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Bowl of Complaint By: Brighton

(Junior Correspondent)

The day  begins  full  of  drama  trying  to  drag  your  self   out  of  bed.    Finally,  the  day  begins  to  appear  reasonable,   because  you  finally  are  awake  and  your  friends  excitement   open  your  eyes  for  you.  BUT,  the  day  starts  all  over  again   when  lunch  begins.  You  have  to  deal  with  the  plates  full  of   non-­‐spiced,  plain  goopy,  throw  up  food.       For  example,  the  Japanese  Mabu  tofu  look  and  tastes   like  puke.      This  school  is  an  American  school!  They  need  to   serve  at  least  Japanese  food  that  is  influenced  by  American   culture.  Not  Japanese  foods.  It  is  disgusting!       When  they  serve  food  like  that  I  can’t  help,  but  choose   the  side  table  food.  But  I  don’t  like  fish  so  I  can’t  eat  the   onigiri  either.  I  am  stuck  with  a  plain  bagel.  First  of  all  they   should  at  least  have  cream  cheese  for  the  bagel  and  a   toaster.       Elisabeth  agrees,  “  It’s  gross,  they  can  do  better  than   that!”     “It  depends,  I  like  the  American  foods  that  they  serve   best,”  a  student  from  ASIJ  says.   “I  agree  I  don’t  have  time  to  pack  a  lunch  to!”  exclaims   Maya.       The  reason  why  don’t  just  pack  a  lunch  is  because  I  go   to  bed  at  7:30  and  have  homework.    Never  mind  that  I  have   to  take  a  shower,  get  ready  for  bed,  and  still  have  time  to  eat   dinner  before  I  take  a  shower.  I  don’t  have  time  to  make  a   lunch.    I  am  at  the  whim  of  the  ASIJ  menu…help!!!!  

Potty Mouth By: Brighton

I am sitting there enjoying the nice cool air running through my hair, relishing the beautiful day. Then, right then and there, I hear something that I really don’t enjoy, hearing the voice of someone swearing. I turn around and give them the “Eye of the tiger” and they look back at into my eyes and they give me the face like, “ Who cares!” I think, “Well, you know what I care, first of all you ruined my day and second of all, I don’t like to hear that stuff.” It all begins towards the end of 4th grade; people in the world think, “Oh, I am so old, so sophisticated, so I can swear.” Young also agrees with me she says, “It is just wrong, they think they are so cool but their not.” Kristi agrees, ”Little kids follow the older people and are going to go around swearing without knowing what it means, that wouldn’t be good.” Mr. Bender even said that too. There are people like me that think there is no point of to swear because all you can do is just say poop, or ah man, and butt. When people swear in front of little kids, perhaps they are thinking, “Why are you saying that stuff” and me personally I feel just like them, there is no point and it isn’t good language. Some people try to make up excuses. For instance, if they say the beaver word they would reply they are talking about the literal meaning…a beavers home. We know they are not being genuine. I can tell if someone mutters a swear word and someone responds, “Don’t do that.” The person that just swore thinks she/he is so cool and it doesn’t matter, they also think it is not like it is going to hurt someone. But, it does hurt some peoples comfort zone. That makes me and a lot of other people feel like they are going to continue to make you feel uncomfortable so you say nothing. So you never get a chance to tell them to stop. The principal of my school said to me, “ Disrespectful language is not accepted at ASIJ. We want ASIJ students to speak to each other and adults in a respectful way. Being respectful is one of ASIJ's most important big ideas or values.“ That is a policy at our school. Also he believes that the punishments for our school are, “When disrespectful or careless language such as swearing comes to my attention from a teacher or other students, I take it seriously. I meet with the students involved and have them tell me what happened and what they could do differently in the future. Apologies are made, students sometimes have to call their parents with me and explain what they did; in other cases, sometimes students are suspended from the bus for using inappropriate language.” Kids need to know about the punishment. Mr. Bender also stated that he is aware that kid use bad language when an adult are not there to see it. He also knows that the kids here know what is good a bad language but when it does happen he questions, “ What was their intention? To try to be funny? To act bold or older than they are? To get attention?” It is sad if they are trying to get attention that way. Mrs. Witt states that, “ It is absolutely not ok to swear on the buses!” A lot of kids do swear on the bus when they are not a loud to and it is NOT ok.

