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official university design degree This specialization of the Degree offers students a training that enhances originality, combining tradition and innovation, and creativity, adding historical knowledge about the sector, society and industry with studies and research on sociological trends and productive processes, together with technological innovation in this field (wearables, application of 3D printing techniques and digital pattern making, among others). The Design Degree in Fashion offers the opportunity to work in interdisciplinary teams in the first and second years. From the third year onwards, the student specializes in fabrics and materials, pattern making, confection, dyes and details and technological application through real projects with powerful companies in the sector. The ESDi fashion designer is capable of collaborating with the textile and clothing industry and of generating, from scratch, his/her own fashion collection and creating his/her brand.

Business II organization and processes

Fashion design

Design themes

Accessories design

Integral projects II

Trend analysis

Materials and technology (II, III)

Creative direction

Projects II


Collection concepts

Image consulting and personal shopper

Projects of textile design

Analysis and fachion critic

Texile computing

Fashion illustration

Project Analisis

Design consultacncy for fabrics, weaves, prints, colors and textures with immersion in Smart Fabric

Pattern making and tailoring History of fabrics and clothing Fabric technique

High fashion companies

Technique of fabric structure

Organization and management of design teams of the big brands

Dyes and finishes (silk-screen printing)

Design of professional clothing

Fashion Projects (I, II) Book and project presentations Twentieth century fashion Channels and techniques Technology pattern making / industrial processes

Internships in:

Departmental intensification Internships Free choice Final degree project

And other companies in the industry. Marquès de Comillas 81-83 · 08202 Sabadell · (+34) 937274819


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Official university design degree 2018 - fashion itinerary  
Official university design degree 2018 - fashion itinerary