical Engineer looking for job in mechanical field special interest in HVAC and MEP, will be happy to hear from you. Email: Mechanical Engineer, B.Tech,male,Indian, having 1 year experience, on visit visa seeks suitable job. Contact: + 96894959233, +96897474225 Email:

ENGG. / TECH./MECH. Master in Civil Engineering with 5 years exp. Contact: 96658456 MBA B.Tech (InformationTechnology) male technical course M.S Office,computer hardware, 4 months exp. Contact: 99040662 Email: Indian male 26 years Mechanical Engineer with 2 yrs exp in Oman. Looking for suitable placement. Contact - 91328079 15 years experienced MEP Engineer seeks suitable placement. Contact: 99046313 / 91709409 Electronics and Communication Engineer, male 24,1 yearexperience as Junior & network Admin in India,on visit visa, looking for job. Contact: 90107380 Email: Indian Engineer 25, B.E& Diploma in HSE with 3 years India exp, on visit Visa available to join immediately Contact: 93472629. Email: Graduate female, with driving license, looking for a suitable position. Contact: 96234434 Indian male 28 civil engineer 1 year experience, on visit visa looking for suitable job. Contact: 99206630 / 94471305 Civil Eng B.SC holder 6 yrs exp in Oman having D/L. Contact: 93654862 Electrical B.Tech Indian 26, 3 years exp in PLC/ SCADA IND. automation &supervision. Contact: 97207570 / 90481773 Electrical Engineer with experience, 9 years in Oman. Contact: 98148034 Keralite (m) Electrical Engineer seeks placement. Contact: 92757534 Email: Indian male, B.E Mechanical with 2 years experience as Maintenance Engineer in Cochin Refinery and 1 year experience in Chevrolet seeking job. Ph number: 97964862, Email: Sr. Electrical Engineer with 17+ yrs of exceptional exp in spear heading strategic planning and project management initiatives & executing various high rise residential & commercial building as well as roads and highway project with proficiency in installation, seeking a challenging position in a dynamic organization. Contact 96570891

HOSPITALITY Chef de partie, 10 years (6 years in Oman) experience in food production at hospitality industry. Specialized in Grill kitchen, South Indian, Arabic, Butchery, Vegetable and Ice Carving. NOC available Contact: 96768312 Indian male 32 years with Hotel Management Degree, 4 years experience in F & B in Dubai and India and 5 years of experience as Butler in 6 star American Cruiseline, looking for suitable job. Contact- 99859150. Indian male, 24 years, diploma hotel management, 3 years experience as front office executive at star hotels in Dubai & India, on visit visa. Contact: 97937504 Email:

B.Sc Civil Engineer 5+ years experience in Building construction & Steel structural building with having valid D/L. Contact: 93850440/

Front Office Manager with over 20 years of experience in the Middle East & preopening expertise with hospitality giants like Burj Al Arab, Address hotels &Millennium looking for similar opportunities. Contact: 96383636

Indian female M.Tech biotechnology seeks suitable placement. Contact: 91287047 Email:

*Classified Advertisement space booking with text, should be done till 12.00 noon for next day’s publication. * Subject to space availability


