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Stephanie Neely is a native Chicagoan that brings to the Office of the Treasurer for the City of Chicago more than 20 years of financial services experience with leading investment banking institutions. Ms. Neely was appointed Treasurer in 2006, elected in 2007, and re-elected in 2011. As Treasurer, Ms. Neely is responsible for investing the City’s portfolio of approximately $7 billion while ensuring it is safe, liquid, and receives the best possible return for the citizens of Chicago. The City Treasurer’s Office is also responsible for developing and implementing programs that foster and promote the economic vitality of the City’s neighbor-hoods. Treasurer Neely’s innovative programs include her: Small Business Development Loan program which provides businesses access to affordable capital; various workshops and mentoring programs for small-businesses and entrepreneurs; an annual free Small Business Entrepreneur Expo that has over 3,000 participants; and financial literacy


pro-grams that are available to all Chicagoans and in particular, has reached over 240,000 students in Chicago Public Schools. Finally, Treasurer Neely serves as a trustee on the City’s five public pension boards. Treasurer Neely holds a Bachelor’s degree in Economics from Smith College and a Master’s of Business Administration in Finance from the University of Chicago, Graduate School of Business. She has served on the board of several civic and business organizations, including the Chicago Summer Business Institute, the Chicago Chapter of the National Association of Securities Professionals, the Urban Prep Charter School, the Illinois Council Against Handgun Violence, the Adler School of Psychology, the Illinois Sports Facilities Authority, and Women’s Initiative. Treasurer Neely and her son live in the North Kenwood neighborhood and are members of Lawndale Community Church, located on the City’s West Side.

Escapades: Hello Stephanie thank you for participating in this interview. I would like to jump right in the questions by asking this question; in the 6 years plus since you became the Treasurer for the City of Chicago do you regret ever choosing this job?

Escapades: What was your career goal when you were in school I see that you studied Economics in college and also Business Administration in Finance for your Masters? What was your motivation to studying these course selections?

No, not at all

My motivation was not wanting to dissect animals.

Escapades: Stephanie did you always know that you wanted to be the city treasurer and if not what did you want to do growing up in Chicago?

Escapades: Can you explain to our readers what type of courses you had to attend for your degree in Economics and also what Economics actually is?

My parents wanted me to be a doctor, but I chose finances because I was so squeamish about dissecting frogs.

I took courses in Economics, Math, and History.

Escapades: Can you tell our readers what it was like for you going to school through elementary and high school? What was it like growing up and was school difficult or somewhat easy for you? I grew up on the South Side, went to Lab School

Escapades: Within your position as City Treasurer what are your general responsibilities and what type of daily roles do you play in this position? Such as being the City Treasurer I see that you are a trustee on 5 of the City’s public pension boards. What is a trustee and what does a trustee deal with on these boards? I spent 20 years in Finance before beginning my service as Treasurer. I manage an $8 billion portfolio I keep the City’s money safe, liquid and growing. I am the City’s banker and am responsible for balancing the books. My department has had 4 clean audits in a row that means we are getting it right. As trustee on 5 pension boards I make decisions about investments and disability payouts. I have a fiduciary responsibility to protect the pension assets and to grow them. Escapades: As City Treasurer what type of interaction do you have with the general public? The reason why I am asking is as I understand it your position is an elected position so how do people know about you other than election time?


I do many speaking engagements with the public and business community, at schools and religious organizations and community events. I take these opportunities to spread the word about financial literacy and consumer protection Escapades: In the position of City Treasurer are you a member of the Mayor’s cabinet and what is it like working directly for the mayor of Chicago? No, I am an independently elected public official and do not serve on the Mayor’s Cabinet, and I do not work directly for him. I work for the city residents that elected me. Escapades: As City Treasurer do you monitor or deal with the budget for the city schools and what types of input as the treasurer do you have for the spending and budgeting of the school’s funding?

No, I do not manage the schools’ budget, but I do provide support for CPS staff. Escapades: What type of funding have you assisted with in your various terms as City Treasurer and how has it affected the youth


and even the unemployed adults? Is it your responsibility to advice the Mayor on approving funds for programs like after school programs for youth and also programs to assist educating adults that are not employed? I do not advise the mayor. My office has provided financial literacy education to more than 250-thousand CPS students. We work with City Colleges and not-for-profit partners to provide financial literacy training for young people as well as adults. Escapades: Can you tell us some of the advantages that the City of Chicago has through your office as Treasurer that helps assist individuals not working due to the economy to go into business for themselves? And what should individuals do to look at getting assistance from the city in starting up a business? We sponsor the Small Business Expo, now in its 13th year and cosponsored with Crain’s. We offer workshops on how to write a business plan, how to use social media.

Escapades: As the City Treasurer education is very important; but what type of continuing education do you find is necessary to continue to do a proper and accurate job? Master’s in Business Administration, 20 years in financial sector. Escapades: Can you give our readers some advice on how you see education and further education? Can you give our readers some advice on age within education should never be an issue? You are never too old to grow. Education is your best investment. Choose your major wisely and aim for your best return on investment. Escapades: In closing, what would you suggest our readers whether young or adult should do when struggling with finding a career or a goal to succeed because they have come up against obstacles that deter them from success? No doesn’t mean no forever, don’t let the naysayers derail your dreams. Escapades: Stephanie Neely, I would like to thank you very much for spending a few minutes in answering these questions and hope that you continue to have a successful career as the Treasurer and hope that any and all endeavors that you strive to are great ones.

Office of the City Treasurer 121 North LaSalle Street City Hall, Room 106 Chicago, Illinois 60602 Office Phone 312.744.3356 Office Fax 312.742.0981 TTY/TDD 312.744.6920



Escapades: Describe your career so far as a comedian? Allen D. Edge: I am grateful for a substantial body of work thus far. Skill wise it’s great, but of course it can always be better. Perpetual development and discovery is the nature of the artistic expression. However, I must admit that getting my wares to market has been a challenge as of late. I am currently looking for aggressive representation that is as skilled at what they do as I am at performing. It’s sort of like getting a loan. You have to have money to get money. You have to be successful to get help with success. That’s just my opinion of course. Escapades: What unique experience can you tell the readers about in your career? Allen D. Edge: About fifteen years ago I discovered that I am more than a performing artist and that I have a mission greater than being rich and famous. I am an ordained minister. I discovered through the scriptures that I am also a Levite, an artist who downloads the heart of God into the environment. That drastically changed my perspective on my craft and my endgame. Discovering this so late in my life has caused some scrambling and reconfiguring in my approach to my craft/career. I have written a book entitled “The Levite Today” that chronicles my on- going journey of discovery of how to walk out my calling and help others do the same. Escapades: Tell us about some of your career accomplishments? Allen D. Edge: I have worked with The Goodman Theatre, E.T.A. Theatre, Victory Gardens Theatre, The Black Ensemble Theatre Company, Portland Stage Company, First Stage Children’s Theatre, Court Theatre, The Steppenwolf Theatre Company, Geva Theatre Center and Lincoln Amphitheatre. I have also performed stand-up comedy at Zanies in Chicago, Barrel of Laughs, All Jokes Aside, Jokes & Notes in Chicago, U Got Jokes Chicago, Comedy Central’s “Comic Justice”, The Comedy Café in Milwaukee, The Apollo Theatre in New York, and as the opening act for Pattie La Belle, Aretha Franklin, Smokey Robinson, The O’Jays, and The Soul Children of Chicago. I was featured in a number of commercials


and films, including Barber Shop 2 and Tyler Perry’s “Meet The Browns”. I am also a member of Toastmasters International and I am the Toastmasters' District 35 Humorous Speech Champion for 2011.

