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MY FAMILY Hello, I write about my family. ·My mum has got long, brown hair and big green eyes. I love my mum. ·My dad has got brown hair and blue eyes. I love my dad. ·My brother’s name is Adrian. He has short, brown hair and green eyes. He is twenty years old. ·My dog is Duna. I LOVE MY FAMILY!!!

My name is Paula, and this is my family: My father was born in Barcelona in 1971, and my mum, in 1973. I was born in Barcelona in 2002. And my twin brothers were born in Barcelona in 2007. Now my father is a policeman in Sabadell, and my mum is an office worker. My brothers and me are students, in the school Ceip Collserola!!!

MY FAMILY DESCRIPTION In my family there are four people: my dad, mum, sister and me. My dad’s name is Jose, my mum’s name is Mary and my sister’s name is Claudia. I’m taller than my sister and my mum, but my dad is taller than me. My dad is the heaviest, tallest and oldest in the family. My sister is the lightest and the youngest in the family. My mum is shorter and older than me. I’m the 2nd tallest and youngest in the family. These are some photos:

MY FAMILY Hello, I ‘m Andrea F. My dad’s name is Jordi and my mom’s name is Montse. My dad has got short, black hair. His eyes are black. My mom has got long, brown hair and brown eyes. My mom is 35 years old and my dad is 30 years old. My brother’s name’s Alex. Alex has got short, brown hair and brown eyes. My brother is 8 years old. My dad and my brother like football and I like sports. My mom is a housewife. I LIKE MY FAMILY!!!!!!!!!



MY FAMILY I ´m Andrea, my brother is Iván. My hobbies are going to pop concerts (Aurun) and the sport. My favourite sport is Taekwondo, I love it. My birthaday is in December, and I ´m 12 years old. My mum’s name is Ingrid. My dad’s name is Jose Antonio. My best friends forever are Paula C, Soraya… Bye bye

MY FAMILY I’m Marina ,I’m 11 years old. I’m from Cerdanyola del Vallès in Barcelona. I have one sister, her name is Sara. She is 6 years old. She likes dancing “Violetta”. My mum’s name is Paqui and my dad’s name is Miguel and my dog’s name is Dina.

Now, I will describe my family. My family is fantastic. My mum Toni likes to run with her friends, he also likes young children (and is now studying to be a teacher). My mother is tall and thin, she has dark brown hair and light brown eyes. My dad Fran likes sport and he plays football in the computer. He is tall too and he is strong, he has dark brown eyes and a black hair. And to finish, my little sister Lucia. She's tall and she's the youngest in the family (she is six years old). She likes dancing, swimming, singing and lots of things I do not remember. Lucia has got short, blonde hair and small brown eyes. My sister and me

and this is a photo of my family

my mum

my dad

My family In my family there are 18 persons that are different. I’m happy with my family, they are friendly and happy. My cousins are Jan Pol, Abril, Pau and Berta, they are fantastic. I have lots of uncles, aunts and cousins. And finally in my family there are my grandparents.

MY FAMILY I talk to you about my family . My mum is an instructor. She works in a school. My dad is a lawyer. He works in “Catalana Occidente” in Sant Cugat. I’ve got a sister, her name is Leire. She doesn’t work because she’s very young. She’s eigth years old. Well, this is my family. Write soon, Irati

My family Now, I describe my family. My mother (Carme) has short hair, big, brown eyes, and she is very short. My father (Manel) has big, brown eyes and he wears glasses and is very short. My sister (Eli) has very long hair and big, brown eyes and she is very short. My brother (Albert) has short hair and big, brown eyes. He is the taller in my family. And I’m Anna. I have medium hair and big, brown eyes, and I am the shorter in my family.

I’m Ainhoa and I write about my family. I have a brother, his name is Pol. He loves sports, his favourite sport is football. My mum’s name’s Rosa, she loves cooking and dancing. My dad’s name’s Francisco. He’s a builder. And me. I love dancing and sports. My favourite sport is basketball.

MY FAMILY I write about my family: my brother, my mum and my dad. My mum’s job is an office worker in Sabadell. She’s got brown eyes and curly, black hair. My dad’s job is a mechanic in Terrassa. He’s got green eyes and black hair. My brother’s name is Jan. He doesn’t work because he younger than me. He is seven years old. Bye-bye Write soon Clàudia �

My mum has got long, brown hair and brown eyes, and she has got small eyes. She is a housewife, she likes playing table games and she likes broccoli and more foods. My mum is a good girl but sometimes she gets angry with me. This is my mum.

By: Ivan.R.M

My faMily I have 1 sister called Greta. She’s got long, straight, blonde hair and blue eyes. Greta likes dancing and playing games with her friends. My mum is called Susana. She’s got long, brown hair and black eyes. Susana likes playing with her tablet and reading. My dad is called David. He’s got short, black hair and big, blue eyes. David likes playing with the computer and playing with me.

Hugo S

MY FAMILY I´m Ivan and I speak about my family. My father´s name is Daniel. He´s a builder. He´s got short, brown hair and big, brown eyes. He always wears rings. My mum´s name is Esther. She´s a secretary. She´s got long, curly, black hair and big, brown eyes. My grandad´s name is Narciso. He doesn´t work. He´s got short, straight white hair and big, blue eyes. My grandma´s name is Josefa. She´s a housewife. She´s got long, straight, blond hair and big, blue eyes. This is my family.

GOOD BYE!!!!!!!!!!!!

My Mum Description of my mum -My mum (Manoli) is tall. She has curly, black hair and green eyes. -She wears a purple shirt and black leggings, and black boots. -My mother works manufacturing pharmaceutical products. She works from half past seven in the morning to three.

This is a photo with my mum

6b family  
6b family