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Beta Switch Review As I mentioned a couple of days ago I would publish my Beta Switch Review the moment it’s finished and here it is! I must preface this by saying I didn’t write the review. I didn’t feel it was write to write this one because I’m not a women! The Beta Switch was designed for women only so I got my good friend and fitness expert Chantal to go through the course and provide her thoughts below. Official Website : Click Here

I have to say that there aren’t many online fitness programs that really blow me away! The majority of them are pretty good, but I’ve yet to see a really great one until now. It’s wonderful to see someone spend some much time on a product and make it the best possible so that women everywhere can benefit from it! So let’s take a deeper dive into the world of Sue Heintze and her latest fitness/workout program. So here’s the Beta Switch Review.

The Beta Switch is for the ladies who have real struggles and real insecurities, real curves, real desires and realistic fitness goals that they want to tackle. If you want to tone your tummy instead of having rock hard 6 abs, and want killer biceps and Jessica Simpson legs all at the same time, but all of the fitness inspiration Instagram accounts that you follow just don’t seem to be doing it for you, rely on The Beta Switch. The program will literally switch your fat burning elements on within your body. I know it sounds like science fiction, but Sue has discovered why it’s so hard for women to lose weight, so easy to gain weight and how to make sure you’re able to turn your body into a fat burning machine!

Beta Switch Review – What Is Sue Hentze’s System All About? The Beta Switch is all about fat burning for none other than you stunning ladies out there reading this review. However, it isn’t just about fat burning secrets and that’s it. The program teaches you how to lose the “F” word from your vocabulary and replace it with a toned, shapely body that you have desperately been trying to achieve but just can’t seem to find your way. Now, you might be thinking, “Oh, I’ve heard it all before” but you haven’t — not just yet. The Beta Switch gets into the science of stubborn fat cells specifically in your trouble areas, such as your thighs, butt, hips and back of your arms. It works by

activating your beta receptors which are responsible for fat burning and turning off your alpha receptoras. The alpha receptors are used for fat storage. So when you turn off the Alpha and switch on the beta guess what you get? A body that is constantly burning fat and not just any fat ladies, but the stubborn fat you just wish would disspear forever! Another great aspect of the Beta Switch program is it doesn’t just eliminate the stubborn fat it also get’s rid of the remaining cellulite too! You’ll also enjoy this weight loss life system much more because you don’t have to workout for long hours or even give up the food you love. Sue walks you through every aspect of the Beta Switch system so you don’t have to worry about anything. She provides you the education you need, the workouts, the nutrition and so much more….This is literally a complete, step by step system with no stone left untouched!

Who Is Sue Heintze & Why You Can Trust Her Beta Switch ReviewSue Heintze is obviously the creator of The Beta Switch but she is also the top body transformation experience for women in Australia. Oh yeah! You read that one right. Sue has coached over 36 winners and 9 Grand Champions of the nationwide transformation contest called BodyBlitz. So, clearly, the wins under her fitness belt prove her to know what’s really going on within a women’s body (and stubborn fat areas). You’ll also enjoy that Sue is also a new mom and understands how busy Mom’s are, how the body changes significantly, and of

course, she is just a woman who knows what is going on in your body whether you’re a mom or not. Sue also isn’t one of those ladies who grew up with the perfect body. For most of her life she suffered with really bad body image issues, weight issues and even bulimia for while. She struggled to get into better shape so she could just feel better about herself. She was tired of hiding her body, missing out on life because she was too scared to go into public because of her looks and what people would think about her. As much as this is a system about burning fat, the beta switch system is also the story of Sue and her struggles, failures and eventually success! Sue put a ton of her own personality and story within this project and when I finished going through the course I felt I personally knew her. I also struggled with weight issues through most of high school. I worked out all the time, counted calories, but I could never get that perfect body I was looking for. Just when I thought I was making progress I would check the scale and instantly feel worst when I saw I gained a pound or more. I think that was one of the best parts about going through the system and writing up this Beta Switch Review. I learned that women have up to 9 times more alpha receptors than men! So this means were designed to gain weight and hold on to it especially in the lower areas. So us women have to work harder than most to keep up with our bodies. It’s a struggle, but listening to Sue I discovered it didn’t need to be hard. I just didn’t have access to the right information, but Sue makes sure we do now because her 20 years of experience have been put into this one course! Let’s move on with the next part of this Beta Switch Review shall we? A Breakdown of What’s Included With The Beta Switch System The Beta Switch system is really in-depth and detailed! I review a lot of different online fitness programs and this may be the most detailed one I’ve come across. A lot of product creators like to just throw a lot of random stuff into a course to make it seem bigger and better than what it is. It’s called product stuffing. So a lot of the time you’ll come across a product online that has 60 modules and 90 guides and to be honest that’s a complete waste of time! In reality maybe only 2 of the modules and 5 of the guides are what’s needed for you to hit your goals! Well Sue made sure none of that was going on with the Beta Switch. She took well over a year to refine and only add modules that play a direct part in helping you reach your goal. Each module was planned to move you in a logical path to burning fat and being able to fit into your skinny jeans � �

