Enrollment Checklist (Spring)

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Enrolling at USC To ensure your space in the incoming spring class, be sure to complete the steps below by the deadlines listed. Additional information and instructions are provided on the following pages. We look forward to welcoming you to the university! Enrollment Checklist

2022 Deadlines First-Year Students

Transfer Students

Submit Intent to Enroll

May 1


Submit Enrollment Commitment Deposit

August 1

August 1

Complete Application for Financial Aid



Submit Housing Application

Beginning July 1

Beginning July 1

Reserve for Orientation

Send Final Transcripts and Exam Scores Send Health Documents

Visit orientation.usc.edu for more information.

July 1*

ASAP Visit studenthealth.usc.edu for more information.

* We understand that some students attending schools outside of the U.S. may not have this information by July 1. Please submit as soon as possible once it is available.