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Pump News Edition 1 04-2011


Director and Journalist: Ana Carolina Machado Contributors: Joana Gouveia, Adelina Monteiro and Diana Gonçalves.

Huge car crash

A big crash takes the life of two young men. See all inside…

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News The big huge car crash

A tragedy happened! Two dead people and one wounded on the road to the mall. Everything happened around 6:00 a.m. Firefighters were called to the scene immediately and they made all efforts to rescue people. This accident caused a huge row, because cars couldn’t pass trough the road. The victims’ families have been called to the place and they received psychological support. It is not the first time an accident like this happens on that road, since it is in poor condition. Carolina Machado

The Big Robbery

Last March 29th, around three o’clock in the afternoon, one more robbery took place on the Goldsmith’s Marceline jewelery shop. Two robbers threatened the only employee there at that moment and made a customer hostage. Police was called to the scene around half past three, when a neighbour realised what was happening. When the police arrived, the robbers had already run away and taken cash with them, as well as jewels. The damages are estimated to thousands. Burglars deactivated surveillance cameras, which complicated the work of authorities in identifying them. It is the third time a robbery like this happens in four months. This company is now going through many financial problems. The robbers are still free and are thought to be responsible for many other robberies that are being investigated by the police, based on what they have done and on what they have stolen. The authorities are gathering evidence and people’s statements about this incident in Trás-os-Montes. Carolina Machado

Louis Vuitton What led you to build this company? Well, I came to Paris when I was young and as I had a love for sewing I started creating rare models that no one manufactured. When they were shown to the world or when I gave them to expose, people were interested. Then the brands showed interest in negotiating and promoting my creations.

Currently, Louis Vuitton is one of the most prestigious brands in the world

But you came to Paris to learn? I was born in Switzerland but, as I said, I came to Paris when I was young,because I lived in another city, in the poorest side of France.

Has Paris improved your life? Well, it all started in 1851. Each time the French emperor Napoleon III travelled, a young apprentice was brought to pack the luggage of the Empress Eugenie. I was one of those apprentices and I was taken to the big city of Paris and ended up not having financial or familiar difficulties. But your creations were mostly made at home and without support? No, in 1854, I created the "MAISON LOUIS VUITTON". This was the first brand that I created after the success of my first creations. After my brand was created, I benefited from many sponsorship and profit.

How does it feel to see your company having impact in our society? I feel very well. I'm very proud of my work and my sacrifice, because it took too much effort to get where I am right now. I hope it will never be forgotten because it was a very important phase in the life of many people, especially those who contributed to its success and also gave up a lot for the brand. Carolina Ok, thank you for this interview for the newspaper "Pump News�. Goodbye! Louis Vuitton You’re welcome. It was a pleasure to talk about this important phase of my life. I hope to see you soon. Goodbye! Carolina Machado (This interview is made up, as the real Louis Vuitton has already died.)

Fátima Lopes Fátima Lopes was born on the 8th March, 1965. She is a famous Portuguese fashion designer. In 1990, she goes to Lisbon and starts working in a friend's fashion shop. In 1994, she shows her collection for the first time in

Fátima Lopes is one of the most famous Portuguese fashion designers.

Paris. Two years later, she opens her first shop in Paris. In 1999, she participated twice in the salon of fashion in Paris. More recently, she works in a clothes´ shop in the United States of America, Los Angeles.

Joana Gouveia

My classroom In my classroom there are 15 tables, 60 chairs, 9 bookcases, 10 cupboards, 4 whiteboards, 3 board rubbers, 1 computer, a lot of drawing pins and a lot of pupils. There are a lot of scissors, staplers, glues, lights and calculators, as well. There are 4 teachers, a lot of boxes and 4 bins. There is one clock. There are a lot of files. In my classroom, we don’t have a bell, a paintbrush, a plant, a blackboard, and we don’t have chalk. There are lots of posters and paper. My classroom is António Gedeão.

Carolina Machado

Conversation at a travel agency T. A. – Good-morning. Can I help you? Joana – Good-morning. I would like to book a trip to Las Vegas, please. T. A. - Well, let me see, yes, there are flights. When would you like to go? Joana - I would like to go on January 21st. T. A. – There are flights that leave from Oporto airport at 15:45h and that arrive in Las Vegas at 20:30h. Joana - Ok! I would like one return ticket, please. T. A. - Ok. How would you like to pay? Joana - With credit card. T. A. - Any questions you have, just call the number that is on the card. Have a good day and a good trip. Joana - Thank you very much!

Joana Gouveia

Daily Rotine First of all, I get up at 7:55h. Afterwards, I go to the bathroom, I have a shower and I comb my hair. Then I get dressed and I have breakfast, usually chocolate milk. I (have a bath) brush my teeth and I go to school. At school, I have classes at 8:30h. I do my daily plan and I have a break at 10:30h. I return to the classroom to do my tasks until 12:30h. From 12:30h until 14:00h, I have lunch and I´m with my friends: Joana Patrícia, Maria Nogueira, Ana Carolina, Zé Pedro and Guilherme. At 16:15h I usually have tea with my grandfather, with whom I stay till 18:00h. Then, I go home with my mother. At home I use the computer to play SIMS, to go to the Facebook or to do my homework. Later I have dinner, have a shower, watch TV and go to sleep. Usually my days are like this. Joana Gouveia

Games 1) Read the tongue twisters: Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers. A peck of pickled peppers Peter Piper picked. If Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers, where’s the peck of pickled peppers Peter Piper picked? How many boards could the Mongols hoard if the Mongol hordes got bored? The thirty-three thieves thought that they thrilled the throne throughout Thursday. A noisy noise annoys an oyster.

2) Correct the following mistakes: Helo, mi name are Carolina and I are 11 iears old. Wat´s your name? I studi in Escola da Ponte. And you? I´am from Portugal. And you? I have on broder. And iou? Wuate time it is? Godbai!

3) Correct the following sentences:

In the kitchen I have the bed, in the living room I cook, in the bedroom I have the sofa and it is in there that I see TV. In the garden I have the toilet and I have a shower in the bathroom.

In schoolyard I have lessons, in the classroom I play football and in the corridors I have lunch. In the canteen I play chess.

In the shops I eat, in the dining area I shop, in the leisure areas I go to the bathroom and in the bathroom I relax and play computer games.

Especial Jornal Carolina  

Especial Jornal de Junho

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