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MANUEL ANTONIO TOUR GUIDE For more information about tours in the Manuel Antonio/Quepos area contact Escape Villas at or call toll free at 1-888-240-6990.


Welcome Tours

Start your trip by getting acquainted

suspension bridge to The Valley of

with the area by ATV Buggy Limousine!

Waterfalls where six waterfalls converge

The whole group, up to 16 people, can

and refreshing swimming holes await.

pile in to take the Welcome Buggy Tour around the towns of Quepos and Manuel Antonio. Relax during this 2.5 hour ride and learn about all the key spots you’ll need while here – beaches, fabulous restaurants, groceries, bars and banks.

Or, ask your Escape Villas concierge about our Courtesy Welcome Tour of the area. This is a great way for a few members of the group to get the lay of the land. Your Escape Villas host will take up to four people by private car for

If you’re feeling adventurous opt for the

a one-hour tour through Manuel Antonio

Jungle & Waterfall Buggy Tour to explore

and Quepos so that you will know exactly

the rainforest - 4x4 style. You’ll drive

where to find all the essentials: beach,

all terrain through the palm plantation,

bus stops, groceries/fresh fruit, liquor,

crossing streams and into the Costa

pharmacy, our best restaurants and

Rica rainforest. The trek continues over

sunset hangouts.

Either welcome tour will save you time so you can get your vacation started right away!

• Steep climbs

• Suspension • Six converging bridge waterfalls



SURFING Surfers travel the world to look for a perfect spot to ride the waves. One of the most visited destinations for surfing is Manuel Antonio. Local surfing experts and champions offer lessons to beginners,

• Jungle surrounded by surfing and white sand beaches

average and even brilliant surfers with non-surfing partners. Manuel Antonio is famous for warm water surfing all year round. This destination

• Surfing lessons are offered to beginners, average and more experienced surfers

somewhat caters to beginners, average or moderate surfers but the waves of Manuel Antonio can be fun for expert surfers as well.

• Year round surfing in warm Pacific waters

Sign up for private or group surfing lessons in Manuel Antonio. You will learn to surf like a pro in no time. Instructors will give you safety talks and directions before plunging into those waves.

• Best surfing beaches Damas River Mouth, Quepos River Mouth, Playitas, Mar y Sombra, Bajo, Secret Spot and Playa El Rey


The ATV (All Terrain Vehicle) tour allows riders and drivers to see several attractions. The tour visits various geographic areas which showcase the rainforest, farm land, waterfalls, natural jungle pools, rivers, and wild animals. All vehicles offer the option of double or single riders. Local guides with extensive knowledge of the flora and fauna will point out exotic plant species and other wildlife. Each tour begins with a full safety demonstration and fitting of protective gear. Most tours take about five hours and include lunch and refreshments.



• Adventure Through rivers and lush green hills

• Expert Guides • Waterfall swimming holes to cool off




• Adrenaline tour for thrill seekers

• Beautiful Experience the adventure of a lifetime in

These are: the famous monkey drops

the rainforest of Quepos! You will enjoy

(assisted free falls), waterfall rappelling,

the beauty of a magnificent waterfall from

zip lines, tree top rappel and tree climbing

every angle as you climb to the top.

ladders, suspension bridge cross, and a

The tour combines seven of the most exciting adventures in all of Costa Rica.

multi vine challenge course.

rainforest setting

• Amazing photographic opportunity



Want a thrilling ocean adventure? Look no further than a Jet Ski Pacific Ocean tour. On your jet ski you will have the opportunity to view Costa

• Exciting ocean adventure

Rica’s magnificent coastline, fall in love with the beauty of the Pacific Ocean, all while racing through the water aboard a powerful jet ski. The tour includes snorkelling, a search for whales and dolphins, and an exploration of the islands of Manuel Antonio National Park. The highly

• Close up views of wildlife, islands and the Rich Coast

qualified tour guide will lead you to spots along the Central Pacific where you can view exotic sea life and visit small coves and inlets, many only accessible from the water. Safety equipment and light refreshments are offered.

• Dolphin sightings


MANGROVE BOAT TOURS A Mangrove Boat Tour in Costa Rica offers a glimpse into the rich biodiversity of life in the mangrove forest. In the mangroves live the only tree species that thrive in both salt and fresh water, making this ecosystem host

• Wildlife

to a huge variety of wildlife. The boats are all covered on top but open on the sides so that you may see monkeys, crocodiles, birds, snakes, racoons, fish

• Unique ecosystem

and crabs. The tour begins by touring the Damas River, where your expert guide explains the area’s ecological system, followed by a venture into the mangrove estuaries. Each day the tour is scheduled so that the boat debarks

• Biodiversity

between high and low tides allowing for maximum wildlife viewing.

