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November - December, 2012

Volume 9 Issue 6

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Pastor Steve Hays, D.Min

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Life Without God

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Salvation God’s Way Our salvation is not based upon our ideas or politically correct guidelines. It is solely based upon our acceptance of God’s chosen way, which is through faith in the Lord Jesus Christ Gal. 2:16. It involves our repentance of trusting everything else, and only trusting the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ for payment for our sins - I Cor. 15:1-4. You cannot add Jesus Christ to your collection of saviors, He is the only Savior, and it is by His blood that our sin debt is paid - Col. 1:14. Jesus Christ is still the only way of Salvation John 14:6

The cry of the world is “the rights of the people”. Everyone has their right to do whatever they think is best for themselves, according to this rudimental thinking. This is the basis for all of the popular subjects of debate and social mores we see in the news today. Their cry is: Against gay marriage? just don’t marry a gay. Against the casino? just don’t go in and gamble. Against legalizing drugs, abortion, etc? just don’t participate in those activities. And the list goes on and on. They feel everyone has their rights, and as long as it doesn’t infringe upon my rights, then they can do whatever they want, and I should have no say in the matter.

But it does matter, and their arguments are ignorant at best and deceitful and damning at worst. It does matter if you allow gay marriage. Our public schools will have to change the entire perception of “family” all the way down to the primary grades. People who lose everything in the casino will affect us all, just look at the crime rate around any city that allows it. And it doesn’t matter what the rules are, once someone is high or drunk, they no longer care about the laws or the pledges they signed. The debate can go back and forth, but that is not the issue of this article. God said these things were wrong. For a Bible believing Christian, that should be the end of the discussion. For a world that wants to do away with the concept of a “God”, they are on the brink of destroying more than they ever dreamed of. There are some things that

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you cannot have unless you have God. I. Civilization depends upon God. Our basic idea of human rights depends solely upon the idea of there is a Supreme Being that made us separate from the animals. For those who are trying to distance God and our founding fathers from one another, take a look at our Declaration of Independence. If man is just an evolved animal, he has no more natural right than any other animal. I do not mistreat any animals, and any need to kill a pest is done without willingly torturing them. Yet I do not believe that animals have rights to vote, decide where they live, or even what brand of food they get. They are animals, and as such, they are controlled by their masters. Men are not animals. They are people made in the image of God [Gen. 1:26] and they have a body, soul, and spirit [I Thess. 5:23]. Our fabric of society is based upon that belief. Watch any nature program on PBS and you will see the cruelty of the animals. They do not recognize the rights of the other animals, only the law of the jungle. If the lions out number the hyenas, then

the lions win on that day. If they want to eradicate the losers totally, well, that is just the way of nature. Humanity lives [or is supposed to] by the rule of law. It doesn’t matter who is the majority, you do not eradicate another people just because you can. This is what makes philosophies like Nazi Germany or Sadam’s Iraq abominations in the eyes of the world. But they do not understand that it is our concept of God and that there is a universal law of righteousness that governs all of humanity that makes these genocides so atrocious. This is the rule of law. There is a righteousness that prevails above all else that cannot be crossed by the rule of the majority or by the law of the jungle. Regardless of whether we live in a republic, commune, monarchy, dictatorship, or democracy, if you do not have the higher standard of righteousness and morals, you will doom the civilization to a n a r c h y, c h a o s , a n d degradation. These people who want to run civilization just on the rights of people are condemning those very same people to a future without any rights. Someone, somewhere, feels

they have the right to take your things to support their wants. They feel they have a right to your children, your church, your bank account. They have a right to an abortion, or to terminate the life of someone not “fit to live” in their eyes. The only thing that stands between you and that person, it a civilization based upon the rule of law, upon the idea that there is a God who is the standard of righteousness. If you get rid of that God, you will be at the mercy of those who want their rights. II. Cause depends upon God. There is a purpose to this life. If we are just a product of an explosion that happened for no particular reason, and then randomly bits and pieces fell into place [and yes, I could have used the big words to make it all sound scientific, but this is the gist of the matter]. If our life is simply a continuation of the evolutionary process, then our only purpose in this universe is to exist. The shepherd boy, David, asked in the Old Testament, “Is there not a cause?” - I Sam. 17:29. According to the laws of nature, no there is not. Any nature magazine, book, program, or any other media outlet all will show the exact same thing: the animal lives continued on page 7