I feel uncomfortable same as a lot of young kids and fellow students in my grade. I really wish people could watch their mouth and be careful with what they say because there is no point in it and a lot of kids are offended and makes then uncomfortable.

Lives are Lost Too Soon “Somethings are worth fighting for, Somethings cannot be ignored. Always the right thing to do, Is to take a stand, For the, Black & Blue.” Debra Halloway

During one year in the US, over three million innocent children are reported as being abused. Even horrendous more child abuse incidents are not reported. That number will continue to escalate if it doesn’t stop now. More than 5 kids die in the US every day because of child abuse. Who is responding to their screams for help? Will you be the one to save a child’s life? Or will you sit there and see a kid die from abuse, not from old age or a sickness, but someone hurting them? The three types of child abuse are physical, emotional, and sexual abuse. 10.8% of the three million are physical abuse, 7.6% are emotional abuse, and again 7.6% are subject to sexual abuse. All members of the community need to report it. If you abuse a child or choose not to report it you could suffer a jail sentence. Many kids young or old are left at home alone, and when they hear the footsteps of a drunk or non-drunk abuser they usually become frightened and try to hide. They fear the hand, foot, or whatever it is the tormentor’s use to beat the child. Often the abuser beats the child to death. Some kids would rather be left home alone than spend time with a mean cruel adult. Some parents murder or abuse their children for thoughtless reasons. For example, they don’t want to have their children go through a divorce. Those victim’s parents rationalize that they would be better off dead than dealing with the trauma of a divorce. When really that’s not true. Children of course would rather live than be murdered. Why should someone else make these choices for them? Overdrinking is often a factor in abuse. Alcoholics can drink too much and become unaware of their actions. Or guilt takes over and they take it out on their kids. The story of Briana Lopez was appalling. Her mother, father, and uncle dreadfully abused her while being drunk and mad. They pinched her, bit her and other things that I am not going to mention. On her last day before she went up to heaven, she was thrown up into the air, hit the ceiling, and was not caught. That was a story that I am sure will be remembered by many people. It was a Brianna Lopez,  victim  of   tragedy. child  abuse.   Emotional abuse usually remains in the heart of the child and is continued on to the next generation. Therapy is really helpful for the child or

parent to calm their emotions and stop them from abusing children. The effect that abuse has on children depends on many things. When children are young they are more fragile and abuse can more likely lead to death. Is the abuser close? The closer the abuser is to the child the more complicated the situation becomes. It depends on the level of trust the child gives to the abuser. Many children all over the world are being burned, put in boiling water, punched, dropped off of bridges, bitten, squeezed to death, frozen, locked in closets for hours, and put in a running washing machine. “It’s horrible that the parents take their anger on their innocent children they scar the children for life making them feel unsafe and insecure. If your can’t properly take care of your child you should ask for help, not kill, abuse, or rape your child,” Maya Russell, a grade 5 student, states. “I believe The Lord made all people the same from the start. But once a child is abused it changes them forever, if it doesn't kill them. To me, abusing a child is the worst thing you can do, and it makes me sad to know it happens all the time,” Brooke Solheim, a parent, declares. This is inappropriate behavior for grown adults. It really doesn’t even make sense to abuse a sweet kind child that you were once before. Maya also agrees and believes, “Child abuse is a terrible thing, it scares them for life physically and emotionally it could make them afraid of many adults. It could limit them in life and not able to live life the fullest.” Many lives are taken too soon, but some are saved, their minds are full of bad things that can’t be taken out of their heart. The young ones which lives were taken too soon will be remembered for their strength that kept them with us for a short period on time. If you know someone who is abusing a child try helping them out my being their friend because they may just be lonely, use you words and talk them through their troubles, or offer to baby-sit and give them a break from their kids. I am Brighton Solheim a 5th grade student of ASIJ and I speak for those children who are in need. I speak for those who are hidden from the world and can never see the light of day and probably won’t ever unless you help me shout out to the world and make this pain stop.

