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The Treasure of a Farmer Once upon a time there was a poor farmer who had 2 sons. One was very silly and foolish and one was very intelligent. His name was Mire. One day the farmer got very ill. He called his sons. And told them about his illness and said he will die soon. The farmer was poor so he had only a blanket, a cow and a tree of dates. He said them to divide the things between them. Then he took his last breath and died. As you know, Tom was very clever. He said to his younger brother, “Mire, Father has said us to divide the things so first comes the tree. How will we divide it? We can’t cut it in 2 pieces!” “Hmmm…?” said mire. Tom sad, “Hey, Let’s divide it like this. You take the lower part and I will take the upper part.” He agreed. Then Tom said, “Lets divide the cow. You take the front part and I’ll take the back portion.” He agreed. “The last thing, the blanket. That’s hard to divide……””Yes it is brother. We can’t cut it, we can’t make parts and……..” Just the time, Tom cutted Mire’s words and said, “But we can take it in turns. You take the blanket in the afternoon and I’ll take it in night.”

Poor Mire, He agreed again. The next day came. Mire was watering the tree and Tom went up to take the dates.” Fresh and juicy dates Yummy…!” said Tom. Mire didn’t got a share in them and Tom started eating it. Mire got sad because he watered the tree, make it grow and give it life. Later, mire was giving grass to the cow to eat and Tom came and took all milk from cow. Mire didn’t got a share in it too. Afternoon came…. The Blanket belonged to Mire. But there was no use. The Afternoon was so hot then why a person will use a blanket while sleeping in a hot afternoon? In night, cool breeze was blowing but the blanket was property of Tom at night. He asked his elder brother to share blanket but he said no because he got his chance in the Afternoon. One day he got angry so he went to an old man. And told him all about the situation. The old man got an idea. He told Mie what to do. And he agreed to follow his suggestions and went back home happily. The next day, when tom was picking dates from the tree. Mire remembered the words of the old man so he bought and axe and started chopping down the tree. Tom got shocked and frightened. He shouted from the top of his voice, “What Are You Doing! STOP! I Will Fall Down!” mire laughed inside then said, “I am chopping down the tree. The

lower part is mine. It has wood. If I chopped it down, then I will sell the wood and earn money. After all it is my part and I can do anything with it.” “Okay! Okay!” said Tom. “You can have a share in the dates too.” Mire smiled. Then Mire met Tom again while he was talking milk. Mire started hitting the cow on its face. The cow started running and it didn’t let Tom to collect Milk. Tom shouted “Stop Hitting It! Can’t you see I am collecting Milk?” Mire said, “The Front part is mine. I can do anything I want to do with my part…!” “Okay the milk would be divided in us.” said Tom. Mire was happier now. Then in afternoon, Mire put the whole blanket in a tub full of water. At night, when Tom needed the Blanket, He was shocked to see the whole blanket in water. This time he was out of his temper. He cried, “You Mire! I am getting cold! Why you dipped the blanket in water!” Mire said “HuH!” Did you forget my dear sweet brother, the blanket is….” Tom cutted and said, “Your property in afternoon…..ahh… yes I know” He was ashamed. Then he said “Sorry, We will take the blanket together.” And they lived Happily Ever After. Moral: Tit For Tat.

Written by: ______________ Aamna Noor ______________ And Ayesha Ibrahimi.

The treasure of a farmer  
The treasure of a farmer