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Catalonia in four words Johannes Cepicka´s Book

Different Different, because Catalonia has its own identity, and also different because of its lifestyle, its art, its language which all differs not only from the other Comenius project countries but also from Spain.

Gastronomy Catalonia has a very good gastronomy and this is a sign of its uniqueness and its strong identity. Maybe this gastronomy is closely connected to the Spanish one but there are also differences for example the “Panallets” or “pa amb tomàquet”

Football club Barcelona In Catalonia, the people practise a lot of sports, but the most famous and representative one of Catalonia is football, here Barรงa team is considerate one of the best football teams of the world. A lot of players of Spanish Selection are from Barรงa.

Art The Catalonian art as a result of a long historical background is unrivalled in the world. Many famous artists like Gaudi, Dali etc. have worked and lived here and they have made this country to a world-known place of modern art that is in a contrasting relationship to the old art.

Johannes Cepicka's book  
Johannes Cepicka's book