The Beta Switch contains only modules, videos and manuals you need and no extra fluff! I love this because life is fast and I don’t have time to waste my life reading manuals and watching videos that aren’t going to help me get the butt or stomach I’ve always wanted! With the main module, you learn everything that you need to successfully complete the program and burn the fat; foods, schedules, a woman’s body, hormones, cells, recipes, frequently asked questions , etc., — all geared towards the way a lady’s body works! This is important because in order to successfully lose weight, you have to understand why it’s there, what your body is doing with it and how to change it so that you can keep it off.

This is what the main module is all about, and you also get a diet tracker, quick start and supplement guide for you to utilize in combination with the incredible information that is vital to successful weight loss. Oh, and it’s all geared to the specific way a woman’s body works! The Beta Switch Workouts is a bonus to the program that obviously amps up everything that you learned in the main module. It puts your body to work and focuses on femalefriendly workouts. After all, this program is all for the ladies. With this, you also get a success tracker ( a personal favorite because seeing your progress is fabulous motivation ), an exercise guide and video demonstrations. It’s like a personal trainer that comes to

your house — and that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. Actually, that’s exactly what it is if you consider Sue’s expertise within the industry.bundle-bonus2 Here’s a complete list of everything you get with Beta Switch: • • • • • • • • • • •

The Beta Switch — Main Manual The Beta Switch Exercise Execution Guide The Beta Switch Workout System Manual The Beta Switch Success Tracker The Beta Switch Diet Tracker Sheets The Beta Switch Workout Tracker Sheet The Beta Switch Supplement Guide The Beta Switch Real Life Stories From Women Like You The Beta Switch Pre-Program Checklist The Beta Switch Quick Start Guide Video Exercise Library

Beta Switch Bonus In this part of the Beta Switch Review I walk to take a look at the different bonuses you get when you purchase the Beta Switch. The following bonuses are time senstive though which means you have to take action and purchase the course within a certain time frame to take advantage of these bonuses. I got to admit I wasn’t expecting much in terms of bonuses as I’m more of a main program type of girl, but these were actually really great bonuses. In my personal opinion I feel Sue could actually sell these as completely seperate programs and they would do well! Here’s a quick breakdown of them for you. You get The 9 Day Drop a Jeans Size Diet Even though The Beta Switch is a life long solution to stubborn lower body fat Sue wanted to make sure she didn’t leave anything else and she also wanted to go above and beyond for you. So for these reasons she created this bonus which is the safest and efficient way to trim down those thighs and butt to look your best in your jeans, dress or even the bikini bottoms you were to scared to wear in the past! If you combine this with the information within the beta switch system you’ll see some really rapid results! The Boost Your Body Image Report

Sue and I both went through a long life of body image issues. I’m pretty sure if you’re reading this then at some point or maybe you’re still going through them too! It’s not easy and not everyone will understand, but Sue does and I do and because of the challenges Sue Heintze went through she created this report. No women should have to experience this, but the truth is most of us do. It doesn’t help that the world we live in has fooled us into thinking we need to compete and compare ourselves to unrealistic photoshopped images. We see these beautiful women on magazines and books and believe that’s what we have to look like and that isn’t true at all. Sue created this report because she wants YOU to see the real you when you stare at the mirror and she wants you to love what you see! Mind Over Matter: Win the Mental Game of Fat Loss As I was writing this Beta Switch Review I realised I almost forgot to add this bonus which would have been awful because it’s a really great one! We all known working out and fitness is physical, but it’s also a mental game as well! Our mind and thoughts play a huge part in getting into shape. In this book Sue shares 4 really powerful, but simple rules that will help you to make the mental game of burning fat and losing weight easy and fun. You’ll discover powerful emotional tactics that will help deliver rapid and permanent transformations of both your figure and your health! I honestly wish more fitness personalities focused on the mental aspect of health and fitness.