Escapades: What do you feel is the most memorable time in your childhood that set you on your goal of being successful in your career choice? Allen D. Edge: HALES FRANCISCAN HIGH SCHOOL. (In Virum Perfectum, Onto perfect manhood). Those were four of the best years of my life and wish every young man could experience it. I began acting with the Spartan Players there in December 1969. The education is unparalleled and the personal development has stayed with me throughout my life. I know that every Hales Alumni would say the same. Escapades: What type of support system did you get as you grew up in school and at home? Allen D. Edge: My Sainted Mother and Grandmother treated us like we better than anybody else. I was programmed for success. My expectations were for achievement. Escapades: What do you feel you bring to your career and what do you feel you have contributed to others in your field? Allen D. Edge: I believe that I bring a reverence for the craft and I try to make myself accessible to others coming up so that I can impart that same love of excellence to them. Escapades: What advice can give our readers to the choice they make in their career and the choice they make in their educational growth? Allen D. Edge: FOCUS! I don’t even like to think about where I would be if I had known what my calling was and never deviated from that path. Make a decision about who you are and what your life goal is and don’t allow anybody or anything to pull you off the path.


Escapades: What do you feel is your biggest competitor in your field and what do you do to overcome those competitors? Allen D. Edge: I wouldn’t call it competition. I would call it a factor. The factor is effective marketing. I believe that if more people knew what I had to offer that we would come together in a win-win relationship.

Escapades: What are your short term goals in your career and what are your long term goals also? Allen D. Edge: Short term-Be mo funnier mo faster. I am in the process of obtaining representation and filling up the calendar for 2013. Long term- Establish a school for Levitical training. Escapades: What do you feel are the good aspects of the career you have chosen for yourself and what are the bad aspects of the career you have chosen? Allen D. Edge: The good aspects are the flexible times. I am not in a 9-to-5 regimen. I’m a people person and I love hearing people laugh and taking them on a journey of emotions. The negative aspect is the unpredictability. You have to do some clever and creative budgeting because you never know when you might hit a dry spell. Escapades: What motivates you in your career on a daily basis? Allen D. Edge: Knowing that I am following God’s directives. If God be for me who or what can be against me. The safest place in the world is in the perfect will of God.

live the life of the entrepreneur and self-employment. I need to perfect my entrepreneurial skills. Escapades: What do you feel is the next step for you in your career choice? Allen D. Edge: A television series and/or feature film. Escapades: What is your normal day like at work? Allen D. Edge: Get up. Pray. Meet with my manager/wife and then create and follow up on leads to work. I am trying to develop my “Seinfeld Hour”. I heard that Jerry Seinfeld spends one hour a day writing new material for stand-up. Escapades: In closing; can you explain the academic background it takes to do your specific job/career and what is the future of continuing education look forward to for people in your field? Allen D. Edge: My beginning at Hales Franciscan High school was significant as I mentioned before. I am also a Columbia College Chicago Alumni. The atmosphere there was and is very conducive to artistic development. I am a member of Toastmasters International. I am developing my professional speaking and communications skills. Never stop learning. Escapades: Allen; I would like to thank you for taking the time to speak with us about your career and how you got into this industry. We hope you all the best in your endeavors and please keep in touch with us on some of your future accomplishments so we can update our readers? Allen D. Edge: I am both grateful for this exchange and honored that you thought enough of me to ask for my input. I pray much success for you and this publication.

Escapades: What do you consider to be your weakness in your career and how do you work on strengthen this weakness each day? Allen D. Edge: I grew up working on a “job” all of my life. I was in my forties when I began to




Escapades: Born Ernest McCullough but in the neighborhoods on the Southside of Chicago Illinois he is known as Honey Blo. Welcome Honey Blo and the first thing I would like to ask…I see you were introduced to bagpipes in school by your grammar school math teacher. Can you tell us how that came about? What was the motivation to be introduced to the bagpipes? Honey Blo: YES MR. DUKE PAYNE WHEN I SAW HIM PLAY FOR THE SCHOOL. AND THE CLUBS WHERE I GO TO SEE HIM PLAY I WAS HOOK LIKE A FISH ON A HOOK. Escapades: What did you see was the fascination to the bagpipes for you? Honey Blo: THE WAY IT IS MADE, SOUNDS, NOT A LOTS BLACK PLAYING THE BAGPIPE. Escapades: What was your childhood like growing up playing the bagpipes? Can you tell us what was it like and did you have any support from friends and family?


Escapades: Honey Blo can you tell us what is your opinion of African Americans in music and how we have made a positive or a less than positive impact on music?


Honey Blo: MY TEACHER, JAMES BROWN MADE A POSITIVE IMPACT. SOME ARTIST MAKE GOOD IMPACT, SOME MAKE BAD IMPACTON PEOPLE. Escapades: Can you tell us some of the unique features of the bagpipes compared to some of the other wind instruments? Honey Blo: YOU CAN PLAY THE BAGPIPE THREE WAYS WITH THE BAG OR WITH OUT THE BAG. AND PLAY FROM THE CHANNEL WHERE MY HANDS COVER THE HOLES. AND WITH OR WITH OUT THE BACK UP DRUM. OTHER WIND INSTRUMENTS DON'T HAVE. Escapades: Can you tell us some of the memories you had on the road playing with the group Cold Chill Experience? What was the crowd’s reaction to the bagpipes? Honey Blo: THEY LOVE IT A LOT OF THE WHITE SAY I WAS GREAT. MAYBE THEY ARE RIGHT. I JUST DO MY THANG, PLAY FUNKY.


Escapades: Where do you see your talent with the bagpipes with the direction and sound of the music being put out today? Honey Blo: WITH MY BAGPIPE SONG BLAZIN & STEPPIN IT IS A GOOD R&B FOR TODAY SOUND.OLD SCHOOL MUSIC IS BACK. Escapades: What do you see is some of the changes with the music industry that has been made in the past 10 years that have been positive and some of the changes that have been negative? NEGATIVE ALL THE RECORD STORE ARE CLOSE I USE TO MAKE GOOD MONEY AT THE STORES BACK IN THE DAY.NOW INTERNET IS THE THANG NOW , IT IS GOOD.I GET INTERNATIONAL ROYALTY CHECK, HAVE TWO OTHER ONLINE MUSIC SITE. AND GET ROYALTY, NOW I HAVE TV.AD ON MY YOUTUBE VIDEO NOW THAT HOT MORE ROYALTY TO COME. Escapades: With the recent development of reality shows and music competitions on television do you think you will try to introduce your music to something like the show "America Got Talent"?

