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12 steps to Festive Pan fried Lemon Chicken Frying in a pan is a very quick, but effective way of cooking chicken. Ingredients For 4 1 Whole chicken 25 ml Vegetable oil 1 lemon 2 Cans Peeled Potatoes 1 Can carrots 1 Can peas Stock cube/ Bisto Gravy granules Salt and pepper Ready from scratch in 45 minutes Equipment required: Can opener, frying pan, fork,knife 1.Using a sharp knife butcher your chicken: Extend the wings, and chop them off from the place where they are connected to the chicken.Pull the thigh and drumstick from the chicken and chop the leg at the joint. Separate the chicken breast along the line of the bone into two. You should end up with two wings, two legs and two breasts, nothing more nothing less! 2.Once the chicken is prepared, place a medium sized frying pan onto the hob top. 3.Turn on the stove on medium heat and pour 25 ml of Vegetable oil. 4.When the oil is hot place the chicken breasts, legs and wings skin side down. Season with salt and pepper. 5.Cook for 15 minutes until the skin has turned golden brown. Then flip over carefully using a fork in order to cook on the other side evenly. Cover the pan with a lid or pan, to speed up cooking. 6.After 15 minutes, cut open the middle of the drumstick and thigh joint slightly to see if the chicken is cooked. If the middle is white proceed to the next step. If the middle is still pink, continue cooking the chicken on a low heat for 15 minutes. 7.Remove the wings and breasts and keep aside. Cook the legs and drumsticks for another 15 minutes. 8. While the chicken is frying: Open the cans of potatoes, peas and carrot and drain the liquid off from the cans. Coat the potatoes and vegetables with rest of the butter and keep aside. Boil the kettle and mix the gravy powder into the water according to the label. Usually it's four big teaspoons of gravy granules in a jug and fill with250ml of boiling hot water, and stir. 9.When the chicken legs are cooked ,divide them into four plates. 10. Place the frying pan on stove and warm the potatoes, carrots and peas for 5 minutes. 11.Squeeze the juice of lemon over the pieces of cooked chicken. 12.Serve the pan fried pieces of Chicken hot hot hot with lots of gravy and vegetables on the side. P.s. Gently boiled left over chicken bones and meat can make an excellent light soup on Boxing day. The gravy is ready salted so we need to be careful while adding any seasoning to the chicken and vegetables during cooking.

Sanjay's 12 steps to festive fried chicken  

Sanjay's guide to festive cooking using ingredients from foodbanks.

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