The Pros of the System The Beta Switch is amazing because it focuses specifically on women and how a lady’s body works, stores fat, uses fat , etc. Men and women are so different, and you can’t really trust a program that is co-ed because it’s like comparing a cat to a dog — there are just so many differences. It is also fabulous because it’s relatable, easy to follow and the knowledge, although extensive, is retainable and fun to learn about. The Beta Switch isn’t a boring drag to follow, or unrealistic. You actually enjoy following this program. Shocking, I know. Sue Heintze provides so much detail it’s insane. Everything is laid out in perfect order, nothing is left out and it’s honestly like you have your own personal trainer, but without them yelling at you to do more burpees or squats lol. One of the surprises of the Beta Switch course was the module called “Real Life Stories From Women Like You”! This module really hit me hard because I could relate to all of the women in this module. It’s a personal module with stories from other women like us,

who have struggled with body image. In a world of women fitness programs I’ve never seen a module offered like this before. So make sure you check out this module and I’m sure you’ll see what I’m talking about. The Beta Switch also is risk free in the sense that you have a 60 day refund period! So you have a full 60 days to try this program out! If you don’t like it or it’s just not a fit for you for whatever reason you can get all your money back! So really it’s risk free for up to 60 days! You can’t really beat that in my opinion.

The Cons Of The Beta Switch System In this part of the review I want to talk about a few of the cons of the program. Wait! I thought you loved the course Chantal? First off, I do, but there is no such thing as a perfect program and if anyone tries to tell you that run as fast as you can in the opposite direction. Every online fitness/workout system can be improved in some areas. Also something to keep in mind is that a con is always a bad thing. Sometimes it can just serve as a warning to people on things to look out for. So here are a few of my personal cons and things to just keep in mind before you purchase the course, if you decide to of course. First off, The Beta Switch by Sue Hieintze is ONLY for women! So if you’re a man you don’t need to be reading this review unless you plan on telling your mom, girlfriend, wife or just your friend about it. You can’t get your boyfriend, husband or guy friends to join in on it with you for motivation. Well, you could, but they wouldn’t benefit from the system because it was designed just for us ladies! The Beta Switch is a completely online fitness/workout system so if you’re looking for a physical product sent to your door you’re not going to get it. This course is completely digital and everything can be accessed online. I only list this a con because I personally enjoy having a physical product. Still, the entire Beta Switch system can be downloaded, played on computers, Iphones, Ipads or a smart tv. A good potion of the program consist of manuals and guides and while there are a number of video modules I would have liked to see a few more videos. It’s not a bad thing at all, but I really like video. Now please keep in mind that The Beta Switch does have a lot of video training too, but I would have liked to see a video module for the main manual or something, but that’s just my personal preference. As far as the content goes I couldn’t find a con! It’s literally that good! No filler or fluff information just pure “fat burning” get into your skinny jeans and feel great about yourself goodness!

Since it is just for the women, it clearly isn’t for everyone. You can’t get your boyfriend, husband or guy friends to join in on it with you. Well, you could but they wouldn’t benefit from it as much as you will. This really isn’t a problem though because the men in your life probably have totally different goals and mindset, so working out with the ladies or by yourself is the way to go.

Conclusion of The Beta Switch We’ve finally come to the end of my Beta Switch Review. I know it was a long read, but unlike some reviewers online I want to make sure I provide you with all the information you need to know in this review to make an informed decision about this stubborn fat burning system. It’s important to know exactly what you’re getting with a course before you buy so you don’t feel ripped off. I’ve had access to the course for a period of about 2 weeks and I’m still working my way through the entire program. I plan to complete it because it’s a 12 week training system. So far I’m loving every minute of it and I’m learning so much about myself in the process. I’m already seeing small results here and there and I’ve only just started! The workouts are fun, but they do push you so just keep at them and you’ll do fine! You’ll be hanging out with your girlfriends in no time hearing them compliment you on how amazing you look! The key is to make sure you don’t give up though and you actually complete the Beta Switch system. No offense, but if you decide to stop the program it’s not the fault of the system! You have to stay motivated and keep pushing forward! Women were designed to be strong!

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The beta switch diet™ by sue heintze pdf ebook free download  

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