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2013 summer portfolio

Ethan Segura P e r so n a l N o t e As an apparel studies student I strive to expand my knowledge within the fashion world. Through my experience in retail and fashion design my goal is to incorporate my skills together to build a foundation for several entrepreneurial ideas in mind. By taking a graphic design course I have gained even more skills in things such as photoshop, illistrator, indesign, and file management. With recently completed internships in apparel buying and retail management I beleieve my credentials are superior to my peers. My creativity, ambition, and communication skills also set me apart in a very beneficial way. This portfolio magazine created by myself will display my knowledge and skills that I have obtained through my studies and real world experience. Everything I do is a ref lection of myself in some sort of way so I take pride in my work and assure that I put my all into everything I do. My resume has been included in my portfolio magazine so feel free to contact me if desired. Thank You Ethan Segura

2013 summer portfolio

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Personal Note Fun and Easy Way to Create Your Own Color Palettes. Sharpen your image. One tool at a time.

featured article 06 / Mr. Croquis Man: Winter Coat Sample Design 07 / Infographics: Consumption of Sugar Drinks in the U.S. 08 / Resume 09 / Visual Thought 1


YOUR OWN COLOR PALETTES. Using the InDesign skills I’ve learned from the previous lessons, I’ve created my own color palette. First, I used the rectangle tool to create squares for my palette. Once the squares are created, I went to the ‘object’ menu and selected ‘corner options’ then selected ‘round’ to create


Li l ac Vi o l et

Fu ch s i a

Po megr an a te

B a by Tan ger i ne

S weet Yel l ow

Roya l Ch a r m

Lu cky Ch a r m

Super Charm

my final palette shapes. I then created some design element to compliment my palette shapes. Also, I created smaller palettes as instructed. Once all shapes were done, I arranged them according to the pdf shown. I then went to to get some inspiration for my colors. Once I finalize my five warm color options, I begin the process of choosing my own colors by selecting ‘new color swatch’ on the ‘swatches’ menu. Based on the ‘colour code CMYK,’ I play around a lot to match the closest colors I’ve created on I repeat the same process until all five colors were created. Once I have all the five colors, I made up

some creative names for all five colors. The color purple is to Lilac; color Fuchsia is to the flower; color red is to Pomegranate; color orange is to ‘Baby Tangerine’ and color yellow is to Sweet Yellow. The types of colors used in my palettes were warm colors because I wanted to have rich, vibrant, elegant, energetic, and fruity warm colors. My color scheme type fits in under analogous color scheme because I’ve created my palettes by using three colors that are next to each other. Also, my colors have all the same chroma level. I’ve added tones, shades and tints to create an interesting analogous color schemes. By Ethan Segura 2

transform. inspire.

create your future.

The University of Arkansas has a worldclass faculty who can help and support you every step of the way, a community of bright minds who will inspire you to reach your full potential and create a brighter future. To learn more about our comprehensive and intensive programs, visit us at


First, my idea is to make the air balloon stands out and create a shar p and v ibrant color details. I achieved this idea by using eight different tools from the lists provided.

T hey

are Crop, Curves, Levels, Blur, Sharpen,

Vibrance, Hue/Saturation, and Burn tools. To begin with, I selected the Crop tool and made few adjustments to the right section of the image I want to use. When I got what I needed, I went to the ‘Image’ menu and ‘Adjustments’ sub menu then selected the ‘Curves’ tool to lighten the cropped image. After the image has been lightened, I needed to blur some part of the clouds. I selected the ‘Blur’ tool and adjusted the pixel size. Once the clouds were blurred, the next step is to sharpen the air balloon. I went to the ‘Filter’ menu, ‘Sharpen’ sub-


menu and selected ‘Smart

the hue and saturation

around in areas of the air

loon photo like a vintage

Sharpen’ to change the ra-

of the image. I selected

balloon and created the

postcard with a copy that

dius and sharpen the ob-

‘Hue/Saturation’ tool and

effects I wanted. The final

reads, ‘From Napa Valley

ject accurately. The next

made color adjustments.

image reveals the sharp-

with love.’ Also, I’d like to

step is to create vibrancy

Once I’ve established the

ness and vibrant color de-

practice and learn more

to the object. Under the

color for the air balloon,


about filters that have the



I wanted to create shad-

For the bonus edit-

look and feel of vintage

‘Image’ menu, I selected

ow, dark tones, and mid

ing photo project, I chose

photos. The hipster effect



tones. To create this ef-

to do the ‘Photo Hopster

reminds me of some of the

I got the exact vibrancy

fect, I selected the ‘Burn’

Look.’ I thought it would

filters from Instagram.

and saturation I wanted,

tool then re-size the pixel

be fun, interesting, and

my next step is to change

of my choice. I played

creative to edit the air bal-


Mr. Croquis Man: Dress to Impress Winter Coat Sample Design Fashion Editor: Ethan Segura

leather pattern

fig. 1

fig. 2

fig. 3

fig. 4

F or this assignment, I will create a winter coat

To begin, I will use the pen tool to set the anchor

design for men. To begin, I will load up an image

points and create various key points of the garment.

of a croquis template. On the layer panel, I will

To color my stroke ‘gray’, I double click the stroke

duplicate a layer to my uploaded image. I will click

on the tool panel, select my preferred color, green.

