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Spotlight on Service Hello to all of our Service Center employees and welcome to the first issue of Successful Smiles, our monthly newsletter. I am so excited to share with you all of the current happenings in the Service Center. I hope you will find this content interesting, thoughtful and “smiley.�


As a team we have accomplished a great deal this year in providing superior customer

service that delivers smiles each and every day to our customers. In this issue we will talk about WOWs, recognize some of our team members, give you an in-depth look at CSAT metrics, and provide you with some unique trivia.

Now, sit back, relax and enjoy the read.

I would also like to thank the Instructional Design and Brand Communications Team for their great work in putting this newsletter together. Please feel

Lance Lipkus Vice President Customer Service

The Popcorn Factory: Meet this Month's POPstar Jessica Welborn (Mentor Jessi ) resides in the Dayton area and is most certainly selfmade. She is a doting Grandmother as well as a proud Mother. She strives to do her best in every endeavor both personal and professional. Jessica came to TPF about a year ago, as a seasonal employee, and has exceeded all expectations. She holds herself to a higher standard, believes every task to be a self-portrait and every greeting to convey a personal promise. She prides herself on being reliable and believes excellent customer service to be the key to any successful business as well as her own personal success.

free to provide feedback or content for future articles at

More Recognitions Cheryl's: 

Cheryl's held a monthly add-on's contest and the agents with the best AOV win a special fall treat and a $25 savings pass! Winners were determined based on a weighted scale for closure (60% weight) and AOV (40% weight) for the month. continued on page 2


Weekly $25 Savings Pass Winners: • Week 1: Tim Landenberger • Week 2: Christine Mayhew • Week 3: Michelle Crackel • Week 4: Michelle Crackel Grand prize was an iTouch, second prize was a $50 American Express Gift Card and third prize was a cookie gift box. Winners: • First Place: Michele Crackel • Second Place: Deb Carter • Third Place: Tia Kabore


“A balanced diet is a agents are the Livewell winners for The following cookie in each hand” The winners received a $25 Gift September. -Barbara Johnson Card!

QVC Contest Cheryl’s also held a contest during the QVC specials throughout the month of October. QVC Star Mary Eckenrode shared some great selling tips. Agents were asked to watch Mary and answer three trivia questions about the show. The winners each received a $25 Cheryl’s Gift Card Winners: • Katyia Kabore • Amy Crowley • Leann Donnenwirth • Pamala Hayes

pound of assorted chocolates and third prize was peanut brittle. Winners: • Week 1: Leann Donnenwirth • Week 2: Carl Hoy • Week 3: Christine Mayhew • Week 4: Gail Laurbernds

• • • • • • • • • •

Robert O’Shea Ina Wood Cari Spillers Kari Pedley Donna Ladd-Fields Kenya Slusher Richard Focht Denise Soloris Melinda Conley Soysha Terrazas


Here are the top 10– ranked agents for October: 1. Jim Bednar 2. Christine Mayhew Cookie of the Month: 3. Annette Lorenz CCO offers our customers the chance to send a 4. Sue Ramsey gift that keeps on giving. With each new Cookie 5. Theresa Suchland of the Month account, recipients receive a certifi6. Ronald Ross cate announcing this generous gift. Here are the 7. Mary Flowers mouth-watering flavors of the month 8. Mary Laughlin 9. Dovie Gardenhire “A balanced diet is • October: October Frosted pumpkin cut-outs 10. Judy McDougal • a cookie November: Snickerdoodles November in each The top three teams headed up by the following hand.” Fannie May: Sales and Service Managers are:  • Jennifer Gildow (Team 326) -Barbara Johnson Each week a box of Fannie May Candies were • Shari Marchman (Team 324) awarded to the team member with the best wrap • Susan Patterson (Team 304) up percentage. The Grand Prize was a choice of Fannie May cheesecake, second prize was 1