Honey Blo: SOME SCHOOLS HAVE COME TO ME BUT HAVE NOT COME UP WITH THE MONEY. Escapades: Can you tell us some of your mentors and what they have done for you in your life?



Escapades: Are you currently working on any new projects or plan on working on some new CD’s.

Escapades: Can you give our youth some advice on following their dreams and goals no matter the obstacles or shortcomings?



Escapades: Have you thought about teaching a class in music/bag piping to our youth in


school or some of the afterschool programs?

Escapades: In closing, what are the future plans for Honey Blo the musician and what are the future plans for Honey Blo the man? Honey Blo: KEEPING FUNKY WITH THE MUSIC, KEEP PUT THE VIDEO OUT TO HELP MY COMPANY GROW. THANK YOU, LOVE PEACE, FUNKY SOUL TALK TO YOU LATER.





E 4 Kids: Hello Kelly and welcome to E 4 Kids; I would like to start off this interview by saying it is a great pleasure meeting with you and with what I have read in your bio and press package you are a God send for everyone in earshot of your voice. You have such a story and your heart is nothing but inspirational. After reading about you and finding out everything that you have gone through it is a wonderful blessing that you give back to others. Your life is something that many youth (male and female) goes through but don’t speak about. Why did you feel that you needed to write and publish your book Perfectly Planned? Hello E 4 Kids, Thank you for taking the time to review my Bio and Press Kit as well as having an interest in my story. I must say, it was never my intention to write Perfectly Planned or any other book. I always wanted to be a Surgeon or RN. I never even considered or thought about writing Perfectly Planned at any point in my life until in 2008 when I participated in presenting a motivational speech to a group of students. I shared a small portion of my life and thereafter, the gentleman that invited me suggested that I write a book. I responded by saying, “I'm not interested.” Some time passed and one day as I sat at my computer, I felt like a thousand words had filled my head and with that I realized, that was my book. I called the same gentleman and the birth of Perfectly Planned was conceived. My motivation came while I was writing Perfectly Planned. I realized that thousands maybe millions had experienced some forms of abuse and with that I wanted all victims to know a few things.  

The abuse was never their fault. The guilt, shame and embarrassment do



not belong to them. Their past does not determine their present or future.  God, prayer and therapy works.  Forgiveness is the key to total FREEDOM E 4 Kids: Can you tell us briefly some of the key points in the book and what they meant to you? 

Some of the key points in Perfectly Planned and what they mean to me are as follows: 

I discussed learning the “Truth” in Perfectly Planned and the reason this is a key point was to make people aware of what child molestation is. Most individuals who have been abused don’t realize it until they are adults. Not only that, victims are blamed and with that one develops guilt, shame and embarrassment.  While writing Perfectly Planned, I mentioned being sexually attracted to women. For a long time I never understood why or where this desire originated. Well upon sharing my lust for women, it was then that I made the connection. I realized that lust was a “Seed of Betrayal” and with that I was able to see the connection. I prayed and asked GOD to remove what I knew was wrong, I never asked for and I never wanted. Today, I no longer lust for women.  The most important key point discussed in Perfectly Planned is Forgiveness. Prior to my understanding of what forgiveness is and who it is for, I was very depressed, suicidal and promiscuous. However, after reconnecting with GOD and understanding forgiveness, that is when my life began to change for the better. (To forgive is to set a Prisoner free and discover the Prisoner was you.) E 4 Kids: I see that you graduated from Chicago State University can you tell us what motivated you most to finish school through everything that you went through at such a young age? My motivation for completing Chicago State University came from the voice of my father telling

me as a child to make sure I received my Baccalaureate Degree. Of course he said in nursing, I chose Health Information Management. It was his voice I remember when I was a child that I didn’t want to let down, although, he died about 6 years prior. I know he’s proud. E 4 Kids: You spent 20 years in the Health Care Industry what exactly did you do in this field and how much interaction in the Health Care Industry do you have with this new fame after writing your book? I am currently working in the Health Care Industry as a Medical Technologist. I test body fluids for disease, i.e., HIV, Hepatitis, Diabetes, Cancer, Blood Transfusion Services etc.… However, I only work 10 nights a month. (Blessing) E 4 Kids: Without reflecting any disrespect to any social workers or counselors in the Human Services agencies across the country what do you think is the major cause for so much abuse within our youth? And what do you think is a solution to this problem? I do not believe the abuse suffered by children begins with any Human Service Agency. I am certain the problems begin with the parents and their lack of education and/or concern. A parent that lacks the education to share with their children about sexual abuse is one who will leave their child wide open to becoming a victim. We teach our children about sex, drugs and alcohol, but we are failing to teach them about child molestation and other forms of abuse. Parents are failing their children by not listening and trusting them. What’s more, parents are so consumed with their own lives that they don’t realize “Bobby” the neighbor has his eyes on their 12 yr. old daughter or son. Parents are so quick to leave their children with friends and neighbors and not having any concern as to whom else is welcome in that home. Child molesters are not strangers, they are people who we talk with daily, like family members or those we shop with at the grocery stores, take the trash out with, have dinner with, party with etc. Parents have some misconception that their children are safe with Uncle Tommy; maybe some, but not all.


On the contrary, the vigilant parents are focused only on protecting their daughters and not their sons. Parents are not teaching their sons that being touched inappropriately by an older teen or adult woman is child molestation and/or abuse. Instead some parents and their sons are proud or feel like the “Big Man,” when in essence he has just been sexually molested. We have to educate our children on ALL forms of abuse and we can’t rely on Child Services to do our job. What’s more, many parents are only focused on protecting their children from sexual, verbal and physical abuse mainly because those forms are concrete or can be proven or “Seen.” The problem with that is psychological abuse (Mental, Emotional) goes undetected or is simply ignored. Most adults are clueless as to what psychological abuse is. With all the child abuse in the media today, we as parents should make it our first priority to educate ourselves then our children. In regards to Child Agencies, the system is so overwhelmed with reports of child abuse that there is no way they can keep up. However, their lack of manpower is no excuse. More than often reports of abuse are ignored or not followed up on. We have seen many reports in the media regarding parents or neighbors reporting evidence of abuse and nothing is done until that child is dead or more has been sexually abused. The same way doctors respond to a possible heart attack is the same Child Services should respond to abuse reports. We cannot continue to overlook and have a lack of concern. We are literally doing an injustice to our children. The solution is simple, educate our children and maybe even incorporate Child Abuse classes in the educational curriculum. As far as Child Services is concerned, terminate all those who fail to protect even one child and restaff with individuals who have strong ethics in regard to the laws and protecting our children. In addition, create stricter laws and longer terms for those who violate children, such as life in prison. E 4 Kids: With the power that has been taken out of the family structure and given to the streets in regards to youth; it seems the law


