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2013 - 2014

What’s living at LMU all about?


Traditional Halls There’s nothing like living in one of our traditional residence halls to help you make friends quickly and adjust to living away from home. In these buildings, two students share a room, and the residents on the floor share one or more bathrooms. The other commu­nity spaces, like study rooms, lounges, and laundry rooms are also great places to interact with other students and make new friends. Since this setting is so conducive to the first year adjustment process, our traditional residence halls are home to predominantly first-year students.

Suite - Style Halls Our suite-style residence halls also offer a great social environment but with the added privacy that comes with having your own bathroom. In a suite, two students share a room, which is connected by a bathroom to another two-­student room; four suitemates share a bathroom. The suite-style halls offer a great balance of community and privacy and are home to primarily second-year students. Residents enjoy close connections with suitemates and continue to meet new friends in the community lounges and study rooms.

Apartments Our fully-furnished apartments come complete with full kitchens and dining rooms, making them ideal for convenient and independent living. Most of our apartments are two-bedroom, one-bath units designed to accommodate four students; two students live in each bedroom. The apartments are home to mainly upper-division students who enjoy being able to cook their own meals, have gatherings in their living rooms and prepare for life after LMU.

Living Learning Communities We have several theme and living learning communities designed to help residents explore areas of common interest through sponsored events, social activities and off-campus trips. By living in one of these communities, you can pursue your educational goals in a social context. Whether you are interested in outdoor adventure or exploring Los Angeles, we offer a variety of communities to suit your passions. Residents in a living learning community support student academic and social success, connect the in-theclassroom and the out-of-the-classroom experience, make the transition to college easier and increase student involvement at LMU. For more information please visit the Student Housing Office website.

iLMU Visit to find detailed information about our amenities, facilities, theme and living learning communities and other programs. Also found on LMU’s website is iLMU, which features an interactive campus map and a video tour of student housing.



ur facilities provide you with everything you need to live comfortably and excel academically. The fully-furnished rooms and apartments on campus have all the amenities, from cable TV with HBO to wireless internet access and many other features. There are lounges, study rooms and smart laundry facilities in each building for resident use; and the well-groomed grounds around our buildings beckon residents to come outside and play! Many of our buildings also boast outdoor recreation spaces with benches, basketball courts, and barbecue grills. In addition to making your living experience comfortable, we make every effort to ensure your safety and security. As a campus resident, you must use your student ID card, the OneCard, to enter your assigned residence hall. The same card, along with a personal identification number chosen by you, will unlock the door to your room or apartment. Our Resident Advisors and campus Public Safety Officers monitor the facilities and respond to situations when necessary.



iving on campus gives you the convenience of being close to classes and other campus amenities, but that’s just the beginning. Within each housing facility, you will find study rooms and lounges offering you alternative spaces for studying and socializing. Even our laundry facilities can help you better manage your busy schedule by notifying you via text message or email when your laundry is done or as machines become available. LMU has a variety of dining venues, open from early morning to late at night and spread throughout campus. You can get a check up at the Health Center, catch a game at the Loft Sports Lounge, or enjoy a live musical performance in the Living Room. You will be steps away from all the services, recreation and activities the campus has to offer. For those times when you do want to leave campus to enjoy the rest of the city, you’ll find we are in an ideal location. The beach is just minutes away, and it’s easy to take advantage of all the opportunities a major city like Los Angeles has to offer. Our City of Angels is home to some of the world’s best entertainment, shopping, arts and recreation, and you’ll be near it all!



ducation of the whole person is a hallmark of Jesuit higher education and at LMU you will learn as much out of the classroom as you will in the formal academic setting. As a member of our residential community, you’ll be challenged to gain a better understanding of yourself, your purpose and passions in life, and how to adopt a lifestyle that reflects a balance of spiritual, physical, emotional and intellectual health. When it comes to spiritual development, the Resident Ministers living in each of our communities are there to help you explore your faith and give you guidance on your spiritual journey. The Faculty Engagement program provides you access to faculty members in the residence halls for academic support. The programming efforts by the Resident Advisors will provide you with on campus resources to get involved and learn outside of the classroom. Your college experience will also be enriched by your interactions with residents different from yourself. Whether from your roommate, a study partner, or a new friend down the hall, you’ll find yourself learning from the diverse experiences and perspectives of others.



iving in student housing at LMU gives you an unparalleled opportunity to get connected with the campus community. Since over ninety-five percent of each first-year class lives in student housing, you’ll be a part of a diverse, dynamic social environment where you’re sure to find your niche and make friends. Through shared experiences with other residents, you’ll develop the kind of personal connections that evolve into life-long relationships. When you live on campus, opportunities to get involved are right outside your door. You can expect to join a wide variety of interesting and engaging programs coordinated by your building’s Resident Advisors. Plus you’ll have the opportunity to get involved in the Resident Housing Association (RHA), a student-run organization renowned for sponsoring exceptional activities. You’ll also have easy access to the outstanding programs and events provided by other student organizations and University departments such as ASLMU, Campus Recreation and First Year Experience.

How to Apply To apply for housing, you must be enrolled full-time at LMU or committed to enrolling for the upcoming term. Application materials are distributed beginning in early April, based on your commitment date. Student housing is guaranteed to all first-year students who commit to LMU on or before May 1st. All first-year residents are guaranteed and encouraged to live in student housing for their second year. Upper-division students enter a drawing each year for the chance to enjoy the independence that comes with living in apartments on campus. New students for the spring semester and transfer students enrolling for either term are provided housing on a first-come, first-served basis.

Dining Services

Student Housing Office  Leavey 6 1 LMU Drive, MS–8480 Los Angeles, CA 90045-2659 (310) 338-2963 voice (310) 338-2390 fax

LMU Dining Services offers four different meal plans and operates a variety of venues to meet your dining needs. Whether you are on the go and looking for a quick snack, or in the mood to sit down, relax and enjoy a full meal, we have just what you need right here on campus. Since only apartments offer full kitchens, students living in the residence halls are required to purchase one of these meal plans. More information about the plans and the dining venues is available at

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Brochure, On Campus Housing Brochure, Loyola Marymount University  

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