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Emirates Supply Chain Forum Toastmasters Club

No.1048201, Area 22, Division B, District 105

Newsletter, Volume 1, October 2018




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Message from the President

Dear Toastmasters, I am delighted to write this message to you to share ESCF TMC’s first newsletter

R K Raman, ACB, ALB President, ESCF TMC

of the Toastmasters International year 2018-19. It is a good time to reiterate our core values and reflect upon the past few months. At ESCF Toastmasters our focus has always been to ensure that our members get the best Club experience through quality meetings, vibrant role-play, useful mentoring and constructive feedback. Some of the initiatives we started this year are the Toastmaster of the Year award - which uses an objective points-based criteria, Table Topics Evaluation and Best Role Player award. Furthermore, as soon as the new office bearers were elected, we made a smooth transition to our new meeting venue. At ESCF Toastmasters we encourage creativity and learning in a fun and supportive environment, and the efforts have started to bear fruits, beginning with the recognition as the 1st Club in the entire District to achieve Distinguished Club status, and the Smedley Award. Under the leadership of our dynamic Vice President-Education MTM Aparna, today TMODs and meeting themes are decided and scheduled well in advance, in fact we are able to announce them right after each meeting and keep up the interest. Additionally, the Excom has arranged amazing posters making us the talk of the town and this is evident in the feedback received from our Area Director, District Director and even external General Evaluators. My passion and love for this great platform has kept me going for the past 16 years and I look forward to continue serving the Club, inline with the quote by leadership guru Ken Blanchard: “Servant leadership is all about making the goals clear and then rolling up your sleeves and doing what it takes to help the people win”. It is indeed a privilege to be the President of such an amazing team and I look forward to taking our club to greater heights. It’s going to be a great journey together! I congratulate our Vice President-PR MTM Sweta for bringing this wonderful newsletter to life, and wish you all a happy reading.


From the editor’s desk


Fellow Toastmasters,

INSIDE THIS ISSUE I am delighted to introduce you to the inaugural issue of ESCF Expressions

President’s Message


Editor’s Desk


- our first newsletter of the year 2018-19. As you are aware ESCF Toastmasters Club today occupies a formidable reputation in our fraternity. It continues to grow from strength-to-strength

Achievements & Celebrations


Executive Committee


Lesson through driving lessons 6 Fill your cup


Expert Advice Five points to support your journey in Toastmasters


wholehearted participation of all members. ESCF Expressions was therefore born from a singular mission - to reflect on the ongoing activities of the club and encourage finding a common voice. This is a newsletter by, and for the club members. Our club members come from varied backgrounds and professions, and the newsletter is a platform to know them better, learn from each other,



Welcome Aboard


Better Late Than Never




Closing Thoughts Take the plunge…


Fond Farewells & New Beginnings


TMI & Contact Details


drawing inspiration from the distinguished leadership team and

uncover their hidden talents and much more. I hope you will enjoy flipping through the pages as much as I enjoyed putting them together. Please feel free to share your support to this initiative with candid opinion, feedback and suggestions.

Sweta Sewa-Chatterjee, VP-Public Relations, ESCF TMC


Club Achievements and Celebrations 2018-19

ESCF Toastmasters Club celebrates landmark 250th meeting in style...


ESCF TMC Executive Committee 2018-19

DTM Alok Kumar Singh Club Mentor, ESCF TMC

DTM Vinod Raman inducting ESCF EXCOM 2018-19 Past President, ESCF TMC Past Area Director – Area 25 Past Division Director – Division B

R K Raman, President, ACB, ALB

Hiral Mehta, Secretary, CC

Jitendra Sankhla, Treasurer K Ramesh, VP-Membership, ACB, CL Udayalakshmi Bhamidipalli, Sergeant-at-Arms, CC, ALB Aparna Rajan, VP-Education, CC, ALB

Sweta S Chatterjee, VP-PR


Lesson through driving lessons

A driving test is one of the scariest things I have ever experienced. Of course getting a driver’s license gives us freedom, but passing the test especially in the UAE is one of the most arduous tasks. Driving wasn’t a priority for me. It was a decision taken by my better half. I was apprehensive about it as I felt I would be wasting a significant amount of money, because rarely do people get their driving license in the first attempt here. At the back of my mind I thought that if I manage to get my license I would also lose the privilege of being chauffeur driven by my husband. I registered myself at Belhasa Driving School and started my theory classes. After a few lessons I sat for a signal test, which was the first hurdle I cleared successfully. The amount of preparation I undertook for a simple theory test felt like I was appearing for my PhD examination. Thereafter, I started my driving lessons, which was both an amazing and daunting experience. I kept thinking that I would make a fool of myself. I knew nothing about cars or driving. To be anxious for the test is understandable, but for the first practical lesson… it was a bit of an over-reaction. Mr. Mohammad, my instructor was a calm and composed man. I felt completely relaxed in his presence. He asked me if I knew anything about driving, and I said I knew absolutely nothing. Instead of getting fazed by my reply he remarked

