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Advanced Variable Resistance helps maintain proper form throughout the full range of motion

Fully enclosed housing protects resistance mechanism and minimizes maintenance

Ergonomicallydesigned seat and hand grips

Outdoor Adult Fitness Parks Request a copy of our Best Practice guidebook for designing outdoor fitness parks at

Only available in the Advanced Series

No external moving parts reduces the risk of pinch and shear hazards


Moving fitness forward. Since 1929, GameTime has been committed to creating recreation areas that get people moving. Working with leading scholars and play scientists, GameTime helped pioneer the concept of multi-generational play, and helped communities understand the benefit of play beyond childhood and its place in the lives of adults. We leveraged our play research and engineering expertise to create some of

the first commercially-available outdoor fitness products in the 1980s with Parcourse® and led the development of adult fitness trails and fitness parks with iTrack®. Over the last quarter century, we’ve taken everything we’ve learned about multi-generational play and combined it with the knowledge of exercise physiologists, doctors and nutritionists to create the most comprehensive approach to adult outdoor fitness. GTfit is the

GTfit products are designed for users age 13 and up, except where noted.


culmination of these efforts and embodies our passion and commitment to get people moving and to move fitness forward.

Advanced Fitness Series provides a well-rounded fitness program with a sleek, ergonomic design.

Advanced Series

Elliptical #13255i (In-Ground Mount)

Hand Cycle

The GTfit Elliptical helps increase aerobic capacity, provides a low impact form of

#13246i (In-Ground Mount)

Upright Cycle

cardio exercise and offers a full-body workout utilizing your own body weight for resistance.

The Hand Cycle station is a fun, low-impact

#13250i (In-Ground Mount)

aerobic workout for users of all fitness levels. It’s like an exercise bike for your upper body!

The GTfit Upright Cycle is a great way to integrate low-impact aerobic exercise into your fitness regimen. Features innovative magnetic resistance mechanism used in all of our Advanced Series Cycle products.

Cardio Walker #13245i (In-Ground Mount) The Cardio Walker is an ideal solution for anyone seeking a low-impact aerobic workout in a park or along a fitness trail.

Lat Pull Down #13253i (In-Ground Mount) The Lat Pull Down is an ideal choice for improving arm and shoulder muscle strength. Features a variable resistance mechanism that increases the amount of resistance as the handles are pulled down toward the chest.

Chest Press #13244i (In-Ground Mount) Features an ergonomically-designed saddle and supportive backrest and elastic resistance mechanism in an enclosed steel housing.

Leg Extension #13247i (In-Ground Mount)

Leg Press

#13248i (In-Ground Mount)

The Leg Extension strengthens your lower body muscles, including the largest muscle group in your legs - the quadriceps. As

The Recumbent Cycle provides an effective, low-impact aerobic workout. Features a

#13254i (In-Ground Mount) The Leg Press features an ergonomically-

you raise your legs, the variable resistance mechanism is activated, providing fluid,

unique stainless steel bearing and magnetic resistance mechanism.

styled saddle and utilizes our Advanced Series variable resistance mechanism.

challenging resistance throughout the range of motion.


Recumbent Cycle

GTfit products are available in Surface Mount, In-Ground Mount and Footing Mount models.


GTfit is a modular system that allows you to combine multiple products to maximize your space and budget.

Sit-Up/Back Extension

Captain’s Chair

#13249i (In Ground Mount)

#13251i (In-Ground Mount) Core fitness is a key component of a well-

Core fitness exercises help protect your back and help you use your upper and lower body

rounded fitness program and the Captain’s Chair is a compact strength training station designed to enhance muscular fitness of

muscles more effectively. Combine the Sit-up/ Back Extension with other muscle and aerobic stations to create a comprehensive fitness

abdominals, obliques and lower back.

solution for your community.

Push-Up Station #13295 Push-Up Station can be installed with other products, like the Chin-Up Station, to create multiple fitness opportunities in a single station.

Chin-Up Station #13285 Designed with unique hand grip curvature to provide multiple degrees of challenge, the GTfit Chin-Up Station can be installed on a common upright with other components to save space and maximize value.

Horizontal Chin-Up Station #13296 The GTfit Horizontal Chin-Up Station allows users to perform chin-ups with their body in the reverse plank position.

Balance Plank #13279 Perform multiple balance, strength and flexibility exercises with the GTfit Balance Plank.

Plyometric Boxes #13275 6” #13276 1’ #13277 1’6”

Balance Board

#13278 2’


Available in multiple heights to create varying degrees of challenge for box jumps, dips, push-ups and more.

#13280 Provides a wide range of fitness benefits in a single, space-saving design. Standing on the platform activates the spring, creating a balancing exercise that enhances core strength.

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Elite Series

GTfit Elite products are inspired by cross-training and add a new level of challenge to your community fitness park.

Fitness Pommels #13192 6” #13193 12” #13194 18” #13195 24” Fitness Pommels are a versatile addition to your fitness park. Users can perform pushups, box jumps and dozens of other exercises.

