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... Be focused: Have specific questions ready and use your research to ask the employers informed questions. Show that you are focused and have prepared for the event.

Companies will have various representatives at the events, from recent graduates to HR and senior managers. Think of relevant questions for the appropriate person.

For example:

... Follow up: If you are given a business card be sure to follow up with a polite email the next day. Do not ask for their help to push forward your CV. Simply thank them for the conversation and perhaps ask a clarifying question.

·· I noticed that you are opening offices in Dubai. Are there any graduate programmes there? ·· What do they look for in employees applying for positions in [department/ division/etc.]? ·· I read on your website that you need x for x role. Is there anything I can highlight in my CV to demonstrate this? ·· Did you have the opportunity to work on the latest deal I read about?

... Make use of the networking opportunities career fairs offer: Do not dismiss companies just because you think they are not for you on first glance. Research them a little further and be sure you know what opportunities they offer – there’s always a chance you’ll discover something new and exciting!

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ESCP Europe Linking Talents: A Recruitment Guide  

ESCP Europe Linking Talents: A Recruitment Guide