that it was a good thing. He believed that I was a blank canvas, someone without any preconceived notions about driving. This helped me to relax further and I started enjoying my driving classes. At first I learnt to adjust the mirrors and the seat, and then Aparna Rajan, CC, ALB put on my seatbelt. VP-Education, ESCF TMC Thereafter, I was introduced to brakes and gears. Under the guidance of my instructor I drove slowly within the premises of the driving school. My car swayed from left to right to left, I just didn’t know how to stay on track. After a few lessons I was confident with my driving skills; however, to my utter dismay driving on the main road and parking was a different challenge all together. Parallel parking was the most confusing as I didn’t know when to turn right and when to turn left. The garage-parking lesson was biggest flop for me, as I never got it at one go. My instructor had now started to express his irritation at my slow progress. It was scary to be in charge of a car on the main road. I was worried about hitting other vehicles and pedestrians. The roundabout and Uturn sessions were terrifying and my instructor saved me from banging onto other cars and hitting the curbs. The amount of scolding I received from 6

him discouraged me and I felt like a useless being who didn’t understand the simple techniques of driving. But it was my husband who gave me hope and motivated me by saying, “Do your best, do not loose the passion. Love what you do”. I accepted all the setbacks in a positive way and worked hard. Slowly and gradually I learnt parking, started driving on track and enjoyed the process. I successfully passed my parking and assessment test and was ready for my final examination. The D-day came. I was very nervous, my palms were sweaty and legs shaky. There were others who had come for the test like me. For some of them it was their second attempt, while for others it was the third or fourth one. I sat quietly and heard their horrifying experiences of the test. Then I saw a lady in blue glares entering the room and we all understood that she was the examiner. After few seconds she said Abarna, nobody answered, she called out again, Abarna Rajan, and then I realized it was me she was calling. Had my surname not been mentioned I would have never known that my name was being called out, I was a bundle of nerves. The examiner looked irritated, as she got an impression that I knowingly did not respond to her call. She called two other people, and three of us along with the examiner headed towards the car. I was the first person to be examined. I sat in the car, adjusted the mirror and my seat, and put the seat belt on and then ensured the safety of others. The examiner in a robotic voice asked me, “Are you ready”? I said, “Yes ma’am”, she said, “Take a right from Belhasa”. I was so nervous that I had to literally look at my wedding ring to know my right hand from the left!

I was a little slow initially, as the roads in Al Quoz area near the labour camp were narrow. My examiner asked me to increase my speed. I followed her instruction, but was told that I was still slow and that this was my last warning to speed up. I could see a big truck in front of us; although terrified, I increased my speed and was able to control my vehicle. That is when the examiner said, “Good!” which calmed me down and I started driving smoothly. After 10 minutes the examiner asked me to park the car. I first surveyed if the car could be parked in the area or not. Then I put the indicator on and parked correctly. After we returned to the driving center the examiner asked us to wait for the result. While waiting many anxious thoughts ran through my mind. My name was finally called and the magical two words were uttered, ‘you’ve passed! It was one of the happiest moments of my life. All the embarrassment I had felt for not driving well enough during the lessons was wiped off in an instance. I had received the ultimate reward for my handwork and determination. The task to me at certain times seemed impossible, but the sheer support from my family and driving instructor, and my resilience had made it possible. This experience taught me that a thing that seems important at this moment is only a microscopic dot in the story of ones life. In short, “Do not sweat the small stuff”, because you never know what the future holds.


Fill your cup What does it mean to be alive? Breathe, eat, play and strive For wealth, name and fame? Is that all to this game? What about that unfulfilled dream... The passion that has hidden itself in shame Where is the curve on your lips that’s called a smile? Has it faded off in the journey of many a mile‌ Wake up, buck up and buckle up Quench your thirst, go ahead, fill your cup Find the lost treasure Pursue your passion find joy beyond measure