enforcement, educational system, and parents are slowly slipping away with less authority. What seems to be the problem within these agencies that they can’t seem to get along enough to help our growing youth of today and possibly the future? The problem with the youth always begins with the parents. Today children are having children and it’s impossible for a child to raise a child. I need not respond anymore to that statement. Parents are on drugs, having children for the wrong reasons, homes are fatherless, and there is no guidance or structure in the homes today. Children are abused or lacking attention at home and in many cases they seek gangs for love or acceptance. Parents are not involved in PTA meetings; too many are more focused on smoking marijuana than fixing their child a hot meal for breakfast, let alone helping them with homework. Some parents are aware of children committing crimes and are not reporting them. Neither love nor respect is being taught in homes. Violence is accepted and video games are babysitters. Parents are not spending quality time with their children; there are no after school or community activities for teens to join. Our spirituality is at an all-time low and personally speaking, I believe the devil is taking over. On the contrary, we do have some teens that do not live in these environments, however there is a larger population that does than does not. So when we have a society where the youth are being raised in these types of environments and in abundance, the educational systems develops an “I don’t care attitude” as well. Teachers need the support of the parents to ensure that students are disciplined and prepared to learn. It is very difficult to teach oversized classrooms with disruptive and angry students who aren’t prepared for class. At some point anyone will give up when constantly faced with violence. If a child or teen is confronted by an officer, it should be to make certain they are safe and for no other reason. If parents do their job, then the police wouldn’t have to. Now please don’t misunderstand me, I know there are some malicious officers out there who target black teens, however, some have

no guidance or respect for authority at all. At that point, law officials are needed to control and maintain safety of others. E 4 Kids: Are there any programs out there that you know of that seem to be doing great things in the realm of abuse but don’t seem to be getting the proper recognition that they deserve? I’m certain there are many programs doing a great job in the realm of abuse; however, society isn’t really focused on the positive or the “good.” We have become a negative force driven society. I personally do my best to empower all victims and survivors and as long as I have breath in my body, I will not stop. E 4 Kids: Can you tell us what has been the response to your book so far and do you have plans of writing a sequel to this book? The response to Perfectly Planned has been a great one; so many women have shared how Perfectly Planned has been a positive influence in their lives. Not only that, I have a few videos with women testifying to how Perfectly Planned has influenced, impacted or changed their lives. The links are listed here.

fault resulting in “silence.” Education is power and for that very reason, this is why I share my life. I want others to see that as victims in order to function as a ‘WHOLE’ person, one has to reflect back to understand and move forward to live. Talking and writing is a great way to remove the pain, anger, shame, embarrassment, guilt and in essence become a victorious leader as myself. E 4 Kids: Within all of the situations you have dealt with in your life from the abuse; I am aware that one of the things that each counselor suggests that the abused person do is learn to forgive. Can you tell us what that was like for you learning to forgive and have you forgiven the people that have done wrong to you? I have 100% forgiven all my abusers. I have no room in my heart or life for negative energy and when one does not forgive, that anger accumulates and will in essence annihilate your soul. Forgiving my abusers was not an easy task at all. It actually took me 8 years from the time I discovered it wasn’t my fault. I was so miserable that my only help was ministry. Listed below are the steps I took that lead me to forgiveness. To forgive is to set a prisoner free and discover the prisoner was YOU. Matthew 6:14, 15.

Child Molestation, Protecting Children & Teens Child Molestation, Hypersexuality & Finding Courage

I believe in order for any individual to obtain the strength needed to forgive any source of struggle, he or she will have to do the following.

I am currently working on the sequel to Perfectly Planned (Abused, Confused and Renewed)

Grieve- Be Sad

E 4 Kids: It is my experience that more youth; actually more than I would like to say have gone through the same type of situations in their life that you have and maybe if they would talk about or even write about it they would be able to change their life and move forward. What do you think about this? I 100% agree. The problem with sharing such touchy stories is most victims are left with the shame, embarrassment and guilt. With that, they are still unaware that the abuse was never their

In most cases victims of abuse suppress the pain. Instead of dealing with or grieving, they tend to place it deep in their souls and hope it will go away. The problem with that is as long as the pain is manifested, it will surface. Now this leads to more problems because new relationships will be affected. Individuals who have nothing to do with this struggle or pain will feel the wrath from it. Without grieving the heart is bitter and the soul is compromised. By definition I mean, the same pain you felt while being abused


or hurt is the same pain that will almost immediately surface. Why? Because every new individual is being compared to the wrongdoer instead of looking at the situation for TODAY. A tarnished heart will always retreat to past pain.  Grieving does not mean going into a depression. It means to have your days of sadness. “RELEASE IT” Don’t hold onto the pain. Every tear shed is a sign of Strength and Freedom to come. Have your 5 minutes of self-pity and keep going. Understanding/Compassion- Understand that WE all are sinners. I know it’s difficult to have compassion or understanding for any child molester or for anyone that hurts you, so this is the part of forgiveness that makes it so hard to accomplish. How many times have you hurt someone? We are all human and we all make mistakes. Whether it was with intent or inadvertently, we all err. How did you feel after you hurt someone and he or she held a grudge against you? Deep in your heart you wanted that person to feel your pain and understand that you needed deliverance as well. A SCORN heart will always cause pain. One has to understand that this individual needs to heal as well. This is a broken soul. After the tears have faded, the wrongdoer can longer control your everyday emotions. Therefore it is now time to look into your heart and realize that you are not perfect either. Understand that WE are all sinners and the same compassion you want someone to have for you, is the same compassion and understanding you must be willing to offer. Acceptance- What has happened, has happened and WILL NOT change. Accept the fact that you were deeply hurt and you may be left with scars. Accept the fact that it will be difficult to move forward, but you can. Accept the fact that life is filled with wrongdoers and as long as you live you will be hurt again. After you offer some compassion and understand that it is OKAY, you only have 2 choices; live bitter or happy. The choice is yours. Accountability- Be responsible for your own


actions. When an adult survivor of child abuse accepts their responsibility, forgiveness becomes easy. That “Little Girl or Boy” was accountable; accountable for NOT being able to save him or herself. Survivors must utilize these same steps in order to forgive that little person who was INCAPABLE of saving you from the predator. When an adult stays in a situation that they KNOW is completely toxic, it is their responsibility to realize that he or she was just as at fault as the wrongdoer was. Your job was to GET Help or GET Out. If you chose not to then be accountable and admit what you could have done different. Don’t place blame on others when you know you could’ve done better. Placing blame denies you the opportunity to learn from this horrific experience therefore leading to repeated history. Learn From It- Find Something Positive One of the key elements of forgiveness is to learn from the pain. There is a lesson in everything we experience. It doesn’t matter how bad, malicious or callus, there is a lesson. To learn from hurt is to gain strength. To learn from hurt is to gain knowledge. To learn from hurt is growing and maturing. Find something positive and there is always one, only you know. Did you learn something about yourself during this experience? Did it make you a better person? Learn from all experiences, good or bad, they are all blessings. E 4 Kids: Can you tell us some of your accomplishments since you have done your book that have made a difference in not only your life but somebody that has read the book? Some of my accomplishments since after writing Perfectly Planned that has made a difference in my life are as follows.   