WOW! Customer Service Call Stars 1800Flowers

 Agent: Christa Craig (HAN) “I received the pink puppy and monogrammed blanket as a gift for my daughter when she was born. She just turned 3. The puppy has become her "lovely" and it had unfortunately been lost today. I called your number and the rep looked it up on my account and I am happy to say that my daughter's pink "polka" dot puppy that helps her sleep will be back with us by next week. Christa was very helpful and we both exclaimed with glee when we discovered that you still had this item in stock. I can't say enough nice things about the help I received. I am so relieved and will definitely recommend you to everyone. What great service!” - Melissa Rogers King - Customer Agents: Pamela Spooner, Janice Bailey & Dawn Andrews (HAN) “I usually call a local florist but for some reason I decided to call Everyone I have spoken to regarding my order has been wonderful! by far, has the best customer service that I have ever dealt with and I am going to tell everyone to use and that is

the best!” - Sarah Leale - Customer

her way. Kaitlyn will be so excited and I have no doubt it will be beautiful!” “What a “I've been purchasing flowers great company!” “What great at 1-800-flowers for years; customer service reps!” mostly at the Massapequa “Leah is awesome!” Park branch (no longer -Customer Steve Bozzo there). The people there “A balanced is a The Popcorn Factory were charming anddiet patient cookie in each hand” and knew and loved flowers.  -Barbara Johnson Last year I watched Agent: Michelle Iveoli "Undercover Boss" and was (HAN) very moved by the 1-800"I placed an order late last flowers segment. It seems to night( 10/4/10, about 11:30 me that your business of p.m.) I was fortunate to get flowers is also a garden of to speak to Michelle (this wonderful workers. This is may be misspelled). Even at the only place I'll buy flowers such a late hour, she was for any occasion.” courteous and patient. She Order: 84932483 Robert took the time to repeat my Rizzy information carefully, so that I knew that I hadn't made a Agent: Leah Jones (HAN) mistake and knew that I had “Just wanted to tell you that communicated it correctly to I had the most wonderful her. She helped me decide customer service experience what to order, and I took her with one of your operators logical, clever suggestions. I today. Kaitlyn turns 13 this wish Michelle were available Tuesday and tonight is her to help me with all my phone middle school homecomshopping. Thank you for ing. I have been behind on your fine choice of an getting things ready and long employee and your terrific story short, decided to call products." 1800Flowers to order her a surprise corsage for toAgent: Janice Brown (HAN) night. The operator, Leah “I just want to say THANK was one of the nicest people YOU!!!!!!!! I recently ordered I have ever come across. She a large Falling Leaves Popwent out of her way to make corn goodie tin for our sure we would get the cordaughter in Germany and sage on time, called several she just notified florists to find the correct me that she recolor, and confirm they ceived it today, could make it a wrist corway ahead of sage. She really went out of schedule and that


More WOWs! it is the GREATEST goodie tin they have ever received. So, may I say that in placing my order with one of your telephone agents was such a positive experience, she was kind, polite, efficient and even laughed with me! That makes all of the difference in the world to customers as myself in placing orders, especially when they are to be sent so far away. You sent our special order and received it two days after I placed my order and now our two little granddaughters are really enjoying the Dancing Frogs popcorn trio, but we are thrilled that our daughter’s order reached her so efficiently and in such a timely manner. THANK YOU. THANK YOU!!!! I plan to make an order in time for the holidays and will tell my family and friends all about THE POPCORN FACTORY!!!!!

order. We had several good laughs, especially when I described how quickly my sister will go through the chocolate chip cookies.

Agent: Michael Braggalone (HAN) Michael, my representative was very knowledgeable and friendly as well as personable which I like. The product is Agent: Lori Biel (HAN) Lori was the best customer excellent. I have been pur“A balanced diet isdealt a chasing it for a few years. service rep I have ever cookie in each hand” with. Patient, knowledgeable, Delicious!!!! -Barbara Johnson courteous. She made a frustrating experience on the Fannie May website manageable and re turned a call when there was Agent: Mary Flowers (HAN) an issue. Lori deserves recThere was a problem with my ognition. last order, and the representative (Mary) was wonderAgent: David Lettelier ful. She listened, then veri(HAN) fied what my order should All my grandchildren love have consisted of, then she your cheese popcorn. They got permission to make it will be surprised with this right. She was fantastic and order, it's no ones birthday! because of her, I will conThe gal was very helpful with tinue as a customer. Thank my order. You are a great you for correcting the probcompany. When I was visitlem!! ing my son and his family in Charlotte NC and I discovAgent: Joel White (HAN) ered your product. I've been The rep was EXTREMELY Agent: Janice Brown (HAN) happy ever since. helpful and polite. He fixed Over the years I have ordered the problem and the rest of from The Popcorn Factory. Cheryl's my order will ship on Oct I have always been satis 3rd. I was so happy to get an fied and very pleased with Agent: Wilberth Murillo experienced and helpful genthe service and have found (Vialinx) tleman. He was apologetic all the agents to be very Will was the cs agent who and that goes a long way! He helpful when it was needed. helped me today and was made my day. For birthdays, holidays etc. probably the most helpful cs I will continue to order from rep I have ever encountered; the popcorn factory. he really helped with everything, especially since the Agent: Michelle Stimpel two products I originally (HAN) wanted were out of stock. The agent was wonderful. I Kudos to Will and Cheryl's! had a fine time placing my


