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Civil Rights Case Study   Name:  Brighton  Solheim  

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Case  study:  Brown  Vs.  Board  of  education    

What happened?   summarize  the  event  

Why is  this  a  problem?     Which  human  right  is   being  violated?  

Summarize two   perspectives  on  this   issue?  

In the  year  of  1950  Linda's  father  and  13  other  african  american  parents   tried  to  enroll  there  children  in  an  all  white  school  but  they  were  not   allowed  to.  That  caused  the  Brown  vs.  Board  of  Education  to  occur  in   1951.  Topeka's  NAACP  branch  to  help  Linda's  father  challenge  the   segragration  law.  In  1892  the  Plessy  vs.  Ferguson  decision  was  the  you   need  to  be  separate,  but  equal  had  been  applied  to  schools  in  the   southern  states  since  then.  Most  states  stayed  that  way  but  states  like   South  Carolina,  Virgina,  and  Delaware  were  against  the  rule  of  seprate  but   equal.  This  happened  around  the  same  time  Linda's  father  went  for  help   to  the  Topeka  NAACP.  In  the  summer  of  1951  Mr.  Brown's  case  was  heard   by  the  U.S.  District  Court  For  the  District  of  Kansas.  The  NAACP  argued   that  separating  Black  children  from  White  children  was  sending  a  message   to  them  that  they  were  somehow  inferior,  so  there  was  no  way  that  the   education  provided  could  be  equal.  Finally,  on  May  17,  1954,  the  U.S.   Supreme  Court  issued  their  decision:  "…Does  segregation  of  children  in   public  schools  solely  on  the  basis  of  race,  even  though  the  physical   facilities  may  be  equal,  deprive  the  children  of  the  minority  group  of  equal   education  opportunities?  We  believe  that  it  does…We  conclude  that  in  the   field  of  public  education  the  doctrine  of  "separate,  but  equal"  has  no   place…"       This  is  a  problem  because  the  white  people  are  not  following  the  rule   seprate  but  equal  the  white  people  are  treating  them  unfairly  are  being   cruel  to  children  by  not  letting  African  American  children  go  to  a  good,   well  funded  school.    The  black  kids  did  not  get  the  same  education  and   there  for  the  same  quality  of  jobs.  Mabe  it  wouldn't  be  such  a  problem  if   the  white  schools  didn't  have  better  teachers,  supplies,  and  better   everything.  It  just  isn't  equal.       Perspective  1:   I  am  guessing  that  the  black  parents  and  children  were  like.  This  isn't  fair   just  because  of  my  race  they  are  not  leting  me/  my  child  to  go  to  a  good   school.  Why  do  they  treat  us  like  this  and  not  let  us  go  to  a  school  with   only  white  people,  and  why  do  they  even  have  the  separation?      

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Perspective 2:   The  white  person  would  probaly  say  something  like.  The  black  kids  do  not   deserve  to  go  to  school  here.  They  are    not  as  educated  and  will  bring   down  the  level  of  learning.    White  people  are  paying  more  taxes  so  they   should  get  a  better  education  for  their  children.  

Civil Rights  Case  Study  cont.    

Who made  a   difference?   name  the  person  or   group  

The Topeka  NAACP  helped  set  up  the  case  so  this  problem  would  be   stopped.  But  this  wouldn't  of  happened  if  Linda's  father  didn't  go  to  them   for  help.    

Linda's father  told  the  Topeka  NAACP  about  it  and  they  argued  that   separating  black  and  white  is  sending  an  inferior  and  there  is  no  way  it  can   be  equal  that  way.   What  did  the   person/group  do?  

What type  of  strategy   would  you  call  the   action(s)  of  the   person/group?  

What changed  as  a   result  of  this  event?  

Boycotts,  sit-­‐ins  and  other  protests   Eventually  it  was  decided  in  the  Supreme  Court   They  used  their  words  and  told  the  Court  what  they  thought  and  that  made   a  big  difference.   In  the  end  the  President  sent  the  army  to  allow  the  students  to  enter  the   school.   The  Little  Rock  Nine  accured  and  they  had  9  black  children  try  it  out  and  go   to  an  all  white  school.  And  because  of  that  now  children  both  black  and   white  are  going  to  school  together.  Desegrgation  spead  across  the  US  from   this  decision.  

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If you  use  you  words  and  don't  be  physical  you  can  get  way  farther  in  life.   And  that  no  matter  what  you  personallity,  skin  color,  or  clothes  you  wear   you  shouldn't  be  treated  badly  and  you  should  be  treated  equally.  

What can  we  learn   from  this  event?  

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Case study  

brown vs. board of education

Case study  

brown vs. board of education