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Elisabeth’s Excellent Writing Poems Diamonds and  Milk  





By Elisabeth   It  howls   It  shrieks     It  tickles  my  face   It  builds   It  destroys   It  plays  with  my  hair   It  plants   It  uproots   It  dances  around  me   It  pushes   It  pulls   It  tugs  me  along   That  is  just     How  ‘it’  is              


By Elisabeth    

Gently flowing.   Gently  moving.   Crashing  down.   Spraying  mist.   Like  clouds     in  the  sky.   Glassy  and  smooth   Ripples  ooze   like  sound  waves   across     the  white  capped     mounds.   Blue  turns  to  orange.   The  sun  sinks  down.   Stars   float  along,   like  diamonds     in  the  never-­‐ending   walls  of  indigo.     The  moon   is  captured   in  its  reflection,   like  a  bowl     of  milk   just  sitting  there,   waiting  to  see   what  happens  next.   Gently  flowing.   Gently  moving.   Crashing  down.   Spraying  mist…   The  waves.                  

IT By  Elisabeth    

The breeze  ripples  past,   the  mane  flows  with  it,   the  soft  glow  circles  around,   making  the  darkest  shadows  retreat.   The  horn  spirals  up,   the  silver  hooves  gleam,   the  soft  clouds  of  breath   warm  the  cold  air  in  the  clearing.   The  diamond  stars  twinkle,   the  moonbeams  float  so  gently  down,   all  of  them  landing,   so  peacefully  to  crown   it.   Bells  chime   as  it  moves.   Its  neigh  fills   the  empty  air.   The  stream  trickles  by,   the  crickets  sing  their  song,   the  clouds  fill  the  sky,   but  all  is  calm.   The  grass  ripples  like  waves  on  a  sea,   the  trees  sway  in  time,   the  birds  sing  their  quiet  song,   all  because  of     it.   Its  tail  and  mane     flow  like  liquid  light.   Its  white  ears  are  silky  and  soft.   The  snow  floats  down,   the  mist  covers  the  land,   the  dragonflies  zoom,   hurriedly  making     a  silvery,  mist  blanket  around   it.   It.     It.   The  unicorn.      

The Flash  

By Elisabeth   The  globe   Sinks  lower  and  lower   Seeking  a  bed   Seeking  rest   Colors  change     From  bright  blue   To  brilliant  yellow   Then   It  comes   Zooming  across  the  sky   The  dazzling  green   Flash     Then  it  is  gone   As  suddenly  as  it  came   Gone   Gone   Until  next  sunset      

Diamonds and  Milk   By  Elisabeth   Diamonds  in  the     Dark  sky   Watching   Always  watching.   Their  silent  laughter     Shakes  their     Twinkling  bodies   They  shed   Their  soothing  light   Onto  the  world  below   Watching   Always  watching   The  trees  holding  them     In  place   Like  a  mother     They  noiselessly  rock   Their  precious  bundle   To  and  fro     To  and  fro   The  glowing     Bowl  of  milk   Splatters  drops   Across  its  velvet     Resting  place   There   Always  there  

Elisabeth's Exellent Writing Poems  

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