Udayalakshmi Bhamidipalli, CC, ALB, Sergeant-at-Arms, ESCF TMC


Expert Advice Five points to support your journey in Toastmasters

1. Aim: Simply because without knowing what you want is pointless. So knowing what you want is the first step. And don’t let anything distract you on the way. This could be identifying the right path, choosing the right mentor or simply attending meetings regularly to learn from others. 2. Attitude: Once you have identified what you want…it's not going to walk towards you, rather you need to work towards your goal. So have and maintain the right DTM Alok Kumar Singh, attitude throughout your journey, irrespective of the hurdles and results. Club Mentor, ESCF TMC Remember, you joined this programme for your own benefit so maintain a positive outlook, be open to constructive criticism, and accept initial setbacks to rise as a better communicator and leader. 3. Approach: Like everything else, public speaking and leadership can be learned, but it does not happen instantly. It takes time and constant effort. Your approach should be a balanced one i.e. you should focus equally on delivering speeches and performing leadership roles. Take help of the mentor (s) and have healthy discussions before execution and share the feedback you received from others with your mentor. This is a self-paced programme so take your time. My recommendation is to do one speaking project and one leadership project per month. Evaluate your progress yourself and seek feedback from others, and alter your approach accordingly for better results. 4. Acknowledgment (Acceptance): Let's accept the fact that it’s very easy to point out someone’s mistake. But how often do you find people who go out of thinking this way and accept their mistake and apologize. Successful people accept mistakes spontaneously, before it becomes a blame game, and are always open to corrective action. At the same time they also acknowledge the experience, knowledge and ideas of others. During this journey you might lead your club as an executive committee member, as an area office or a district officer as part of your leadership experience. If you fail to acknowledge the good or fail to accept the bad, then it might not allow you to focus and move on. Acknowledgement and acceptance are good tools to maintain the synergy between the teams and members. 5. Action: Let's say that you have mastered the 4A’s mentioned above. What next? We need to put all these learnings in to action otherwise…it’s useless. Simply because action speaks louder than words! You might ask me...what if I practice all these and still don’t get what I want? Don’t worry. If you don’t get what you want after giving all your best…you still get the experience, which is priceless. That should be enough for you to TRY AGAIN!



The role of a mentor cannot be emphasized enough in our lives whether it is in Toastmasters, our professional or personal life. It is said that when the student is ready, the teacher appears. Guidance from our mentors can only be maximized when we put in the efforts and take initiative of our development since no one else knows our journey better than us. Set goals you want to achieve Each individual has different dreams and ambitions. It is imperative that we set goals for ourselves rather than what others believe we should be doing. Once we have this in mind, we should not be perturbed by what people think and instead be confident in pursuing our goals. Dhanush Acharya, Don’t pit yourself against others CC, ESCF TMC Every person has his own journey. We may be good at certain things and we may falter in others. What is important is to compete with ourselves by recognizing and working on our weaknesses and maintaining our strengths. Our vision should be to be the better version of ourselves on a daily basis. It is important to not let the noise of comparison affect us in continuing our journey; however, slow or fast it may be. Be creative and experiment In any field, there comes a point where things become monotonous and therefore, a change is required in order to get ourselves out of boredom and pursue the activities in a more interesting way. Therefore, it is important to be creative and experiment even though you may fail. Not everything works the first time and the only way to succeed is to practice. Choose your association We become the people with whom we associate. Choosing the right people influences the way we look at life. Be in a group where we are challenged continuously as well as appreciated for the milestones achieved.


Me time Sometimes, we are always surrounded by people and are busy being busy that we don’t get time to listen to our inner voice and reflect on our thoughts. It is important that we schedule a ‘me time’ to review progress against the goals and update the goals where necessary. For different people, ‘me time’ maybe meditation, solo backpacking or walking in the woods. Don’t take criticism to heart and praise to head We all have good and bad days. It is easy to be perturbed by how well or worse situations go for us. But criticism or praise doesn’t affect successful people. They keep on working on their craft until they find their calling. Keeping mentor informed Keeping mentor informed of our progress and thoughts will help us know whether we are moving in the right path or not. Mentors can then challenge or encourage us depending on the level we have achieved and accordingly guide us to the finish line. To conclude, it is essential that we have a supportive team in whatever goals we pursue. However, without self-discipline and evaluation of our own progress, all the efforts may not yield the results. Hence, it is imperative that we take the necessary initiatives combined with the guidance from our support team to make the most of opportunities.

Welcome Onboard New Toastmasters!

TM Rajveer

MTM Reshmi

TM Jitendra

TM K Ramesh, VP-Membership inducting new

TM Sudarshan

members to ESCF Toastmasters Club

MTM Shilpa MTM Sweta

TM Dhanush TM Kushwant MTM Precilla


Better Late Than Never

“Life is not about finding yourself; life is about creating yourself”, with this quote by famous

Irish playwright George Bernard Shaw I started my Toastmasters journey and delivered my first Ice Breaker speech. It took me almost three years to decide whether I should join Toastmasters club or not. I had too many excuses like no time, too busy, responsibility of raising two kids, household chores, and balancing life between office and home. This was until I realized what Jim Rohn - the American motivational speaker - said in his famous quote, “Either you run the day or the day runs you”. Time is the one thing in life you can never get back, once it is spent, it is gone forever. Although I

