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Hello! My name is Natàlia. I play piano every Wednesday and I go to the músic school twice a week.

Hi! I’m Arnau Gil but my nickname is Gil. I play basketball in ASFE Paidos and the guitar in Balsareny Music School. I play the guitar very well!

Hello! My name is Ainoa. I do Zumba, a kind of dance, we move our body very fast! I also play the “gralla” with “Geganters i Grallers de Balsareny”. On Saturdays afternoon I go to the “Cau”.

I’m Marc. My hobby is to play online games. I play computer games many hours a day. I’m very good at it. I have English lessons and I play football after school.

I’m Pau. I play football in Avinyo I train on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I play the match on Saturday. I like football!!!

Hi!; My name is Bethelhem. I love Athletics. I train in Manresa Athletics Club on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. The competition is on Saturday or Sunday.

Hi! I’m Eloy Tejada, I like video games but what I really like is to make the people laugh. I like football, tennis, handball and all the sports in general. I’m good at maths and languages.

I’m Martí. I play the drums on Thursdays at the Music school and I also play at home. I like it! I play football in “U.E.Balsareny”. After school I have English and computer lessons.

My name is Ivan and I’m very interested in football. I play in Balsareny football team and I love Barcelona Football Club. I like playing in the street with my friends. My hooby is playing computer games with my dad. He is always the winner.

Hi! I’m Stela I do theater lessons. I started theater when I was three. I like it! It is fun and I think it is great!

I’m Eloy and I like football. I play football in Navàs FC. I love PS4 computer game. My hooby is playing video games and my favourite game is FIFA14.

Hello! I’m Andrea. I’m 12 years old. In my free time I play with my friends in my street. We play different games.

My name is Ferran. My favourite sport is football. I play in Navàs Football club. My favourite videogame is GTA five and Fifa 14. I’m 11 years old. I like playing in the street with my friends.

I’m Julia and I’m 11 years old . I like playing games with my friends and I also play in the park and Mel Square.

Hello! I’m Lucia and I’m 11 years old. I like music and dancing and I also like gimnastics.

My name is Aina I have drawing classes. I learn drawing and painting I love painting because is very fun. I also go swimming in “ Navàs . It’’s very fun!!

I’m Laia and I play the piano . I started when I was 5 years old. I love music and I go to Balsareny Music School.

My name is Marc. I play handball. I also belong to “ Els k + sonen”. It’s great!

I’m Clara. I do gimnastic classes and I started when I was 5 years old . I’ve been in different competitions: the world gimnastics Champions in London and Italy in 2011 and 2012.

My name is Laia. I like swimming and I started when I was 3 years old I swim in “Sallent Swimming Club”. At the weekend I also go to competitions.

My name is Mar. I enjoy playing the guitar. I also play handball but I’m the only girl in the team. I like macarroni and chocolate crepes.

My name is Xavi and I’m 11 years old. I do sports: swimming and handball. I belong to “ Els k + sonen” a group of “Balsareny Gegants”. Balsareny Gegants are called Mariona and Joan. I like to belong to “Gegants”.

Hello! from balsareny!  
Hello! from balsareny!