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Eva Once there was a beautiful girl who lived in a little house in a kingdom called “Speco Homoj kingdom” with her grandmother, step mother and step sisters. Vanessa and Victoria were her step sisters, Britney was her step mother and Caramel was the name of her grandmother. The beautiful girl’s name was Eva. Her mother died after three weeks of her birth. She was so pretty but her step sisters Vanessa and Victoria were so jealous of her beauty because they weren’t so gorgeous as compared to Eva In fact they were uglier. They Thought Eva was the most beautiful girl in the whole kingdom. Eva’s step mother treated her like a servant. She made her do every kind of work of the house. But Eva was also a clever and naughty girl. The Palace was 2 miles far from their house. There was a handsome prince named

Alick. The kingdom park was a mile away from Eva’s house as well as from the Palace. Sunday morning on a lovely day, Eva’s step family decided to go out for picnic. And Eva was ordered to do lot of works to do by her step mom. Eva’s eyes filled with tears. “Vanessa, Victoria! Come down girls” “Mom we’re sleeping please don’t disturb us!” “Then I am going to picnic alone. HuH! I will return back after 8 pm.” Britney said as she smiled. “Picnic! Vanessa wake up we’re going for picnic today!” said Victoria. They both hurried and get dressed for going to picnic in a single minute. But Eva was also so angry so she made a Promise in her mind, “What do you think Miss Britney? You will order me to do rid of work at a beautiful day and I will do all of it like a loser! I am also a human

being. I also want to enjoy today. And I will enjoy the day as like my wish!” They all step family got ready and left the house in the morning. But while Britney was arranging a Taxi, The sisters went and locked the doors, windows and every exiting way from outside. They laughed at Eva and waved their hands to her. Eva knocked hard at the windows and the door but they didn’t open and laughed. At last the Taxi was arranged. Britney called her daughters and they left. Eva fell on the ground and started crying and crying. Then later she started thinking of a way for getting out. Some hours later, Eva herds some kids playing outside. She went and again started knocking at the windows to call them. At last one boy saw her. He came running. And Eva tried to say her to open the window but he didn’t understand. She took a pen and write on the paper, “Please open the window. I want to get out from here”

He opened the window and Eva got free. She thanked them and Eva went toward the Kingdom Park. She sat on the bench and started reading books. The prince came there too. He went and sat with Eva. When Eva saw him she got very happy. But she acted as she hasn’t noticed him. The Prince’s eyes fell on the girl. When he saw her, he wanted to talk to her. “Hello” said the prince. Eva looked the Prince and stood up and greeted him. They then started talking. But unluckily, Eva’s step mother and sisters were also there. When she saw them there, she became so afraid and didn’t listen to the Prince and started thinking how will she reach home before them? ”What is your name?” asked the prince. “Hello? Are you listening to me? Will you remove your mask and show me your face?” prince continued asking but she was still not listening.

“Oh my God, They are here! What do I do?? I have to reach home before them? They said they were going to picnic but in this Park! Oh they don’t know I am here if they saw me here or if they went home before me and didn’t saw me there…. What will happen? Mother will throw me and Granny out of the house...!” She thought. But soon she got an idea. She excused the Prince to go to washroom and went to their Taxi. She took out her Hairpin and pinched the wheel. The prince arrived and he saw her punchering the wheel. She stood up. “Whose car is this and why you’re punchering the wheel?” asked the prince. But she replied she won’t tell and gradually they started talking. Eva didn’t notice the time but after a moment she saw her wrist watch. “Oh my God! I am too late! The boat is too far and I can’t row very fast!”

The Prince took Eva’s Hand and started running towards the boat. He put her in and started rowing as fast as he could. Eva thanked him for his kindness and asked him to leave and she ran towards the house. The prince tried to say her something but she didn’t listened. She changed and started working. Her step mother and sisters arrived after a few minutes. “Very well Eva. You did all the work of the house. Such an obedient girl!” said Britney and they laughed and went back to their rooms. Prince Alick was trying to give her the Mask which she was wearing which fell down while she was running back to house. Alick threw himself on the bed and rested for a little time. Then he picked up her Mask and started remembering the moments with the Girl. He thought he loved her but he said it nonsense and went to the dining table. He saw her serving him dinner. He rubbed his eyes but he was his servant. He went to the kitchen and he saw her cooking food there. He rubbed his eyes again but she

was his housemaid too. Then he fell in love with her. Eva started going to the park every morning as she said that “I will do better work if I will have a morning walk” to her step mother. One day, the prince arrived there and he passed from near her. He felt Eva for a while so he said Eva, “Hello Girl, Will you wear this mask please?” he said. Eva agreed to wear it. When the prince saw Eva in the Mask, He recognized the girl he met last time in the park. After some time, Eva’s grandmother died. She was the last person because of whom Eva was living in the house. After Granny’s death, her step family pushed her out of the house with her luggage. She had no place to live in. When the Prince heard about this situation of Eva, he took her to the palace where they both married and lived happily ever after. Made By:

Eshaal Zia.

Cruel step mother