MANUEL ANTONIO // This mountain farm is one of the most sought after horse riding venues in Costa Rica. The stable offers a wide range of horses that are matched to your ability, and will ensure that you have the kind of riding experience you want. The tour takes you riding through the rainforest to give you a close up view of the region’s rich biodiversity. You will ride from the farm to a clear, gorgeous, river and then into the jungle, and finally, up to a beautiful waterfall. Along the way there is a very good chance to see monkeys, racoons, deer, tropical birds, butterflies, old growth trees, and tropical flowers. At the waterfall enjoy a picnic of light refreshments and a swim in the natural pool.


• All ages and abilities • River and rainforest • Waterfall pool


SPICE PLANTATION TOUR Spice up your vacation by visiting an organic farm that is dedicated to growing vanilla, cocoa, Ceylon cinnamon, black pepper and turmeric. For over 20 years the farm has

• Educational Light hike for all ages

been dedicated to not only growing some of the finest spices available, but also to teaching people about the amazing benefits these spices have provided to man since ancient times. The farm is certified organic

• Certified organic

and also produces extracts, medicinal and essential oils. Two tours daily, morning and afternoon are available. There is a wonderful shop offering items for purchase as delicious mementos.

• Spicy souvenirs


Whale Watching & Dolphin Tours Manuel Antonio Whale Watching and Dolphin Tours provide a fascinating eco-experience for visitors. You will enjoy close proximity to the whales and dolphins that inhabit the waters of Costa Rica’s mid pacific coast. Watch as the dolphins do their own version of synchronized swimming, jumping in and out of the water in unison and racing aside your

• Dolphins put on a show

boat. The dolphins often swim close to the surface, providing an opportunity to touch and feed them. Experienced guides sail the catamaran, and

• Catamaran Ride

provide information about the wildlife that you will see. Snorkel equipment is provided for those who would like an even closer look at these amazing aquatic mammals.

• Snorkelling


Manuel Antonio White Water Rafting

greater challenge, inflatable kayaks are

Tours provide an exhilarating white water

available. Safety is the first priority during

experience. There are a number of rivers in

this tour and all safety gear is provided.

the area of varying class which are suited to all abilities. These rivers include the popular

White Water Rafting

Naranjo River which is sure to charge up your adrenaline, especially during the rainy season from April to December. For those who are new to rafting, expert, bilingual, guides will assist you in learning the skills faster than you may think. For those with

The tour also is an opportunity to enjoy a hike in the beautiful rainforest. Learn about the tropical landscape including pristine pools and old growth trees. Watch for animals such as sloths, 3 species of monkeys, deer, and an abundance of birds and butterflies.

rafting experience, and who want an even


• Adrenaline-pumping • Sunset Catamaran Ride

• Rainforest hike



The Manuel Antonio National Park and Biological Reserve (the most visited national park in Costa Rica) is home to a wide range of tropical plants and animals. The park includes an array of geographical features such as coral reefs, rainforests, beautiful beaches and rivers. The park is home to several endangered species of plants and animals. The well trained tour guides know where to locate the abundant wildlife, and are have expert knowledge about this unique and fascinating national park. Remember to bring your camera to capture the most captivating moments during the tour. A bathing suit and picnic lunch are also recommended.

• Hike through well marked trails in the rainforest

• Swim in the Pacific Ocean off the pristine beaches

• Endangered species

• Wildlife experts


BIRD Watching

The Manuel Antonio bird watching tour is a must for bird lovers; equivalent to a gold mine of tropical birds. The tour involves climbing hills and descending into the valleys of Manuel Antonio National Park, scouting for some rare, many beautiful local birds. This is also an opportunity to learn about the various tree species in the rainforest that provide homes for the nests. There are plenty of experienced guides with extensive knowledge and experience about the birds in the region, and most importantly where to find them. All the guides have high quality, powerful, telescopes, specifically designed for wildlife viewing and adaptable to your own camera.