T H U R S D AY, JA N UA RY 1 2 , 2 0 1 7


Email: Tel.: 24726666 Ext: 413 / 430 /431 / 456 / 461 Fax: 24812624

SITUATION WANTED IT Indian Female-MCA Software Designer with 11 years’ experience -in database designing, database programming and Oracle, ERP application seeking job from reputed organization. Contact – 9119 2543 15 Years Oman experienced, VMware, ITIL, MCSE, CCNP, DELL certified Sr. IT infrastructure, network specialist, NOC D/L available. Contact; 98582078 Email: IT & Network Engineer certified MCSA, CCNA virtualization have D/L. Contact: 98207829 IT Support with a Bachelor Degree and CCNA, seeking a suitable job in a good company. Contact: 97286908 IT & Network Engineer with a Bachelor Degree, CCNA & ITIL certified & valid driving license looking for a suitable job. Contact: 98141623 Email: BE Elec & Telecom Engineer, 2years Muscat experience. Exp in electronic integration & IT OSP & ISP &fiber optic implement, worked under Omantel & Hawaiiprojects as projected lead. Contact: 92440406 Email: IT Engineer Graduated from Britain5+ years experience specializing in IT marketing and IT department management can implement effective IT strategiclocal and global NOC D/L available. Contact: 94423351 Network, system & IT Engineer Indian 27 years, male MCA, CCNA,MCSEhave D/L S, 2.5 yrs experience, NOC available seeking suitable placement. Contact: 97703253 Email: IT and Network Engineer with Omani license certified CCNP, MCSA and MCSE. Contact 97069110

MEDICAL Male Dentist BDS with MOH license seeks for a job. Contact – 94397499 Homeopathic doctor with MOH license looking for a business partner to start a homeopath clinic in Muscat. Contact: 90872012 Email: Indian Female, Bachelor in Prosthetics & Orthotics, 2 Years Experience (SVNIRTAR, Mobility India Rehabilitation Research & Training Center). Specialized in Clinical Prosthetics & Orthotics, Evaluation, Designing & Modification of Prostheses & Orthoses. Contact: 96676984. E-Mail: Indian Male (30 yrs) –BSC Bio Chemistry-10 yrs experience as chemist –with good communication skills-looking for suitable opening – Tel: 95562725 / Email: Female Dentist Indian with MOH license & NOC looking for a job in Muscat. Contact-96035981

MANAGER / SUPERVISOR Purchase Office / Manager 16 years GCC experience in construction (Civil & MEP) Seeks suitable placement NOC available. Contact: 99109533 NOC-Obtained professional with 30 years experience (Oman) in Purchase, Warehousing, and Logistics managerial roles seeks suitable placement-Contact 99022102 CEO, Managing Director, Senior level manager, A senior level business developments executive with 18 Years of experiences in USA, Africa, GCC, with MBA from Texas A&M,USA) Contact - 92010247 Project Manager (interior fit outs) specializing in shops, restaurants, offices etc, having 10 years experience looking to work in a reputed firm NOC available. Contact: 94274437 Project Manager (interiorfit outs)in shops,offices,restaurantetc having 10 years experience looking to work in a reputed firm, NOC available. Contact: 94274437

MISCELLANEOUS Sudanese male Geologist seeking for a job, has one year experience in the field. Contact: 99549050

MISCELLANEOUS Tunisian girl, having diploma in Natural science, speaks french, Italian, English, looking for administration job. Contact : 95910371 Procurement, warehouse &logistics, Pakistani male,Graduate, over 10 years experience looking for suitable placement, currently on visit visa. Contact: 91257663 Indian, experience in logistics purchasing, advertisement. 13 Years in Oman with D/L NOC. Contact: 98020195 Indian Female, completed graduation with 4 years of work experience in India and 8 months of work experience in Oman, currently on family visa looking for suitable job position. Contact- 94647421. Omani male, with experience in purchasing, driver, administration, PRO & tourist guide, with very good English skills and costumer oriented person, looking for a suitable job. Contact: +96894129254. 2nd mate Officer, Indian 10 yrs experience in Tanker / chemical vessels, looking for an on shore job / port operations / TWG master. Contact: 94972789 British National, 34, M.B.A young & energetic male, looking for any managerial position in Oman, having 12 years of experience in managing different types of businesses. Contact: 96056963 Email:

SECRETARY / OFFICE Tunisian girl, 26 yrs, speaks french, Italian, English, looking for job. Contact : 95910371