For the Holiday season we will be offering all of Cheryl’s Clubs – purchasable and the add-on – as a 6-shipment club. The six shipments will consist of Holiday, Valentine’s Day hearts, Eggs, Patriotic, Apples and Pumpkins (no change from what you would expect). So the change is switching from what it is currently – a non-expiring club – to a 6shipment club. There will be NO change in SKU’s – we will be handling all of this manually ourselves by taking every new club order placed from 10/26-12/26 and automatically expiring/cancelling them next November after the final shipment of Pumpkins is sent. We have made this change because we believe the majority of club sales in this window of time will be for gifting purposes and we fee a club that expires in a year is the best customer experience. It will switch back on 12/27 to be the never-expiring rules (but of course a customer can cancel at any time).

Open Enrollment will be from November 8th thru November 21st. Don't forget to visit the Benefit Website ( essenroll.asp) to review your selections or make changes for 2011.

Happy Anniversary Floriology!

Holiday Highlights: Cheryl’s Offering All Clubs

It has been one year since the first issue of floriology was published the special Double Issue Anniversary Edition is now online! The 32 page magazine was distributed not only to BloomNet florists, but to nearly 10,000 other flower shops industry wide to market BloomNet and the floriology publication. Take a Peak: docs/2010 annivissue cropped

New Upcoming Book: Celebrating LifeLife- Words of Comfort Celebrating Press, the editors of Celebrating Mom, a unique book filled with heartwarming stories submitted by real people about real moms, are now on a new journey to compile content for a new keepsake book entitled Celebrating Life – Words of Comfort.

contribute to this book by sharing stories about someone who was important in your life. Tell us your stories, quotes and worlds of inspiration today in 250 words or less. You will help contribute to providing smiles to those at a time when they need them most.

This inspirational book will be perfect for paying To share your story, please visit: tribute to the life of a loved one. We invite you to


Customer Satisfaction: 18F Customer Satisfaction Month to Month

By the Numbers

18F Customer Satisfaction October Daily Sales and Service Numbers 2010


GFGB Customer Care CSAT: October MTD In reviewing customer feedback on the GFGB CSAT surveys from October Month to Date, I am proud to be able to state that our average Agent Blended Satisfaction scores for service are 8.98 and 9.50 for sales. These are Industry best numbers and it is a testimony to the hard work and effort of everyone on the GFGB team who is treating each and every call with the care the customer expects to receive. We have had a successful Halloween holiday and we look forward to a successful December gifting season for the Gourmet Food Brands. Please check out our WOWs and other top performers that we are high-


lighting in this issue of the Enterprise Newsletter!"

-Wes & Julie Wes Powell Director of Customer Experience Gourmet Food & Gift Baskets Julie Kaufman Director of Service Delivery Gourmet Food and Gift Baskets

Fannie May



CSAT Quarterly Winners CSAT Quarterly Winners Jessica Welborn, Beverly Rivera and Roberto Velasquez share their thoughts on providing exceptional customer service. Each of the winners took home an iPad! Jessica Welborn Jessi holds herself to a higher standard, believes every task to be a self-portrait and every greeting to convey a personal promise. She prides herself on being reliable and believes excellent customer service to be the key to any successful business as well as her own personal success. Beverly Rivera Beverly is not just a typical 1800Flowers agent, she handles every call with the passion of serving her customers to the best of her abilities. She takes ownership of each and every call and sees to it that every time the customers are smiling with her resolutions. Her effort in giving the customers the

best service she can was now rewarded with great customer feedback and we're truly very proud of her." ~Supervisor Shellie Ponce Roberto Velasquez “My motto has always been to provide a customer service experience that is nothing short from the best, and in order to do that, I just think…“be the customer”