My public speaking was definitely originated from writing Perfectly Planned. I have shared testimonial poetry pieces within and outside of Chicago. I have been asked to write several other victims’ book.

 

I have been interviewed by radio stations. I have written articles for very popular magazines.  I have initiated the Voice of Champions, a concrete platform where victims of abuse can Stand up, Speak out and share their stories. (Facilitated every quarter, next one in April)  Recently I have been offered a Blog Talk Radio that includes Marketing, Commercial Ads, Promotions and Sponsors. (Starting next Saturday) In regards to others’ lives, many women who have read Perfectly Planned are now on the road to complete freedom. Some have shared with me that there is no more shame or embarrassment, some have joined the gym, some have started therapy, and some have walked away from their current abusive situations. E 4 Kids: Can you give our readers youth and adults that may be reading this interview some advice for dealing with abuse in any form, goal setting, and forgiveness? The advice I would offer to any victim of abuse is to first and foremost, tell someone. If anyone tells you “Don’t tell” or “It’s our secret.” Make sure you tell someone immediately. Child abusers and molesters number one goal is to silence the child with threats or by befriending them. However, I encourage all victims of abuse to tell and if your parent does not believe you, tell someone else. If this abuser happens to be a family member, tell a teacher or someone else you can trust. At all cost, please know that it is wrong and never your fault. In regards to adults and domestic violence situations, again, tell someone and never hide the abuse from family members. I understand the shame and embarrassment as well as the decision to go back after leaving. Somewhere down the line of being raised, you were either not taught to love yourself or you witnessed these behaviors and in your mind it’s normal. Well it’s not and no woman, child, teen or man deserves to be belittled, degraded, controlled, hit, punched or isolated from their family. Individuals that behave abusively are mentally unstable and rests assure, they will attempt

to make you think you are crazy and/or deserves that maltreatment. If you can’t leave for yourself and there are children involved, do it for the safety and love of your child. If he’s abusing you, he will abuse your child. Please understand one thing, he DOES NOT love you, he actually hates you and all women. His anger and ability to beat you is really displaced anger and more than often it is his mother he really hates, however, you are a woman and with that, all of his anger is directed towards you. In addition, these people were more than often raised in a violent, unstable or dysfunctional home; these are learned behaviors and you are not the problem, the abuser is. Love is not abuse and it does not hurt. I urge you to reach out to one of the domestic violence hotlines, plan your escape and make sure you have the resources in place that can help you. Never, ever tell your abuser that you are going to leave; just do it. E 4 Kids: I had a chance to meet your husband and he is a great man; how much support has he been in your development of this book? Especially knowing that doing this book has stirred up some awful memories and pain? I must honestly say, Perfectly Planned does not stir up any pain, there is no more. My life was a blessing and therefore today I look at what has happened as a blessing from GOD. I actually wrote Perfectly Planned before I met Patrick, however, with revisions and new editions Patrick has been very supportive and as a matter of fact, Perfectly Planned has helped him as well. E 4 Kids: Can you tell us what mentors have done for you in your rebirth of life and what makes a great mentor for you? Can you also give our youth some advice on how to pick a mentor? Honestly, I haven’t had any mentors; however, there are many great people that I have had the opportunity to speak with that has offered great advice. I don’t recall anyone that has actually taken me under their wing and worked with me for a period of time. The rebirth of my life has been based on my faith in GOD and trial and error.


Allen D. Edge has performed his special brand of humor at Zanies in Chicago Barrel of Laughs All Jokes Aside Jokes & Notes in Chicago U Got Jokes Chicago Comedy Central’s “Comic Justice” The Comedy Café in Milwaukee The Apollo Theatre in New York Opening act for Patti La Belle FOR BOOKING AND INFORMATION Regarding Transitions Edge Productions, Inc. Or Bookings for speaking engagements Please call (630) 631-9239 Or Email 43

Aretha Franklin Smokey Robinson The O’Jays The Soul Children of Chicago

I would advise the youth when seeking a mentor to look for the following things:  Interested in your growth.  Demands an investment from you. 

Agrees on an agenda.

Meets your definition of success.

Has the right personality.

Honest and offers constructive criticism that builds and doesn’t degrade.

E 4 Kids: Kelly I would like to honestly thank you so much for spending the time with us and participating in this interview and I hope that as you accomplish goals in your life and in others around you that you would be able to share them with us and keep us abreast of the small great things going on? Thank you so much for the interview and your interest in me. I hope the information I have shared has the ability to educate, empower and inspire.



Escapades: In high school and in college who was your mentor? Who did you look up to for motivation in your career choice and why?

At the young age of 29, Michael has seen several transitions into the world of fashion magazines as well as fashion events. With under a year in his industry and profession the once fine artist started off as a fitness model in February of 2012. Having achieved his degree in Graphic Design with being a founding figure of his photography club his love for art was fueled into photography. After focusing on photography versus modeling, he met his partner Milton Callahan. The two began a magazine company named M & M Modeling Magazine LLC. Fashion Focus week was big for the young owner as he shot the Next Fashion Focus Event two days before his event with Sara Soto from next Level Bodies which was the Bella Vita Project. Directing the Red Carpet Concierge Fashion Awards the same week opened the doors to event organizing. His M & M Modeling Magazine will be releasing its first print/online newsletter in January 2013 and every following month. The official well anticipated magazine will be released quarterly starting Spring 2013. Planning on the next bug move he has started his own clothing line for his company which will debut during his Fashion Focus Event next Fall. Michael Anthony Richardson (Michael Anthony)

In high school my mentor was Coach Clayton who was my high school wrestling coach and kept me out of a lot of trouble and had no problem taking me off of the team if I misbehaved or got less than a B. Escapades: What was your most memorable moment that made your decision to pick the career of fashion? My most memorable moment was really in high school my junior year when I bought my first high fashioned outfit and saw the looks and heard the reaction from the students and I have been in love with it ever since.