SALES / MARKETING Indian National with 8 years experience in Sales & Marketing, Holding valid Omani GCC driving license with NOC available looking for Managerial Opportunities. Contact: 94575633 Email: Indian Buyer/Purchase Officer having 6 years experience, looking for suitable job, on visit visa. Contact: 94782695 Looking for job in procurement & marketing having more the 15 yrs experience with degree certificate in marketing & SCM. Contact: 94306203 / 91250339 Indian male 10 years exp in Sales & Marketing looking for Sales Manager position. NOC & D/L Available. Contact: 93528057 Indian male 27 yrs 3.5 yrs experience of Oman sales executive looking for suitable job Noc or Release available Mob 93192277 Marketing sales (Driver) Sohar preference N.O.C available . Contact: 96953996 MBA Graduate in Marketing currently working in Oman seeking suitable placement NOC and driving license available. Contact: 94553097 IndianMale 30 years, MBA, 5 plus years of work experience in Sales/ Services/Marketing. G.C.C Valid driving license, In Oman work visa. Contact - 91739031. Indian male looking for suitable job, MBA 4 years of experience in Sales & Marketing, having D/L & NOC. Contact – 96648175 / Indian graduate 10+ years of experience (5 years in sales & marketing & 5 years in procurement) seeking suitable position, fluent in English & Arabic, NOC D/L available. Contact: 95524488 Indian male 22 years old & graduated in commerce with professional knowledge in accounting MCFA,experienced in marketing field and looking for related job presently on visit visa seeks a suitable placement. Contact: 98692907 / 98332412 Indian candidate (age 22) studied BSC in interior, designing, 2 yr experience in sales IN India. Wanted job in sales NOW on visit visa. Contact: 96190070 Email: Indian male, 37 male 8 yrs exp in Saudi Arabic, Sales cum driver, having license seeking for suitable job. Contact: 92057353



Indian male having 10 years experience in Oman as sales coordinator, Admin and business development, presently working in an oil company in Muscat, holding valid Oman driving license seeks placement. Contact: 96287767

7 years experience in aquaculture shrimp farming construction light license NOC. Contact: 92635313

Indian 15 yrs exp sales supervising flexible to hand lean with D/L visa. Contact: 98604960 Indian male, MBA in marketing, 10 years sales experience as Sales Supervisor Assistant Sales Manager in Dubai holder Dubai driving license, seeking suitable position. Contact: 96428186 Email: Indian male seeking opportunities in Oman visiting visa, MBA from UK 8+ years experience in UK, New Zealand & India valid license. Contact: 90938161 Email: Indian male masters in Petroleum Engineering with 1 year Oman experience in sales & marketing holding D/L, currently on visit visa looking for oil / gas industry field related or sales related job. Contact - 93789123 33 Indian male, Graduate with 11 years Oman experience in sales & hospitality, looking for a job with NOC. Contact: 90307873 27 Years old male having D/L & more than 3 years experience as document controller & sales NOC available. Contact: 96439119 Indain male P.G, 10 years experience in purches looking for any suitable job. NOC available. Contact: 99145776 Indian Male (25), BSc Electronics, M.B.A seeking suitable openings, Having 3 years’ experience in, sales and Marketing of financial products with Oman Driving License. Contact: 94774550 Multinational FMGC experienced, qualified Sri Lankan lady seeking employment in Muscat. Marketing, Brands, Sales, Communication. Oman exp& DL available. 98250829 Engineering Graduate having 5+ years of exp as Marketing coordinator in Advertisement Company and 6 months as security system service engineer. Mobile No. 79059197 Indian male 25, BSC with more than 2 years experience in India as sales & marketing searching for suitable vacancy currently on visit visa. Contact: 96332519 Email: Indian male 24 yrs exp in various trading including purchases sales marketing and handling overall business looking for suitable opportunity NOC&release available. Contact: 99259543 / 92106768 INDIAN male, BBA with 4 years experience in SALES & MARKETING, holding omani driving license. seeks suitable placement. Contact: 95607037 Email: Indian Male, 26 M.Com with 4 yrs of Experience in Accounting & Administration in a Financial Company in India, seeks suitable job, Currently in India. +918907212253 Akhil:-93626288, Email: Filipina, 35 years old, looking for job can join immediately with NOC, have experience in 15 years as Sales / Marketing and Office Staff. Knowledgeable in different office procedure. Accounting, Inventory and Purchasing. Please contact +968 93560951 Oil & gas experienced Indian lady with 6 years in sales & marketing to PDO and having valid Omani driving license. Contact 96143430 / 99875919 Indian Male, with 8+ years experience in sales, currently in visit visa and seeking suitable placement. Contact 90181557 / 99386144 MBA (UK), raised in Oman & with 2 yrs work experience holding valid Oman driving license, seeks job in sales / business development. Contact: 99513132 Looking for job sales executive good experience in scaffolding and foam work. Contact: 99592382 / 93222482/ Suresh

