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A paradigm shift in micro hydroelectric turbines The industry for micro hydro powered turbines is primarily based on down scaling full-scale, regulated turbines. These solutions have high efficiency but are expensive solutions. Other types of turbines are simple and cheap but are only efficient at full water loads. There is a need for a new generation of micro hydro turbines. JK Turbine differs from other existing micro hydroelectric plants by being based on a modularized system that makes it easy to adjust to local settings, requires a minimum of foundation to make it stable. Finally, the JK Turbine system can be implemented as a stand-alone unit, thus working independently from main power grids. Unique differentiation The JK Turbine fills the gap in the market between the large, expensive and regulated hydro power turbines and the simpler unregulated turbines. Plug and play system The JK Turbine has made a technology jump down in size and driving a new trend within hydro power. Rather than simply downscaling turbines the JK Turbine is built in a compact and modular form, making it very easy to install. Avoid down time due to damages Small turbines have small water passages and stocks easy. JK Turbines incorporates a self-flushing system, which can handle waste materials passing through the water pipes. The system protects against damages from the so-called water hammer. In other words, the JK Turbine system allows it to work with the simple siphon regulation.

Ownership structure JK Turbine was established by Mr. Jørgen Krogsgaard in 2000. Patent rights presently covering Austria, Denmark, Germany and UK The patent regulates the actual workload in 3 steps: 1/3-2/3-3/3 of full load. Current status The JK Turbine system is moving away from the traditional way of merely downscaling turbines. Rather, it is a technology jump down to build a unique micro turbine. The technology has been transformed to a wellfunctioning prototype.

Stand-alone unit Turbines are normally integrated into existing power grids. However, the JK Turbine can be applied as a stand-alone unit, thus working in rural and mountainous areas where no external power grids exist. Market potential The primary market potential for JK Turbines are agri-businesses located in rural and mountainous areas in the European market. In addition, the concept meets the needs of local businesses in rural and mountainous areas in Developing countries/Emerging markets where there is limited access to external power grids. Looking for potential partnerships JK Turbine is looking for partners with the ability to bring the JK Turbine on a big and fast growing market. JK Turbine is looking for partners that can push the Company’s JK Turbine to the market, R&D possibilities, production facilities and market assistance.

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