• Over 100 tropical birds • Primary and secondary rainforest trees

• National Park hike


Canopy TOURS A Manuel Antonio canopy tour provides an excellent opportunity for visitors to experience the thrill associated with riding along zip lines, and an opportunity to see a wide range of local wildlife. The tour starts on the beautiful grounds of the tropical rainforest and continues on through at least 10 zip lines. Even people who are afraid of heights find they are calmed by experienced guides who know how to put minds at ease, and who are able to ensure a fun and exciting experience. All equipment is certified and tested for safety. Zipping through the rainforest canopy from tree to tree you will not only see waterfalls and natural pools below you, but also wildlife such as the monkeys, toucans, and sloths. Ask our concierge

• Longest zip in Central America

• Superman Zipline

• Tarzan swing

• Rappels

about the Tarzan swing, Superman cable, longest zip in the country and the jungle obstacle course to select the right tour operator for your group.


For lovers of nature, a Manuel Antonio Waterfall Tour is an experience you won’t want to miss. The tour brings you



closer to nature in its raw form; swamps, tropical vegetation, rivers and lagoons that you pass on the way to a gigantic waterfall. This is a perfect holiday treat because of the cool climate and the beautiful natural environment that the region has to offer. The tour visits the Nauyaca waterfall which is accessible only by horse. The ride gives you an opportunity to see abundant wildlife along the path such as the endangered squirrel monkeys, sloths, racoons, deer, and anteaters. The tour guides are bilingual, well trained and experienced to ensure a safe and educational tour.

• Cool, shaded climate and natural environment

• Swimming holes Transportation may not be included.


A Manuel Antonio crocodile tour offers an excellent opportunity for wildlife lovers to see this powerful reptile in its habitat. The safe, yet thrilling experience will give you a lot of information about these incredible creatures. Visitors are even allowed to feed the crocodiles (if they wish!) giving tourists a perfect opportunity to see the power of these reptiles’ jaws. The crocodile tour has two parts: first you watch the crocodiles from the Tarcoles Bridge, then, you may take a boat ride and have relatively close exposure to the crocodiles. The tour guides in the region are well trained and experienced so your safety is guaranteed. They know the places to pass to ensure that the animals are not provoked. The tour covers other wildlife in the area such as monkeys, poison frogs, fish, iguanas and other small reptiles.

Crocodile Tours

• Crocodile feeding • Well trained and experienced tour guides

• Exotic Wildlife in their natural habitat

Transportation may not be included.



TOURS A sailing tour is a wonderful way to explore the Pacific coast of Costa Rica. You will probably see dolphins and possibly whales during your tour. Explore the inlets and island coves of Manuel Antonio National Park. Enjoy the unique perspective from your fully outfitted sail boat of the rugged coastline and tropical beaches. After a sail around the coast the boat moors in a lovely bay where you are treated to a light meal and

• Ocean sailing adventure

• Salt water snorkelling

refreshments. In this quiet cove you will have the opportunity to use the boat’s snorkel equipment to swim among the tropical fish and coral. There are morning, afternoon, and sunset tours to choose from. Sun screen, bathing suit and towel are advised.

• Cool and refreshing coastal tour

MANUEL ANTONIO // Costa Rica is one of the most popular Sport Fishing destinations and off the coast of Quepos is known to be one of the best places in all of Central America to release a Pacific sailfish.


Sport Fishing is always amazing off the coast of Quepos, with top billfishing traditionally underway by early December. This is when the concentration of sailfish move into the central coastal region to join the earlier-arriving marlin. At its peak, releases from 10 to 20 fish a day

From Quepos you can also take

are common, with a few amazing days every

a full day trip to the Drake Bay

year with 30 and more releases.

and Caño Island area, Quepos is known for big cubera, wahoo and roosterfish, but there is also dorado, tuna, sailfish and marlin.

• Catch and release sailfish

• Release anywhere from 10 to 20 game fish a day

• Multi day tours to the Caños Island and Drake Bay region


SCUBA DIVING Explore our underwater world with a dive off the coast of Manuel Antonio National Park. Regular offshore trips to Isla del Cano and the Veinte Seis dive site are also available. Our full service dive center offering dive courses, training packages,

• Tropical fish

online dive training, professional courses and daily dive trips. Snorkel, live aboard and night diving also available.