TOURS Travels / tour reservation & ticketing staff Indian male IATA consultant, 23 years, 1 year experience in India Knows: Galilea, Amadeus. Contact: 93052934/ Email: Reservation and ticketing staff, Indian male, IATA consultant, 22 years, having 1 year experience in India, knows abacus,sabre. Contact: 94602731 Email: Indian female 25 years, bachelor in Travel & Tourism and 2 year experience in Oman as Travel consultant GDS-Sabre, Amdeus. NOC available. Contact- 95883404

TECHNICIAN Looking for a job in Automobile service: DME with 4 years of experience in automobile Car service unit in India, working as a Technician; Contact no. in India 9843068896 & Local ref. 99256457

MISCELLANEOUS Indian male 25, Graduate in Civil Engineering (B.E) having 3.5 years of experience in Site Engineer & Quantity Survivor Seeking for a Suitable Placement Currently Visit Visa Available to Join Immediately .Contact : 94874762 / 96240153 E-mail: boora.nagendar@gmail. com Young professional, Energetic looking for Finance/Audit Job.BSC (Accounting) ACCA (Affiliate), CAT (Affiliate). Currently working in GOV as Auditor. Experience of 4 Years in Accounts/Audit. NOC available. Age 26. Email:: B.E Civil, 23years old (Male), Indian Expat (Currently on family visa) with 1 year experience as Site Engineer and valid driving license is looking for a suitable job in Oman. Contact: - 94866948, email: - Indian male 27 years, 3.5 years experience of Oman as sales executive. Looking for suitable job. NOC or Release available. Contact - 93192277 Male Accountant, MBA (Finance) 5 years Experience including UAE and India up to finalization Available immediately (On Visit) Contact: 91704866 Email: Indian Female MBA in (HR &Marketing) Having 3 Year of Experience as HR & Admin, Looking Suitable Placement. #92337629 Email: Indian female pharmacist, 8 years experience in Oman, having MOH license.NOC available. Seeking suitable placement. Contact- 92142835, 93327963 Indian female PhD, M. Phil, M.A in English, B.Ed, Diploma TESOL,16 years teaching experience seeks suitable teaching, editing or relevant job. Contact: 92245591, 95221665 A Filipino female searching for a job, with visit visa exp February 2017.hospitality and sales job will be a Good offer to me. Contact no: 98271658 Indian female 16 years experience in Admin, Accounts, Sales & Logistics Co Coordinator, CRM and documentation also. Having good communication skills, seeking for job from reputed organization. Currently on visit visa: 95332668, Mail: Experienced restaurant bar catering manager also can do purchasing & accounts with driving license looking for suitable placement release available. Contact 96024158 / 90287443 Indian male, 25 years, B.Com, MBA (Finance) with overall 3 years experience in accounts/ finance field. On Visit Visa. Contact: 90115058 Indian female PhD, M.Phil, M.A in English, B.Ed., Diploma TESOL,16 years teaching experience seeks suitable teaching, editing or relevant job. # 92245591, 95221665