Red Scarf  Girl  

Are you  someone  that  a  lot  of  people  look  up  to  and   enjoy  spending  time  with?  Would  life  be  different  if  you   went  from  being  a  strong  leader  to  someone  who  is  bullied   and  treated  intolerably?       A  girl  named  Ji-­‐li  torture  began  almost  overnight.  She   went  through  all  of  this  for  something  she  didn’t  even  do.   She  started  to  get  bullied  and  she  had  no  idea  that  her   grandfather  had  been  a  landlord.    She  was  treated  so  badly  because  the  Cultural   Revolution  was  going  on  in  China.    The  leader,  Chairman   Mao  wanted  to  get  rid  of  the  four  olds,  old  customs,  old   habits,  old  culture  and  old  habits.  He  wanted  to  make  all   people  equal.  As  a  result  people  were  being  treated  badly  if   they  had  money  or  education.  Our  main  character’s  grandpa   was  a  landlord  that  was  dead  and  her  father  was  accused  of   being  a  rightist  and  that  caused  her  family  to  be  treated  like   immoral  people.   Ji-­‐li  had  to  make  choices  if  she  wanted  to  survive.      She   came  close  to  changing  her  last  name  so  she  wouldn’t  be   treated  badly,  to  leave  her  family  so  she  would  be  treated   better,  and  many  more  tough  decisions.  But,  she  chose  to  go   through  it  the  hard  way,  the  honorable  way.     Because  she  chose  the  hard  way  she  had  many   problems  through  out  her  young  life.  She  was  bullied,  told   she  couldn’t  do  stuff,  got  jobs  that  were  very  important  to   her  taken  away,  and  stuff  that  was  important  to  her  taken   away  because  they  were  four  olds.   Many  kid  when  they  come  to  a  new  school,  go  to  a  new   church,  or  move  to  a  new  country  loose  there  respect  or   leadership  all  of  it  can  happen  all  over  night.  You  can  loose   being  popular,  loose  being  a  leader.  You  can  go  from  popular   to  someone  who  sits  alone  at  a  lunch  table,  not  talked  to,  the   kid  that  kids  go  home  and  tell  there  parents  about  how  

weird they  are,  or  even  bullied.  And  that  is  what  happened   to  Ji-­‐li.     I  read  another  book  sort  of  like  this  called  “Deep  Down   Popular.”  It  was  about  a  boy  that  all  the  girls  had  a  crush  on   and  all  the  boys  wanted  to  be  friends.  And  the  day  he  got  a   brace  for  his  leg  nobody  liked  him  until  he  got  it  off.  These   books  really  show  how  cruel  we  people  are  to  those  who  are   different.   The  writer  really  limits  to  only  show  Ji-­‐li  feelings  about   the  book.  He  really  gets  into  her  sorrows  and  doesn’t  let  us   know  the  happy  things  that  may  be  happening.      In  the  beginning  the  book  bored  many  others  in  my   group  and  me  but  once  it  got  into  the  action  and  the  sorrows   she  had  it  got  interesting  and  I  could  tell  everyone  started  to   enjoy  it.   Though  he  limited  other  peoples  opinions  a  bit  it  still   was  a  great  book.  I  would  recommend  this  for  people  like   sad,  historical,  or  even  someone  who  like  to  learn  facts.  For   me  personally  I  don’t  like  any  of  that  stuff  besides  sad  books   I  still  enjoyed  it  like  it  wasn’t  even  a  historical  fiction  book.  I   dislike  historical  fiction.    

Writing from December to Febuary  
Writing from December to Febuary  

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