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PRAISE II by Pastor Rob

In last month’s article of the Encourager I wrote on the subject of praise. If you remember, it was from the perspective of caution in how you receive praise, how praise can produce pride and distort a proper opinion of ones self, and how praise should regularly be directed to the Lord who eternally deserves praise. One of the points in the article was that the Lord Himself will praise the Christian. He sees our life and has a definite opinion of it. He will in due time make His approval known and according to 2 Cor 4:5, “then shall every man have praise of God.” In this article I want to discuss whether or not we should give praise to each other. We can understand how we should react in humility concerning praise but should we make attempts to praise each

other? The answer is yes. There are numerous passages in the New Testament where praise is given. In every case praise is given for the spiritual benefit of the recipient. There is no ulterior motive of any kind. Several examples would include the praise given by John to pastor Gaius in 3 John verses 1-6. John praises him for his love of the truth, for his faithful care of the brethren and strangers, and for his charitableness. He also brings to Gaius’ attention Demetrius in verse 12 and commends his good testimony. Paul’s writings, which are the standards for the Church, are filled with commendations and praises from him. In Romans 1:8 he informs the church of his thankfulness to God for them and for their great t e s t i m o n y. To t h e Corinthian church in 2 Cor

8:7 he commends their strengths and encourages them that along with their faith, utterance, knowledge, diligence and love, to abound in grace as well. Not only would Paul give individual praise but he would also praise one to another. For instance in 2 Cor 8:1-5, Paul commends the great service of the Macedonian churches to the Corinthian church. Then in chapter 9:1,2 Paul lets them know that he boasts of their zeal to the Macedonian churches. Paul would even praise himself if he could make a spiritual point and gain a spiritual advantage as he d i d i n 2 C o r 11 : 5 , 11:21-12:11. Of course his boasting was in proper context and gave glory to the Lord. When Paul praised others his main purpose was to encourage them. He

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would try to build them up in their faith. He tells the Ephesians, “Wherefore I also, after I heard of your faith in the Lord Jesus, and love unto all the saints, Cease not to give thanks for you, making mention of you in my prayers.” - Eph 1:15,16. Isn’t it nice to know that someone is thankful for you and prays for you? He also builds up the faith and service of the Philippians in Phil 1:3-6. To the Ephesians in 6:21, Paul builds up Tychicus. Paul never hesitates to provide good examples to the churches as he does concerning Timothy in Phil 2:19-22 and again in verses 25-30 as he praises Epaphroditus.

1:2,3 for their spiritual credentials and attributes of service to the Lord and calls them examples in v7. He does so again in his second letter to them in 1:3,4. Paul makes Timothy aware of his endorsement of him in 1 Ti m 4 : 1 0 - 1 6 a n d i s blessed by the heritage of faith within Timothy’s family in 2 Tim 1:2-6. Paul is obviously confident of the ability of Titus as he gives him the responsibility of ordaining many elders in the cities of Crete - Titus 1:5. And also to Philemon in verses 5-7 Paul praises him for his love and faith toward the Lord Jesus and the saints and also that he is pleased by his good example.

Further examples of Paul’s praise are found in Col 1:4-8 where he commends the Colossians for their faith and love and makes them aware that he heard so from Epaphras and then proceeds to make the Colossians aware that Epaphras is a faithful minister of Christ. He praises the Thessalonians in 1 Thes

It is very apparent when reading Paul’s letters the emotional attachment he had for the churches. He wrote to them and about them with great affection and admiration. It is clear when reading Romans chapter 16 that Paul is very fond of his Christian brethren. He truly loved the saints and even when it was necessary to rebuke

them, as with the Corinthian church, he did it with great compassion and then would as quickly as possible find a way to praise them for what they were doing right - 2 Corinthians. Our Lord does the same thing when He assesses the churches in Revelation 3 and 4. Though He may rebuke them, He acknowledges to them what they are doing right. Remember our responsibility to praise each other. Praise accomplishes much. Among many things it: 1. Encourages. 2. Spreads enthusiasm. 3. Endorses the efforts of others. 4. Edifies. 5. Expresses approval. If we would take the time to appreciate and acknowledge the Christian life of one another, we would be practicing the work of charity and be helping to create and build a healthy environment for service to our Savior Jesus Christ. Let us love one another and seek to help each other grow.

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ESBBC Happenings A Psalm of Praise

Make a joyful noise unto the LORD, all ye lands. Serve the LORD with gladness: come before his presence with singing. Know ye that the LORD he is God: it is he that hath made us, and not we ourselves; we are his people, and the sheep of his pasture. Enter into his gates with thanksgiving, and into his courts with praise: be thankful unto him, and bless his name. For the LORD is good; his mercy is everlasting; and his truth endureth to all generations. Psalm 100 CHURCH LIBRARY INFORMATION We have been cleaning out the church library and hope to have it reopened soon. If you have any books checked out, please do not re-shelve them, place them in the bin provided. We hope to have the library be more user friendly. There are many great titles for your enjoyment. Included is a brand new set of books

