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• Instruccions a seguir pels alumnes per realitzar la pràctica “The circulatory system”. • By • Mrs Olga (Doctor )

The Circulatory system Fifth grade CEIP Pere IV 20 April, 2012

What is The Circulatory System?

Dissect a lamb's heart

What do we need? • Gloves. • Heart of lamb. • Tray. • Straws.

What do we need? • Scissors. • Tweezers. • Scalpel.

The Heart

Parts of your heart: •Pulmonary veins •Left atrium •Mitral valve •Left ventricle •Aortic valve •Aorta •Right atrium •Tricuspid valve •Right ventricle •Superior vena cava


• Guide the heart, which note that has a flatter face(back) and a more convex (front) and ending in a point at the lower end. Place the heart on the dissection tray, resting on the back.


Identify external parts of the heart and vessels in and out of this organ. Put a straw into: • Aorta •Left Ventricle • Pulmonary vein •Left Atrium • Pulmonary artery •Right Ventricle • Superior vena cava •Right Atrium


• Make a cut with scissors, beginning in the pulmonary artery. You can see the right ventricle. • Make another cut, starting in the aorta. You can see the left ventricle. • To compare the different wall thickness of both ventricles


Identify : • Left atrium • Mitral valve • Left ventricle • Aorta • Right atrium • Tricuspid valve • Right ventricle

Thank you very much. do not forget: PICK-UP

Heart dissection  
Heart dissection  

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