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Catalonia in four words

Cihan Erdogan and Rüya Aybikei’s book Terrassa, 22 de novembre 2013 Carlos Puiales Marina Font Cihan Erdogan Rüya Aybikei

Beautiful The foreigners think that in Catalonia there are very beautiful cities. Here, there are some things that they can’t find in their country. They like our modernist monuments and our culture, like towers of people or our dances. They also think that there are some places in Catalonia that are very big and beautiful, like the city of Barcelona, that have big monuments such Sagrada Familia.

Barรงa Barรงa is a very famous football team in Catalonia for the foreigners. Barรงa is known for everyone. Many people likes Barรงa, and they are very excited to be here, in Catalonia, to visit the Camp Nou.

Food In Catalonia there are foods that we can’t find in other places. The foods that the foreigners know more are bread with tomato (Pa amb tomaquet) or Paella. Usually, the bread with tomato is something strange for the people, but they know that it’s a typical food of Catalonia and a lot of people usually like it.

Independence Actuality, the independence in Catalonia is something that known a lot of people around the world. A lot of people want the independence of Catalonia. It’s known for many things, like human chain, and the Estelada, the flag of the independence.

Rüya & Cihan's book  

Catalonia in four words