Escapades: If you would have to pick another career other than fashion what career choice would you pick and why? My other career choice would be something in the biotechnology field. I am obsessed with science. Escapades: What advice can you give our young and adult readers in regards to education, career, and family? Stay focused on what they feel is their passion it stops you from being sidetracked and actually turns into an


obsession which makes you love your craft more and have no choice but to get better at it. Escapades: What is your best advice for our young readers about dealing with bullying and peer pressure? If you are being bullied you do need to talk to someone about it and eventually you will have to stand up for yourself and make it stop. Peer pressure is easy to fall into but look at yourself as a leader not a follower. Only the weak-minded and followers are easy influenced into peer pressure. Escapades: What is your normal day like? What have been some of your best days and some of your bad days? My normal day consist of waking up at about 6 o’clock and immediately starting to do work. Around mid-day I usually get contacted heavily and it never ceases to stop until late night. My days are full of paperwork, meetings and a lot of time on the computer. My best days are the days when I get a chance to attend events. The worse are the days that I am partaking in throwing an event due to the amount of time and money it takes to have successful events. Escapades: Can you tell us what your ultimate goal in the fashion industry is and what are your next actual steps to achieve that goal(s)? My next big thing is to release my own clothing line in my next Fashion Focus Event. I’m in the process of getting the fabric for it together as well as getting designers together to start the process and get everything going. Escapades: Can you tell us what is the fascination with the fashion industry in regards to our youth? Why do so many youth strive to be in this industry? The youth are obsessed with what celebrities are into. So when the youth see musicians and actors wearing a certain style of clothing they mimic that. As kids they are prone to follow something and look up to someone but who they look up to is really


influenced by their childhood. Escapades: Did you always want to do a fashion magazine or is this something that you decided to do after getting into the industry? I actually created an MMA magazine before back when I was into fitness and mixed martial arts. I realized that here in Chicago more people are interested in fashion than health and self-defense so I decided to make an alteration of my direction and have to give the majority (which are fashion loving individuals), what they want. Escapades: With fashion being the industry that it is; the cut-throat and every man for themselves, what difference do you bring to the fashion industry with your magazine than any other magazine out there? The difference that I bring is not just creativity but opportunities for models, designers and photographers to get notoriety for what they do and most of all I pay people. A lot of the cut throats continue to convince new models to keep doing shows for exposure. How much exposure can you really get from doing local based shows? I am known by models in almost every major fashion capital including overseas in places like Paris. So when a model is in our magazine they are getting worldwide notoriety and I also feature industry professionals from different countries as well as the other fashion capitals here in America. I’m not out to take everything in for myself and not give back. The people that are in my circle know that I care about them benefiting as well, which is unlikely nowadays but I just wish that I had the same opportunity to do so myself. Escapades: Can you tell us some of the fashion events that you have attended and shot photographs at? What do you think are the most exciting photo shoots that you have done? I have shot so many sometimes I find it hard to believe that I had done some many. Some of my most recent events include Next Fashion Focus with Marco Foster and Rose Mandel. I was a photographer at that event during fashion focus

week. Two days later I had an event with Sara Soto from Next Level Bodies at Dore’ Lounge in which I only took a few photographs because I have a policy which is I do not shoot my own events. Two days following that I was directing an event with Red Carpet Concierge which was the fashion awards and was also a fun event for my and even though I only shot for five minutes it felt so great to be involved in so much during fashion focus week. The most exciting shoot that I have done was really my first themed photo shoot which was an Asylum Shoot. I expected maybe 8 people to show and it turned into a 3 day event. I was truly amazed. Escapades: What do you feel is the biggest problems in the fashion industry that you find as being a photographer? And what do you think would be a solution to help solve these problems? The biggest problem being a photographer is the free photographers in the industry that make it hard for photographers to get paid for their work. Someone doesn’t have to invest into paying for photo shoots when they have guys with cameras lingering around online and at events that would do it for free just to say they are a photographer. The equipment, editing software as well as time cost money. The solution to this is to limit as many photographers who clearly advertise TFP to a minimal but when one GWC (Guy with a camera) leaves here comes the next one. Escapades: Fashion photography seems to be a very diverse industry within the fashion industry; can you explain some of the different aspects of fashion photography that there is? Such as runway and other type modeling. Fashion photography can be anything from Runway, to high fashion to urban fashion. Even hair and makeup photographers are known strictly for shooting hairstyles and hair shows. Escapades: So can you tell us about M & M Modeling Magazine and the decision to start this company? What is the concept behind M & M Modeling Magazine and what do you plan to do with it in the future? M&M Modeling Magazine LLC was officially

established in 2012. Founder and CEO Michael Anthony Richardson partnered up with a local Chicago Photographer/Cosmetologist Milton E Callahan Jr. Together they decided to revitalize and enhance the image of Chicago's fashion industry. Together they established M&M MODELING MAGAZINE LLC. A medium through which other industry professionals could promote their Fashion businesses and creative style’s through one informational publication. M&M launched a social group page to promote the ideal and have over 1,000 members overnight. It was definitely ideal and the concept people wanted for a new Chicago magazine. M&M decided to combine multiple exposure methods to help photographer's, models, fashion designers, local business owner's, hair stylist, MUA's and community youth programs. It’s all in one place "M&M MODELING MAGAZINE" so people can know that fashion and art is just an article away. We are an informational high fashion magazine to help coach new models into the industry of modeling. It's designed to promote new fashion trends and contain industry resources for industry driven professionals. M&M Magazine contains important information, stories and advice from top talents around the world. We cover breaking news related to the fashion world and a wide range of topics to suit all walks of life... M & M Modeling Magazine is launched our monthly newsprint in January and our Official magazine quarterly. We have slots for advertisement in each addition as well as the web. Also looking for interns in the positions of Marketing, Editors, PR, Photographers, MUA, Stylist, Graphic Designers and Fashion Designers. Escapades: So can you tell us a little bit about your clothing line you are bringing out in the fall of 2013? What is the concept behind the clothing line and what can we expect? The clothing line is clothing for the common person as well as the people who can afford a luxurious lifestyle. We have imported fabric that we will be using for our upscale line and we are starting out with men/women blazers which will be hand designed and no other piece will look remotely close to the next one and will be high priced. The clothing for the common man will be inexpensive




and will also offer a lot of plus sized clothing and clothing for the youth as well. Escapades: So can you tell us a little bit about the type of education you went through for the fashion industry and what type of continuing education you will be doing to keep yourself ahead of the game in the fashion industry?

burned your bridges and will pay more for the next shoot if you are even considered. Before a model comes to a shoot they do not need alcohol, food high in carbohydrates and plenty of sleep from the night before. Bring plenty of shoes, bras, pants, bring your wardrobe with you and leave the attitude. Prepare to spend some time there and do not look impatient at all.

I have certifications in various programs for photography as well as graphically. I also hold my Bachelor’s Degree in Graphic Design. I’m continuing my education in fashion marketing and public relations this coming spring.

Escapades: Also can you give our readers some advice on how to get in the modeling industry and how to know what people to look out for in the industry?

Escapades: Can you give our young readers some advice on the fashion industry and also what they should do to one get into the fashion industry as a model and also as a fashion photographer?