MISCELLANEOUS Specialist, Petrochemicals /Oil & Gas /AUTOMOBILE /CONSTRUCTION /PLASTIC POLYMER/PACKAGE MATERIAL PROCUREMENT /Contract Specialist , MBA &18 YEARS seeking suitable job, NOC available. Contact: 97813849 Indian male store keeper and sales person have four years good experience searching for suitable job. 95694990/ +918056761888/ Accountant Indian, 13 years experience can handle accounts up to finalization. Tally, Busy Accounting. Smart Accounting, NOC/Release available. Contact- 96133146 Email: Indian Male (25), BSc Electronics, M.B.A seeking suitable openings, Having 3 years’ experience in, sales and Marketing of financial products with Oman Driving License. Contact - 94774550 Pakistani male, ACCA (finalist) with M.A and B.Com Degree, holding Omani driving license and NOC available, can join immediately. Contact: 94066698 Indian Male 23 years graduate Holding a valid Oman driving License searching for a suitable placement, currently on visit visa. Contact: 94175848. Fresh B.Com Graduate in visit visa looking for a job. CONTACT: 93518923 / 99075027. Email: Indian male (26) MBA 2 years experience in procurement, coordination and distribution management. With valid Oman license. Availablefor immediate joining. Contact: 92536194 EMAIL: Indian male 34 years, MBA-HR with 10.9 years exp in Recruitment, Training, PMS, OD, Sites-HR and Omani nationals development, seeking a job, NOC available. Contact 94179499 CIVIL/QS ENGINEER: B. Tech, Indian Female with 3 years’ experience in Oman, with D/L. Seeking suitable placement. Contact: 91361356/92882797 Electronics Systems Engineer (UK Graduate ) with skills in robotics , programming languages, IC, PCB design seeking suitable position , Indian female on visiting visa. Contact: 97848075 Email: Bio- MedicalEngineer (M.Tech) Indian 27 yrs, 1 plus years of research experience looking for a suitable job. Email: Mechanical Engineer, B.Tech, 6 month experience, well versed in MEP, AutoCAD etc. looking for job. Contact 94811072 B.Com, 2 years experience in Oman, Indian Male, 25 yrs. with Driving License. Handling day today accounts activities upto finalization. Proficient in Tally. Looking for suitable placement. Ph. 91470665 BE/Diploma Mechanical Engineering with 4 years exp. in Oman, Looking for suitable positions. NOC available. Having valid driving license Contact-99335742 Indian male, M.Com, B.Com, looking for suitable opening, now on visiting visa. Contact 79103798, email- IT professional, B.E. in IT, CCNA, MCSA, MCSE, 3+yrs exp. in IT, valid Omani D/L seeking suitable placement in IT/Network/Server support. Contact 91496939. Indian Male, 11 years’ experience as an Senior Accountant looking for part time Accounting job up to finalization of Accounts. Software knows MS office, Tally9 ERP MOBILE: Indian male BE Mechanical Engineer with two and a half years experience in production department, searching suitable job. Contact no: 9500927480 Indian male, 26 years of age, mechanical engineer .B.Tech from Trivandrum engineering college 2013. M.Tech from NIT Warangal .Specialty, Materials and Systems Engineering Design. Looking for suitable placement, #99753809