Precilla Quadras ESCF TMC

wish I had joined Toastmasters much earlier in life, when I shared this feeling with a fellow Toastmaster from our club he rightly said, “Better Late than Never”. Ever since I joined ESCF Toastmasters Club, I have been enjoying the journey of developing my leadership, public speaking and communications skills. I am delighted to say that during these past few months I have never missed an opportunity to attend the club’s meetings. I have attended all 10 meetings and have undertaken seven roles, including three project speeches. I am glad to say that after joining ESCF Toastmasters Club I have overcome my fear of public speaking. The Toastmasters journey and experience has enhanced my confidence and expanded my personal and professional network and growth. Joining Toastmasters has encouraged me continue my education through learning new words and phrases, and the time management skills have helped me organize my personal and professional life better. To conclude my message, I would like to tell all aspiring Toastmasters that by embarking on this journey you open your world to amazing opportunities and life-long learning. And to those who are still undecided, for them my message is Better Late than Never!


Breakthrough! Thoughts often volatize into dreams By thoughts, I mean the ones That I emptied myself into Before I know they are bygones I find nursing the newborns The fire never burns out It just blazes inside out My soul wants to be painted With beauty, dreams though rented Thou make me feel beautiful I am in my dreamscape Gaping at the valleys And thou beside me Your eyes speak more than your words Hoping I would unleash from the spell My eyes are now less colloquial Yet your superficial gaze Makes my heart leap few beats I am in my dreamscape Oh! I feel beautiful

Shilpa Basavaraju, ESCF TMC

The music fades and I look for you and... You are gone, may be In quest of your own dreams I found seized in my own dreams Yet the fire never burns out It just blazes inside out The chase meets a breakthrough And my soul is not feeling blue Thou still make me feel beautiful For the beauty lies in the state of mind The dreamer in me is no more blind The voyage continues with hope, dreams & spirit pined!


Closing Thoughts Take the plunge‌

My life is full of serendipities. I was neither looking for them nor was I expecting them, but I am glad that we found each other.

Aparna Rajan, CC, ALB

VP-Education, ESCF TMC

I was not born a leader but aspired to be one. Surrounded by leaders - from my mentors, to heads of the organization I worked at, to team leaders and business leaders - I realized that they didn’t just accomplish, they communicated. I needed a place where I could find my voice, think on my feet, plan, organize, deliver and receive constructive feedback. I was searching for a place where all these ingredients were abundantly available along with mentorship. In Toastmasters I found a community of learners helping each other in the path to leadership. My one and a half year journey in ESCF Toastmasters Club has taught me about sharing knowledge and giving our best. This is why I took up the challenge of Vice President Education to help others attain their educational goals. Becoming a Toastmaster gives visibility, credibility and learnability. It has helped me identify my shortcomings and strengths. I am proud to be a part of ESCF Toastmasters Club. With its diverse thinkers each meeting at the Club is a great learning experience. The invaluable feedback one receives at the Club and acting on them are steps towards self-discovery and awareness. One has to be a lifelong learner in all aspects of life to be a true leader. I was not born a leader, but today I have become one. Of course not by chance but by choice! Are you ready to take the plunge?


Of Fond Farewells and New Beginnings

ESCF Toastmasters club bids adieu to TM R K Rao

Our last meeting at the much-loved Kanoo Building venue

New beginnings at Al Moosa Business Center


Toastmasters International is a world leader in communication and leadership development. Our organization has more than 357,000 memberships. Members improve their speaking and leadership skills by attending one of the 16,600 clubs in 143 countries that make up our global network of meeting locations. The world needs leaders. Leaders head families, coach teams, run businesses and mentor others. These leaders must not only accomplish, they must communicate. By regularly giving speeches, gaining feedback, leading teams and guiding others to achieve their goals in a supportive atmosphere, leaders emerge from the Toastmasters program. Every Toastmasters journey begins with a single speech. During their journey, they learn to tell their stories. They listen and answer. They plan and lead. They give feedback—and accept it. Through our community of learners, they find their path to leadership.


R K Raman

+971 50 475 1176

Vice President-Education

Aparna Rajan

+971 52 886 3428

Vice President-Membership

K Ramesh

+971 52 714 0974

Vice President-Public Relations

Sweta Chatterjee

+971 55 275 1846


Hiral Mehta

+ 971 50 318 0038


Jitendra Sankhla

+ 971 58 206 1127



+971 52 198 8831

We welcome you to join us in our bi-monthly meetings held on the second and fourth Friday of every month. 4pm to 6:30pm



ESCF Toastmasters Club Floor, Al Moosa Business Center, Oud Metha, Dubai


ESCF TMC's 1st newsletter of 2018-2019  

ESCF Toastmaster Club's 1st newsletter for 2018-2019

ESCF TMC's 1st newsletter of 2018-2019  

ESCF Toastmaster Club's 1st newsletter for 2018-2019