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Why Does  Black  Absorb   More  Heat  Than  White?                    By  Elisabeth  

Black clothing  gets  hot  in  the  sunshine,   but  white  doesn’t,  why?  


•  Light and  heat  are  both  types  of  energy  so   one  can  become  the  other  

The Main  Colors  of   White  Light  

•  White light  is  made  up  of  three  main  colors,   red,  green,  and  blue  

•  Red reflects  off  red  stuff  and  absorbs  blue  and   green  same  with  blue  and  green,  but  white   reflects  it  all  and  black  absorbs  it  all  

Another Way  to   Explain   •  Dark  colors  absorb  more  light,  which   becomes  the  heat,  because  they  absorb  more   electromagnetic  radiation  but  light  colors   reflect  the  light  from  them    

Solar Panels  

•  That is  why  solar  panels  are  black  and  darker   c0lors,  you  never  see  a  white  solar  panel,  do   you?  

That is  Why…  

•  That is  why  black  and  darker  colors  absorb   more  heat  and  light  than  white  and  lighter   colors  

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Why Does Black Absorb more Light?  

Why does black and darker colors absorb more light than lighter colors?

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