Electrical Engineer (Indian) B.E in Electrical and 3.6 years of experience. Have experience in construction field. Seeking for a suitable job. NOC available. Contact: 91120129 Email: Indian male 23 Fresher. Mechanical Engineer looking for job in Mechanical field special interest in HVAC &MEP. Contact : 9586 1251 Email : Indian, male, BBA graduate and diploma in IATA Cargo Supply Chain and Transport Modes with DGR Initial Category 6.Holds Omani driving license. Presently in family visa. Seeks suitable placement in Cargo section. Contact: 96370022 35 female Filipino searching for a job, hospitality and sales job will be good offer for me, on visit visa. Contact me 94833556 Indian female looking for an accounts part time job. area preferred Ruwi/CBD/MBD/ Male Accountant, MBA (Finance) 5 years Experience including UAE and India up to finalization Available immediately (On Visit). Contact: 91704866, Email: Electrical and electronics engineering graduate, 23yrs Indian male, NOC available, 2 yrs site experience in industrial and commercial building sites(MEP ELECTRICAL), expert in autocad, etap, ms office, electrical engineering design, fluent in English and Hindi, exp in handling a team of 20 workers, Ph:92201939. Indian Male B-com graduate, 1.5 Year exp. in various office works, Valid Oman driving license looking for any suitable post. Contact: 95322175 / 91987965 INDIAN male, BBA graduate and diploma in IATA Cargo Supply Chain and Transport Modes with DGR Initial Category 6.Holds Omani driving license. Presently in family visa. Seeks suitable placement in Cargo section. Contact- 96370022 Young professional, Energetic looking for Finance/Audit Job. BSC (Accounting) ACCA (Affiliate), CAT (Affiliate). Currently working in GOV. Experience of 4 Years . NOC available. INDIAN male, BBA graduate and diploma in IATA Cargo Supply Chain and Transport Modes with DGR Initial Category 6.Holds Omani driving license. Presently in family visa, seeks suitable placement in Cargo section. Contact :-96370022 Mechanical Engineer/ HVAC/ Indian: 1year experienced mechanical engineer with piping engineering & quality control certification, on visit visa. Contact: 90957740 Indian Male 29 years MBA, B.Com having 8 years experience in Gulf and India as a HR and Admin looking for suitable placement. Contact :97914340. Email: Indian/male (26)/ca finalist and b.Com/3 years expereince in audit & assurance services, financial reporting & analysis on visit visa. Available for immediate joining. Contact: 98078321 email: shahir.Usman.Su@gmail.Com Indian Male 23 years graduate Holding a valid Oman driving License searching for a suitable placement, currently on visit visa. Contact: 94175848. Indian/male(26)/MBA/ 2 years expereince in proccurement,cordination and distribution management.With valid oman licenece. Available for immediate joining. Contact: 92536194 EMAIL: Indian male, 24 yrs, looking for professional job my qualification is Diploma in Electronics, having 3 years of Exp and i am having Gulf driving license you can contact me on : - +96897017866. Indian female PhD, M.Phil, M.A in English, B.Ed, Diploma TESOL,16 years teaching experience seeks suitable teaching, editing or relevant job. Contact 92245591, 95221665

T H U R S DAY, JA N UA RY 1 2 , 2 0 1 7



KTT & CO. LLC –Logistics Division- Customs Clearance & delivery (Airport& Seaport)Worldwide Air& Sea Cargo Services.Road Transportation inside Oman & GCC. Door to Door Services to India. CONTACT: Mr. Deepak GSM: 93908980 Email:


SITUATION WANTGOOD NEWS Swimming lessons in Ruwi Hotel Muscat. Sunday to Wednesday (10 am to 4 pm), Friday & Saturday (10am to 12 pm). Group lessons (5 students in a group) and individual lessons also available conduct by well experienced swimming & life saving coach. Contact: 93958739 30th anniversary (January to February 2017) Anwar dental clinic , Ruwi offers free dental consultation and 50% reduction in treatment charges as 30th anniversary celebration Call Dr. Philip Thomas 24702086 / 99747481 Ayurvedic treatment for joint pain, backache, paralysis massage, steam bath, obesity, spondylitis, Ideal Care Ayurvedic clinic, 18th November Street Al Ghubra (North). Contact: 99639695 / 97397320 Ayurvedic treatment for backache, paralysis, arthritis etc & massage, All Season (Vaidyaratnam). Contact 24475280 / 95371664 / 92504980

We arrange tours & accommodation at all the beautiful places in Oman. Contact 99839898


SERVICES We Provide Cleaners, Office boys, Cleaning Contracts, General cleaning etc. Al Mudakhir National Est. LLC Contact : 94277020



SIT.WANTED Indian male B-com Graduate1.5 Year exp. in various office works, valid Oman driving license. Looking for any suitable post. Please contact: 95322175 / 91987965 Indian male 23 Fresh Mechanical Engineer looking for job in Mechanical field special interest in HVAC & MEP. Contact : +968 9586 1251, Email : Indian Male (25), BSc Electronics, M.B.A seeking suitable openings, Having 3 years’ experience in, sales and Marketing of financial products with Oman Driving License. Contact 94774550 Indian Male age 23) an i am looking for suitable job my qualification is Diploma in Electronics an i am having 3 years of experience in the hardware an networking field an i am having Gulf driving license you can contact me on : - +96897017866.

