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But despite from Follow the Good Horse

Kristine Ong Muslim

But despite this year’s plague, we ended with a bountiful harvest. The children were plump. The women were ripe. The men successfully buried the bodies when they thought that everybody was asleep. When the ripened women gasped for their last breath, they unexpectedly expelled something, something that infected the men. It was what you would call a fun year until the men laughed themselves to death and soiled themselves seconds before they died. As for the children, they remained plump. Plump and rotund for years and years and years.

brought to you by: Illustration by Dearbhla Leddy, writing by Kristine Ong Muslim & figure drawing byDeclan Boyle

Edited by ESC

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uimhir a haon - pocket_esc  

Containing contemporary artworks by Dearbhla Leddy and Declan Boyle, and some rather creepy writing from the award-winning Kristine Ong Musl...

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