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Case Study - new futures – helping the whole family Pete was referred to the new futures programme in Cornwall after being in prison for several years following a drug related offence. He had previously worked in the construction industry and wanted to return but this was only going to be possible with a Construction Skills Certificate Scheme (CSCS) card and his had lapsed while he was in prison. Pete and his new futures case manager set targets together around the work needed to revise and practise for the health and safety test required to pass the CSCS test. As a result, he passed and he was provided with funding in order to help pay for the card. Pete wanted to return to work as an excavator driver but for this he would also need a Construction Plant Competence Scheme (CPCS) ticket. Pete’s new futures case manager helped him to research and they identified a local company in Cornwall who offered a free ‘taster day’ to enable him to try the machinery and would provide a quote for the cost of the training and the test required to qualify. Pete’s new futures case manager discovered that he would need to raise a substantial amount of funding in order to put him forward for the CPCS test so he approached an organisation which provides grants for people who have worked in construction or civil engineering. The application process took several weeks but the majority of the costs were eventually granted by the Trustees and Pete was put forward for the test. During the time they were waiting for funding, Pete and his new futures case manager worked together to update his CV, improve his interview techniques and phone manner. To help make him feel more confident and secure in his personal life, Pete was given support and advice on his financial and housing situation. During this time, Pete was struggling with issues at home as it had become clear that his ex-partner was not taking sufficient care of their daughter, who had been missing lots of school. The Children’s and Young People’s Services (CYPS) were involved and Pete was eventually given custody to ensure the problems with the school were resolved. His new futures case manager was able to provide Pete with mentoring and support during this time in conjunction with his offender manager. One of the things that Social Services were most interested in was his ability to provide for his daughter as well as being a positive role model; securing work was a big part of this. Pete successfully passed his CSCS test. The following day he attended a new futures job club and, with the assistance of his new futures case manager, contacted a number of employment agencies. He was soon invited for an interview and was offered full time work. Pete is enjoying being back in employment and he is much more confident and positive about his future.

In partnership with Probation Trusts in the South West. Case Study August 2013

NOMS Cornwall Case Study 3  
NOMS Cornwall Case Study 3  

Case study about individuals helped by the National Offender Management Service in Cornwall.