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Name and surname: Angélica Restrepo Macías, Mariama Barry

Date: Monday 17th february 2014

1- Fill in the gaps using at-in-on

a) It’s ridiculous. The bank closes at 2:30. b)I normally phone my girlfriend at 10:00 every evening. c) In 1492 Columbus sailed the ocean blue. d) I love watching James Bond films on Christmas day. e) We’re planning to go skiing in Easter. f) She passed her driving test in March. g) Some people study best in night, but I prefer in the morning. h) We usually go out for dinner at weekend. i) I love going shopping on Saturdays. j) Valencia is too hot for me in summer.

2- Complete the composition. (40- 50 words) When I was eight years old I lived… Hollywood, in a big house with garden. We are superstars of the cinema. One morning we went to the cinema to see one film of James Bond ,Angelina Jolie and Mary Poppins. We ate an ice-cream and a burger. Mariama and I liked went to Jesús’ party.

Angelica i mariama  
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