Trapeze Rack #13198 #13199 Add-A-Bay

Available in four heights.

Swing from one ring to the next or perform pull-ups, leg raises and a wide range of exercises that enhance upper body and core strength. Recommended for ages 18 and up.

Fitness Rack #13189 The perfect way to add a broad range of fitness challenges to your fitness park in a single station. Multiple bar heights and room for up to 10 users at once.

Adult Climbing Wall #13196 9’ #13197 10’ Provide the full body workout benefits of rock climbing with GTfit Climbing Walls. Available in 9’ and 10’ heights.

Parallel Bars #4629 40” high #4630 42” high #4631 46” high #4632 50” high #4633 54” high a powder-coat finish, GTfit Parallel bars are available in separate heights and widths for male and female users.


Constructed of durable steel and painted with

GTfit products are designed for users age 13 and up, except where noted.



Combine GTfit Base Series stations to design the perfect outdoor fitness park for your community.

T-Bar Station

Vault Bar Station

Horizontal Chin-Up Station




This station has two T-Bars of different heights

The Vault Bar can be used to work upper

Allows user to perform exercises to work

to use as support for a lower body workout or as a push up bar for an upper body workout.

and lower body muscle groups, and develop cardiovascular conditioning.

upper body and core. Guide rail allows a safer transition and added assistance.

Knee Lift Station

Hurdle Station

Body Curl Station




Varying handhold heights allow two users to simultaneously work hip flexors, abs, obliques and upper body.

Three bars spaced an equal distance apart to allow jumping or walking exercises to strengthen the hamstrings, glutes, calves and quads while improving coordination and cardiovascular health.

A versatile station with several options available to work hips flexors, abs, obliques, back and core muscles.

High Jump Station

Balance Beam Station

Sit-Up Station




Works your core, mid, and lower leg while developing ballistic power and cardiovascular endurance.

Work out on the Balance Beam to help improve balance, coordination and cognitive skills.

Work your abs and obliques to help strengthen your core muscle groups.

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Base Series

GTfit Base Series is a durable, affordable option for communities who want a fundamental approach to outdoor fitness.

Push-Up Station Bench Dip Station #13180

Log Hop Station

Allows up to four users to participate in the

#13178 Strengthens lower body with a variety of exercises focusing on calves, quads, glutes, hamstrings and core.

#13182 Two bars of different heights allow varying degrees of difficulty and the opportunity to strengthen shoulders, chest, triceps and core.

exercises simultaneously. Targeting primarily upper body area such as the triceps, deltoids, and chest, can also be used to strengthen hamstrings and quads.

Parallel Bar Station #13175

Wobble Board Station #13176

Step-Up Fitness Station #13170 The coated steps of the fitness station and grip handle for extra stability allows the opportunity to strengthen the lower body, including calves, quads and hamstrings.

Adult Fitness Station (below) #8645 Exercises include: Pull Up, Push Up, Body Curl, Sit Up, and Dip Stations.


Develops strength , balance and coordination with exercises that utilize the spring to provide resistance and movement. Strengthens shoulders, chest, triceps, hamstrings and is great for overall core strength. Sign is included in the station price, frame is sold separately.

Parallel Bars can be used in a variety of ways for upper body or total body conditioning.

GTfit products are designed for users age 13 and up, except where noted.



Adding outdoor fitness products to your park, walking trail or greenway is a great way to help your community live active, healthy lives.

Cardio Walker

Rowing Machine

#13261i (In-Ground Mount)

#13265i (In-Ground Mount)

Only available in beige and green, as shown.

Only available in beige and green, as shown.

Seated Leg Press (Double)


Hip Flexor/Captain’s Chair

#13263i (In-Ground Mount)

#13264i (In-Ground Mount)

#13258i (In-Ground Mount)

Only available in beige and green, as shown.

Only available in beige and green, as shown.

Only available in beige and green, as shown.

Lat Pull Down

Cardio Walker (Double)

Vertical Press (Double)

#13257i (In-Ground Mount)

#13262i (In-Ground Mount)

#13259i (In-Ground Mount)

Only available in beige and green, as shown.

Only available in beige and green, as shown.

Only available in beige and green, as shown.

To see all the available product options visit:


GTfit Base Series products utilize the user’s own body weight to create resistance.

Outdoor Fitness

Sport Board #13267i (In-Ground Mount) Only available in beige and green, as shown.

Triple Ab Twister

#13270i (In-Ground Mount)

#13268i (In-Ground Mount)

Only available in beige and green, as shown.

Only available in beige and green, as shown.

Chest Press (Double)

Hip Flexor

Shoulder Rotator

#13269i (In-Ground Mount)

#13260i (In-Ground Mount)

#13266i (In-Ground Mount)

Only available in beige and green, as shown.

Only available in beige and green, as shown.

Only available in beige and green, as shown.


Double Strider

GTfit products are designed for users age 13 and up, except where noted.


Gt Fit  

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