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I  am  %red  of   kids  torturing   me,  and  I   really  wish  I   was  bigger   than  them,  so   they  could  get   a  taste  of   their  own   medicine!    

Haha  now  I   have  you!   Now  I  really  wish  I  was   big!  

Wow,  is  the  bugs  wish  really  coming  true?  

Here  he  comes…  to  get  Brighton   and  Elisabeth…  

But  they  are  prepared!!!  

And  that  made  Bug  frightened…  

Bug  tries  to  use  his  size  to over  power  them  and   squash  them…  

Thankfully  they  get  out   of  the  way  just  in   %me!!!    


Brighton  and   Elisabeth  try  to   figure  out  what   they  will  do  about   Bug…        


How  to   get  rid  of   Bug…  


They  finally  decide  to  try  and   make  friends  with  him.  

It  doesn’t  work  out  so  well.   Bug  just  ignores  them.  

But  they  decide  to  try   one  more  %me…    

Hmmm   Let’s  see  

This  %me  Bug  listens  and   considers  the  situa%on.  

Finally,  he  makes  an  agreement   with  them…    

As  long  as   you  don’t   kill  me,  I   won’t  kill   you!  

Make  a   Wish!  

Brighton  finds  and  coin   and  Wishing  Well,  she   tries  to  help  Bug  out  by   leMng  him  make  a  wish.  

I  want  to  be   small  again!!!  

Looks  like  Bug  gets  another  wish!  


Don’t  forget   our   agreement  

See  ya!  

Bug  sets  out  into  the  world,  not   having  to  worry  about  geMng   squashed  any  more!  

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