To get into the industry once again you need to do research. Anyone that contacts you needs to be researched and goggled. Ask around about them and don’t be so excited about possible being in the industry that you neglect to do so. Attend fashion events and buy fashion magazines. Dress highly fashionable at events to get noticed.

Do your research that’s the best advice anyone could give you. If you want to be a fashion model then look up what it takes to be a fashion model and what a day in their life looks like. Same as a fashion photographer. The main thing is that they have to invest into their careers. They must attend fashion events to meet industry professionals and see how the professionals do it with their own two eyes. Escapades: Can you tell us what most fashion modeling agencies are looking for in models and what should a future model do to prepare them when auditioning? They are looking for dedicated and serious models with experience, a marketable look, a large fan base, a runway walk, dedication, motivated and the ability to evolve. Escapades: Can you also tell us what you as a photographer is looking for when you are shooting a model and what should a model do to prepare for a photo shoot? I’m looking for the same as an agency looks for and no dramatic models with sob stories about why they can’t make it on time to an appointment for a shoot. If you don’t make one shoot with me you have


Escapades: Michael, I would like to thank you for spending a few minutes with us and I am excited to hear about all of the plans that you have for M & M Modeling Magazine and for the advice that you are giving to our young readers in regards to the fashion industry.



STATS: Height: 6'1''ft Weight: 195lbs. Chest: 39''in. Size Shirt: Small/Medium Sleeves: 40''in. Waist:32''in. Inseam: 34''in. Shoe: 12''in. Hair Color: Black Eye: Brown (Blue with prescription contacts) Ethnicity: Multi-racial


STATS: Dress size: 2 Shoe size: 10 Height: 5'8 Chest/bust: approximately 34 Waist: approx. 27 Hips: approx. 38 Inseam: approx. 33 Brown eyes and black short Natural hair.


How Her Life Drove Her Career Denise was born and reared in the midst of a drug-infested environment on Chicago’s West Side. The oldest of seven siblings, Denise was reared by her grandparents in a sweet but bitter home. By the time she was five, she had been molested by several family members. Denise began shooting heroin at age twelve, initiating a cycle of crime and addiction that lasted 15 years. In 1986 Denise met the Lord Jesus Christ, who gave her a second chance at life and rewrote her destiny. Upon changing her lifestyle and connecting with positive people, Denise overcame the adversities controlling her life and has lived the last 26 years, clean and sober. After years of using drugs, she made the cognitive decision to turn her life around and do something positive for herself.

Minister, Author, and Motivational Speaker. She has a great compassion and love for helping others on a daily basis. This love and compassion has inspired her to tell her story in her first book, “Who Said It Couldn’t Be Done?” This candid, true-life account is a heartwarming and inspirational story about a little girl whose mother failed her. Her book is also about choices – good ones as well as bad ones. It pains Denise to remember the hurt she caused in her community and in her family. Therefore, she has made a commitment to help change the lives of other individuals who are presently coming up on the rough side of the mountain.

She received her GED from OliveHarvey College in 1993. She graduated from National Louis University in 2007 with a Bachelor of Arts in Applied Behavior. In 2009 she graduated from Spertus College earning her Master of Science Degree in Nonprofit Management with a concentration in Human Service Administration. She’s also a certified Addiction and HIV/AIDS Counselor. Today Denise is a Deliverance



Escapades: I would like to start off by asking you first of all what life is for you right now; and since you wrote your book? I remained clean and sober for the last 26 years. I am a minister and motivational speaker as well as a certified substance abuse and HIV counselor; I also formed a nonprofit organization. Escapades: After reading your bio I see that you were born in Chicago in 1960 and dealt with living with family members besides your parents? What difference between then and now for the way parents raise their children and deal with situations of teen pressure and teen bullying? The difference between now and then was, the parents didn't have the resources to help their children, such as hotlines and counselors that were readily available. Family situations were dealt with quietly; everything was 'hush, hush'. But now, parents have the resources. Bullying and teen pressures can be overcome by telling (teachers, police and neighbors) and having an open relationship with their parents. Escapades: Can you explain to our readers what it was like for you in school before you dropped out? And then can you explain what it was like for you to return to school years later to begin your career path? Bullying stems from having low self-esteem (one child having to build themselves up by tearing down another) possibly coming from a dysfunctional home. I recall both of my parents being drug addicts, so I didn't have the clothing (or the means to buy the clothing) like other children so after school I was picked on and beat up. Escapades: As a youth you have gone through trials and tribulations that are either seen in the movies, in other families, or in our own families but choose to ignore what is happening around us. What strength did you have to pull from to be able to even pull from to speak about this let alone put it in writing for others to read and comment about?

My reason for dropping out of school was because of my environment. I did not have what other children had, so going from a neglected and abusive home, to getting reprimanded by a teacher. He made me come and stand in front of the class and name the four seasons. I refused and he beat me in my hand with a ruler. I had low self-esteem and was very withdrawn. I vowed not to go to school again. I didn't return back to school until 1993; it was very, very scary. The language was foreign to me. I felt stupid and like a failure and wanted to commit suicide. But my friend Jakki Underwood mentored me, she took me by my hand and said Ms. Jones "you can do it, I'm here for you". She even sat in the classes with me. Jakki helped me gain the confidence that I can do it. God blessed me to pass the GED test with the highest score and through that I was given a scholarship to continue my education. I attained my Bachelor's Degree; it felt so good, that I skipped on to get my Master’s Degree in nonprofit management with a concentration in human service administration. I say to the adults and children that FAILURE IS NOT AN OPTION‌ NEVER! Who said it could not be done?


Escapades: As we focus on discussing career paths and developments in the decisions to develop a path to a career I would like to ask you what happened in your life to intertwine your various career paths you have chosen in your life such as counselor, minister, speaker, author, and consultant? The only thing that has given me that particular strength or power is God. I recall even as a child (youth) singing this song, "Lord don't move my mountain, but give me strength to climb". I am not endeavoring to turn this into a spiritual platform; however, by putting spirituality in my life, it gave me the strength to write that others my obtained that same Hope. Escapades: Can you tell us about your book and the background of the book? Why do you think this book needed to be written? The love that I have is to give back to individuals who are walking or have walked in my shoes. Being set free from the prison within me inspired me to write, counsel, and speak so that others will be set free. I was inspired by the change of my former lifestyle to spread it to the masses. Noting is too hard for God. Escapades: Denise I know that you are very spiritual but can you tell us some of the mentors in your life that helped with your recovery and also your career growth? Can you tell us about what they did to strengthen you as a person in your education and career choice? I often wonder, Who am I? What am I? And Why am I? I was inspired to write my book in 1993. Writing this book was a form of healing. I would like to present others from going through the pain, trials, and tribulations that I went through. My desire is that if I can touch one person life, that person can touch someone else’s life. What a chain reaction, each one teaches one.