Jessica Wilborn, Beverly Rivera & Roberto Velasquez

Helpful Tips from HR: Using VJS Whenever you need employment/salary verification or forms completed, your request should go to Verify Job System (VJS), an automated employment verification service (1(1-800800-800800-4857 or You will need the following information when you contact them our company's code: 1-800Flowers Company Code (7210) and you will also need your Social Security number. If you prefer, the agency that needs the form completed can fax the form directly to VJS at 1-910-392-8159. We suggest you allow the agency to contact VJS directly and write a letter of permission for the agency that needs the information. This will expedite the re-

quest and allow them to obtain the necessary information. If you need further assistance please e-mail ~Maria Bruno Service Center Hiring Manager

1-800-FLOWERS.COM Communicate with the Human Resource Department We would like to take this opportunity to re –launch our e-mail address: Your Human Resource Department looks forward to receiving your feedback, questions or suggestions


Secrets to Success: What a Customer is Worth Customer Service has a significant impact on a business' overall profitability. When customers are dissatisfied with the level of service they receive, they do not typically take time to tell us. This includes our internal customers, such as a BloomNet florist.

Top Performing CSAT SSS: Fiscal September for Sales & Service

Instead they vent to family, friends, coworkers, or neighbors who are not likely to do business with us in the future. And in many cases, dissatisfied customers will just go directly to a competitor. This ripple effect makes the loss of just a single customer or florist very costly. Facts about customer experiences and referrals: • A good customer experience is told to 8 other people. • A bad customer experience is told to 22 other people. • It takes 10 good experiences to make up for one bad one. • 70% of buying experiences are based on how the customer feels they are being treated. • A typical company receives around 65% of its business from existing customers. • 7 out of 10 customers who switch to a competitor do so because of poor service. • Customers who rate you 5 on a scale from 1 to 5 are six times more likely to buy from you again, compared to those that gave you a 4.8. • Around 90% of unhappy customers will not buy again from a company that disappointed them.

Source: Behavior Magazine

“Earth laughs in flowers” -Ralph Waldo Emerson

Did You Know?


Chrysanthemums The flower for the month of November is the chrysanthemum. The word chrysanthemum comes from the Greek words chrys and anthemum. Chrys means golden (the original color of the chrysanthemum) and anthemum means flower. The symbols of the chrysanthemum are optimism and joy. Chrysanthemums were first cultivated in China as a flowering herb as far back as the 15th century BC and the Emperor adopted the flower as his official seal. There is a "Festival of Happiness" in Japan that celebrates the flower. In Japan, The Chrysanthemum Throne, is the name given to the position of Japanese emperor. Since the chrysanthemum was first introduced into the United States during colonial times, its popularity has grown such that mums now reign as undisputed "Queen of the Fall Flowers” and is one of the four “Honourable Plants.” The others are plum, orchid, and bamboo which are symbols of nobility. Even today, the chrysanthemum is a symbol of the sun, and the orderly unfolding of the mum's petals denotes perfection. One tradition is to put a single chrysanthemum petal on the bottom of a wine glass to sustain a long and healthy life. Sources:, The National Chrysanthemum Society

November is National Beard Month, National Peanut Butter Lover’s Month, National Stamp Collector’s Month and National Clean Our Your Refrigerator Month. • Presidents Polk and Harding were both born on November 2nd, but 70 years apart • The Berlin Wall began to come down on November 9, 1989 • On November 13, 1952 the first presson fingernails were sold • November 18, 1963 Bell Telephone Company introduced to the public the push button phone • Aladdin, the 31st full-length Disney animated feature film was released on November 25, 1992 • Herman Melville’s novel Moby Dick was published in 1851. •

Important Dates Nov. 2

Election Day

Nov. 11 Veterans Day Nov. 25 Thanksgiving Dec. 2

First Day of Chanukah

Dec. 9

Last Day of Chanukah

Dec. 24

Christmas Eve

Dec. 25

Christmas Day

Dec. 26

Kwanzaa (until Jan. 1)

Dec. 31

New Year’s Eve

Jan. 1

New Year’s Day

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