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Flying Solo  

Summary by  Elisabeth   The  teacher’s  desk  is  empty.    It  is  all  very  quiet.    You   are  supposed  to  have  a  sub  today…  that  isn’t  here.    The  rest   of  the  class  wants  to  party  all  day.    What  will  you  do?  Ralph   Fletcher’s  Flying  Solo  makes  you  think  twice  about  what  you   really  wish  for.         The  problem  in  this  book  is  really  quite  simple.    The   sub  gets  sick  and  calls  the  office.    The  secretary  forgets  about   it  and  the  day  goes  on  normal,  or  does  it?    Are  the  kids  going   to  tell  a  teacher?  And,  will  they  be  able  to  survive  that  long   on  their  own  without  getting  caught?     The  whole  class  is  involved  with  this  unexpected   problem,  the  boys  and  girls.    The  class  is  a  very  weird  mix:   one  kid  who  doesn’t  speak,  Rachel,  one  kid  who  is  leaving   the  next  day,  Bastian,  one  kid  who  died  a  few  months  ago,   Tommy  Feathers,  and  so  on  so  on.    Each  kid  has  their  own   way  of  planning  out  the  day,  some  just  want  to  play  video   games,  others  just  want  to  do  work.    The  characters  in  this   book  will  surely  amaze  you  and  make  you  want  to  continue   reading  to  find  out  how  they  all  combine  their  ideas  of   running  a  class  on  their  own.     The  author,  Ralph  Fletcher,  has  a  very  unique  writing   style  that  can  get  a  little  annoying  for  readers  like  me.    Each   chapter  is  from  a  different  characters  point  of  view  (though   when  you  reach  the  middle  of  the  book  when  it  is  in  the  class   room,  he  writes  in  third  person)  and  also  at  the  top  of  the   page  he  writes  the  time.    This  can  get  very  agitating.    But  the   author  has  his  reasons  for  making  you  look  up  top  because   the  chapter  names  will  make  you  want  to  read  more.       The  most  exciting  part  of  the  book  is  when  Rachel  and   Bastian  get  in  a  fight  about  Tommy  Feathers  and  how  they  

treated him.    Rachel  says  that  Bastian  was  mean  and  then   teases  him  relentlessly  and  Bastian  says  that  Rachel  ignored   him  when  Tommy  tried  to  be  friends.    The  fight  continues   and  gets  bigger  and  bigger,  the  only  way  to  be  able  to  solve  it   is  getting  a…  teacher  or  other  nurturing  adult!!!    Will  they?           I  can  make  many  connections  with  this  book  because  it   is  quite  realistic.    This  is  one  of  them.      I  can  kind  of  agree   with  Jessica  and  connect  with  her  feelings  about  how  she  is  a   little  reluctant  to  not  have  a  teacher  in  the  room,  because   some  one  might  get  hurt  and  then  you  won’t  know  what  to   do.    I  think  in  a  different  way  though!    If  you  don’t  have  a   teacher  in  the  classroom  to  teach,  then  you  might  as  well   stay  home!!!    After  all,  I  think  I  know  enough  to  teach  myself!     Also,  once  my  fourth  grade  teacher  got  sick  unexpectedly   one  day  so  she  didn’t  have  time  to  assign  a  sub.    I  had  to  have   my  PE  teacher  take  me  to  the  computer  lab  and  then  a   random  teacher  came  to  pick  us  up  from  there,  and   continued  like  that  all  through  the  day!    I  suppose  it  was  a   waste  of  time.     Many  weird  and  unexpected  things  happen  through   this  book,  and  they  do  in  real  life  too.    That  is  why  I  can  make   plenty  of  connections  throughout  the  story.    



Flying Solo Book Report  

This is a book report I did on Flying Solo

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