‘toggle lock’ to unable to edit the original image.

I will rename my duplicate file by double clicking

to achieve the exact combination of straight and

on the layer option. To smoothen the image, I will

curve lines. Once done, I copy and paste, then go

create a vector file by creating a live trace. Prior to

to ‘object’ menu, transform and select ‘ver tical’

the assignment I learned, to go to object, live trace,

axis. To join the pieces, I click on the ‘direct selection’

and select ‘tracing options.’ I chose ‘simple trace’

tool, choose, object, paths, then join. At this point,

and selected ‘black and white’ color, then click

I will add design details to my winter coat. First,

‘trace.’ I click ‘expand’ to create a vector image.

I will create another layer. To start my detail, I will

Again, I will click ‘toggle lock’ to lock my vector

create a button using the ‘ellipse’ tool. Then I will

image. I will create a new layer by going to the top

duplicate to make seven buttons. Arrange horizon-

right of layer panel option and select ‘new layer.’

tally then add two pockets. I’ve also created a

pattern using lines with dark tone colors. Finally, I use

Now that I have a new layer, I can begin

When key points are made, I edit the points

tracing my design. In order to create a propor-

the text tool to name my outfit, Segura Leather

tionate design, I will only do half garment, create a

Stripe. My winter coat design for men is created.

duplicate and join the two sides later in the process. 6




8.2% total daily kilocalories consume among children and adolescents in households with lower income.


U . S . D E PA R T M E N T O F A G R I C U LT U R E A N D U . S . D E PA R T M E N T O F H E A LT H & H U M A N S E R V I C E S D ATA F R O M T H E N AT I O N A L H E A LT H A N D N U T R I T I O N E X A M I N AT I O N S U R V E Y, 2 0 0 5 - 2 0 0 8 H T T P : / / W W W. C D C . G O V / N C H S / D ATA / D ATA B R I E F S / D B 7 1 . P D F

e s e g u r a @ e m a i l. u a r k. e d u 479.866.9382

personal statement


notable experience

A p r o f o u n d s e n s e o f d e t a i l , p r o v e n e x p e r i e n c e i n r e l a t i n g t o c u s t o m e r s, knowledgeable of several aspects of business which has been substantiated by relevant coursework and experience—overall incomparable ability t o a c h i e v e e x c e l l e n c e.

Bachelor of Science in Human Environmental Sciences in Apparel Studies U n i v e r s i t y o f A r k a n s a s / F a y e t t e v i l l e, A R Expected Graduation December 2013 - R e l e v a n t C o u r s e s : M a r k e t i n g , E c o n o m i c s, C o m p u t e r A i d e d D e s i g n , Pu b li c Sp e aki n g, Reta i l M a th Appa rel Prod ucti on, Fa s hi on M erch andising, Te x t i l e s, H i s t o r y a n d C o n t e m p o r a r y A p p a r e l , V i s u a l M e r c h a n d i s i n g - An active member and leader of the Fashion Merchandising Club a n d t h e S t u d e n t s o f R e t a i l i n g E x c e l l e n c e ( S TO R E ) - Awarded for Design Innovation in fiber optic a pparel by the University of Arkansas and EZ Products International, LLC. - National Retail Marketing Case Competition par ticipant and ranker

A l d o S h o e s / Fa y e t t e v i l l e, A R / M a y 2 0 1 2 - P r e s e n t Sales Associate - Strive to exceed sales expectations and quota - Play a frequent role in visual display and merchandising - Expertise in fashion consulting - Contribute to the company as an excellent team leader with consistent reliability - Manage shipping and receiving merchandise S l e e p I n n H o t e l / Fa y e t t e v i l l e, A R / O c t o b e r 2 0 1 1 - P r e s e n t Front Desk, Hospitality Guest Ser vice Agent - Excellent in projecting a high quality image of the hotel, and a remarkable first impression on all of the guest - A s s i s t w i t h c h e c k- i n s a n d c h e c k- o u t s - Enthusiastic and have the ability to retain past guest due to excellent customer relations skills - Pa r t n e r e d w i t h o t h e r t e a m m e m b e r s t o e n s u r e t h a t a l l i m p o r t a n t matters are communicated in a timely manner - Primar y point of contact for all guest R a c i n e M a r r i o t H o t e l / R a c i n e, W I / S e p t e m b e r 2 0 0 7 - A u g u s t 2 0 1 0 H o s t, S e r v e r, a n d R o o m S e r v i c e - Greeted guest expeditiously and cour teously, and explained any specials - Ensured that ser vice stations were clean, sanitized and properly s e t - u p b e f o r e, a f t e r, a n d d u r i n g s h i f t - Maintained accuracy on all orders - Delivered orders in a timely manner

awards, certificates, volunteers

Black Alumni Society Challenge Scholarship Recipient / Gear Up Scholarship Recipient / Arkansas Academic Challenge Scholarship Recipient / Arkansas GO Oppor tunities Grant Recipient / City of Fayetteville Arkansas Parks and Recreation-Volunteer / Nor thwest Arkansas Juneteenth-Volunteer / Boys and Gir ls Club-Volunteer / Special Olympics-Volunteer

Ethan Segura 2013 Summer Portfolio  

2013 Design Portfolio

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