• Volcanic formations • Dive Isla del Cano


Segway Glider Tours Cruise around town on a Segway and get

beaches and get informed about all the

to know the areas of Quepos and Manuel

best local eateries and hot spots along

Antonio. Then get up close and personal

the way. Both morning, nature lovers,

with the local wildlife on a Segway

tours and afternoon sunset tours are

Jungle Island Tour. First you’ll take a

offered. Segways are a fun and eco-

quick ferry from Quepos to the Pacific

friendly transportation option to navigate

Island of Damas. This area is unspoiled

the town, beaches and jungle terrain

by cars and offers up extraordinary

– hopefully spotting some cool animal

views of the Pacific coastline. You’ll learn

friends along the route.

about the local history, explore remote

• Green transportation • All-terrain tours • Off road Segway x2


Jungle Tubing • Pristine waters The Jungle Tubing tour is a great

for another four miles through Class II

adventure for the whole family that

rapids like “Initiation” and “Golden Seal”

allows you to take in the scenery and

adjacent to Parque la Amistad (Friendship

search for wild inhabitants like birds,

Park) which is one of the largest

egrets, toucans, monkeys and more. The

protected areas in the country. You will

meandering waters of Costa Rica’s rivers

be refreshed by the pristine waters of

carve through dense forests and float

one of the cleanest rivers in all of Central

by rushing waterfalls. Your ride starts at

America while enjoying an adventurous

the calm river put-in and then continues

ride through amazing landscapes.

• Local landscapes • Family adventure


Parasailing Many people can sell you a view here in Manuel Antonio. But, the view of the coastline from 600 feet above the Pacific Ocean by parasail is unmatched! Get suited up right on the beach and soar above the beach goers, boaters, jungle and the famous Manuel Antonio National Park. You can fly solo or with a friend to experience Costa Rica from a whole new angle. The tour ends with a soft landing in the warm waters of the Pacific Ocean.

• Safe

• Tandem parasail

• Scenic views


Boat Rentals

• Calm seas • Whale watching • Sport fishing • Garmin GPS system

Charter your own boat, get out on the Pacific waters and be your own captain! The

Boat amenities include T-top covers for ample shade, stereo with iPod jack, cushioned

most cost effective way to explore the open waters at your own pace. You can reserve

seats, cooler and fresh water shower. All boats are outfitted with Coast Guard approved

your own 25’ or 27’ Dusky Center Console boat for two hours, four hours or the whole

safety kits including lifejackets; throw ring, flares, horn, dock lines and anchor.

day.Private boat rentals are perfect for fishing, snorkeling, diving or just plain sunset cruising. Garmin navigational units make sure you never lose your way.


In-House Spa Treatments A private or couples massage is the perfect way to unwind after a day of adventure in the Costa Rica wilderness. You don’t need to lift a finger or leave your villa. Our concierge will make all the arrangements for an in-house massage or other body treatment to come right to you. Receiving massage is luxurious and relaxing, but the benefits extend beyond the surface. Bodywork strengthens the immune system, calms the nervous system, flushes toxins from the muscles and releases endorphins that increases joy, peace and relaxation. Try any one or a combination of deep tissue massage, Craniosacral therapy, Reflexology or Thai massage and

• Massage & body treatments • Holistic therapies

be reinvigorated for the duration of your trip.

• Spa parties


Private Chef Services

Treat yourself and your group to a night off from the kitchen. The whole family can relax by the pool while your private chef creates culinary delights for breakfast, lunch and/or dinner. Our seasoned chefs have menus filled with local and world cuisine. Indulge your palette with the variety and quality of exotic fruit, vegetables and fresh seafood prepared in typical Costa Rican,

• Private cooking classes • Mouth watering meals

Caribbean, or authentic Italian, Japanese or French style - our private inhome chefs can prepare menus that the whole family will enjoy. Ask us about our private in-villa cooking classes. Feel right at home while learning to cook authentic Costa Rican and other tropical dishes from our international chefs.

• Personalized menus • No clean up


Transportation If you’re looking for a totally stress-free vacation then let us do the driving for you. From the moment you disembark from the airplane we can assure you that you, your family and your luggage will be transported to your villa safely and with no hassles. No maps, no navigation, just sit back and relax and our experienced drivers will transport you and your group while you take in the local scenery. There are microbus vans that are best for groups up to eight people, with a recommended maximum capacity of ten. We recommend the larger Coasters that can take groups of ten or more, up to 24 people, comfortably – and even with a little extra legroom. We can also arrange for a rental car(s) for couples or small groups. And, if you’re just a couple of people and are interested in the quickest route to the beach you might want to check out domestic flights with Sansa Regional Airlines.

• Safe & Secure • Hassle free • Vans, Coasters, Cars

MANUEL ANTONIO TOUR GUIDE For more information about tours in the Manuel Antonio/Quepos area contact Escape Villas at or call toll free at 1-888-240-6990.

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