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Esdgar Tovar

Dear readers My name is Esdgar Tovar and this is my first issue article. Some things I like are to help others, be in control and always to be around people who will make my day a better day than yesterday. I am an enterprising person, My IQ score is 125, My goal is to become a Marketing Director. I think that everyone in this world want the same thing but try to get to it by different paths, happiness.

My Personality

My extraversion trait is very high. I like to be around people and have a good time. I am often characterized as spontaneous and communicative. Contentiousness wise I'm below average.

My type of personality is, ‘Enterprising’ at the most, followed by ‘Artistic’ and ‘Conventional’. My IQ score is 125 or more. That equals a university education level. My emotional stability is average this means that my emotions de-

I am a really opened minded. This means that I have a relative well developed imagination. Others typify me as being creative or reflective. I am capable of taking whatever life brings. Sometimes even too careless. I am an average agreeable person. I can be friendly but also relatively direct. In general I can be interested in people and their motives but I’m always business-like.

I consider my self as an outgoing person who is always trying to get the best out of any situation. I am an inpatient person who doesn't know how to get mad. I like to be friendly because that opens doors to a lot of short or long term relation ships of any type. I am adventurous and like to be around. Making mistakes is not an unusual thing for me because every mistake is a gain experience.

My career I want to be a Marketing Director as my career. What does a Marketing Director do?  Marketing plan  Marketing budget  Manage marketing suppliers  Oversee business development activities  Oversee corporate communications activities  Manage marketing department  Develop business unit

What are some requirements?

My Future Expectations My future expectations are all based on my academic expectations. I’m expecting not to struggle through college because of my ways to be. I will make friends fast without any trouble. I will use my persuasive skills to help me out with my grades. My thirst for power and statutes will move me to the career and position that I want. I expect all of this plans to be my path to my happiness.

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