Escapades: Can you tell us the motivation to keep striving to reach your Master’s degree and why you choose the field of Nonprofit


Management? Can you also tell our readers what someone in the field of Nonprofit Management focuses on in their career? My mentors were my probation officer, GED teacher, and my friend Jakki Underwood. The persons who were a bigger part of my transition and spiritual growth were: Presiding Elder D.L. Mosley, Dr. Anthony and Donnie Redmond, and Evangelist R.P. I was surrounded by support, even when I wanted to act out and revert back to my old ways, I could call them and they prayed and talked to me. They told me that I could make it, to preserver, to strive to make it. They were at my graduation ceremonies and they strengthened me as a person. They taught me how to dress, walk, talk, and how to carry myself as a lady. They taught me how to respect men. Escapades: During your recovery and your career choice can you tell us some of your most memorable moments and some of your accomplishments that standout most to you? My desire was to open up a transitional housing program for women who came out of prison, and/or are HIV positive. In seeing the need for housing and employment, I decide to restart up my janitorial company. The goal is to put ex-felonies back to work. In doing this, it would afford them the opportunity to get housing. This will not only cut down the crime rate, it makes our communities safer. They will walk away with the skills needed to live as a product and up standing citizen. The program will be offering literacy and GED classes, job readiness training, and life skills. Because I was given a second chance in life, I want to give someone else that opportunity. I am the founder and director of Tender Touch, a non-profit business. My degree has provided me with the skills needed to run a structure and effective organization. The organization will seek funding from various sources, private, corporation and donations. And not to leave out, the royalties from my book will be donated to this cause.


Escapades: Can you tell us what advice you can give to our youth of today that is struggling through life and the challenges in life related to family, education, and career choices? And what type of help should they strive to look for? Before dropping out of school and becoming a drug addict and criminal, I always desired to be married with children, and a criminal lawyer. Escapades: finally, can you tell us what is in the near future for Denise Jones and what in the far future are you planning? Maybe another book, a film about your life, or some other appearances we need to look out for? What I say to the youth is to share your voice, take a stand for what’s right. Whether it be you live in a dysfunctional home and your parents are alcoholic, drug addicts, incest or molestation is going on, reach out to your teachers, pastors, friends even call 911. These individuals can get social services involve. Escapades: It was really never mentioned in your bio or any other documents I read about you but even though you went through the trials and tribulations what did you see yourself doing in life before your life got changed and you dropped out of school early? After being labeled as mentally challenged, the most memorable moment was receiving my GED in 1993, I was the valedictorian. Existing as a broke down no good dope fiend, I thought this is how I would die. To think of anything more than that was mine blowing, to this very day I’m still saying, what a might God. I lived to have a needle struck in my breast or feet and a crack pipe in the other hand, trying to see how I can get my next fix. What kind of life was that to live? I was told throughout my life I will never be anything. So to stand behind that podium holding up one of the greatest achievement, is a wonder to me. What put the icing on the cake was, to see my spiritual father and leader at my graduation; he has been every example of what a true father should be. He gave his love beyond measure; he has helped me to be what and who I am today.


Escapades: Please let’s thank Denise Jones for spending the time she has to do this interview with us and I hope that she will continue to succeed and hopefully help as many youth and adults as she can.


BULLYING:: Bullying is when one child picks on another child repeatedly. Bullying can be physical, verbal, or social. It can happen at school, on the playground, on the school bus, in the neighborhood, or over the Internet.

  

When Your Child Is Bullied 

Help your child learn how to respond by teaching your child how to: 1. Look the bully in the eye.

When Your Child Is the Bully  

2. Stand tall and stay calm in a difficult situation. 3. Walk away. 

Teach your child how to say in a firm voice:

  

1. "I don't like what you are doing." 2. "Please do NOT talk to me like that." 3. "Why would you say that?"  

Teach your child when and how to ask for help. Encourage your child to make friends with

Be sure your child knows that bullying is never OK. Set firm and consistent limits on your child's aggressive behavior. Be a positive role mode. Show children they can get what they want without teasing, threatening or hurting someone. Use effective, non-physical discipline, such as loss of privileges. Develop practical solutions with the school principal, teachers, counselors, and parents of the children your child has bullied.

When Your Child Is a Bystander    


other children. Support activities that interest your child. Alert school officials to the problems and work with them on solutions. Make sure an adult who knows about the bullying can watch out for your child's safety and well-being when you cannot be there.

Tell your child not to cheer on or even quietly watch bullying. Encourage your child to tell a trusted adult about the bullying. Help your child support other children who may be bullied. Encourage your child to include these children in activities. Encourage your child to join with others in telling bullies to stop.

Case Type: Endangered DOB: Apr 20, 1996 Missing Date: Oct 16, 2012 Age Now: 16 Missing City: Detroit Missing State: MI Case Number: NCMC1207009 Gender: Male Race: Black Complexion: Medium Height: 5-6 Weight: 140 Hair Color: Black Hair Length: Short Eye Color: Brown Wear Glasses or Contacts: No

Location Last Seen: Unknown. Circumstances of Disappearance: Possible runaway. Last Seen Wearing: Unknown. Identifying Marks or Characteristics: He has a tattoo of a tombstone with a poem on his right forearm. Have information about this missing person? Click here to submit information to our Tip Line


Case Type: Endangered DOB: Jan 10, 1997 Missing Date: Nov 27, 2012 Age Now: 16 Missing City: Dayton Missing State: OH Case Number: NCMC1206636 Gender: Female Race: Black Complexion: Medium Height: 5-2 Weight: 102 Hair Color: Black Hair Length: Shoulder Length Eye Color: Brown Wear Glasses or Contacts: No

Location Last Seen: Unknown. Circumstances of Disappearance: Tiara may be in the company of an adult male. They may still be in the local area. She may go by the nickname "Tiki Bear." Last Seen Wearing: Unknown. Identifying Marks or Characteristics: Tiara has a mole under her right eye and a mole on her earlobe. Have information about this missing person? Click here to submit information to our Tip Line





Dred Scott was a black slave who was born in Southampton County, Virginia in 1795, and who made legal and constitutional history in 1848 by suing for his freedom. His case was based on the grounds that he had lived intermittently for years in a free territory with his former owner, who was an army surgeon. Originally his master took him from Missouri (a slave state) to Illinois (a free state). Because he had lived in a free territory, he therefore then should continue to be a free man. In Missouri, after a second trial, the Missouri District Court ruled in Scott's favor, however the Missouri Supreme Court reversed this decision.


Bessie Blount was born in Hickory, Virginia in 1914. She moved from Virginia to New Jersey where she studied to be a physical therapist at the Panzar College of Physical Education and at Union Junior College and then furthered her training as a physical therapist in Chicago. In 1951, Bessie Blount started teaching Physical Therapy at the Bronx Hospital in New York. She was unable to successfully market her valuable inventions and found no support from United States Veteran's Administration, so she gave the patent rights to the French government in 1952. The French government put the device to good use helping to make life better for many war vets.



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