Pest control & Building cleaning all kinds of pest control building. Cleaning tiles / Marble polishing monthly/ Yearly contracts available. Contact: 98814733 /98814740 Al Husn Cleaning L.L.C

Indian male 23 Fresh Mechanical Engineer looking for job in Mechanical field special interest in HVAC & MEP. Contact : 9586 1251, Email : Indian/male (26)/CA finalist and years experience in audit & assurance services, financial reporting & analysis on visit visa. available for immediate joining. Contact: 98078321,

GUARANTEED CLEANING: Carpet & sofa shampooing, Contact 99314807/24792998

A/C maintenance & Servicing, Fridge / Washing Machine / dish washer repairing, 2) Painting and cleaning service, Electrical & Plumbing. Contact: 94147874 / 24504281, mail:

Pest Control Treatments. Ocean Center L.L.C. Contact: 99344723

Marble Crystallization & Grinding, Ocean Center L.L.C. Contact: 92705130

Water proofing ABUQABASContact 99320217/24788722 Installation & maintenance for Modular Kitchen, UPVC Doors & Windows, Furniture, Electrical & Air-conditions Contact @ 92383882/91443786 House shifting packing. Contact: 99657644 / 98518013

Carpet Shampoo, marble & tile polishing, pest control & anti-termite treatment, general cleaning painting, Plumbing, Electrical, shifting. Contact Mundhir AlRizaiqi trading. L.L.C. # 24810137, 99450130 Caret & Sofa Shampooing General Cleaning & Polishing. Ocean Center L.L.C. #24707833

Pest control Gulfa international L.L.C .Contact: 92326955 We undertake new construction & maintenance & gypsum works. Contact 92711506,


T H U R S D AY, JA N UA RY 1 2 , 2 0 1 7


Email: Tel.: 24726666 Ext: 413 / 430 /431 / 456 / 461 Fax: 24812624



25 - 50 seater bus with PDO & BP specification for monthly rent & small car with driver. Contact 99839898



Parents of a North Indian sheikh Sunni, Muslim, Engineer 33 with Canada PR, looking for a professionallyqualified tall and smart bride. Mail details with photo to:

SITUATION WANTED COMPUTER/WEB./ EDU./CLASSES Spoken Arabic class for Non Arabic Speakers & English class for Malayalam Speakers

Orthodox Boy (32/171) Engineer, Working Muscat. Inviting Suitable Proposal. Contact: 90725150

in Azaiba and Ruwi

Kerala Christian Orthodox girl, 23 years, MBA final year, having family visa in Oman. Seeks suitable marriage proposal. #- 99780896

• Learn in two months • Satisfaction guaranteed

Tel: 95244310 Karate and self defense classes at Azaiba 18 Nov Street. RO 10 per month twice a week Monday and Tuesday 6. 30 TO 7. 30. PM. Contact: 98294551


Pakistani 29 years old boy, MBA, working as Accounts head in Muscat looking for suitable proposal Contact: 96605624 Orthodoxgirl 24/5.1ft. BDS, seeking alliance from well settled orthodox Jacobite R.C Marthoma boy MDS, M.D, MBA (business). # 99371509/ 92336530

Special packages, Facial, Pedicure, Eyebrow, only 10 RO. (home service also) Al doom Beauty Parlour #99619409

Times of Oman - January 12, 2017  

Times of Oman - January 12, 2017