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System Security

Minimizing the security risks of M2M communications By Andrew Ginter


he cybersecurity landscape continues to evolve and yesterday’s defenses are no match for today’s attack methods. Critical infrastructures are very real targets of modern attacks, and water and wastewater treatment plants are no exception. The crucial nature of these facilities demands stringent protection to ensure safe and reliable operation of industrial control systems (ICS). This is particularly true when it comes to machine-to-machine (M2M) communications critical to operations. These communications help to facilitate dayto-day functions, but they can unknowingly open the door for remote administration tool (RAT) attacks. As attack tools and methods evolve, cybersecurity best practices must also evolve to keep water plants and drinking water supplies safe and reliable.

The new normal Targeted persistent attacks (TPAs)

are the new normal when it comes to cyberthreats. These modern, interactive-remote-control attacks routinely de-


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32 | January/February 2015

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