By Cindy Hays

December Calendar: 1 - Men’s Prayer Breakfast 8:30 am 11 - Ladies Christmas Tea and Cookie Exchange 7 PM* 16 - Christmas Play - PM Service 20 - Saturday Saints Christmas Fellowship 21 - Christmas Caroling - 5:30 pm* 24 - Christmas Eve Service - 6:00 pm 25 - Christmas Day 31 - New Year’s Eve (fellowship pending) *More detailed Information to follow

Live From Downtown A Christmas Play presented by members of ESBBC

December 16th at 6pm.

entitled Great Christian Heroes. In the future we would like to hear what kind of books you would find useful. We will also be placing a list of books that we would like to have donated or purchased. We will no longer be taking donations, except for those listed.

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Missions Ta k i n g G o d ’s W o r d a r o u n d t h e w o r l d .

N e w s Update: On S a t u r d a y, October 27th several people from our church took a trip around the world on ESBBC Airlines. There was a great inflight movie featuring many of the places we visited. We hope those of you who took the trip had an enjoyable time and learned

much about the places you visited. We visited such places as Mozambique & Congo Africa, Poland, Estonia, Alberta Canada, Paraguay and a deaf ministry. What a blessing it was to visit and learn more about our missionaries on these fields. The group played a game placing the missionaries names on the world map where they serve.

The evening also included an interesting dinner of foods from around the world. What a great time of fun and fellowship. If you could not attend this year, please make plans to come next time! We hope you will enjoy the various snap shots.

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to simply live and propagate. Nothing more, nothing less. There is no producing inventions that will improve the lot of future generations, they are merely consumed with producing future generations. They are not passing laws of access to help the handicapped animals get up into the trees before the tigers get them, or even to help the weaker and poorer of the tribe to be sure and have as much fulfillment in life as they have. No, it is all about their own lives, their own passing of DNA, and that is it. Without God there is no cause to live for. Mankind, because of a sense of higher calling and righteousness, has always been willing to make the sacrifice. In American history, we have fought wars on foreign soil to the sacrifice of many military men, because they believed there was a cause worth fighting for. They fought for the freedom of Europe and Asia in WWII, because we believed no Nazi racist had a right to kill millions because of a conceited notion of superiority. America fought a Civil War because we had a president who said it is not legal for any state to make an unrighteous law, and it is unrighteous to own another human and call them animals. Today, we have thousands of

military personnel who are willing to lay down their lives to try to stop 9-ll from ever happening again in our own country and in the lives of innocents abroad. If you take away the ideology of God from the people, then all you have left is their rights. They will have a “right” to not be imposed upon, or inconvenienced by the plight of others. They will have a right to their own prosperity while the rest of the world goes to hell. They will have a right to think that as long as it doesn’t affect their lives, then they don’t really care what the next generations will have to endure. But there is a God, and He is the Judge of all the earth, and He is the standard of righteousness. The concept of God is no good if you are able to make God in your own image. God proved Himself in giving us a Book that gives detailed prophecy that has come to pass. We might not always like everything in the Word of God, but He is the standard of righteousness, not our rights. He is the Omniscient One, not us. He is the Judge, not the popular vote. If you try to make God at the mercy and whim of popular culture, then you will have tried to get rid of God and everything man’s “cause” is built upon.

III. City of Hope depends upon God. Abraham looked for something better, a city built by God - Heb. 11:10. This life is not always fair, right, or just. Because of man’s sin, there is a course this world has taken that God will one day have to correct by its destruction and renewal - Rev. 20:12 through Rev. 21. So what can keep us going when we suffer such devastation that we never thought imaginable? Recently we came through the center portion of a hurricane [Sandy]. We were on the left side of the storm as it came ashore, and suffered little damage compared to the right side wherein were New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and others. I’m sure there were some very great Christians that suffered in that storm. So what keeps them going? HOPE There is hope in a world that has no sin curse on it. There is hope in a world that is given over to the righteousness of God, where there are no tears anymore. To try to diminish God in the eyes of society, is to take away their hope. This world with all the sickness, sorrow, and death will be all that is left.

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Fellowship of the Saints

I am against a socialistic government. I believe in a republic run by the rule of law and the free enterprise of capitalism. But with that said, I practice a voluntary socialism. Part of my paycheck goes to the church and missions [always] and also, various social charities [at times]. I have given my personal money to help the poor, provide services to those in need, and I have also given my time. But this is the practice of a Christian volunteer. I am for doing these things, I am just against the government taking my money and time to give it to whom they deem acceptable by the mores of the popular culture or lobbyists. Fellowship, and the charity that goes along with it, is a necessity of the saints. But it should not be in the realm of the government forcing us to do so.

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